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  1. bgytr

    Physics of sail power.

    I did a Transatlantic race with a retired Boeing engineer. He does not fly in airplanes.
  2. bgytr

    Physics of sail power.

    No. The sail feels apparent wind, not true wind. Period. How do you think AC foilers go 40 kts in 12 kts of true wind? It ain't by calculating forces using 12 kts!
  3. bgytr

    Physics of sail power.

    One half rho v squared A Cl. A is the total area of the sail. Produces lift roughly perpendicular to the ambient flow. If you are in steady state going speed v, the flow the sails see is not the true wind speed, it's apparent speed. In 12 true, the apparent wind is gonna be about 17 or 18 kts, not 12. If steady state, the driving force = drag. End of story. Unless you think Newton was wrong.
  4. bgytr

    Prada Cup

    Maybe time to change a few things around the organization?
  5. bgytr

    Prada Cup

    Carnage for how many millions?
  6. bgytr

    Prada Cup

    Leeward runner.. oops
  7. bgytr

    Prada Cup

    Looks like the version without the torpedoes may be a bit faster, no?
  8. bgytr

    Prada Cup

    Why does US have those torpedoes at the foil junctions? Seems like they're nothing but drag.
  9. bgytr

    Brightwork Anarchy

    Is the awlwood satin decent over time? The awlwood description.. "Awlwood MA‚ÄąGloss Finish has an elastomeric nature of the cured film results in excellent toughness and abrasion resistance giving amazing in-service performance. " The elastomeric nature gives me pause. Anyone have experience with it?
  10. Yes. I did a Bermuda race on that boat, and the girl was the sister of a guy I've known and sailed with off and on for 50 yrs since we were kids- my brother's college roommate. The Concordia 46, other than the unfortunate CO accident was a great boat.
  11. Wrong boat i think. That was Concordia 46.
  12. bgytr

    Best way to Measure keel foil section?

    Interesting.. i wonder how the Reynolds numbers compared with the heli blade spinning in air vs the keel in water.
  13. bgytr

    AC TV Coverage

    ya I got the work-around using expressvpn. But why is it that the US is fucked with, trying to jack viewers for $175, while I can watch it just fine if I vpn out of France? Corporate slime.
  14. Love the bitchin about petroleum companies by folks who sail on boats that are mostly made of petroleum products. Pretty funny.
  15. bgytr

    Best ORCi Class B racer/cruiser

    Is it day racing or short distance? If so, J111 or J122 are good ORC for that. J111 will be the easiest and cheaper to sail compared to a J122 or Swan 42, and be pretty much as fast.