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  1. Kirwan

    Protesters then and now

    I thought 'then and now' meant the difference between last month's protests and this ones;
  2. Kirwan

    Tinyman Square

    The first presidential armored golf cart? "Fairway Force 1" But I'm thinking Donnie would rather a golden sedan chair, carried by Armed Special Forces... or bikini clad women (8's or better).
  3. Kirwan

    Bunker boy is a sick fuck

    Mad Magazine.
  4. Kirwan

    come up with a title

    It looks like one of my harps.
  5. Kirwan

    Dinghys on very small keelboats

    This thread needs input from Will. He's got an inflatable on his Capri 22:
  6. Kirwan

    History will judge the complicit

    To comment on the OP.... IMHO, all the Trumpsters will fire up the gaslights and deny they ever supported him, 5 minutes after he's gone. A large enough portion of the population has a short enough attention span to believe it. While still falling back on "R=good, D=bad", as preached by Fox. As for comparisons... I've always thought of Steven Miller as analogous to Goebbels, but Bormann might be better, and Hannity for Goebbels. Is Barr closer to Himmler or Goring? both seem to fit, as he assembles his secret police.
  7. Trump has some hurdles using US troops on US soil. Maybe hiring mercenaries is his work-around. Is our Jeffie in there? After all he can't be much of a dictator until he has a strong secret police. They are the Stasi, the GRU, the Santebal Gassing peaceful protesters is just the warmup. Winning!
  8. Kirwan

    Popo facts

    Cops have a tough job. Nobody is glad to see them show up (compare to firefighters) Everyone lies to them. You have to examine each person in the light of "what bad thing are they going to do"? (do they have a gun?) They should get mandatory counselling. Still doesn't excuse them being assholes and covering up for the 'bad apples' Edit: oops, sorry, I didn't realize this thread would devolve into whataboutism in 4 posts
  9. Kirwan

    Day # 8

    I'm thinking they mean 'clap sticks' like these: (Don't know how they got a pic of me as a kid)
  10. Modern day Jack Boots. Oddly, the Right Wing seems to be cheering for the Government Overreach they were so against last week.
  11. They don't need no steenkin facts. The mere accusation of a specter of a problem is enough to get the elk behind the latest disenfranchisement dirty trick.
  12. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is an illustration of the effectiveness of brainwashing.
  13. Well he certainly brought his lily white entourage with him, plus a bunch of military might. Nothing says "I respect your right to protest" like tear gas, bullets and truncheons... for a photo op (in which he tries to prove he's not a coward). But he's still a fucking coward.
  14. Kirwan

    Failure of leadership

    I think this is a better image of the trump car;
  15. So if a company decides not to sell a cake to a gay person, that's fine with the right. But if a company decides not to post your shit, that's an infringement? Or if a company tells you not to enter their store without a mask, is that an infringement? Not sure where this fits in with "companies are people".....