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  1. WetnWild

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Hey Rottenwoodboy to continue with your hijack I can’t see Weta on Texel or SCHRS at a quick glance. But the 19/20 AS ratings have given the boat a slower rating by one point. Seems like a good deal. Your new club though is still using last years ratings for all boats. You could make a suggestion there that they keep up with the times.......
  2. WetnWild

    2019 Aussie Nationals

    Amen. And well said. We’ve seen it all in A Cats.
  3. WetnWild

    F-22 Update

    I’ve seen that on the start line!!!!!!!!
  4. WetnWild

    A Cat World Champions 2019

    +1 samc. And you don’t even need to worry about the DS sail. For a lot of people the classic sail is just as fast around the course. They are often faster downwind. The DS is definitely faster upwind but unless they’ve been designed specifically for the classic they tend to be slower downhill. A straight foiling DS will only work for. Very light sailor. Expect a good fleet of AUS Classics for Florida to defend our five in the top ten this year!
  5. WetnWild

    A Cat World Champions 2019

    Great summary of the week for the Classic fleet maxstaylock. I too sailed in the fleet and enjoyed the close hard fought racing. Although the fleet was smaller it was a step up in quality from the last Worlds in Hervey Bay. The beauty of the Classic fleet is that you can bring along older designs at the moment and still be competitive. It’s still a development boat so improvements can be made as has always been the case. It has been a masterstroke by the A Class to create this discipline to keep many of us sailing competively and for those who don’t have the time to pursue foiling. The modified Classic rules introduced by the Technical Committee before this event have worked beautifully. Measurement of the new dimensions proved easy and the no foiling parameter was adhered to by all sailors. I watched the people who were ex foilers closely because they are the ones who could potentially get a Classic foiling albeit crudely, and there was not a hint of transgressing the rule. It was a credit to the sailors and I’m confident it is a viable rule going forward which needs no modification at this point. there is a good fleet of classics already in North America so Florida next year will be great. They always put on a good event particularly the social side. So start organising your containers people and see you in St Pete
  6. WetnWild

    A Cat World Champions 2019

    I’m told they were good and I doubt it.
  7. WetnWild

    A Cat World Champions 2019

    Deep cut just above the ankle. Stitches and drugs fixed that. He is good and helped load the container yesterday.
  8. Some nice technical summaries by Simon above but one thing only briefly mentioned deserves more attention. The boom is back. For foilers that is. Of course the more discerning sailors of the Classic fleet never abandoned the boom. But more seriously, the foilers tried without booms but have now concluded that a boom allows just a little bit more sail shape control. Particularly with the short tracks and when easing there is a tendency for the sail to bag up down low. And even more seriously, Simon has yet to optimise the use of his Seniors card. I found mine very helpful to smooth out wrinkles when applying the event stickers to the boat. The Measurer has found his useful to put in the slot to keep the lights on in his room. And finally a quick competition. I shall supply a carton of Coronas to the be delivered at the next World’s in Florida who can spot the mistake in Simon’s stickers. So start trawling through the thousands of photos on Facebook. The Measurer is excluded from this of course.
  9. The biggest news is Andy beat Landy.
  10. That’s great to hear that the US fleet has embraced the hard work done to establish the classic fleet. Of course not 100% of people will agree with each minor detail of the solution but it is pleasing to hear they have risen above that minor niggling and will support the event and the overall class. It is a little disappointing that only three sailors from the two countries hosting the next two Worlds are attending the Weymouth Worlds. We have to support each other.
  11. Simon I’ll dip in to the cesspool and take some of the heat for you. Its puzzling to see very little representation from two quite close countries particularly in the Classic discipline. A lot of people worked very hard to establish it to provide for those countries and others who were vocal about foiling taking over. Its been established on a trial basis and was very successful at the last Worlds. Its now time to put your complaints in to action and attend events. Use it or lose it people.
  12. I’m excited Simon. Just did the first 14 hours and having a couple of days at the Taj before the next 8. See you for a warm pint on Thursday?
  13. WetnWild

    Rules question re multi and mono on start line

    Agree 100%. The golden rule in racing is never engage with boats slower than yours. They’ll only drag you down to their pace. Your original question has been well answered. You simply can’t barge. Practice different legal starting technique aimed at clearing your air as early as possible then put the hammer down. A Cats being held up by Lasers is silly. Presumably you’ve entered the Worlds in your backyard next month. You’ll learn a heap where barging won’t be tolerated and you’ll have to find a way to get clear air. After that blasting through Lasers will be a doddle.
  14. WetnWild

    Humpybong Yacht Club Regatta Queensland Aust

    I’ll do it if you do it. BTW there were no Pulses in the Multihull Solutions Phuket regatta and there are none in Phuket Race Week. I asked around and the fleet of four that were local seems to have disappeared.
  15. WetnWild

    Corsair Pulse 600

    No problem. That’s what OMR is for. Very unlikely most places in the world get critical numbers for one design racing in these type of boats unmodified.