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  1. Simon - as an active A Catter myself I completely agree with you. The Q is though is would the legal team of an insurer or NA feel the same? I do not know the answer, but claiming negligence even though it all seemed OK at the time is as old as lawsuits are.
  2. Like NEURONZ I did wonder if insurance lay behind this issue. Consider where the liability insurance for an event comes from? Here in Canada it comes from our national authority Sailing Canada, then from the organizing club. This has lead to a certification program for race officers who if they follow the rules are covered by the NA and Club insurances. Also think of a situation where a foiler, out of control, kills or even seriously disables a fellow competitor. Then his family bring a lawsuit claiming negligence,caused by racing the very different boats in one fleet, against; A the Natioal Authority B the organizing club C named individuals on the RC D the boat skipper that caused it to happen. Just organizing a defence against such a suit can be ruinously costly, you need the deep pockets NA and Club insurers to step up and defend this case. I have personally worried about this type of liability while acting as volunteer race officer at a club level. What if a line squall trashed the fleet and someone drowned? Was I covered?
  3. We use an IPad and an app called Clinometer which very accurately measures angles. Setup the boat level side to side on trestles and measure its transom so as to be vertical, not much else to measure true vertical off. Then insert the foils and measure the angle of the leading edge or trailing edge just below the hull. Boards vary but this gives a good starting measurement. Mark the lead or trailing edge on the slider. Then unless you have a very different hull the slider at deck level moves 7.5mm per degree of angle. I marked these at the back of the slider and drilled holes into which I insert a pin stop. Then haul the slider aft till it hits the pin and you have a repeatable angle of attack on the Centerboards, at my level of foiling (experimental at best) I feel that in flight adjustments are too clever by half. The rudders can be done the same way but better is to make a parallel sided template that fits exactly over the tip foils and use your IPad to measure these.
  4. Rule 8 The IACA rules exist to perform several objectives; 1) protect the existing fleet of boats from instant obsolescence 2) ensure A cats are practical craft to sail single handed 3) make measurement and compliance a simple matter For 1: the fleet basically consists of three groups, the old boats pre the DNA introduction, the boats of the past 3 years with curved boards, fatter sterns etc., and new boats this year (foiling capable). The old boats and the past 3 year boats are fun to sail and fairly practical but most are now obsolete because of age or importantly with the newer boats the beams and trunks are too far aft for effective foiling. This year in N America we have a ton of foiling capable boats delivered and it is worrisome that these are fast being obsoleted by builder developments. But hey, this is a development class after all. For 2: we already have issues, I have joked that the best investment I could make would be a boatman (sorry boat person) to help launch and retrieve. At major events this is less of a problem because people team up and pitch in to help each other, at Islamorada we had a great crew assisting the bolder sailors. Also the J-Z foils are a pain to put in and take out when landing in difficult conditions or locations, so are the deep rudders although with the U.S. style rope pull down system this is much eased. For 3: rule 8 is a pest, just visit the measuring shack at a worlds to see what I mean, then there are the people madly grinding tips off on the lawn because they were 2 mm out. The tone of this thread is that by ditching rule 8 we would make foiling easier - an unproven assertion. Certainly measuring would be easier. Not sure about saving the fleet, apart from keen tinkerers most people buy a new or used boat and get the best out if for a couple of seasons or more, only the pros or very rich can have new works boats at each major event. The biggest roadblock is the IACA/ISAF rule change process which takes longer than he US Congress to get things done. Given we have a worlds in Italy this fall, a probable worlds in USA NC next May and a proposed Poland worlds in 2017 it is very unlikely a rule 8 change can be in place for any of these without a steely eyed dictator in charge. What this means is that serious competitors for these events must train on Rule 8 foils and develop these to the max. Thus I think the USACA trial will not make much difference as people will be training with gear legal under the current rules. Nice if we have some experimenters trying new stuff but who will they actually be? Who will make the tooling and build L boards? How will they fit older boats? What will they cost?
  5. Well the North Carolina folks (Basically Gunboat and Sail NC) have a darn good proposal out there (on the IACA website) for a Mid May 2016 worlds, and I do not see any competing bids, so being in N America I am starting to plan around this event actually happening. If you have alternate info please let me know!
  6. What is the fuss al about? I have an old Flyer with rule 8 foils, flies great, wish I had the skill to max it out, it is hard to control and then some! Now all I have to do is make insert from the bottom L foils to experiment with this setup, hope it's solves some of the control problems, not sure though. When going to a big event I have to present a complete legal A Cat for measurement, no big deal, I leave the L foils in the trailer. Total investment one set of L foils. The real issue is what setup to train on, foiling is not easy as many can attest to, so headed for a USA worlds next year it makes sense to focus on the legal foils and leave the experimentation to more gifted folks. Where this becomes really messy is if there is an attempt to have rule 8 abandoned Globally shortly before the 2016 Worlds, if this is on the cards the decision has to made almost NOW, certainly at the Italy worlds this year.