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  1. napoleon dynamite

    30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    Just purchased a Melges 32 (Old Delta) and I'm sailing it out of Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit (New - Hoodlum: Hull 198). Paid south of 60K and came with 40 sails - more than I will ever need. We got a PHRF rating of 24 in DRYA. Raced it the first time two weeks ago in a 50 boat Long Distance Race (55 Miles) and won overall by 6 minutes. If you found another 32 that would make 12 M32's on the Great Lakes. Might be time to start talking about a One Design Series (i.e.. Mills Race, Cleveland Race Week and maybe an even one event over in Buffalo?). If you want to talk specifics please feel free to call me at any time. I know that DeVos has another two boats for sale in Michigan that have been professionally cared for and may be worth a look. Paul Hulsey (248) 515-2320 The Peerless will easily beat a Melges 32? PLEASE ! I love BT as much as much as anyone but that boat is a POS!!!! ND