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  1. Kirwan

    Press= "truly the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE"

    How long before Trump declares Democrats to be the "Enemy of the People"?
  2. Kirwan

    I got my first keelboat

    They must be durable... the rental companies here in SD use them. I've taken a few out, they work great for a daysail around the harbor. Nice boat, huge cockpit, just enough 'down below', but I was never impressed with the sailing prowess of them; lots of weather helm (Here comes a puff, put the tiller in your ear).... then again, being rentals, the sails aren't exactly optimal, and no big jibs. Nor did I get all 'tweaky' with them. Probably not fair to judge a boat based on beat up rentals. But Will's looks great, and I'm sure he'll get the most out of it - nice spin work! But please turn slower when shooting video.
  3. Kirwan

    Brand new and totally ignorant

    I think on the toy, I used kevlar, and it's quite responsive. At the other end, getting and maintaining tension is important. Maybe one of these on one side:
  4. Kirwan

    Brand new and totally ignorant

    Rope and pulley works fine, I grew up on a motorboat with it (cables, actually). It's usually done with a steering wheel, but I suppose you could have a 'remote tiller'. Use low stretch rope, and have a method for tensioning the rope. I also used it on a toy I made:
  5. Kirwan

    Apologies owed for the witch-hunt

    Sure, right after your elk apologize for the numerous futile investigations about Benghazi and Hillary.
  6. Kirwan

    What's your favorite multitool and why?

    Guess I'm old fashioned, I carry a Swiss Army knife, the 'Tinker' model. I find a phillips screwdriver much more handy than a corkscrew. Everybody knows I always have my 'MacGuyver' on me, and it gets used a lot.
  7. Kirwan

    Getting started... First sailboat

    Kady - The boat is in San Diego Bay. The main beercan race is run by Cortez Racing Association, and it's wednesday nights, starting 5/22 However, there are over 100 boats participating, split into about 7 fleets, including some TP52's and America's cup sailors, so it can be a bit more serious than other beer can races... The OP will be in the later groups, so as long as he stays clear until his start he'll be fine.... but it could be a bit intimidating to a new sailor. There is also a beer can series in the south bay put on by the Coronado yacht club Also wednesdays, starting 4/10 And finally, there's a facebook web page for sailors in San Diego, for finding crew....
  8. Kirwan

    I got my first keelboat

    The skiers call it 'Cascade Concrete'. Somebody mentioned using salt water to help melt the snow. Throwing a few buckets on the boat from the dock sounds a lot better than shoveling. Make sure your cockpit drains are clear.
  9. Kirwan

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    I once found a guy in a wheelchair stuck on the dock. The tide was low, and the ramp to shore was much too steep for him to get up. I was able to help, but it really highlighted that there are more difficulties than you realize for these folks.
  10. Kirwan

    Developers renege on Clipper Cove marina agreement

    Clipper Cove:
  11. Kirwan

    Oh, No! Mother is A Bigot

    Yes, what you said was (paraphrased) "I hope my saying 'Merry Christmas' upsets you" Because Jesus was all about upsetting others. But ok, back to topic: To you feel gay people should be allowed to get married?
  12. Kirwan

    Oh, No! Mother is A Bigot

    Yes, because you used Christmas as a weapon to hurt others, you hypocritical asshole. - you never did get the point, did you? You're just another "Christian" that does the opposite of what Jesus taught. I'm not worried because I know you don't like me - I point out your fucked up attitude and illogic.
  13. Kirwan

    Oh, No! Mother is A Bigot

    Somebody called me a 'Social Justice Warrior' yesterday, and they meant it as an insult. But it got me to thinking.... what is the opposite of an SJW? I feel that life isn't black and white, and reducing people to labels oversimplifies the situation, promotes division, precludes understanding and avoids thought. There's a broad spectrum of views between hard left and hard right. So, if an SJW is the far left end of a line, what is on the far right? To my thinking, and by flipping the words, that would be someone who PROMOTES INJUSTICE. You know, the people who want to deny rights to fellow citizens based on their skin color, or religion, or the country their grandparents came from or their sexual orientation. Basically prejudiced assholes. We each have to choose where we land on that spectrum, between SJW and KKK. I know which end I want to be closer to.