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  1. WetnWild

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Go for it Ffat Boy. I’ll see if they’ll bring back the reach for you too.
  2. WetnWild

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Au contraire ACS. I agree with ITA16 on this. I’m currently well advanced with a proposal to establish a Vintage discipline within the A Class. It would be perfect for a dodery old codger like myself. I’ve had discussions with the Technical Committee Whisperer (TCW) who was the architect of the smarty pants Classic discipline. I’ve found Classics to be too technologically advanced and have purchased a proper Vintage boat. Sturdy alloy beams, boom and crossbar, as well as decent low profile centreboards make me beam with pride. No tricky winglets to gather weed and make it hard to sail to and from a beach. The centreboards are perfectly straight and fit nicely in my 1982 trailerbox. Australian Sailing (AS) agree with me and have provided a nice comfortable yardstick allowing me to beat those pesky foiling thingys on a regular basis. Life is good. The only problem I see is getting someone to build these things again. With BIM closing down who would rise to the challenge? Perhaps I could approach DNA to produce a new model. We could call it the DNA F1x -. Now all I need to do is get ACS, ITA16, TCW, AS, BIM, and DNA all on the same page. Singapore summit anyone?
  3. WetnWild

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Winglets of course. I doubt anyone serious about sailing a Worlds in the last five or six years would sail without.
  4. WetnWild

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    I think you’re both right. It is ironic that skilled foilers going back the classics are faster. And it is their experience in foiling that is allowing better use of C boards. The challenge for the expert foilers going classic is to skim and not foil. That’s where the speed increase is available without contravening the agreed sailing style which underpins the classic discipline. ACS I have two point of difference with your analysis. Firstly I think Islamorada is a poor example for the point you are making. (Incidentally that was a regatta where we all spent a lot of tine out of the water but mostly going to windward off the top of waves!) Landy and Mischa were in a class of their own in that regatta. Downwind Mischa in his usual style sailed hot and hard on the wire in the very rough conditions. Landy often reverted to sailing low and by the lee. They often arrived at the bottom mark at the same time. Just both sailing cleverly to their strengths. Secondly I aim to beat Landy when we are both in nursing homes playing paper boat races while enjoying a nice cup of tea.
  5. WetnWild

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

  6. WetnWild

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Yes I agree. Entirely predictable of course because both disciplines are subject to the same set of class rules. The difference between the two is the sailor endorsed condition set out in the link posted by Lost. Sailing is a self regulated sport and this is a perfect example. We as a class have decided to have two disciplines within our overall class and it is now up to us to ensure it is successful within the limits we have set. If we fail I believe we lose around half our family of A Class sailors around the world. People have put a lot of energy in this attempt to embrace all parts of our class including the person you saw foil a bit. I’m in regular discussion with him on these matters. Up to the sailors now.
  7. WetnWild

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    No. Lost has posted the reference. The Classic discipline is not based on a change to the class rules. It is the result of the world wide membership voting on a proposal developed by the Technical Committee to recognise and support the large part of our family who want to enjoy the class in its classic configuration while still allowing the great discipline of foiling. Someone you know quite well drove the change even though remaining a foiler. Those who breach the trust outlined in the parameters quoted by Lost will be taken around behind the shed and have the shit beaten out of them. Fast Classics are also an incentive for mediocre foilers to practice more!
  8. WetnWild

    Weta anarchy

  9. WetnWild

    Corsair 970

    Wow glad we missed that. Didn’t need to drop the kite at any stage but had a few interesting moments. It got full on though as we motored in to the harbour. We always carry a spare bage on the other tramp for just such moments.
  10. WetnWild

    Corsair 970

    Yep impressive boatspeed in those conditions. They just kept powering through when I had to back off a little in the 22.
  11. WetnWild

    DNA A Class Catamaran Classic conversion

    I've converted two foiling DNA's (not F1's!) back to c boards and they sail fine as long as the cases weren't moved too far forward. Max about 100mm. Cutting a bit off the board to fit the rule is the easiest solution for you and will work if you have the boat I think you have. Incidentally the latest Exploder c board platforms were delivered with slightly too long boards. We cut 30mm off and no problem.
  12. WetnWild

    Older fast Aus multies

    Fantastic to see Mooloolaba Firetruck our sailing WAGS yesterday. Eerily similar in stance on the water from fore and aft to a DIAM 24.
  13. Very funny Plybro but I think your once sharp mind has been dulled by late night poring over draft B2B handicap lists. And does your wife object to being described as occasional?
  14. WetnWild

    Carbon Kevlar prepreg trampoline?

    Thanks ACS I’ll try and find them. You doing either of the upcoming States?
  15. WetnWild

    Carbon Kevlar prepreg trampoline?

    Yes of course sailing ability counts and we all have our anecdotal examples to support one theory or the other. A good example was the race you would be familiar with at last Nats. One sailor lapped most of the fleet not because of gear but using sailing smarts and best using the gear. I’m after some more pure evidence to consider. I just think we may have overcomplicated what was once a very simple boat and I’m trying to test each component and decide on it’s value to me. Got a link to those tests you mentioned?