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  1. Ocean View

    Making Lithium Batteries?

    I'd suggest you're doing it the hard way Much easier to find a local supplier of CALB or Winston LifeP04 3.2v cells in your area who is supplying the EV Conversion market. Then buy some BMS modules such as the ones below and ideally a BCU-NEV to protect you from overcharge and low voltage instances - and your pretty much ready to go. We've been running the EV-power 100hr 12V battery below for 9 years now and it's still going strong and it's done 6 or 7 x Hobarts and 3 times that distance in delivery trips to get there and back. https://www.ev-power.com.au/product-category/webstore/lithium-bms/ https://www.ev-power.com.au/product/bcu-nev/ https://www.ev-power.com.au/product/evg12v100ah/ EV won't ship the batteries but he will ship the BMS modules overseas as far as i know. And if you want to read a warts and all (good and bad bits) review of Lifep04 on a boat have a read of this post. https://marinehowto.com/lifepo4-batteries-on-boats/ Trust it helps.
  2. Ocean View

    VHF noise ONLY on CH 73 - Only with Instruments ON

    Quick update Used an external power source to power up the processor only and still noisy on CH73 Disconnected the devices connected to the fastnet bus junction box and it stops - So time to start disconnecting the power for each display as suggested by Moonduster to determine the culprit. One step closer - but not fixed yet Thanks for the tips You've helped a lot as this is my first foray in B&G fastnet system so starting to understand it a bit better after your tips - and reading these sites. https://www.oppedijk.com/bandg/fastnet.html https://github.com/trlafleur/Fastnet
  3. Ocean View

    VHF noise ONLY on CH 73 - Only with Instruments ON

    Spent a few hours working on this one and it looks like it's the B&G Hydra processor that's creating the noise. Disconnected the depth sensor and powered up the processor as a standalone device using a live feed from another power source (nothing else was on) and it instantly makes the constant background noise on Ch73 on my handheld - and is louder when I hold the handheld antenna near one corner of the B&G processor. It's an older CPU with the Hydra 2000 displays and associated mast displays The only frequency it is creating noise on is 156.675 MHz (Ch 73) and the radios I know it affects is a raymarine VHF handheld and a pretty new GME DSC VHF radio. (have not tried any others) check connections, poor earths, loose wires etc, NF-5 DC noise filter I had in my box of tricks, no filter, the installed DC filter and made a makeshift RF shield with a bit aluminium foil - - None of them made any difference Next step will be to disconnect all the instrument displays and sensors and just power up the B&G - but didn't have time to do that. Any ideas on how to get rid of the noise if it's coming from the B&G and has anyone seen this problem before from a B&G on one VHF channel ?
  4. Ocean View

    VHF noise ONLY on CH 73 - Only with Instruments ON

    Thanks for the tips above. I'll try all of those options on the weekend and see what we find. The VHF handheld if a great suggestion or starters Was going to try the emergency antenna on wednesday but ran out of time and didn't want to to have the panel in bits before we did a windy 27+kn twilight race in a bit of swell. Location: It occurs on long offshores, inshores, and in dock - same problem in all locations - Pretty sure it's an on boat problem. PWR Was going to take a 10 Ahr SLA to power up the VHF separately to isolate PWR as a cause. Have also heard that some DC/DC switch mode convertors replaced with a regulator can fix issues like this. It's bit of rats nest behind the panel so will do a bit of tidy up and draw diagrams of the cabling and re-run the cables neater while I'm at it. LED's: Aware of the LED issue - pretty sure LED's are not being switched with the instruments - but will do an isolation check and see what we find. https://www.amsa.gov.au/safety-navigation/navigation-systems/led-lighting-found-interfere-vhf-fm-radio-and-ais-reception It doesn't occur or change when only nav lights or internal lights are turned on - but will do more checks in this area - Also have a bunch of Ferrite cores in the workshop I can implement. Vulcan - I pulled it's power cord mid-week - so pretty sure that it is not the cause as it was totally without a power source Thanks for the info and advice Will spend a few hours digging around (instead of minutes) Disconnecting and sniffing with the handheld VHF and the multi-meter and hopefully we can find (and rectify) the cause. Cheers for now.
  5. Hi All Long time since I've posted and looking for a bit of knowledge base help re Ch 73 noise. (Did a forum search no luck) About to do an offshore and regatta later this month and Ch73 is in the Si's - need to fix a Ch73 noise problem. New boat I'm on has lots of noise on CH 73 since a new GME VHF DSC radio, B&G Vulcan 9 and depth transducer was fitted a few months ago - Apparently the problem began after the old old radio was removed, and new items added - new radio - few months later B&G vulcan 9 and depth transducer we installed - There is still a mix of NMEA 0183 gear onboard too - ie GPS to DSC Radio and original outdoor instruments etc. I'm about to start disconnecting bits to work out the cause - but any tips would be much appreciated as the race is later this month. The Problem Noise on CH73 (and only CH73) VHF GME DSC radio is clear as a bell on ALL channels with NO noise or interference WHEN the instruments power switch is off. VHF is also connected to a NSPL-500 Splitter and B&G NAIS-500 AIS unit - which powers up when the VHF is main switch is on Instruments ON As soon as the instruments power switch is turned ON Ch 73 makes lots of noise - as though no squelch was on. The Instrument switch turns on the B&G mast and cockpit instruments, Digital yacht Wi-fi NMEA module (I might rip that out as it's not needed now I think) B&G Depth Transducer, original paddle wheel (Vulcan 9 is powered on the same switch - but it makes no difference to the noise if the Vulcan is on or off). Ch 73 shows busy signal all the time with lots of background noise on the speaker The noise is continuous most of the time but chops in and out a bit and I thought it was due to bad coax terminations on the splitter leads as it changed when i touched them - but it seems to be a coincidence and not a cause. I moved all the cables away for the VHS ant leads and power leads the other day to see if it was cable related with no change. Now thinking it's depth transducer induced and will disconnect it on the weekend But any tips on other items to check and suggestions to implement to rectify it are much appreciated. Cheers
  6. Ocean View

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix

    I was there yesterday on the water and here's a bit of on the water info. People I know who were there Friday night - Said Tech2 caught the finish line buoy mooring line with their rudder - which is what flipped them and ripped the back of the boat off on Friday night in the first race. You can see the video on the sf news section of their webpage The boats heading back to Nowra to be repaired as they couldn't fix it in the on-site repair tent. Saturday All boats seemed to be having problems moving their foils up and down and ID Intranet had a lot of problems with the port foil, Euro raced with both foils down most of the day - was that the plan? When Euro was back on land the boat was 3 metres up in the air so they could deploy the foils and they were working on the foils going up and down - so maybe they had similar issues. Euro were the the best crew, had it very together but as noted above - they were not slick everytime. The lack of close racing didn't make it very exciting, we had a couple of crosses occur and ID intranet had to duck, but that was about it. It was fun to be there, interesting to see the technology in action, but as for exciting racing, I'm not convinced it will bring the masses or make good TV coverage. I'm not going out there on Sunday to watch more.
  7. Ocean View

    Containers at sea

    Interesting documentary about his on TV last night - Lots of of it sinks, lots of it break down into very small particles and the floating islands are a minute percentage of total plastic content that enters the sea each year. quotes from the show: "We quantified and estimated that 8 million metric tonnes of plastic entered the ocean (in one year)." Environmental Engineer Scientists say vast amounts of our discarded plastic is ending up in the ocean. "There's so much plastic going in and we have no idea where it is." Oceanographer Lots of it sinks. It's worth the time to watch it. http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/2017/02/27/4624878.htm
  8. Ocean View

    Containers at sea

    Maybe the numbers aren't as high as we think. Industry figures suggest around 546 per year - plus catastrophic events - which can skew the numbers up to 5,578 in one year when a complete ship was lost. (Broke in half and sank) http://www.worldshipping.org/industry-issues/safety/Containers_Lost_at_Sea_-_2014_Update_Final_for_Dist.pdf The broken ship and pics of the containers floating after they came off the ship can be found here. http://gcaptain.com/mol-comfort-incident-photos/ Reports by the indian coast guard mentions "There is no fear that they might reach the coast, they will sink midway. ICG is keeping a close watch," he said. - We have asked the fishermen and people living in the coastal belt not to touch any container, if it floats onto shore," Captain VH Ingle, a port official of Maharashtra government, told PTI. . Obviously they were confident they will sink ....... or were they... http://www.mangaloretoday.com/headlines/Coast-Guard-on-alert-for-floating-containers-off-Goa-coast.html How many yachts hit floating containers - hard to tell but some indications can be found here - but who knows if it was always a container they hit ...... http://www.yachtingmonthly.com/sailing-skills/how-big-a-risk-are-shipping-containers-32722 But - if you're in mid pacific and you hit something in the night and you sank - who'd ever know what you actually hit ..... I've almost hit sunfish once - and I've never seen a container - So maybe it's not worth worrying about.
  9. Ocean View

    Containers at sea

    I get your point duster but I also think that studies like this suggest that many of them they do actually sink - eventually So the sooner we can make that happen - then all the better. - ie waterlogging the cargo is going to reduce it's buoyancy sooner Along with tying them on better / newer methods Article link leblow - 2014 - by a US govt - Office of Marine Sanctuaries "The physics of taller stacks require new innovations to adequately secure them. While transport capacity per ship grew from 4,000 to 15,000 TEU over a period of only 15 years, design principles and securing methods remained largely unchanged (MARIN 2009)." The Containerized Shipping Industry and the Phenomenon of Containers Lost at Sea http://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/science/conservation/pdfs/lostcontainers.pdf
  10. Ocean View

    Containers at sea

    Better version of a sinking capability. it's obviously an issue that would be nice it it was properly addressed by the industry. where does the snake oil come in ?
  11. Ocean View

    Containers at sea

    http://www.containersinka.com/ Looks like a better version - the one I know about was a couple of decades ago and was salt based and dissolved after xx hours when it was in the water
  12. Ocean View

    Containers at sea

    I know of someone who invented a dissolvable vent that melts in water so when a container goes overboard it sinks (Providing it's not full of a floating material of course) But it's never been taken up by the shipping industry AFIK
  13. Ocean View

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    An article on the Comanche S2H 2015 race can be found on page 28 and Rambler dismantle in Adelaide on page 30 In the RSAYS quarterly magazine via the link below https://issuu.com/rs...sqautumn2016web
  14. Ocean View

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Helsall II - She was pretty tired I did an offshore on her shortly after the 98 Hobart and she was pretty worked out by then - the guys said she was twisting across the waves in 98 with the hatches popping open during the race. She creaked and groaned a lot when I raced her and it wasn't a rough race. She then got sold and did many miles around pacific and up to Asia as a cruiser and wasn't maintained very well (if at all) before I saw her again and she then needed a lot of work by then with lots of problems, leaking fuel tank in the keel etc etc, let alone needing a bit of head room She's a nice boat and I'm sure her mods will put her back into good use.
  15. Ocean View

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Helsal II (Adams Radford) 2nd and 3rd over the line in the early 80's is under the knife being refitted as a comfortable cruiser racer - extended, lifted, a/c, re-powered, electric winches, nip and tuck in a big way.