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  1. Mea Culpa, but as I can't design boats, I like to talk about my trailers. Never did learn much about using origami for them though.
  2. I realize it wasn't clear, but I was referring to TD trailers appearing in the 30's. The car styles had pretty swept down rears then too.
  3. Have you got any without any SPAM in it?
  4. Hey, I found photos!: Original, (45mph) Modified (55mph+) Not even that much of a change, but a big difference in results:
  5. My buddy (who's doing most of the work on this trailer) built a 'foamie', [light weight trailer] but it flared upwards at the back, so he could have a tallish door. It was a wedge with a flat back surface, and he was towing it with a VW bug. He was having trouble going faster than 45mph, and I told him it was because his trailer was a parachute. He chopped the back down and gained 15mph. I don't claim to understand all the aero, but it's my impression that a 'good' trailer helps reduce overall air resistance; I think it's akin to a longer waterline.
  6. Come to think of it, a Teardrop trailer sort of follows an era of boat design... "Cod's head and Mackerel tail", which is appropriate, since the style dates to about 1930.
  7. In Washington, they grow moss. In Oregon, they rust. I lived there for some years, and the line of "don't come, it always rains" is a pretty standard greeting. Always figured I'd retire to the San Juans, but well, it's kinda like this:
  8. Well, there is usually another big bluff body in front of the trailer when moving... I think the main thing is 'afterbody drag'. Plus aesthetics. The traditional home built Teardrop is usually designed so that the side panel can be cut from a single 4x8 sheet of plywood. By cheating a bit and adding the bustles, we're able to add a lot of volume aft. I actually got involved in this thread because I wanted to explore origami methods for trailer building; something like this: and another small scale model, going for that sleek afterbody;
  9. Thanks - we call them the 'bustles'. And every time I use the word, I flash to the underbody of my I-28, which Bob put a bustle into. 11 feet of counter space!
  10. Or one of these: Unfortunately, they are now around $300
  11. Here's the one we sold last spring (photo before we polished the roof). The next one is almost completed.. it's essentially the same. And the fuse block can be seen here:
  12. We just installed that very component as the electrical 'heart' of a teardrop trailer; good kit.
  13. Congrats, Sassy! Enjoy the bay. Heck, enjoy GGAC, I love paddling around the old ships. They have kids stay on the Balaclutha, you might hear them in the mornings. A good daysail around the bay is to make a counter-clockwise loop; from GGAC, head down the city front, cross under the Bay bridge, round Treasure Island, north around Angel Island (time your passage through Raccoon strait with the tide). Maybe stop in Tiburon for lunch at Sams (free dock). Take a detour up Richardson bay towards Sausalito, then back across the gate, downwind to where you started. The CCW direction is so that you aren't slogging upwind though the slot late in the day. For the rest of you, here's a peek at the GGAC:
  14. It's just semantics; how we each define the word "yacht". My dictionary says that word applies to any boat destined for pleasure, as opposed to commerce. I expect Frankie is especially pleasurable to sail.
  15. I think we didn't appreciate the grandiosity of his majesty. Evidently, he's such a sailing god that anyone he allows to be in his presence should be happy to be yelled at for the valuable lessons he is gracious enough to impart.