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  1. Relative Sailboat Builders Quality

    now that is one of the best boats ever made. always liked that SW 42.
  2. Relative Sailboat Builders Quality

    not sure about "rock solid".. the C&C 35 I grew up on- our backstay tension best guage was crank it on in a breeze until the head door wouldn't open, then we were fast! but nothing broke and it felt solid, even with a bit of flex.
  3. NCAA march madness 2018

    a 3.2 d is pretty basic. Like the next zone d you learn after a 2.1.2 or 2.3 when you're 10 yrs old. At least that's when I learned it. UVa lost a big offensive inside threat to broken wrist, D'andre Hunter. That definitely didn't help. they also got virtually no calls in drives to the basket, when there were obvious fouls, thus the foul disparity you pointed out- it was pretty bad.
  4. NCAA march madness 2018

    the pack line defense is predicated on help off the dribble drive. most offenses run with one or 2 guys below the foul line, in the vicintiy of the lane. that causes congestion and a source for the defensive help obstructing the predictable passing lanes. UMBC saw this, their plan flashed their bigs low, then high and out towards the sideline clearing the lane. the coordinated timing of the ball drive into the lane had the defense turned, and a half step behind for help. when UVa started cheating down earlier, then the perimeter pass and 3ptr became open because the passing lane was not in the typical slot that UVa was used to defending. Bennett did not adapt, either out of arrogance or ignorance, I think more the former. He just assumed UMBC would crumble at some point and was too stubborn to vary from his precious defensive scheme.
  5. NCAA march madness 2018

    3.2 zone is a perimeter shot stopping zone, that's the point of it. I played college bball, and Bennett effed up big time.
  6. NCAA march madness 2018

    that was the biggest coaching screw up (Bennett of UVa) ever. UMBC, if they didn't beat UVa down in transition, ran a simple offense. 4 and 5 quick low post, then cut high to the elbow. Opens the entire lane because of UVa overplay man to man. small quick guard drives into the open lane, draws a double team, kicks out for open 3 pointer. if no double team, them shoot the layup or draw the foul. of course it helps to shoot 50% from the 3 point line, and almost 55% from the floor. All Bennett had to do was play an aggressive 3-2 defense. Take away the perimeter and use the size advantage UVa had. UMBC had no chance at a post play because of size. Bennett was arrogant and couldn't bring himself to adapt defense during the game. UMBC coach created the plan that gave them the opportunity to win and Bennett was too stupid or arrogant to adapt. Well done by UMBC coach and good execution by his players (plus once in a lifetime shooting percentages).
  7. Best Race Committee Boats

  8. 3DI (Raw) and roller furler storage longevity

    if you can take it off and store it inside (in your house) when not in use, that would be of most benefit, if you are in a colder climate. If it's warmer where you are and the temperature fluctuations aren't that great then rolling it on the furler and keeping it in the sock with the halyard unloaded should not be any different than taking it down and keeping it below. In fact you probably do more fatigue damage to the structure taking it down repetitively and inducing cyclic stress in the fabric while it folds on the deck. Each fold becomes a location that is slightly weaker, and the next drop on deck it's more likely then to fold in the same place making it weaker still. Also the repeat of folds will cause shrinkage. If your venue is windy, and the sail flogs a lot when you take it down, that's probably the biggest killer on the fabric.
  9. think hard about it. As you've found out on here, going Aussie to Cali is the wrong direction. Which means you have yet to digest some very basic weather and currents concepts, and gain experience putting those concepts into practice. Start by reading Bowditch (American Practical Navigator). Read it and understand it. Then ask yourself again, do I really want to do this. Look up youtube videos of boats and ships in rough weather and ask yourself again. I've got 50 yrs at sea behind me, countless miles of blue water transits, a nav arch degree and a USCG unlimited merchant license. I am very wary still of the power of the sea. It can be a big bad nasty place and if you are not tip top fit, physically and mentally, to handle what the open ocean can dish out, you are fortunate to survive it. Do open ocean boat deliveries if you can as crew. That will give you a starting point to see what you might be getting yourself into.
  10. O 40 is a good boat- when kept empty with 9 or so big bodies on the rail, at least if you wanna go in any winds forward of the beam. loaded with a buncha stuff in the ocean it wouldn't be my choice. Likely very uncorfortable and could be sketchy (ie safety) in rough going. For the list of gear, something like a J44 or similar is probably better.
  11. Origin of VMG as terminology

    I'll nitpick a little on your last sentence. VMC can be tactically used to guide relative to target boat speed as you get away from directly upwind or downwind of the mark, mostly on a downwind leg. The goal being to maximize your vector to the mark. If you're directly upwind from your mark, optimum course to steer for max VMG is the same as downwind target. As you get off to either side of the course, opt VMC and target for best downwind VMG can be quite different. In those situations I usually tell the crew and driver to either stay a little fast or slow of target depending on which is appropriate at the time. But often in short courses, surrounding tactical situations govern and fine-tune like this doesn't really apply. Longer legs with more spread competition though it does.
  12. Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!
  13. Yup. regardless of any breach in governing process, it most definitely is the right decision.
  14. Team NYYC

    NYYC challenge sponsored by shamway. yippee.