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  1. Sailing art

    There's a really good ship model collection at the Naval Academy if you ever get to Annapolis.
  2. S2 7.9

    this is real thing on the OB models, even in flat water some regular shaft motors require you to sit way back in the cockpit for operation. cavitation and water intake for cooling can be an issue. In chop we would sometimes sit someone on the motor to limit the motor coming out of the water as much as possible, we only use the short shaft motor when the regular motor is in the shop.
  3. Bad head

    I guess fair is fair I've let off a few errant shots when some one was going down on me.
  4. "National Cleavage Day"

    speed of lighting, sound of thunder...... Underboob!
  5. weird sinus issue

    This was my go to as well, 3 hours in the gym and I would be good, worked every time until the time I contracted pneumonia and was in bed for 2 weeks with 100+ fever. 35 pounds later I was better so I guess it worked that time too
  6. Random PicThread

    A nuke got dropped in south carolina (maybe north) it did not contain the nuclear core but the primer charge was in the bomb and it blew up on impact blasting the crap out of a nearby homestead. There is a historical marker there today that describes the mishap. (mishap may too small a word for wayward nuke) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1958_Mars_Bluff_B-47_nuclear_weapon_loss_incident
  7. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    My thought was some kid just lost something and was to scared to tell their folks they did so they just took someone else's stuff. I don't thick there are a ton of outright thieves running around. Hopefully just kids trying to correct a mistake the easiest way possible. Still if there are only 9 stern plugs floating around it sucks to be the 10th boat that ends up without a part when the music stops. (all hail duct tape and the magic tool box full of old boat parts which was always heavy on plugs and flying scot winch handles)
  8. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    I don't disagree but there are an awful lot of the second group, I spent 7 summers sailing juniors on LIS and the Gulf Coast and an additional 5 summers herding junior sailors to regattas etc. Lots of great friends that I sailed with/against and tons of amazing kids in my classes/on the sailing team. Unfortunately it is hard for me to remember a regatta where some spoiled turd knuckle didn't take some kind of dump in the punch bowl so to speak.
  9. Community Reputation Points

  10. Angry Woman Cuts Off Man’s Penis

    so it's a joke https://www.snopes.com/shania-jones-cross-eyed-arrest/
  11. quick!...Someone call the WHAAmbulance

    I think you may have the relationships confused in your quaint New England phrase. Additionally per my Mom it's "Jesus, Mary and Joseph (my or my brother's name here) what the fuck were you thinking?"
  12. Random PicThread

  13. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    Locals or folks in for the races stole this stuff for sure. In my day leaving plugs, traveler blocks or or ratchet blocks on you boat was a sure way to get them "purchased" by someone at the midnight boat shop. Not locking up your boards and spars was no even an option. People are scum, well off young people are the worst of the scum sometimes. I also think the suggestion for hiring a guard was only to cover the race weekend and not full time the whole year. I feel sorry for the folks that got their stuff stolen.
  14. Sailing art

    This is one of my top five favorite pictures
  15. Vegas Shooting Gallery