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  1. Bitch, bitch bitch. 1. I think y'all are luddites for wanting to go back to lead mines [plum-bums?]. To me, the AC has always been about innovation. 2. Your memories of past races are colored; most AC's have been total run-aways; one boat is just faster, and it's a parade. Except for Valencia '07 and SF the challenger has never scored more than 1 point. Sorry, I thought those were boring. Also, 'back in the day', your blood had to be just the right shade of blue to even get near the boats. 3. The racing in SF was AWESOME. I watched it from my boat, and was mighty disappointed that I couldn't do that again. I blame LE for screwing the city. 4. The TV coverage (NBC) was really good. Outteridge commentating, drones, computer graphics, on-boat cameras. I had non-sailing friends watching it too. Congrats to the Kiwis, they earned it. And Burling made JS his BITCH in the start box.
  2. Thing is, BS is a Troll, plain and simple. Once you realize that, it's easier to leave him alone, and he's less likely to respond. I figured out early in this thread that his 'engineering' was total bullshit, so ignoring his advice (all his posts, actually) is quite simple... and freeing. Really, the only reason to even give him a moment's thought is to prevent the uninformed from falling for his BS. FKT is smart enough, and Smack is carrying the torch ably, there's no need for much other discussion, imho.
  3. Hmmm... They say that Doctors make the worst patients..
  4. SD bay is also rather restricted, and has both commercial and military traffic - plus the 'Hornblower' tour boats; those guys are just assholes. Big fun to have an aircraft carrier leave during a 100+ boat beer can. We love the Navy, but it's mildly disconcerting to think of the 18 yr old sailors looking at you from behind their machine guns. There was a video posted last year from the bridge of a freighter showing the mass of boats playing chicken. We may have been in it. We've had Subs yelling on the radio to stay 500 yards away... in an area where the water isn't 500 yards wide. We got 5 blasts from a freighter (and DSQ without a hearing, per the SI's), when we weren't even in the channel; the channel buoy (#22 or 24) was our leeward mark and we were approaching it in the narrow area between the buoy and the shore (Navy Base). That spot is about 600 yards wide, and most of that is the ship channel. Still not sure how we were supposed to avoid that.
  5. I've been observing cars for the past few days, and have come to the conclusion that 95% of them fall into the following colors: - White - Light grey (including silver) - Black (including dark grey) Red is the next most common but it's mostly for sports cars. (Although Mazda and Nissan have nice red colors lately) When Blue appears, it's usually such a dark 'midnight' that it's indistinguishable from black at 20 feet. Green is for Jaguars and 'Eco' cars.... maybe Subaru. Also quite dark. My theory is that it's due to 'mass marketing to the lowest common denominator'. None of the big companies wants to take a chance on anything unique. It's also why the current crop of Bene/Hunter/Jeneau/Bavaria boats look all the same.
  6. Nice work, Will! First image shows what a powerful sheer the boat has. Man, what a presence. Second one really highlights the difficulty in accessing the side decks. (and midships entry from the dock) Third one shows the FB hatch and why there needs to be an arch (which I don't like either). A short mast in front of the FB is my vote. My gut says there's something clever in the FB hatch area that can help with access... more sliding hatches or accordion panels or something.
  7. That Yamaha looks like a nice boat. On small boats, it's not uncommon to have the 'head' located in the cutout of the V-berth. Then it's a bucket or something. Modern 'porta-potties' aren't too bad. There's a part for fresh water and the bottom part with black water can be disconnected and carried like a suitcase to a toilet, then 30 seconds of nasty, and you've cleaned up from the weekend. With no thru-hulls or tanks to worry about. You might also consider a 'composting head' (really a dessicating head), the reviews of these are generally positive. Another option is 'WAG' bags; I use them in the head on my boat when I don't want to deal with it all on a short trip.; just put the bag in the toilet (or bucket), then it goes in the trash when you're done; chemicals take care of the smell. But to me the problem is that the cabin doubles as the head. "Everyone up on deck, the missus needs to pee". Sleeping in the V-berth, your head is a foot away from the toilet, and the toilet can't be used when the V berth is in use.
  8. I should show that to my friend; he's got a Cat 22 on a trailer, with a 10hp outboard and while it's pretty beat up, you could sail the day you bought it. For $2500.
  9. You're working awfully hard to grind that axe. Discussing the lines of a boat is not the same as 'Badmouthing the designer'. Show me where Bob insulted Carter's wife, and you'd have a point... but you don't.
  10. A couple more things to consider.... Are the four in separate bunks or 2 couples each in a shared bed? Or mom and dad and 2 kids? These are all different requirements. Where do you fit on the 'camping under your kitchen table' vs 'big luxurious accomodations' scale? My experience: I bought an Islander 28 for well under your budget; I think Islander is a notch above Catalina, quality wise. It's pretty large inside for 28'; 2 couples is doable, 4 in separate bunks worked one night only. It's got a nice galley, but I find the head a bit cramped. Sails like a dream, mostly singlehanded. A friend is selling his Catalina 22 (In SD - cheap but pretty beat up); sits nicely on a trailer - so no slip fees- but I find the interior very cramped due to the low headroom. The 'pop top' helps with this at anchor. I'm not a fan of an outboard on the back, but in a lake it's probably just fine. (no swells) My advice is to get inside as many of these models as you can. Try to stand up below, lie in the bunks, sit on the toilet, pretend to make coffee. You might have to look at boats you have no intention of buying, but at this size, how you fit in it matters.
  11. +2 Despite all the talk and adhesive debate, it looks like the chainplate is *not* likely to fail. (good, because a failure would be unpleasant). It appears to me the only issue is that a little water can get in the gap; rain, splashing, or if you really bury the rail (heel excessively). But it's not a big leak, and if you've got a bilge pump, it's nothing more than a nuisance. In other words 'check bilge pump' has higher priority. Go Sailing! Find someone knowledgeable to go with you and give you pointers. Have fun and stay safe.
  12. Ok, I'll admit I'm one of the spectators. Except I have BS and a few others on ignore; it makes the thread much better. I learned early on in this thread that BS is BS and have no trouble listening to nothing he says. I've hear his spiel already, no need to tune in to reruns. Bob and others contribute actual good stuff much of the time... sure there's noise, but that's life. It's the ones that have a zero or negative contribution that make a thread go bad. (me, I just hope for 'slightly to the right of zero')
  13. Odd, the grapevine makes me sing Frank Zappa's "Billy the Mountain"
  14. Perhaps the potato rule can be extended to overlap with the protest flag. I'll bet the offending skipper learns quicker when he gets beaned with a spud.
  15. We're just having fun, Kim, it lets us play yacht designer! (how nice of you and Bob to humor us) and maybe we'll come up with something useful.