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  1. Norway navy has how many ships now?
  2. bgytr

    North 3Di vs Quantum Fusion M 9000

    I like the 3di, except in light stuff, especially in sloppy water. The 3di seems so stiff in those conditions, that it doesn't work so hot. But 3di is awesome when fully pressurized to hold the shape. If I had lots of expendable cash I'd have all 3di except for the lightest genoa.
  3. geez I cant imagine why Aussies would not just let anyone in and let em stay and use their services, go to school on citizen taxpayer dollars, etc.. without registering in any way whatsoever. How cruel.
  4. bgytr

    VPP calculator online

    does not seem to have appropriate input for centerboarder?
  5. I'll echo the Asym v the zero on that boat, if it's either/or. zeros suck to handle and bag, and for that boat will have a very narrow range. assuming you have an overlapping genoa, the window for correct use of the zero will be very small, like 50 to 65 apparent angle, up to about 10 true. Plus you gotta make sure your add-on sprit can take the higher loads. The local structure may not be able to handle that, you'd probably want to check the engineering very carefully of the sprit to handle a zero. The sailmaker will definitely tell you that you must have both!
  6. bgytr

    dorking out super hard

    ya i agree there might be quite a bit of turbulent flow going on as the current gets really fast. Pulled up navionics chart there, and the bottom contours are pretty rugged. Could be a lot of swirling when the current is moving fast, essentially destroying the surface wind waves. the current rips there, posted as pushing 14 knots on the chart, likely a lot of turbulent flow.
  7. bgytr

    Need help figuring out target speeds

    Ahh ok.. sorry didn't see that. Ya I know the typo, just yanking your chain. The flatness in VMG is prob because your wind angle range is not very wide, only 8ish degrees as others have mentioned. So you have a fairly forgiving grove to sail in.
  8. bgytr

    Need help figuring out target speeds

    Your 2nd table is the same as the first. And wind speed 14, angle 60 = 35.5? Nope. Provided your 1st posted table is the actual polar, then the VMG of the 1st table is: (assuming 14 kts at 60 deg = 3.5)
  9. bgytr

    New Annapolis/Baltimore Fort 2 Fort Races

    Looks like nobody has done this yet?
  10. bgytr

    Front Page: "Ban Them!"

    fracking is just a reflection of the real problem... being too damn many people, all wanting energy for modern conveniences. keep growing the population at an exponential rate and we're pretty much doomed. It's laughable when rabid environmentalists have 3, 4, or 5 kids and have the gall to whine about stuff like fracking while they're sailing around in oil-based boat and eating steak. What a joke. Fracking is a symptom of the real disease, over-population.
  11. bgytr

    Keel WTF...

    NZL didn't tank, it was very fast and almost made it to the finals. NZL got protested for the bowsprit which rattled their sail handling at the end of the Loius Vitton, and they lost. The tandem keel in theory gave a bit more foil area for the restricted draft and may have reduced the tip vortex. But it was probably a minor effect compared to the other major parameters, ie length, beam, weight, sail area.
  12. bgytr

    Clutches and Cam cleats - What SWL's

    wo.. I think those equations are for typical monohulls. A large cat will have much higher righting moment and much higher loads. Use the mainsheet strength and back calculate like Alex w suggested, ie if the the breaking strength of the mainsheet is x, and its a 4 to 1, then the strength/load of the reef line needs to be 4x รท whatever the reef line purchase on the end of the boom is (usually 2 for a typical slab reef, passing the reef line through the mainsail leech and dead end on the boom).
  13. bgytr

    west coast cruising

    what about the catalina frickin wine mixer? the biggest helicopter leasing event in the western hemisphere since 1997?
  14. bgytr

    Is tempesta cooll?

    yup. like all of us, it's degrees. Very cool to have hit a sweet spot in the sailing community with this website. Like all of us, sometimes cool, sometimes not. And lots of in betweens.
  15. bgytr

    west coast cruising

    i appreciate the input. so now im thinking my 10 yr plan is to have a boat on the east coast, cruise for 3 to 4 years, or until I'm satisfied I've seen what I want, then sell it. Get a boat in the Pac NW and gunkhole along the NW between Puget and Alaska (taking breaks in the winter of course). Then think about Mexico and the best way to explore after those 1st 2 trips.