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  1. bgytr

    the greatest

    Here's my list of game changers. Cal 40. Finally nixed the full keel with attached rudder idiocy. Santa cruz 27. Just a big wow for the day. J24. One design keelboat can be good for the masses. J35. Said a big fuck off to shitty ior rule. Beat much bigger ior pos boat for boat and ushered in clean lines and light disp trend for bigger keelboats. Whitbread 60s. The 1st of new generation big boat with out of the box thinking. TP52. Nuff said.
  2. bgytr

    BYC-Mac Weather
  3. bgytr

    Protesting other fleets

    You can protest assuming they are in the same regatta. If it's different clubs out there running 2 different races that happen to be rounding the same mark then I think it's a rules of the road issue, not a racing rules issue. If case 1, the reason to protest is to discourage them from doing the same again to you or another competitor in the future.
  4. Rolling on most recent sailboats is generally not much of an issue. Fin keels and deeper rudders dampen roll motion usually in 2 cycles or less. It is more of a problem in old designs with round hull sections and not much keel. I did an ocean passage on an 85 footer with a rounded hull and a stub keel. Rolled like crazy. The roll period gets smaller with lower VCG, and snappy roll periods are more unsettling than longer roll periods. But higher VCG means a less stable boat. Everything on a boat is compromise... On modern sailboats with deep bulb keels and very low center of gravity, pitch motion tends to be more of an issue as the hull goes through waves. The low VCG gives a very violent jerky motion in a seaway. Usually it dampens out in one cycle, but the initial jerk at wave impacts is very jarring and uncomfortable.
  5. bgytr

    Annapolis WNR

    Last night was a dumb call. Woulda been a great sail. As far as the skew of the line.. an attempt to keep a pile from developing and colliding at the rc boat. Also, a compromise, usually, between the wind angle and keeping the 2 ends of the line somewhat equidistant from the 1st mark which is close to the start. Overall the RC for WNR is pretty good, they aren't perfect. Gotta expect one or two bum decisions in a season. But having sailed WNR for the last 50 odd years there, when we didn't have all the newfangled weather stuff, I've gotten stuck out there in some serious storms. Like 50+ kts and with the new pussyfoot boats it would be a bit dangerous. Guessing liability might be a concern.
  6. bgytr

    Why and how does LWL matter anymore?

    Foinling... that sounds like something Harvey Weinstein mighta done..
  7. Hopefully they don't ride up north far enough to be in way of the Bermuda race next weekend. That would suck.
  8. bgytr

    PredictWind vs Sail Flow vs Whoever - The sequel

    I use SailFlow largely, but tempered with the larger picture. There is too much chaos at the local level near shore to take any of the forecasts as gospel. Learn the geography. Watch the clouds and understand what they tell you. Get the surface analysis and surface forcasts from a much larger view than the local venue to get an idea of the most probable trend that will be coming. And anticipate if those trends are happening sooner or later than the initial forecast. They almost never happen on time, but if you watch the environment you will get an idea of when the general trends are happening relative to the forecast.
  9. Small very local group of folks? I see 2 possible paths ahead. Come up with your own light, med, heavy wind ratings. Or coalesce all your folks into getting a one design. If you biught as a group you could likely get a great deal. Lotsa politicking with both options.
  10. bgytr

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    Expedition is the gold standard, but can be overwhelming. Sailgrib on an android tablet. Cost for tablet and software is a way less, like a decimal place over or so. Samsung galaxy tab active(2), waterproof shockproof is what I carry with me. If you have a boat pc, you can compare routing solutions. Includes gulf stream grib download as well if you get the pro version. Well worth it.
  11. bgytr

    New Annapolis to Oxford Race 5.12.18

    Hell the Oxford race used to have no time limit. I remember finishing close to midnight when I was a kid. Another example of general pussification. 15 second attention spans. Quitting an Oxford race at 3pm. What the fuck. If you can't guess, we were about 10 mins or less from finishing in 1st or 2nd, so I'm a grumpy fkr.
  12. bgytr

    Perdock for Police Chief?

    I think that might send him over the edge.. suicide, or head exploding? make your bets...
  13. bgytr

    E-nav on the cheap

    Ya I did have a hard time finding spare batteries. I ended up calling Samsung customer support and they pointed me to a website that sold a 3 pack of batteries which I bought. Fortunately the tab active and active2 use the same batteries so I have 5 batteries which should get me through a Bermuda race with no trouble.
  14. bgytr

    E-nav on the cheap

    Here's my 2 drachmas.. 2 years ago I got a used Samsung galaxy tab active, waterproof and shockproof. Wifi only version, used on ebay for 125 bux. I got navionics for basic navigation, and sailgrib for routing. Got an $8 go pro chest harness and adapted it with the industrial velcro, put the same velcro on the back of the tablet and have the tablet basically strapped on my chest. I adapted the harness so I can flip it open when I need to look at it and secure it to my chest when I'm doing other stuff. Screen is the best I've used so far in the daylight, of any tablet, phone or computer. Total cost is less than $200. If you want to connect to the boat instruments, you can do that with various wifi and bluetooth connections depending on your instruments. I'm a racing offshore navigator and have used Expedition and other software on big ticket racing programs. Expedition is great if you have the time and money to devote to it and stay fluent, but it is a beast to stay up on as far as keeping fluent with it's features. Most of the time, except for very competitive offshore racing, I use the tablet on my chest because I can do almost everything I can do for basic navigation and routing as with Expedition, but I can be topside and more mobile with the little rugged android tablet for a lot less $. I recently purchased the updated samsung galaxy tab active 2 with a bit more horsepower, because I'm doing a lot of racing offshore this coming summer and want somthing a bit more powerful plus have my old tab active as a backup. The nice thing about the tab active is the batteries swap out. Granted you need to get below and be careful when you swap out the battery, but it isn't too big a deal. Generally I can get a good 20 hours or so per battery. I did Ft Lauderdale to Key West with it and still had over 30% battery at the finish. It's cool to actually be more of the on deck crew instead of being a potato in the nav station. I like to sail, not just look at a screen. Plus as nav/tactician, it's great to keep eyes out of the boat and have the screen as reference, right there on deck. You can do that as well with Expedition and a rugged Windows tablet, but it costs a lot more. This little low cost setup has totally changed the way I sail, for the better. WAY better.
  15. bgytr

    Relative Sailboat Builders Quality

    now that is one of the best boats ever made. always liked that SW 42.