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  1. jeff E of the GWN

    What should I look for in buying a windsurfer?

    Kiting in crowds does not mix, was at Orient bay in St Martin's last spring .It's a crowded beach , tons of people , swimmers, etc a few windsurfers and... Lots of Kiters. The scene was downright dangerous. A local kiter said they were close to being banned. The good kiters had issues launching and landing, yelling at people people walking across lines or under them coming down.(spectra cuts) If that wasn't bad enough newb kiters were dragging into moored boats. It was pandemonium lol... A new saying "a kiter out to sea is worth 50 on the beach" Kiting us a high powered high flying sport, but there are more then a few Yahoo's out there, who know nothing of right of way or sharing beach space for that matter that is why it's banned so many places.
  2. jeff E of the GWN

    Learning to windsurf/kitesurf on the East Coast

    Kiting is by far easier to learn just make sure you bring Tylenol advil etc etc ...You can get slammed easy