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  1. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    This puzzles me a bit. I think most people understand that it is a very difficult task to devise a rating system which encompasses boats with such wide design purposes and size ranging from full on racing to laid back cruising. I doubt any system would ever be able to evenly rate a maxi to a foiling moth in all sea states. In a practical sense OMR does a job in sorting out who the good sailors are in the well prepared boats. Interestingly in the Nationals just held at RQ, both divisions were won on OMR by old boats which were well prepared and well sailed. They are both around 20 years old and aren't the latest designs or unobtainium. IMHO the system is working as well as could be expected given the task it is being given. I don't think it is feasible to ask it to rate oddball designs before they actually participate in a good number of significant regattas so that it can be determined what if anything needs to be addressed. Specifically, lifting foils, canting rigs, foiling foils and proas haven't shown anything yet at major regattas that need attention. They might in the future but we haven't seen any performance leaps from them yet. On the condomaran issue, if enough turn up they get their own division and problem solved. The ones who fancy themselves as racers seem very happy to race against the rocketships. Disclaimers: 1 I have no involvement in administering OMR 2 I'd rather the OMR for my boat was better 3 My golf handicap is grossly unfair 4 I don't get paid enough 5 Etc.
  2. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    I understand exactly. Boats improve and designs improve over time. Measurement systems also improve over time. None of the promised performance improvement for things like canting rigs and lifting foils has been evident yet in our fleets. When it is I'm sure OMR will address it. The biggest performance improvers I see are crispy new well designed sails, good skippering, crew work and navigation. No rating system changes those. They require looking in the mirror. It's called development. Get used to it or take up marbles.
  3. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Not sure if you could but we beat all comers on MOJO at ABRW in 2015.
  4. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    +1 HJ The rating whingers are generally those who don't turn up and certainly don't volunteer to help develop or improve systems. The condomarans generally like the winter northern regattas because it fits in with cruising season and it's a fine part of the world. I doubt the rating system would influence any of that. Just go sailing people and enjoy it - and I do have dogs in the game!
  5. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Haha. That's funny. You've basically described Mojo. Just go and buy it. It's for sale. Doubles up as a very nice condomaran when not winning races!
  6. A-Class North American Championship by San Diego Yacht Club

    Observations from last Sunday. The rudder issues seem to be largely resolved with some tightening and fairing. In the 8 knots we had the boat looked scary fast (that's a non-metric measurement unit) downwind. Upwind it was as high and a little faster than the C boarders in floating mode. In the extra gusts in foiling mode it just leapt away. The foiling gybes were a little scratchy. The Glenny sail looks quite powerful but flattens easily. NSW States possible I hear. Sorry to the Seppos for hijacking your thread. Mischa's sail looks nice eh.
  7. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    If you want a classic avoid the Paradox. If you want a foiler avoid the Paradox. Good classics are C board Exploder and DNA. Good foilers AD3 and F1.
  8. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Yes I drove past them a couple of times today. It's astounding that no one has actually bought one after all this time and sailed it in anything significant.
  9. Haha. Not news for me. I have owned Classic A's continuously since 1980. Although I was without one for two weeks in 1993. Longest two weeks of my life. Never say never but I think my foiling days are behind me. Age and buggered back are catching up. Early indications are good for the revival of classics. The decision was well received on the ground in Poland with a real buzz from other Europeans about the prospect of attending the AUS Worlds with classics. There's even talk of Russia getting involved. In AUS I'm hearing plenty of renewed interest in attending the Worlds in classics. We will run two fleets for sure. An early test will be the NSW State titles which will have two champions. Hopefully the organisers spend some time contacting their classic sailors to build the interest. My understanding is that at least one manufacturer has designed a new classic and a number have been build and soon to go in a container. Indications are good.
  10. Yes. Exploder or DNA C boards will go in OK. I've converted a DNA foiler conversion back to C boards for someone. It was a boat converted by the same person who did yours. Be careful that the exit profile fits nice and flush. It may need a little work to ensure the bearing surface is wide and spreads the load well. You also won't need the big foiling rudders. They are a little draggy for a classic.
  11. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    The 3 Pulse are sitting in the boatpark. It's a real shame as we wanted to see how they go. Couldn't get anyone to sail them I believe. Maybe they'll race one day.
  12. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Plenty of pics floating around on Facebook particularly from St Helena Cup. Yesterday's first heat was a bit tough on photographers but same we're done from a beach. Try MYCQ Facebook. Peter Baker showed videos of starts yesterday and a long on board from Ullman Sails. Not sure where it's available. Stories were abundant in the bar last night and some even got awards. Sorry, you had to be there! Here are a couple of photos.
  13. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

  14. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships