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  1. Chicago Area III

    who else saw the northern lights during fake Michigan City race?
  2. Chicago Area III

    that guy doesn't know shit. +1 oh wait
  3. Chicago Area III

    Can't wait to race skidmarks and the other mongo down the hillz tomorrow! Maybe I'll bring the video camera...
  4. Chicago Area III

    Harbors are giving away 5 free parking cards this month on facebook. Tell yer crew! https://www.facebook.com/chicagoharbors/app_154581087931912
  5. Chicago Area III

    Yeah and that crazy ass dive bar we found w/ the kareoke hookers was a nice b-day gift...didn't even have a name just a flashing sign that said "BAR"
  6. Chicago Area III

    1:24 scale MacGregor 26 (bonus points if in a bottle) Kidnap Polka the Shark from the Hobie exhibit and hold for ransom. bonus point if you ride him in the RC pond.
  7. Chicago Area III

    New vid for the Chicago based US One sailing team: They just arrived in Malaysia and are competing in the WMRT finale starting December 3rd. They're #1 ranked match race team in U.S. You guys gots to come check out some of the stuff going on up at CMRC this summer...how comes I only see blubbs and 12345 when I'm there? They're not so great to look at after awhile and could use some fresh faces.
  8. Chicago Area III

    The one place you're guaranteed to not find salsa dancing...an Irish pub. Done.
  9. Chicago Area III

    Sorry SOS , brendan is the moderator & he won't let me become one. You are on the list, should he ever decide to approve you as a Circus member. I hear getting accepted into the Circus Facebook group is harder than entering a J/30 in the Mac this year...
  10. Chicago Area III

    Chicago locks will now be closed the entire month of April thru the 30th. Working on the bearings or something. The only time they'll be open is April 7th from noon-4. http://chicagoharbors.info/notices.php Who want's to sit along the locks on the 7th and watch the traffic jam?
  11. Chicago Area III

    Great production/direction thanks for the props fellas. the engineering going into that breakwater is crazy...as crazy as the neon vests we had to wear.
  12. Chicago Area III

    Still no Burnham changes even though G8 is no go. Probably has to do with NATO happening right after. Wow, Harbors have a specific email dedicated to the harbor closure now! "As has been reported in the news, the G8 Summit has been moved to Camp David in Maryland. However, the NATO Summit is still scheduled to be held in Chicago. As of now we have not been notified of any change in the security restrictions for the NATO summit meeting and the order from the United States Coast Guard for Burnham Harbor is still in effect. As soon as we receive any information regarding any potential changes, we will post it on this site. In the meantime, you may still address any questions to the existing email address, G8Summit@westrecchicago.com, or call the Chicago Harbors office at (312) 742-8520."
  13. Chicago Area III

    I think the plan is to provide the available slips in 31st Street to the Burnham boaters for that weekend. Harbor depth is 17-18 feet.
  14. Chicago Area III

    frakulator=frakulator I'll be heading out to Diego to shoot 11/15-18 for the AC. I'll post some reports/photos for all you kooks back home...
  15. Chicago Area III

    We could do some really awesome shadow puppet porn with that sail area...