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  1. kevinjones16

    Sailor, small boat lost off Oregon Coast

    Here's the seven day OPC loop that covers last Saturday:
  2. kevinjones16

    sewn eyes in 5 mm dyneema

    Interesting. For single braids like Amsteel the locked brummel splice is simple and secure. It will take less time and be more secure than all that stitching.
  3. kevinjones16

    How to fix a ripped out mast base on Catalina 25

    I replaced the standing rigging on my Tartan 33 last year. Keel stepped mast, so a crane was the only real option. The operator at the yard made the whole project look easy. They do this more times in a week than I'll ever do it. It was $$ well spent. Beats fighting with high winds.
  4. kevinjones16

    How to fix a ripped out mast base on Catalina 25

    On another note, I usually raised the mast on my Capri 25 by myself. It's not ideal but it can be done safely. I'd tie the boat stern-to against the dock using plenty of line and most of my fenders. Line up the mast so the base is close to where it attaches to the deck. Lift the tip of the mast onto a ladder placed on the dock. Go forward and manhandle the mast base into place, slide in the pivot bolt. Attach the shrouds. I had an external spinnaker halyard which I led through a block at the bow, and back to the turning block on the quarter. Rigged this way I could walk the mast up using the halyard to assist. The boat will rock and the mast will want to twist as you raise it, so you need to be careful to keep it aligned as it goes up. It's much easier with two people, but I'm built like an oak tree. This worked every time but once, when a bit of wind caught me unprepared. The mast twisted, and the base broke. Always better with two people when possible.
  5. kevinjones16

    How to fix a ripped out mast base on Catalina 25

    Oh no! I had something similar happen to my Capri 25. The base was cast, and it broke. I got a new one from Catalina Direct. If yours is not cast you can probably work it back into shape. Holes in the deck and compression post are easy to fill and drill. All the heartache will begin to fade with your first reach on a sunny, breezy day. Good luck!
  6. kevinjones16

    Stainless Steel Tubing - Small Quanities

    My oldest kid spent a few years fabricating marine canvas. He always had extra tubing around the shop. Your local fabricator may also have scrap to sell.
  7. kevinjones16

    Small modern boat that can be single handed

    I have a nice Capri 25 I've considered selling. PM me if you're interested. It's set up for offshore adventures. I've sailed it from Seattle to San Francisco.
  8. kevinjones16

    Sailing the Columbia River

    You might also check out this race: People do this one in all kinds of boats, and parts of the course are anything but hospitable. If you're willing to beach a boat and wait for the right conditions you could probably get away with a centerboarder. Just know that if you and the boat separate in big conditions at any point, you're probably not getting back into the boat on your own.
  9. kevinjones16

    Sailing the Columbia River

    HRYC organizes this race: Maybe contact some of those sailors. Parts of the river are easy to navigate, but those pics above of the gorge are not outliers. I drive along the river on my way to Portland; it almost always looks like that.
  10. kevinjones16

    Making solo multi-night passages more bearable

    This is a great reference: I've done a number of offshore solo passages. You settle into a rhythm and get used to the nights. Also, this sailor has some interesting videos:
  11. kevinjones16


    I used it on a high end Gore-Tex mountaineering coat that had lost its waterproofing. Followed the instructions carefully, but it was never the same. Hard rain will still soak it after a while. Getting hit with green water is like having nothing at all. I ended up buying Grundens rain gear for the really wet watches. It doesn't fail.
  12. kevinjones16

    leaky cracked water tanks

    I'm curious too. One of mine is leaking.
  13. kevinjones16

    Life aboard a sub-20' Sailboat

    I love my Tartan 33, but I wouldn't live on it full time unless my wife kicks me out of the house. I sailed my Capri 25 from Seattle to San Francisco. A week on that boat led to the purchase of the Tartan.
  14. kevinjones16

    Painting a racing dinghy

    Ditto Sloop JonB. I repainted my mast in June with Brightside. Prepped surfaces carefully, primed a few bare spots with zinc chromate, primed the whole thing with the Interlux primer. After lots of sanding and fussing I used the Interlux solvent wipe and then rolled and tipped the paint thinned with the Interlux thinner. The paint goes on thin. You really do need the good foam brushes to tip. After three coats and a week of waiting I machine polished the mast with Finesse-It II Glaze and then Finesse-It II polish. It looks great up to about six inches, and even then I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who can see the flaws. I painted a Lightning the same way with good results. I also painted a C-Lark dinghy that way and got good results. The Lightning was my "learn-to-paint" boat. I thinned the paint too much, so it got four coats. I wish I hadn't sold it.