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  1. Did you type this five years ago, and just forget to hit the submit button until now? It's ok, happens to me with emails all the time.
  2. Last time I bought a new PSA boat I definitely checked the rake and weight before handing over any dollars. You'd be silly not to if you get the chance, you don't want to end up with a dud. This wasn't at the factory though, just at the local dealer, but he had chosen the boats he took from the factory. It was after Chris posted the article linked above - there was virtually no variation in rake in the half dozen boats I checked, all were within a couple of mm of the target he mentions. Same with weight, the range was within a kg. That hasn't always been the case though. The last line of Chris' article is interesting - remember this is from 2016. Hints at a different perspective to the LP post. *There is a new Hull Laminate in all new Lasers, LP started this a little before PSA, we started it in Jan of this year. Hulls are a lot stiffer and the lumps and bumps gone.
  3. I bought a brand new Far East, kitted out with all the best gear, plus covers etc, for $3500 Australian. My boy sailed it obsessively for two years before he grew out of it, I replaced the sail after a year. Sold it all for $2800. By my reckoning that was $13 per week over the two years - best money I ever spent. You might see the occasional kid with a rib and private coach in tow, travelling to regattas all over the world. It doesn’t mean that’s the norm though. You’ll find parents like that in any sport.
  4. I had kids in the Opti world for a few years and I often pondered that. There was never anything to explain why people would spend thousands more on a Winner hull compared to a Far East hull - the regatta results just didn't back up the view that one was faster than the other. The Winners were generally better finished and mostly had better quality fittings, but overall performance was the same. Winner worked hard on perception though - usually by giving massive discounts to the kids already at the front of the fleet, to make sure the best sailors were using their boats. I'm sure Laser hulls turned out of a Chinese factory like Far East would sell like hotcakes if they were a couple of thousand dollars cheaper. Pretty much none of us sail Lasers well enough to take advantage of a tiny theoretical edge, not if they keep the measurement tolerances super tight. And with equipment being supplied at the big regattas there's no incentive for the richer countries to launch equipment development programs.
  5. Surely this change will benefit everyone sailing the class (member or not), not just the top level. If ILCA own the trademark for the new class name, and together with WS can approve/reject builders, you can bet they’ll be smart enough to approve multiple builders able to sell into the same region. Why wouldn’t they? It will introduce competition which would have to drive prices down. And it will keep the EU anti -monopoly lawmakers happy This is the exact model the Opti class uses. I can buy a boat from any builder in the world, and because of the tight building controls overseen by the class there isn’t an arms race (the builders all claim their boats are better than the rest but regatta results don’t bear this out). Who wouldn’t want more competition between builders and the resulting lower prices? Every sailor wins ILCA have been working toward this end for years. Their only real barrier has always been the contract with LPE. I bet the champagne corks were popping at ILCA when LPE were silly enough to breach the contract and give ILCA cause to cancel it. They’re doing this for all of us.
  6. Too late, I've already announced the new name - the Gamma Class. Sorry ILCA.
  7. Looks like the search sessions expire after a while. You can do the search yourself here. Better still, visit You'll never guess what site it redirects to....
  8. Interesting what turns up with some trademark searches. Anyone who actually understands this stuff may like to search further, or explain what I've found. A company called Weather Helm Inc registered the ILCA trademark last year in the US. The Attorneys attached to that registration are the same Attorneys attached to ILCA's registration of the "ILCA Standard" trademark around the same time, and their application to register "4.7" a couple of years ago (Velum have a very similar application). So not a stretch to think that ILCA and Weather Helm Inc are closely related. Weather Helm Inc also registered another trademark late last year, for the purposes of sailing vessels, equipment, organising sailing events etc. If you wanted a new class name that continues the Laser theme, and your class president was a physicist, what would you choose? Anyone planning on sailing their Gamma dinghy this weekend?
  9. redstar

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    More likely to help than hinder I suspect, as this should solve the supply issues that have been concerning WS and the sailors for a long time. ILCA are within their rights but trademark ownership will be the biggest issue. LP can continue to sell boats called Lasers, they just won't be class legal. A new builder won't be able to use the Laser trademark without LPE's agreement. Maybe there's a class name and logo change coming up?
  10. redstar

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    And/or if the Finn is reinstated. Not his lawsuit any more though - he triggered it, but the investigation is now solely in the hands of the EU. He couldn't stop it even if he wanted to
  11. redstar

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Anything to do with the EU anti-trust investigation into WS olympic class selection policies that Devoti triggered? That must be due for an outcome.
  12. redstar

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    There are Finn fleets building at a few clubs around Australia. 40 boats on the line at nationals, two thirds of whom were club sailing masters. Pretty similar numbers and proportions to the Laser standard rig Nationals. Finns are huge at the Masters level, especially in Europe. Agree regarding other Olympic classes though.
  13. redstar

    Laser C5 Rig

    Exactly. The 4.7 is a compromise of the worst sort. If I ran the world (not sure why that hasn't happened yet), the Finn and the Europe would be the olympic single handers. Both allow different rigs to cater for a wider weight range, both have the right balance of the whole mix of sailing skills. Both beautiful boats, not plastic toys. And that's coming from a long time laser sailor. The Laser would be perfect in a 2v2 teams racing event - one man and one woman per team, last across the line loses. Could be all in Radials or in a mix of Radial and Standard - the racing scenarios to avoid having the last boat to finish would make for fascinating television and using the different rigs in the one race would only add to that. Short punchy races and a seeded knockout competition would work for television as well. I'm only repeating someone else's idea from a different forum (can't remember who) and this isn't the right thread to bring it up, but I reckon it's the perfect solution to the olympic classes selection debacle.
  14. redstar

    Laser C5 Rig

    It takes a hell of a lot of muscle on a fit 5' 3" frame to get to 65kg, which is the bare minimum weight to be competitive in a good Radial fleet. And at that height you'd probably need to be closer to 70kg to offset the righting moment the taller 65kg women can create. Unless of course you do most of your sailing in very, very light winds. But where's the fun in that?