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  1. That's not a rudder - that's a dagger board. Looks about the same size as a laser but who knows.
  2. 30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    Just purchased a Melges 32 (Old Delta) and I'm sailing it out of Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit (New - Hoodlum: Hull 198). Paid south of 60K and came with 40 sails - more than I will ever need. We got a PHRF rating of 24 in DRYA. Raced it the first time two weeks ago in a 50 boat Long Distance Race (55 Miles) and won overall by 6 minutes. If you found another 32 that would make 12 M32's on the Great Lakes. Might be time to start talking about a One Design Series (i.e.. Mills Race, Cleveland Race Week and maybe an even one event over in Buffalo?). If you want to talk specifics please feel free to call me at any time. I know that DeVos has another two boats for sale in Michigan that have been professionally cared for and may be worth a look. Paul Hulsey (248) 515-2320 The Peerless will easily beat a Melges 32? PLEASE ! I love BT as much as much as anyone but that boat is a POS!!!! ND
  3. How to watch the Olympics

    + a fuckin million go to collage take up Beer-Pong go live on periscope Geo Block yer friends an relatives Feel the Power I think you have to be able to spell "college" before they let you in. just sayin.
  4. How to watch the Olympics

    Here is a better question.... Now that I am close to 45 years old I've been around for a total of 11 Olympics of which I've actually cared about the last 7 or 8. Can some one tell my why the coverage of our sport SUCKS ASS? It was bad enough as a young teen having to wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning just to catch a 30 minute glimpse. But with todays technology what we have is nothing less than unacceptable. Yesterday was a complete joke with only a few races and no commentary, however, given that Gary was commenting I wonder if anyone actually noticed. Not to blow sunshine up Cleans Ass (Sorry Alan can't show favoritism here on SA) but the M32 series is the closest thing to real sports coverage we have ever seen in the sport of sailing. Maybe a few America's Cups in the past have been done well. For Fuck Sake - on Sunday I was watching Table Tennis and Archery during prime time at 5:00 in the afternoon. How are four Pre-pubescent South Korean Teens shooting arrows at targets more entertaining than sailing? I fuck'in hate sailing - I'm quitting and buying a ping pong table. ND
  5. Sunny Side Up

    Wind conditions are going to be pretty forgiving this weekend. Tomorrow look for winds steady at 12 knots out of the west. My guess is that they will set start up on the opposite side of the lake from the Yacht Club with a weather mark near the YC shoreline. Look for big shifts the closer you get to the shore especially. Saturday and Sunday look really light with winds out of the north west and slowly shifting to North East on Sunday. 5 - 10 knots is the most I'm seeing. More up and down the lake so pick a side and win it. Sorry I was a bag of shit with eyes last night and I'm sure my advice sucked. Good Luck, Cheers - ND
  6. money wins!

    Rich Guy Wins Yacht Race The rich guy who defeated an estimated 75 other rich guys in Monday's regatta. SPORTS NEWSNovember 10, 1999 VOL 35 ISSUE 41 Sports · Money · Competition NEWPORT, RI–Some rich guy came in first Monday in that big, famous yacht race held every year at the Newport Yacht Club, a big, fancy yacht place with "a whole lot of really expensive-looking boats and shit," sources reported. "There were a whole bunch of boats out there on the water, with all these rich guys running around on them, moving ropes from here to there and switching sails around to, you know, try to make the boats go faster, I guess," said 61-year-old Newport-area dockworker Bill Duigan, who witnessed the rich guy's stunning 11th-hour victory from more than three miles away while hosing bird shit off a pier. "I couldn't see what was going on too well, on account of they were way the hell out there on the water, but from where I stood, I guess I'd have to say it looked like that one with the blue sails was movin' at a pretty good clip. I heard he was the one that won." Duigan was then yelled at to quit talking and get back to work. The victory marks the approximately 87,000th consecutive yacht race to be won by a rich guy since competitive yachting began, oh, probably a hell of a long time ago, sources figured. "It is with great [something] that I hereby present this noble [something something] to a great competitor, gentleman and sailor, Mr. [something]," valet-parking attendant Larry Wynorski heard some yacht-club president or someone say during the gala awards dinner that followed the prestigious event, overhearing snatches of the speech from his spot in the parking lot outside the building. "This must be a really big honor for the guy who won, whoever he is," Wynorski said. "They really went all out for him. I got a buddy Pete works in food service says the boss had 'em haulin' load after load of lobster and caviar and champagne in and out of there all night long. Matter of fact, he didn't even get off work until well after midnight, and the kitchen staff is usually on their way home by 10, 10:30 at the latest." "It must've been one hell of a shindig," Wynorski added. The yacht race–which, according to these two guys Stan and John in charge of lugging cables around, is one of the biggest deals of the year for the club–attracts "shitloads" of participants from "hell, all over the world." "There was even this one guy who came all the way from, I don't know, China or Japan or somewhere like that, just to race his yacht," said limo driver William Mimms. "I'm not exactly sure where he was from, actually, since I didn't really talk to him all that much, because he kept the partition up the whole time." "Still, you wouldn't think he'd come all that way unless it was pretty important," Mimms added. "This race was a real big deal, I'm telling you." Other low-income laborers agreed. "You bet it was an important goddamn race," said marina worker Sam Tosch, who, along with his brother-in-law Bud, has a little boat he sometimes takes out fishing a bit, here and there, if he can get a weekend off, but, you know, nothing like this. "Believe me, these fellas, they take their boating real serious. I remember this one time, I was scraping barnacles off this one rich guy's hull, and he starts screaming at me, 'Be careful, you idiot! Don't you know that boat cost more than you'll earn in your whole life?' So, you can see how important it all is." According to witnesses who observed him walking down a pier on his way to the awards banquet, the rich guy who won was "snappy-looking," wearing a fancy sailor's cap and some sort of big, lambs-wool sweater from the Hebrides. They also noted that the man was tall and well-tanned, and had a beautiful lady on his arm–in addition to being, of course, rich. In recognition of his victory in the extremely prestigious competition, the rich guy received what sources within 50 feet or so described as "a big, fancy metal cup," which he held aloft while a bunch of other rich guys carried him around on their shoulders, clapping and cheering. In addition to the big cup, the rich guy also apparently received, like, a ton of money, making him even richer. Race officials could not be reached for comment on the rich guy's win, as they were cordoned off inside a special V.I.P. hospitality tent where nobody else was allowed. Club trustee Thurston Winthrop Wellington III, of the Hyannisport Wellingtons, did offer one remark, however, telling 19-year-old waitress Carrie Kallenbach to "move along but quickly, girl, if you like this job." The victorious rich guy joins a long list of rich guys who have won sporting events this year. Among the other sports in which rich guys have excelled are "boat-rowing," "that crazy-looking horse/hockey thing," and "this one other golfy sport where you take this weird wooden hammer and, like, have to hit these striped balls through little metal things that are stuck in the grass."
  7. Bells Beer Bayview Mackinac

    Nope - Still False Bad Habits - GLYC - Detroit Boat Bushwacker - BYC - Detroit Boat Engager - PHYC - Lake Huron Flyswatter - Charlevoix Yacht Club - Technically on Lake Charlevoix (Certainly not considered a Chicago Boat) Das Boot - CYC - Chicago Vayu - CCYC - Chicago Sociable - MYC - Not Chicago but I'll give you that one just for shits and grins Technically speaking it looks as if your 5 Lake Michigan boat count is also BS. Just say'in ND
  8. Bells Beer Bayview Mackinac

    Question...... Has anyone ever looked at the numbers regarding Detroit boats traveling to Chicago vs. Chicago boats traveling to Port Huron for each of the Mac's? Sure you probably have a surge every other year out of delivery convenience but i'm curious about the trend. My guess is that there are more Detroit boats that travel to Chicago but that is only a guess. Ropetrick - Sounds like the 40.7 class should only be upset with themselves. Following boats are signed up to do Chicago but not Port Huron: Koko Loko La Tempte Mojo Rumb Runner Spanker Turning Point These are the people that you should be upset with..... not the OA that is sticking to its guns on a minimum number. Oh and bye the way out of the seven 40.7's signed up for Port Huron only TWO are from Chicago. I'm not sure where you got you Five number from - That is FALSE! ND