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  1. sail7seas

    Connecting Raymarine SeaTalk to WiFi

    Try for Seatalk to NMEA
  2. Spoilers on the wing to depower the wing in higher wind speeds. (gliders use spoilers to depower their wings for decending to land)
  3. Do they trim the wing twist without the aid of a camera? To see / trim the leeward side teltales of the wing 20m high?
  4. sail7seas

    Team NZ

    Ashby is working a tablet for wing trim, correct? Does the tablet include camera views of teltales on the leeward side of the wing, what 20 meter high?
  5. sail7seas

    Capsized 57' Catamaran rescued

    On our Outremer 5X, both the main and the trav go through clutches. These are usually open and the sheet is on the self-tailer (yes, I know). If we had a clutch which could reliably (and even remotely / automatically) open, that would be a huge improvement; solve the self-tailer issue and free up a winch or two. On the other hand; dumping the main to the shrouds will not make a big difference downwind... Our philosophy is to be very conservative with the main and somewhat more aggressive with foresails, which are quite easily dumped/furled. Broad reaching with the wind turning DDW a quick release button will increase the projected sail area to the wind (pitchpole) ?