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  1. Guns on Boats

    Somebody's been drinking the Faux news kool-aid.
  2. Electric pumps for a dinghy?

    I'm no magician, but I am an engineer and pretty good with mechanical stuff. Of the several inflatable boats I've owned, there have been two types of valves: On the cheaper boats, the cap screws off, then the check valve can be screwed off. Fill, then, then put the check valve back on before much leaks back out. On Halkey Roberts valves, there is a central core that can be pushed in and turned to defeat the check valve. This is how you deflate the boat. Leaving it in that position makes inflation much easier on the pump. Again, you leak a little while you're resetting the valve for final pumping. Maybe more expensive boats do it differently, I'm a cheep sob. Or, y'all can just keep heaping insults on me. Whatever floats your boat.
  3. I've always liked this quote from Carl Sagen: "The notion that science and spirituality are mutually exclusive does a disservice to both"
  4. Electric pumps for a dinghy?

    Well, the OP asked for experience. I shared mine, evidently yours was different. I'd rather sit with a noisy pump for a few minutes than try to dance on a foot pump on my foredeck. Most inflatables have a backflow preventer in the inflation valve - a rubber flap to create a check valve. This can often add significant flow resistance, enough to slow down one of those little centrifugal blowers. It's usually easy enough to remove this for the 'bulk filling', then replace it for the 'hand finishing'.
  5. Electric pumps for a dinghy?

    As mentioned, a 'regular' air pump such as for air mattresses works for the bulk of the inflation. I have one with alligator clips for a 12V battery, and one that uses 4 'D' cells - I've gotten several inflations/deflations out of a set of batteries. Then get to final pressure with the hand pump.
  6. Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    Find one quote where I call your .22 an assault weapon, or where I call for a ban of any kind. You can't, you lying sack of shit. Keep your little .22, I'm sure you enjoy the ejaculatory pleasure of popping it off. Please don't kill anyone with it.
  7. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    Random deflection. "Old Age" is not a recognized cause of death. Another gun nut deflection is "we should treat the cause of violence". But the NRA has ensured that no money can go to research gun violence. Wonder what they are afraid of? The above chart is from JAMA, one of the hardest peer reviewed journals to get published. That study also observed: "The United States has the highest rate of gun-related deaths among industrialized countries, with more than 30 000 fatalities annually.1 To date, research on gun violence has been limited. A 1996 congressional appropriations bill stipulated that “none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] may be used to advocate or promote gun control.”2 Similar restrictions were subsequently extended to other agencies (including the National Institutes of Health), and although the legislation does not ban gun-related research outright, it has been described as casting a pall over the research community."
  8. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    I see the NRA tactics are in full force here: - It’s too soon after the shooting to talk (frequent shootings = it’s *always* too soon) - It’s not a deadly weapon, it’s a tool (don’t mention that it’s a tool whose only use is killing). - Point to some other irrelevant statistic (look how many traffic accidents!) - Make silly equivalences – Pickup truck murder! – Ban trucks! - Send the discussion down a rabbit hole… 22LR ballistics (ignoring that it can still kill a person) - Distract, deny, attack the messenger - Benghazi! The propagandists must be so proud of the sheep they have created. Here's an interesting chart, Research funding: You're 10 times more likely to die from a gun than from Anemia... but we spend 100X more on Anemia research. The NRA at work!
  9. My newest project

    In college, I did some referee work for intramural (amateur) games. The pay allowed me to buy these: Nice for my weak ankles, but the solid plastic boot needed constant re-tightening as my feet would swell with play.
  10. My newest project

    My skates were like these: The plastic shell made a great 'clop clop' sound when you skated.
  11. Just Another High School Shooting

    The only thing I'm missing is the brainwashing you gun-nuts have been given by the NRA for the past few decades. We have had many mass shootings even just this short year alone. Nothing but 'thoughts and prayers' is offered. 30+ states allow private sales of firearms without a background check. Some significant portion of all gun transfers are done without a background check. These are facts. Naval gazing over the exact number is a distraction: What's that argument... "Would you eat from a bowl of skittles knowing that 1 in 100 was poison?" How about 10%, or 22% or 40%? A large majority of Americans are in favor of universal background checks, but whenever I suggest we try to implement this, I'm given whataboutism... What if I hand the gun to xxx?, and other BS arguments. All against universal background checks. So, Felons will continue to be able to legally purchase guns from private individuals. Thanks to your continued opposition; There's been NOTHING from you pro-gun guys that would prevent those criminals from making legal purchases. You can SAY you're against "Guns for Crooks", but if you actively oppose any measure which might stop crooks from getting guns.... you're not. I've made a suggestion: Firearm licensing, to include training and a background check. "Don't have a licence? Sorry, I can't let you shoot my gun unless a licensed instructor is present". I haven't heard any solid rebuttal; you have to get a licence if you want to put a coat over that gun on your hip, I don't have a problem with you have to get a licence to have the gun in the first place. Some states require a 'licence to purchase', which is pretty close. Ok, I'll ask it back: What is YOUR criteria for handing a Deadly Weapon to another person? (and are you a qualified firearms instructor?) More importantly, what is the criteria of your next door neighbor? Or the other parents at your child's school?
  12. Just Another High School Shooting

    I answered your question, plus others. I've refuted your inane points, and you haven't responded to mine. I'm tired of your shit, so I'm going to try to stay away after this. Yes (again), I think it's reasonable for you to ask the person "do you have a licence?" (=="have you had training and a background check?") before you hand over a DEADLY WEAPON. If that person has a licence, it's all good. If that person doesn't have a licence, shame on you... maybe you lose YOUR licence for giving a weapon to an unqualified person. I don't think that is too much to ask. You're free to disagree. Let me ask you some questions: Are you are ok with giving your guns to strangers? And by extension, letting 'any' gun owner loan their weapon to 'anybody'? (seems like you are, glad I don't live anywhere near you) Are you ok with letting Felons purchase firearms legally? (appears so; you're against universal background checks) Are you ok with regular school shootings, church murders and dead concertgoers? (this seems to be less important to you than your precious rights) Nevermind, it's rhetorical. I've come to my conclusion about where you stand.
  13. Just Another High School Shooting

    What part of BS is the quote from the article that said "40% of those surveyed obtained their latest gun without a background check"? More selective omissions from you. Also note the deflection... who cares whether it's 20% or 40%, the fact is that PEOPLE WHO WOULD FAIL A BACKGROUND CHECK CAN BUY GUNS. That's an central point... you know, the whole reason for wanting universal checks.... But instead you bring in stupid arguments to avoid facing the problem. Yes, I think it's reasonable for someone to say "do you have a firearm licence" before you hand them a deadly weapon. Before you are allowed to enter the shooting range. And when you sell your killing tool at a garage sale, you should make the buyer show it to you. Voila, Background checks on all transfers! This latest kid bringing a gun to school.... Somebody should get slapped hard for allowing that child access, since that one wasn't in a safe.
  14. Just Another High School Shooting

    I admit, I only infrequently dive into this, because of the usual beat-down. The pro gun side has won; they have brainwashed their followers into believing "any new regulation will AUTOMATICALLY AND INEVITABLY lead to CONFISCATION!" Towards that end, they have enacted laws to prevent registration, tracking, etc. They prohibit government funds from going into gun violence research. They stop Doctors from asking patients about guns. They blackmail legislators into voting for these things. They swamp any possible discussion with whataboutism, distraction and illogic. The war is over, and the guns won. Regular shootings at schools, churches, concerts and other public places is the consequence of that - that is, after all, the subject of this thread. It seems that the pro-gun guys are ok with this situation, but I'm not.