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  1. bgytr

    Obtaining paper charts

    Has anyone here been able to print charts with a user defined area or is it still the standard NOAA defined chart boundaries? Seems like with digital data users should be able to define their own chart boundaries. I checked with some months back and it was still the predefined boundaries. I suppose you can print your own custom region on your home computer, or order it up from kinkos or some such, but that's not a great solution
  2. bgytr

    SeaTalk-1 with i70s display

    thanks for the info, much appreciate.
  3. bgytr

    SeaTalk-1 with i70s display

    so I pretty much need to build a SeaTalkNG backbone it sounds like.
  4. bgytr

    SeaTalk-1 with i70s display

    That looks likes commentary assuming there is an existing SeaTalkNG backbone, which I do not have.
  5. Thinking about replacing a couple old Raymarine displays with the i70s display. There is a converter cable for SeaTalk-1 to SeaTalkNG, but I heard that the i70s display will not show any derived values from the old SeaTalk-1 network this way, will only display root data. So stuff like true wind and such would not work. Is this true? Do I need to re-do the backbone to make it ST-NG?
  6. phrf-ne has the 35-2 at 150. probably about right?
  7. Aha.. i mistook the 35-2 for the 35-1. That's why I thought 195 seemed like a gift for the 35-2
  8. Ericson 35-1 is 195 in phrf new england. Which is a pretty good rating for that boat I'd think. Every phrf rating group seems to have their heads up their asses- it's systemic rate-ism.
  9. bgytr

    Jumpers/Diamond Struts Designer

    Man this is scary. I'm a structural nav arch. There's not enough info posted here. And don't ask me to do the engineering.
  10. bgytr

    New Speed Sensor Options

    Centering the sensor is best, but not always necessary depending on the hull form. If the sensor is near the surface, when it is on the windward side and you are heeled, the sensor can come out of the water. If your sensor is well below the waterline, it may not matter that much. My boat has a very deep v shaped bow, and it is impossible to mount a sensor on centerline. The sensor is offset to stbd 2 plus feet below the waterline, but speed readings tack to tack are virtually the same, at least it's +- under a tenth of a knot. What type of boat? What is the hull shape like?
  11. bgytr

    Annapolis YC DH distance race results

    What I don't get about the course is if you're gonna sail 95-100 miles, why set a course so you sail past the same venue 4 times? Start and finish off Annapolis, fine. But go 50 miles out then 50 miles back so you get some change of scenery fer crissakes.
  12. bgytr

    Settle this for me : PHRF TOD

    Ya he's FOS, probably has a slower boat and wants more time owed to him on the course.
  13. bgytr

    Dolphins in Long Island Sound

    Gotta watch out for those half dolphins, never seen those before!
  14. bgytr

    Where to move?

    Somewhere on the east coast is good because there are multiple coastal voyages you can do to get experience in a wide array of conditions and circumstances. There's harbors of a wide array of types pretty much from Canada to the Caribbean. The west coast is pretty bare for harbors. Puget sound and the Pacific NW looks awesome, but from there southward.. next stop SF, is a long ass way. Tons of places to get learning experience on the Chesapeake, in relatively sheltered environs, then branch out north and south to a good spread of interesting spots.