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  1. Hard vs soft dinghy

    That's some first class Passive Aggression there.
  2. Hard vs soft dinghy

    The PT 11 is a kit. They don't sell plans, and they don't sell boats. They sell cnc cut plywood. Odd business model imho. CLC sells kits for boats too, at about half the price ($1300). They also sell plans for $100, allowing us cheapskates to have a path forward. Bateu sells plans at half the price of CLC. I haven't shopped for $7000 dinghies, but I expect there are a lot of good choices at that price level. It's just not my price level. Meanwhile, I have a $200 inflatable that stows in a suitcase and carries 2 or 3 people, and can be rowed (adequately). It's hard for me to justify 35x the price. Side topic: I bought a cheap used bike for the boat so I could cover more ground... only to find the 'lime bike' service will rent a bike for $1 per trip... from my marina.
  3. Hard vs soft dinghy

    I think most here like the PT11; I'd love to have one. However, in my case (and I suspect many others), the cost is simply prohibitive. $2500 for the kit, another $1400 for the sailing rig, $600 for the cb and rudder, $400 for epoxy and you still need oars & locks, rubrail, and other hardware. That's over $5000 in parts! Probably another couple grand to have someone build it, and suddenly you could buy a Catalina 30! ... or 2(3?) suits of sails for that 4ksb... or a new diesel engine... for that dosh. On the other hand, I've been looking for a set of plans for something similar; one where I can buy the lines, have the panels cut at a friend's cnc shop, and build it myself.
  4. Hard vs soft dinghy

    The Pudgy isn't ugly in the same way a workboat isn't ugly. There's one near my opb's slip, and it always gives me a smile for its sense of purpose.
  5. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I don't see any output from the engine, no wake, and I think I see an anchor line off the bow. It might be the moment he decided he didn't like Boating.
  6. An unusual hitchhiker...

  7. As mentioned, extruded acrylic is crap, due to residual internal stress. Don't ever get any alcohol near it, it will crack and craze. Cast is much better, but harder to find, especially in thin sheets or tinted. Polycarbonate (lexan, makrolon) is 35 times more impact resistant than Acrylic, but may not weather as well - and is harder still to find tinted. Then again, I see a 24 x 48" x 1/2" Plexiglass (acrylic) sheet on e-plastics for $150. Not the most expensive thing on a boat.
  8. SA Groupies?

    Actually, there are 130+ registered, and 116 scored as a finish. It's a pursuit start based on PHRF ratings, including everything from an IACC to R/P's latest to 4ksb's rated over 200, on a 12 mile tour in and out of the bay, where we get little wind and strong current. In other words, a crap shoot. What's the over/under on how long before this boat is on the market? My money's on next August, after the beer can series.
  9. Those links are good, but here's another suggestion: Find a local shop that makes plastic things; signs, menu holders, etc. Go there and ask if they have a scrap or 'cutoff' bin, they will often sell odd sizes cheaply. Same for the commercial shops; In San Diego, e-plastics is also a place called Ridout. Stuff from their bin sells for $1-2 per pound.
  10. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Those first gas powered hookahs appeared in the 60's ("Air Buoy"), and quickly disappeared when a few people died from inhaling exhaust fumes. I didn't know any were still made. There are a few battery powered electric ones out now, but they are pretty power hungry, and the right batteries get expensive.
  11. quick!...Someone call the WHAAmbulance

    Meanwhile, we had a lovely regatta on Saturday; good winds, 50+ boats, costumes and a party! It is PHRF, after all. And look! There's another race next weekend!
  12. October in the PNW

    When geese or ducks fly in a 'V' formation, it's never symmetrical, and one side is always longer than the other Do you know why that is? Because there are more birds on that side. (hat, coat,..... door)
  13. A dollar per mile

    How many miles can a cruiser get out of a set of sails? Has anyone ever completed a circumnavagation and said "These sails are good for another"? Or are they more like 'Patches' ? (viva el Jefe!) 20,000 miles from a set of sails (M+J for a 40' boat) also sounds like a buck a mile.
  14. Good news; they will have to dredge, as the entrance is quite shallow; I've found the bottom with my 5' keel, bigger boats won't make it. Bad news; this will eliminate one of the 3 good anchorages in the bay.
  15. shipping a 16' runabout on trailer

    Fly there, buy a cheap truck. Hire one of those "drive my car cross country" services. Sell the truck in SD.