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  1. DarthSailor

    A Modest Proposal

    Took me a couple readings to get your gist but fair point.
  2. DarthSailor

    A Modest Proposal

    Here's the thing we're all equal or we are not, so if you feel one persons vote is more valuable than another's then the course of action is blow the whole Untied states experiment up and start over. Other wise we gotta run what we brung and hope for the best which would be the electorate someday becoming the informed group of people you envision. Otherwise how do you compare a farmer and an accountant for example both equally intelligent but hold wildly divergent priorities based on their locations. Many city folks would want to discount the farmers as a yokel that only cares about wheat prices and fertilizer regs as opposed to an educated coastal resident that is voting for urban renewal and iPads for all students. In the end the group with the smaller population will be pushed aside as not good enough to vote. We need all viewpoints not just the ones that are like the people that decide who is good enough to vote. Even with the best and most honest intentions eventually the electorate will look just like what ever group/criteria is the basis for choosing who votes.
  3. DarthSailor

    A Modest Proposal

    Couple of founding documents are in the way. By all means if you feel this way when you reach the age discussed just stop voting.
  4. DarthSailor

    A Modest Proposal

    Many in the south would argue that they worked just fine
  5. DarthSailor

    A Modest Proposal

    This really needs to be defined, I bet the people behind the literacy test thought they were improving the quality of the voter pool too.
  6. DarthSailor

    A Modest Proposal

    we can't even get normalized voting districts and you think whatever party is in power won't screw this pooch?!?
  7. DarthSailor

    A Modest Proposal

    Because poll tests worked so well the first time
  8. DarthSailor

    "National Cleavage Day"

    I never noticed that before and it got me thinking that I was mis-remembering the poster, the following was the one I had. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennis_Girl
  9. DarthSailor

    "National Cleavage Day"

    This was above my desk in my dorm room throughout college.
  10. DarthSailor

    Hardware stores

    My son in law's parents own this store, I spend at least 45 minutes wandering the store each time I visit. Great people if you find yourself in the area and need something give them a try. A story about their efforts during Sandy https://www.nj.com/news/2012/11/hurricane_sandy_heores_warren.html
  11. DarthSailor

    What To Do About A Shitty Neighbor?

    I think this is a michigan thing. we have a bunch of folks in our neighborhood that sit in their lawn chairs in the open garage. We think this is the weirdest thing in the world everyone has wonderful decks/patios but they go un-used to sit in the plastic strapped lawn chairs and watch the world. this just seems so trashy to us in an area of $700k houses.
  12. DarthSailor

    Seattle Area Must Sees/Dos

    Chihuly Glass museum, +1 and this made me laugh out loud to consternation of my co-workers "So, what are the must sees/dos. As always, thanks for any and all inputs. "
  13. DarthSailor

    Elijah Cummings DTS

    "My whole life has been one uninterrupted sin. God have mercy on me." Agustus II, King of Poland, His final words in 1733 before dying of acute alcohol poisoning. What I got I have earned, What I'm not I have learned. Bruce Springsteen, Because the Night Proof Before You Post! ©
  14. DarthSailor

    Random PicThread

    7 players in that pic, 6 of them are hall of fame members (two others not pictured as well and a hall of fame player as a coach, and the other coach is in hall as a coach). In theory 80% of the players on the court were future hall of fame members.