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  1. October in the PNW

    When geese or ducks fly in a 'V' formation, it's never symmetrical, and one side is always longer than the other Do you know why that is? Because there are more birds on that side. (hat, coat,..... door)
  2. A dollar per mile

    How many miles can a cruiser get out of a set of sails? Has anyone ever completed a circumnavagation and said "These sails are good for another"? Or are they more like 'Patches' ? (viva el Jefe!) 20,000 miles from a set of sails (M+J for a 40' boat) also sounds like a buck a mile.
  3. Good news; they will have to dredge, as the entrance is quite shallow; I've found the bottom with my 5' keel, bigger boats won't make it. Bad news; this will eliminate one of the 3 good anchorages in the bay.
  4. shipping a 16' runabout on trailer

    Fly there, buy a cheap truck. Hire one of those "drive my car cross country" services. Sell the truck in SD.
  5. Sailing in smoke/bad air quality

    Sounds to me like a good opportunity to visualize the airflow over the foils!
  6. New old sailer

    Good advice here. For just the 'sailing' part, the fastest way to learn to sail well is to race. Also, crewing on other people's boats lets you learn what works and what doesn't without having to go through as much trial and error. Next best is to get some experienced sailors to join you and show you some things. However, racing and cruising do require a different mindset; Racing = "how can I go faster" while Cruising = "Enjoy the ride". As far as size, I had the same requirement; "the biggest thing I could single hand". For reference, my boat is an Islander 28, and while only a bit longer it's much larger overall, nearly twice the weight. I routinely take it all over SF bay (it can get windy) by myself, and haven't needed a tiller pilot yet (just tie off the tiller). I also spend a week at a time on it, sometimes with companions; 3 is doable, 4 is cramped, although 2 couples might be a bit less so. With motorcycles, we often recommend that a new rider 'rent' a first bike by buying something cheap and selling after a year or two at minimal loss. By then, they have gained some skill and learned what bike they really want. Sounds like you're essentially doing the same with this boat, and I agree, it's a good approach.
  7. Potential new Beneteau 36.7 Owner

    2 cents from the peanut gallery says you'll do better with the less expensive boat that leaves budget for new sails. Used racing sails are good for practice, but if you want to be competitive, you need fresh rags.
  8. Good God, but he is sad.

    I took the comments of "Trump is likely to win again in 2020" as a dire warning, a call to action for the opposition. I'm ashamed of my countrymen for thinking that this lying conman is good for the US.

    Ignoring the politics, here are some facts: Humans consume 96 million barrels of oil per day. That's 4 Billion gallons of oil, and it produces 30 Billion kilograms of CO2. Per day. The US accounts for 1/4 of that. That's roughly equal to the flow over the smaller side of Niagara falls (or 1/10 of the total flow) I still find it hard to believe that people don't think that will have an effect on the planet, or be sustainable in the long run.
  10. FP Americans have not seen the ocean

    And even if people haven't seen the ocean, they are probably near a lake. We have a lot of lakes in this country, and some of them are Great big. But I do agree about the Yahhht Club snobbery pushing people away. Here's a commercial airing currently: They manage to make an Etchells look douchey. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/7cRq/ralph-lauren-polo-blue-sail
  11. My newest project

    I hope mr Lucky's last name isn't 'Von Schtupp'
  12. Potential new Beneteau 36.7 Owner

    There's a facebook page for 36.7's, you can look for information there... see if I can link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeneteauFirst36p7/ As far as I know, the only differences in the years relates to the steering pedestal. The boat has a molded grid below the floor; this adds stiffness, but can hide problems; I'd do some careful inspecting there on any candidate boat. I've been crewing on one for a few years (we'll have 8 out this weekend in SD) ... my thoughts: - The cockpit is a bit cramped in front of the traveller, and it gets busy in there around the cans. - They respond to weight on the rail, I think the B/D is a little low. I wouldn't want a shoal draft version. - It's a 'main driven' boat, in heavy air, the mainsheet trimmer gets a workout with the traveller. - Despite having a large wheel, the feel of the steering is not great. Otoh, it backs like a car. - Personally I like symmetric spins, and this is about the max size for end-to-end gybes... but I'm an 'old school' kinda guy. Having a CF pole helps.
  13. Bump Stocka

    Well we agree that those that make money from Guns are all about the $$, rather than your precious 2A rights, or your 'personal protection', 'Patriotism', or any of the other tools of misdirection they use to convince you to fight "in opposition to any restriction, no matter how reasonable it sounds".
  14. Bump Stocka

    Ultimately it's the Gun manufacturers who fuel the paranoia. They have learned quite well that fanning the fear of Big Brother is good for sales. I'd bet my boat that the people who make bump stocks are producing as fast as they can right now.
  15. Bump Stocka

    This thread demonstrates the feelings of the gun nuts as well as any other... They want every kind of gun. Machine guns are outlawed? 'But I WANT one, so we'll come up with work-arounds with a wink and a nod'. Bumpstocks are just one of many of these; see also cranks, sear modifications, 'ghost guns', etc. Making these things illegal only makes them even more wanted. To the gun nuts, *any* restriction inevitably, inexorably, undeniably leads to the confiscation of all their guns. They believe this with such religious fervor that there's no point in trying to have a rational discussion. .