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  1. Tech Tuesdays at mit is by far the most fun fleet in the area. Crazy deep. You will get your ass kicked.
  2. definately an old i420
  3. bring back the star already. get rid of the windsurfers ( why the fuck is that even in there in the first place?) . and add some sort of 3v3 team racing event.
  4. any body have info on torben's new purple lillia?
  5. doesn't matter they all work.
  6. zim is a shit boat by the way. we had them at tufts for a while and they are shit, not faster than the old larks and no where near as stable. They should have made a slightly smaller tasar and they would have sold boats.
  7. the main should be absolutely cranked. absolutely retarded to have the main tell tale not stall.
  8. you point with your main sheet. dont overtrim the jib. When its windy you let the jib out before the main to keep the boat flat. when its nuking crack the jib so its flowing all the time and vang sheet like a 420. Every roll tack should have a rudder pop. If you do not have a rudder pop you are not rolling the boat hard enough. Going down wind it is more important to keep the maximum amount of pressure in the winged jib unlike in a 420 where its more about going as high as possible while still winging the jib. The boat likes to sail with a big skipper while 420s like bigger crews and small skippers. In college we never adjust shrouds but the consensus currently about rig tension is to have the leward shrourd break when the main sheet is cranked. the boats will slide on the line like crazy. Most people dont pinch unless they are defending a lane but we always sail with jib tale tells breaking about 65-85% of the time. In college style racing where its a lower level environment the best advice i can give you is start where the others are not. No matter where you start in college you will still be able to win by playing the shifts and general awareness of puffs and shifts.
  9. tufts gets their lark sails from doyle
  10. did you find the other colors?
  11. Anybody that has sailed these things, are they awesome to sail?
  12. what can i generally expect to be doing with upgrading and maintenance on an older boat?
  13. Is there a discernible difference between the white and black masts that makes it worthwhile to go for a boat with the newer one?
  14. I am thinking about getting into the class and was wondering how competitive the older boats are. Like from 20-500 Is there a huge difference between the white and black masts? What should you look for in a used boat?
  15. is there a diagram of this "inside the mast 2:1" system? ill second this