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  1. wesley

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    Talked to the guys that use the race geek on juds boat, they hate it compared to the velocitek tactic combo. Jud likes the big numbers though. The big problem is that the buttons have a weird delay where you have to time it rather than just hit the button. Apparently when they ping they press the button about a second before the mark then release it when your exactly on the mark. Much bigger problem when working with the start timer because it’s not always apparent when 1 second before the gun actually is. But jud likes big numbers so the guy he’s paying at the front of the boat just has to deal with it.
  2. wesley


  3. wesley


    man i had no clue sailing in someone's dirty air is fast please tell me which books teach you that. obviously it was oat's foul but why would you want someone to tack in front of you like that. You must be the guy in the back of the fleet the bounces people because you have no fucking clue where you want to be going and don't understand that staying away from people, going fast, and keeping your bow pointed at the mark is how you win races. Its understandable to bounce someone if your close to the mark or holding someone out to the layline but bouncing someone early in the race so they tack right infront of you is not smart all it does is either make you tack which is slow or put you in dirty air which is also slow. Though if you hit a shift and want to tack its smart to bounce someone into the header. I bet your the type that protests phrf ratings.
  4. wesley


    because why the fuck would you want a boat to tack right in front of you when you can go the way you want with clear air?
  5. wesley


    its stupid that Commanche did not give them the cross though, only shitty sailors don't give crosses at the beginning of a long leg.
  6. wesley

    New 2 handed boat from Rondar.

    zim is a shit boat by the way. we had them at tufts for a while and they are shit, not faster than the old larks and no where near as stable. They should have made a slightly smaller tasar and they would have sold boats.