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  1. bgytr

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    love those S2 9s and 11s. lotta good performing all round boat for the money.
  2. bgytr

    Show your boat not sailing

    very nice. my family had one for a couple years when i was a teenager. one of my favorite reminiscent sailing experiences was all 5 sails up (spin, spin staysail, main, mizzen, and mizzen staysail) with my dad, bro, and myself whooping it up on deck. only had a crude speed log that went to 10 kts which we pegged many times that day, broad reaching in 18 to 25. what a blast that was. my mom was white knuckled hanging on below decks... As we approached Annapolis at the end of the day on a busy weekend, boats were circling around us snapping pictures. what a great classic boat. didn't go upwind real well, but broad reach in the right stuff was awesome. tracked like on rails.
  3. bgytr

    Show your boat not sailing

    is that an Alden Challenger?
  4. bgytr

    Beaufort NC to Key West in November

    you can get great views of the stream online, but in general along FL you wanna stay in towards shore as close as possible while heading south. but dont poke the keel in the hull obviously. ya if you can get a NW or WNW breeze that is good, which is possible that time of year. Temps can be all over the place that time of year. best to just watch the systems and anticipate for the days of your transit.
  5. bgytr

    Beaufort NC to Key West in November

    well you got the experience, you'll be fine. it can get mighty lumpy especially if you get a strong northerly fighting the stream. But if you stay in along the shore you'll be alright. Don't hesitate to duck in when necessary if the weather looks grumpy. it can turn into a shit show very fast along FL where the stream compresses along the shore. watch out for tropical lows that time of year and plan well ahead if any are in the works. Hurricane season goes to end of November. where in Hawaii? Lordy I miss that place, was out there for a summer windsurfing before I had to get a job for lack of food... good luck, have fun!
  6. bgytr

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    Ya fake rules is really shitty. Bad skipper. Especially on a Lindenberg. Like really.. Why? You guys sailing in the Lindenberg Olympics? Fer crissakes.
  7. bgytr

    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

    get more boats doing ORC. I for one of many am sick to death of the politicking phrf bullshit to the point of not wanting to race in it anymore after racing my whole life since the 60s.
  8. bgytr

    Cruising the Great Loop?

    i may do the loop in a year or 2. seems to be good info on among others...
  9. bgytr

    J/27 vs. Tartan Pride 270 vs. Impulse 26

    The tartan 270 seems to be somewhat high wetted surface but not enough righting moment to power up when the breeze is on. Bad combination. The J27 v J29... the J29 is just a sweet all round boat. Forgiving, easy wide groove. The J27 is tougher to keep in the sweet spot upwind, but if you do it is very fast, you gotta be on the ball all the time though. Harder to get back in the groove.
  10. bgytr

    J/27 vs. Tartan Pride 270 vs. Impulse 26

    P270 was American Pride. I sailed one long time ago. Way tender, couldn't keep on its feet in a breeze. Looks like a good boat but never felt right, couldn't ever sort it and get it to go. The driver was one of the best guys I've ever sailed with, sailed with him on many boats since we were little kids and if he couldn't make it go then something about it just ain't right.
  11. bgytr

    the greatest

    Here's my list of game changers. Cal 40. Finally nixed the full keel with attached rudder idiocy. Santa cruz 27. Just a big wow for the day. J24. One design keelboat can be good for the masses. J35. Said a big fuck off to shitty ior rule. Beat much bigger ior pos boat for boat and ushered in clean lines and light disp trend for bigger keelboats. Whitbread 60s. The 1st of new generation big boat with out of the box thinking. TP52. Nuff said.
  12. bgytr

    BYC-Mac Weather
  13. bgytr

    Protesting other fleets

    You can protest assuming they are in the same regatta. If it's different clubs out there running 2 different races that happen to be rounding the same mark then I think it's a rules of the road issue, not a racing rules issue. If case 1, the reason to protest is to discourage them from doing the same again to you or another competitor in the future.
  14. Rolling on most recent sailboats is generally not much of an issue. Fin keels and deeper rudders dampen roll motion usually in 2 cycles or less. It is more of a problem in old designs with round hull sections and not much keel. I did an ocean passage on an 85 footer with a rounded hull and a stub keel. Rolled like crazy. The roll period gets smaller with lower VCG, and snappy roll periods are more unsettling than longer roll periods. But higher VCG means a less stable boat. Everything on a boat is compromise... On modern sailboats with deep bulb keels and very low center of gravity, pitch motion tends to be more of an issue as the hull goes through waves. The low VCG gives a very violent jerky motion in a seaway. Usually it dampens out in one cycle, but the initial jerk at wave impacts is very jarring and uncomfortable.
  15. bgytr

    Annapolis WNR

    Last night was a dumb call. Woulda been a great sail. As far as the skew of the line.. an attempt to keep a pile from developing and colliding at the rc boat. Also, a compromise, usually, between the wind angle and keeping the 2 ends of the line somewhat equidistant from the 1st mark which is close to the start. Overall the RC for WNR is pretty good, they aren't perfect. Gotta expect one or two bum decisions in a season. But having sailed WNR for the last 50 odd years there, when we didn't have all the newfangled weather stuff, I've gotten stuck out there in some serious storms. Like 50+ kts and with the new pussyfoot boats it would be a bit dangerous. Guessing liability might be a concern.