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  1. Gantt, you've done more than anyone else to shut down this topic - you've drowned it under mountains of misguided, irrelevant, made up tripe, so there is pretty much nobody left willing to actually engage in a real discussion. As soon as anyone tries to engage you race in and bury them under the weight of your crap. The only people left are those who enjoy a laugh at your expense. And Gouv.
  2. Of course the judge has a copy. But what about Gannt, who appears to know what is in the affidavits? What's his connection? I think Gantt just makes stuff up.
  3. So what model do you propose as an alternative? I can't see how it would be better for YA to support dozens of small classes - surely a smaller number of big classes will produce higher quality sailors? It's one of the things that scares non-sailing parents of new sailors away from the sport. They want to know how to get their kid involved, and the first thing they hear is all the inter-class arguments about whether the sabot, opti, bic, minnow, or something else is better. If sailing is going to grow, these choices have to be simple (or not a choice at all). And the same goes the whole way through the pathway.
  4. They cultivate the pipeline by supporting (through funding, coaching support, etc) a squad of sailors to travel to the Worlds, the world cups, and whatever other big regatta is deemed to be on the program, designed to provide the experience you mention. I suspect the powers that be would think that they've done plenty of cultivating - every sailor in the AST and ASS are given bucketloads of support. The Olympics aren't part of a development program, they're the end goal.
  5. From what I've heard over the years, it's not so much about the cost of sending the athletes to the Games. The bigger deal is that future funding arrangements for sports are determined (in part) by past success, and some of the measures of that success include the ratio of medals to athletes and the ratio of top eight results to the number of athletes. Sailing received about $25 million in funding over the four years since London, 16% more than the previous four years. This increase was in large part due to the success of the London team, both at the Olympics and at World Championships leading up to the Olympics. Sailing was (and is) seen as having good governance and a top notch high performance framework and has been used as a model for other sports since London. From the Aust Sports Commission:
  6. About ten years ago, Laser sails in Australia were $1100, plus numbers. Word spread that you could buy a sail from the US for $530 (with numbers attached) plus shipping. Exchange rate was about the same as now. I don't think PSA sold many sails that year. They eventually dropped the price and since then seem to have kept it around 10% more than what an import would cost. I guess they've worked out that a 10% premium is what the market will accept to buy locally.
  7. Email below received from PSA this morning...
  8. Not sure, I haven't heard. I hope it's coming at the same time, but no word yet. sound like repeating B14 history,a Byte comes in 2 versions surely not a carbon top with a dacron sail? Actually composite rather than carbon. Not intended as a performance improvement but a way of avoiding the existing problems with masts bending and breaking. Bend characteristics, weight etc are identical to the aluminium, just better longevity. We hope.
  9. Not sure, I haven't heard. I hope it's coming at the same time, but no word yet.
  10. Don't worry, I share your scepticism. All I know is that people in a position to know about these things say it's done.
  11. Who said it's acceptable? It's crap. Always has been, no matter who's in charge. Problem is that we don't elect the World Council - not directly. Each District elects a District committee. Then the District committee chairs elect a regional chair who becomes the World Council rep. The World Council reps then elect the President, etc. The sailors don't get to choose who is on the WC. We don't choose our own representatives. And they don't ask us what we think. Odd thing is that the Constitution allows the WC to appoint any additional members that it wishes to. For example, the ILCA VP, Hugh Leicester, is a World Council appointment - the sailors didn't elect him, even indirectly. The WC themselves did. This isn't a criticism of Hugh, I barely know the guy. But the system sucks. Imagine how different it would be if there were at least a couple of popularly elected WC members? You'd end up with people keen to engage with the sailors, that's for sure. The system is set up to maintain the power in the hands of those who already have it. And the system gets to choose who has that power.
  12. Gantt, let's just say I have a well placed source and leave it at that. Not trying to mysterious, just that I'm probably breaching a trust by sharing the information. But the culture of secrecy embedded at the ILCA really pisses me off, so whatever. I imagine announcements aren't far away, maybe waiting until after the WC meeting, and I've already seen a trickle of news from other feeds. Ask your local ILCA kingpin, see what they say.
  13. The sail agreement is in place with all parties. November 1 is the date it becomes legal. Always a chance something will go wrong, it's the Laser class after all, but the deal is done. ILCA WC are all getting together for a meeting in North America towards the end of the month - interesting timing considering the court dates hey?
  14. What's going on is that the new sail will be in the market and class legal within a couple of months at the most. Except for the ISAF World Cup (and no doubt the Olympics)which will still require the old sail. Retail price will be about 25% more than the current standard sail.
  15. That's a pretty biased reading of the attendance table. The laser fleet at the UK open nationals was down in 2014 but there were still 144 boats across the three rig sizes. 214 boats on average over the last five years. Plus the Laser class holds a separate Masters Nationals each year - 71 boats in 2014 and a 90-odd five year average. The Solos had 68 boats last year, and an average of 86 over the last five. Strong numbers, but hardly 'kicking the Laser into touch'. The Laser class is definitely not dying, and it's not just being propped up by the Olympic circus as someone claimed above. 480 boats at the Masters Worlds last year - the Olympics has nothing to do with that. Good luck to the Aero, the Solo, the D-Zero, and the thousand other classes out there - I'm sure they're all great boats. It's a shame people feel the need to put down what is arguably the most successful racing class ever, just to make their choice of boat sound better.