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  1. DarthSailor

    Best Lyrics Ever

    I need a drink and a quick decision.
  2. DarthSailor

    Best Lyrics Ever

    Gaston is a wordsmith.
  3. DarthSailor

    Exploding houses in Andover Mass

    One of the gas company workers called into a radio show I listen to and they said it was some type of over pressure situation. Most residential installations lack the relief valve assembly that commercial installs are required to have. This means that the over pressure reached the in home appliances and possibly caused leaks leading to the explosions. Again this is all some guy calling in to a radio show so take it for what it's worth. He said he had been out inspecting homes since last night. He also said no one is sure about what caused the over pressure to the system. He sounded legit but have no experience with this beyond attaching the propane tank to my backyard grill and I have screwed that up a couple times.
  4. DarthSailor

    Cool fairing tool

    The drunken camera man is not helping the cause
  5. DarthSailor


    Umm, they have that all over the world not just Australia
  6. DarthSailor

    Burt Reynolds DTS

    He had a long way to go and short time to get there, by all indications he had fun the entire trip. RIP Mr. Reynolds.
  7. DarthSailor

    Don' make me pull the car over

    Agreed, for our kids traveling for sports etc. we bought a conversion van with the TV whole nine yards added a game cube and headphones for blissfully quiet rides. (excluding the clicky-clack of the controllers) Only drawback was about twice an hour something would occur in the video game causing all three kids to yell at the top of their lungs without warning making the driver jump out of their skin.
  8. DarthSailor

    Random PicThread

    Crockett and Tubbs?
  9. DarthSailor

    Madonna is 60 today

    elevated skank to an art form
  10. DarthSailor

    Songs About Sailing

    I have asked that my kids must play this song when they dispose of my ashes in a manner of their choosing or in any low spot in the yard or garden that needs filling. This is the extent of of any memorial activities I desire.
  11. DarthSailor


    Naval Academy, free, nice area to walk and see the bay. Museum with tons of historical ship models etc. A dead guy under a church, used to be a multi-million dollar sword hanging down there but it has since been secured once it's value was known. This time of year may also be a bunch of kids in white t-shirts getting yelled at.
  12. DarthSailor

    Strawberry Thief

    My dad would catch the squirrels in a trap and take them down the road, if mom got to the trap before he did she would throw it into the bayou come back in a couple hours and get the dead squirrel out. Mom was not a guard but only wanted to fix a problem once.
  13. DarthSailor

    Random PicThread

    Push the button Max
  14. DarthSailor

    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole