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  1. bgytr

    Retirement Planning

    ya that's my plan. Got my boat last year, fixing her up and will retire in 3 to 4 years, then plan on doing all those loops on the east coast, great lakes, etc. With a sailboat at a gallon an hour, what's the rush?
  2. bgytr

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    Ya gotta be a real lowlife to lie on your cert. What is the point of that? For club racing? Fer crissakes. A simple way to check sail dimensions is with a camera. Main is easy, take a pic at hoisting and scale it using known boat dimensions, if things are significantly out of whack, it will be readily apparent. Jib almost as easy, scale the clew position when trimmed upwind. Spin is tough. The way to stop that kind of cheating is stiff penalties. Back in the 70s on the Chesapeake, there was a sailmaker, head of a local loft, who had a mid 30s ft boat. Lied on his cert, saying he had a fixed prop. His boat was hauled mid season, and one of the raters saw it out of the water with a folding prop. Guy got banned for life as an example, and was socially ostracized. His sailmaker franchise got taken away and he eventually moved out of town. That's how you deal with that. Don't protest someone's rating half cocked. If you question dimensions get data. Data is really hard to argue, and you can check it with nobody being the wiser.
  3. Lordy.. get some basics on meteorology and forecasting under your belt. Helps to have some understanding.
  4. Sounds like time to drop that club and join a new one. Or form your own with the keelboat folks.
  5. Yep Md is a piece of work. Remember the guy who built his house on an island on the Magothy? Without any permits at all? The little island next to Dobbins. The county was gonna make him tear it all down, then somehow magically it was ok. Gee I wonder how that happened. Yet a buddy of mine tried for over 2 years to get a permit to build a pool, and wanted to go through the legal process. The owners of Dobbins Island tried for many years to go through permitting to build a house legally. And then we get the rain tax to "protect" the Bay... while farmers runoff and chicken shit on the eastern shore is killing damn near everything. Chesapeake Water studies show that the single biggest contributor to the Bay being unhealthy is runoff from farms and fertilizers, yet they get a pass, and joe citizen gets the rain tax. wtf.
  6. I wholeheartedly agree, but others seemed to devolve into political barbs which has a predictable course into the Ds vs the Rs.
  7. Read the original post.
  8. I did. Ok if a club wants a crew membership with limited club access, but not allowing folks to crew in a race if they don't have a club membership is idiotic.
  9. we gonna send this to political anarchy? just contact boatUS and sign the form (I did). If you live in GA and want to stop the legislation, contact your state rep.
  10. point out what problem? This sounds like a solution without a problem... well maybe the problem that the club wants more funds. But this is an effed up way to get revenue for the club. Maybe the coast guard should wait at the pier and bill us every time we leave the slip so we can use their sea lanes.
  11. bgytr

    HDPE (RudderCraft) rudder without bottom paint

    mainly stiffness/strength as others have mentioned
  12. Expedition logs this stuff and can be exported if I remember right.
  13. bgytr

    start line questions.

    True, if the wind stays exactly perpendicular to the start line for the entire windward leg, probability = 0.
  14. bgytr

    Light Air Polars: How low do you go?

    A mai tai sounds pretty damn good at the moment...
  15. bgytr

    Light Air Polars: How low do you go?

    I hear ya... One Bermuda race years ago at about 2am the owner was driving. Light air, exiting the stream, left over slop... The owner steered a complete circle, everyone on deck was like wtf! But didn't want to yell at the boss. We bout peed our pants laughing about that after a few dark and stormies at the finish line.