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  1. rent v buy Really depends on how often you think you need to have it on-board. Renting is not cheap - but it also means you get a fully certified liferaft ready to use every time you need one. versus buy Where you will need to service it and maintain it (and upgrade it to the current standards) if you plan to race in Cat 1 races with it.
  2. Shitty place to put them Best spot is build an instrument pod and put it above the companionway. They can be read from any position aft of the hatch - peoples heads and bodies don't get in the way, you can keep your eyes up and forward, and the risk of an accidental button press is much lower Like below. ps. Don't put them where the compass's are on the boat below - someone is always in the way a lot of the time. There are lots of blogs on how to build one
  3. Almost as good a the horse racing systems that call me telling me for less than $500 a month I could be making $50,000 a month tax free on their betting system I always ask them - If it's so good - why are you calling me ? or are you earning more than $50,000 per month by calling people Smells like a rat, it is a rat, and is nothing but a rat. and unfortunately it's going to get worse as people start to get desperate.
  4. Send GME an email and ask them USA disties are listed here - but I often find emailing the vendor (GME) directly is often the best option. https://www.gme.net.au/contact-us.aspx
  5. Interesting documentary about his on TV last night - Lots of of it sinks, lots of it break down into very small particles and the floating islands are a minute percentage of total plastic content that enters the sea each year. quotes from the show: "We quantified and estimated that 8 million metric tonnes of plastic entered the ocean (in one year)." Environmental Engineer Scientists say vast amounts of our discarded plastic is ending up in the ocean. "There's so much plastic going in and we have no idea where it is." Oceanographer Lots of it sinks. It's worth the time to watch it. http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/2017/02/27/4624878.htm
  6. Maybe the numbers aren't as high as we think. Industry figures suggest around 546 per year - plus catastrophic events - which can skew the numbers up to 5,578 in one year when a complete ship was lost. (Broke in half and sank) http://www.worldshipping.org/industry-issues/safety/Containers_Lost_at_Sea_-_2014_Update_Final_for_Dist.pdf The broken ship and pics of the containers floating after they came off the ship can be found here. http://gcaptain.com/mol-comfort-incident-photos/ Reports by the indian coast guard mentions "There is no fear that they might reach the coast, they will sink midway. ICG is keeping a close watch," he said. - We have asked the fishermen and people living in the coastal belt not to touch any container, if it floats onto shore," Captain VH Ingle, a port official of Maharashtra government, told PTI. . Obviously they were confident they will sink ....... or were they... http://www.mangaloretoday.com/headlines/Coast-Guard-on-alert-for-floating-containers-off-Goa-coast.html How many yachts hit floating containers - hard to tell but some indications can be found here - but who knows if it was always a container they hit ...... http://www.yachtingmonthly.com/sailing-skills/how-big-a-risk-are-shipping-containers-32722 But - if you're in mid pacific and you hit something in the night and you sank - who'd ever know what you actually hit ..... I've almost hit sunfish once - and I've never seen a container - So maybe it's not worth worrying about.
  7. I get your point duster but I also think that studies like this suggest that many of them they do actually sink - eventually So the sooner we can make that happen - then all the better. - ie waterlogging the cargo is going to reduce it's buoyancy sooner Along with tying them on better / newer methods Article link leblow - 2014 - by a US govt - Office of Marine Sanctuaries "The physics of taller stacks require new innovations to adequately secure them. While transport capacity per ship grew from 4,000 to 15,000 TEU over a period of only 15 years, design principles and securing methods remained largely unchanged (MARIN 2009)." The Containerized Shipping Industry and the Phenomenon of Containers Lost at Sea http://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/science/conservation/pdfs/lostcontainers.pdf
  8. Better version of a sinking capability. it's obviously an issue that would be nice it it was properly addressed by the industry. where does the snake oil come in ?
  9. http://www.containersinka.com/ Looks like a better version - the one I know about was a couple of decades ago and was salt based and dissolved after xx hours when it was in the water
  10. I know of someone who invented a dissolvable vent that melts in water so when a container goes overboard it sinks (Providing it's not full of a floating material of course) But it's never been taken up by the shipping industry AFIK
  11. I'd be looking at a GME https://www.gme.net.au/catalogue/navigation-and-sonar/aist120.aspx They are a well respected brand in Au Doesn't have the splitter - but it supports does 0183 and 2000 - and has an internal GPS antenna - with the option to connect an external GPS antenna. They also do an active zero loss splitter if you want one https://www.gme.net.au/catalogue/navigation-and-sonar/aiss120.aspx
  12. There is a thread from last year re compass oil. http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=175620&hl=%2Bcompass+%2Boil#entry5404401
  13. Hi All, I'm also looking for a sail chart for a J122e Does anyone have anything to share to help? I've created the sail chart below based a brief test day plus some guessing on "what some of our sails could potentially do" But it's not validated sail data by any means
  14. Yep I did. I thought he was from Channel 7
  15. Everyone has their race Back marker doesn't always mean low on the scoreboard - We're happy with being in the top 20 on Overall IRC and either just below or on our Divisional podium most years.