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  1. Kirwan

    Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    Dammit you guys, you've got me drooling over things I can't afford ... listing#.WwBqAkgvw2w Except I'd have to change the name, it strikes me as kinda racist.
  2. The Delta is a good trip, but I think you need at least a week to make it worthwhile. It's easy downwind... first night in Benicia - nice little town (enter on high tide), or Pittsburgh (longer day) - surprisingly nice marina (good pizza and beer place nearby). Then start slowing down. A couple days at the bedrooms, maybe visit a marina/restaurant, swing from the rope at Decker island, fish, paddle around, play with the toys. A day back to Pittsburgh, then a long slog back to the bay (cause I always end up on a schedue). The trick is working *with* the tide, which may include a 5 hour nap on the hook. (oh, I noticed your LWL, you'll cover more territory than my little tub). You'll watch draft a little, but there's always a deep channel.
  3. Places to anchor: GGAC - Golden Gate Acquatic Center. Right in front of Ghiradelli, great views. Motorboats aren't allowed, but sailboats are. Watch for swimmers. 3 day max. No good dinghy dock, but a pretty good 'beach'. Richardson Bay - In front of Sausalito. The derelicts are slowly being cleared out. Dinghy to the gas dock. Watch depth, and can get rolly from the ferry wakes. Angel Island - Day use docks and Mooring balls, they want $30/night, but it's 'self pay'. Gorgeous. Use 2 balls, fore and aft. Go ashore and hike. Clipper Cove - The nook inside Treasure Island. Plenty of depth in the cove, but shallow entrance - enter at high tide, and stay to the right. No real facilities. Docking: Pier 1.5 (between pier 1 and pier 3, near the base of the bay bridge) allows docking for up to 4 hours. Good way to get ashore and do the SF touristy thing Pier 39 - Need to arrange this ahead of time; They tend to put guests on the side where the seals have taken over most of the docks. come to think of it, not recommended. Sam's in Tiburon - tie up while you're at the restaurant (and touring the town) There are a number of marinas that will do guest dockage - call around. Cruising: Most people recommend a 'counterclockwise' tour of the bay... around the south end of Yerba Buena, up the east side, continuing north upo the east side of Angel Island, through Racoon straits (time the tide), across to Sausalito and on to the bridge, ending with a downwind run past the cityfront. (avoid slogging up through the slot). But also go north - at least to Red Rock. There's an anchorage called 'China Camp', but it's quite unprotected and the park rangers will charge you admission if you go ashore. The Oakland Estuary has a lot of marinas and a couple of clubs, and more restaurants with docks - it's a bit out of the way, but you might find guest docks there (near my boat!) Enjoy!
  4. Kirwan

    PA's Gun Arguments Encapsulated

    That's what Jeff does. I suspect it's what the 'pro gun' people have been trained to do per NRATV programming. Strawmen, logical fallacies, 'fake news', all tools of their game. Edited, because I can't tell the pro-gun guys apart, since they all work from the same bullshit playbook.
  5. Kirwan

    Has any part of the dossier proven true?

    2 seconds on Google found a number of articles which address the original question, such as this one: Now cue attacks on Newsweek and the semantics of the difference between 'proven' and 'verified'. Remember, with trolls like Hillary, it's about the fight, not the issue.
  6. Kirwan

    Crabs vs. Trump

    It's also that the 2 parties and their propaganda machines are actively promoting this. I'm probably biased, but it appears to me that the Conservatives are attacking what they THINK liberals want, while Liberals attack what Conservatives are DOING. 'Them libtards want to take your guns, welcome terrorists, abort your babies and turn your kids gay!" "Trump is working towards an authoritarian regime, see how he attacks any negative press, tries to discredit the Justice Department, guts the State Department, put idiots in charge of Education and EPA, etc."
  7. Kirwan

    Michael Cohen

    But look how fast we're going! (Trump supporter logic)
  8. Kirwan

    Rudy Giuliani

    I was going to post the same thing, but I suspect it's not that simple. The Don is using Rudy to spread uncertainty and doubt, and that's all the base needs to dismiss any anti-Trump news.
  9. Kirwan

    Got in a bit of trouble.

    One more bit of advice, along the lines of a fender 'man overboard drill'.... Find some safe, stable object, like an anchored buoy away from everything. Pretend it's your dock, and practice approaching it and getting the boat to stop next to it (or bow to it). Do it under sail, do it with dropping the sails, do it under motor, do it from all directions (upwind, downwind, crosswind). Get your 'learning experiences' out of the way in open water.
  10. Kirwan

    Disposal of out dated flares & shells

    That would have been a good advertisement if they had shown that the smoke carries more than 5 feet. Nobody thought to zoom out, or show an aerial view? Do they have drones in old Blighty?
  11. Kirwan

    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    The bubble is going to burst. The big question is whether it pops before Trump leaves office.... If not, whoever replaces him will get all the blame.
  12. Kirwan

    NRA, NRA, NRA (Full of Shit Today)

    I used to think guns were cool. Then I outgrew puberty. P.S. Battlebots premiers May 11 on the Discovery channel (maybe I didn't completely grow up, but at least nobody gets hurt ) .... Look for the Shark!
  13. Kirwan

    Trumps Doc

    He made the mistake of divulging that Trump takes Propecia for hair loss..... The Don sent his bodyguard and mouthpiece to clean out the guy's office. Nothing to see here, move along.
  14. Kirwan

    Congratulations President Trump

    What exactly did Trump do to create peace in North Korea? I suspect the mountain collapsing on their test facility was a bigger factor, but I'll try to withhold judgement until we get some more information. Maybe it doesn't matter, the Don is already claiming ALL the credit anyway. I also remember asking what exactly Reagan did to unite Germany, besides making a speech as the wall collapsed on it's own. In both cases, I think there was a long history of sanctions and economic hardships on the target country, and these eventually became too painful for that country; whoever was in office at the time got the credit.