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  1. Sailing art

    This is one of my top five favorite pictures
  2. Vegas Shooting Gallery

  3. Older well known IOR Boats

    Is it okay if I love what he did with the bow?
  4. Pearson 10 Meter

    western long island sound or some such
  5. Best Science Fiction Movies

  6. "National Cleavage Day"

    side/under boob = best kind of boob
  7. I need AC

    +1 on the use of the weather boards, if your boast has two boards use the lower one as a template cut a dupe out of plywood then cut out a section to hold the window unit you bought. A small window unit will cool the boat quite well. Only drawback I have encountered is if your weather boards are canted a little forward as mine were the condensation may drain into the cabin instead of the cockpit.
  8. Sea Shepherds New Toys...

  9. Random PicThread

    I'm getting Malcolm McDowell or Flea
  10. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    1. you picked the wrong sport if wealth offends you. 2. I have zero desire to read about people sailing for sailing's sake in a prehistoric 4kt shitbox
  11. More racing, Seattle style

    The rarely seen Mongolian cluster f#&k in its natural state, a truly under appreciated occurrence.
  12. so how long

    So it seems the consensus is 3 years from now.
  13. Random PicThread

    Curse you nolatom, I saw this thread near the top and thought Hobot was back.
  14. Tragic youth sailing accident

    I saw this happen to a kid at a fuel dock when I was 12 ( bicentennial summer), the boat reversed just as he fell into the water over the stern. I still have bad dreams about them pulling the kid onto the dock and stuffing towels into his stomach. I don't think I got back out on the water for a month that summer. I as a instructor for my clubs junior program for 4 years and this could have happened then as well. I was a little more paranoid about the engine/prop around the kids due to what I saw but there were many times where I would see something going awry and just floor the chase boat without thinking to get to the problem. We didn't let kids in the chase boat as a general rule but it's just dumb luck that something bad didn't happen in my classes(both as a student and instructor. I hate that this happened some of my best memories are of being in or teaching kids sailing classes. Also sailing in junior regattas at Centerport and Northport across the sound behind the four smokestacks from my club. Condolences and prayers for the family of the young sailor who died. There are no words.
  15. Kevlar Verses Fiberglass

    That's a lot of spreaders to mess with to keep that stick in line.