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  1. The fact that you don't see the similarity in mindset means I will end my time here. Cheers fellas.
  2. Kinda like posting political stuff on a sailing website.
  3. Bout the same pctage as repubs most likely.
  4. Your generalizations make you a bigot.
  5. You guys are too much. You think hypocrisy is specific to repubs and wanna spin definition semantics? Really? You are total fools.
  6. Spin terms however you like. The acts of the op and results seem pretty similar to me.
  7. Hypocrisy? chappaquiddick. dems and repubs are the same cut of cloth.
  8. Will we as a country ever own up to what we want v. what we can afford, and having personal responsibility for able bodied people to provide for themselves?
  9. There you go making assumptions about gender based on appearance. Bigot.
  10. I wonder how many climate alarmists are really just pumping up the rhetoric as much as possible to secure their next block of grants and fuel the political divisions.
  11. Ha! I saw a stat that all dems with dicks have them bent to the left, and all dems with breasts have a larger left one. Can't designate a gender to them though because it's up to them to decide. Also all repubs right nut is larger than the left and right areola is larger. Still can't designate a gender because Caitlyn Jenner is a repub.
  12. Go get over there and help em out meli. You're a lot closer than we are.
  13. “As Microsoft’s layoffs show, there is a surplus—not a shortage—of skilled, talented, and qualified Americans seeking [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] STEM employment,” he said. “Each year, universities graduate twice as many students with STEM degrees as find STEM jobs. According to the Census Bureau, more than 11 million Americans with STEM degrees are not employed in STEM jobs—or three in four STEM degree holders. Among recent graduates, about 35 percent of science students, 55 percent of technology students, 20 percent of engineering students, and 30 percent of math students are now working in jobs that don’t require any four-year college degree—let alone their area of specialty.” Microsoft, on the other hand, has lobbied intensely for more immigration. The company has endorsed the I-Squared Act of 2015, which would triple the number of H-1B temporary work visas from 65,000 to over 195,000. Microsoft claims it’s unable to fill all its job openings unless the H-1B visa program is expanded to let more skilled workers into the United States. The company is one of the three biggest H-1B employers in the country, and back in 2007 company founder Bill Gates suggested the U.S. should allow an “infinite” number of H-1Bs. Screw mericin citizens, right? Whatever helps the bottom line for the top couple of stockholders.
  14. There is a process for legal immigration, no? Don't like the law, just ignore it, complain loud enough, create a voting block by allowing and even encouraging more illegality to make the voting block bigger to oust your political enemies. Sounds like a plan.