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  1. Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    Think about the following design parameters: (1) maximize power, (2) maximize safety without compromising power, (3) maximize convenience -preserve the ability to moor the boat without dropping the wing sail, (4) maximize the flexibility of the sail plane -preserve the ability to reef (5) optimize sail trim --preserve the ability to induce twist in the trailing edge without the complexity of multiple elements or internal controls. With those parameters in mind it's both a clever and a simple solution to a variety of challenges. Nothing particularly new, except perhaps the 360 degree rotation, but the combination of all the elements and the simplicity of design is pretty cool. And --so far at least- it's proved pretty durable and pretty fast.
  2. Timber veneer composite panel

    Google Joe Woodworker
  3. Wagner HVLP conversion gun at gleam paints
  4. Rattle can paint

    Endura Paint will put two part in a rattle can and match just about any color you might want. Google them
  5. Batten tension

    Thanks, VMG. It's a brand new all carbon, square top main. We set the tension on the battens so they would pop over in about 5-7 knots of breeze. From your description, it sounds like we got it about right. Same for 15-17 knots? Or should we go a bit tighter? The battens aren't tapered.
  6. Batten tension

    Sailing a friend's F-82r today. Nice, new square top main. Full length battens with rocket adjusters. How do we go about setting batten tension for best performance in varying wind conditions? Any rule of thumb?
  7. textile forestay

    Brass hanks on a (Colligo) covered Dux stay. Baltic 38.
  8. textile forestay

    The colligo covered Dux works finr