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    Sailing, diving.....just spending time in, on, and around the water
  1. caption contest

    Seriously dude, she's a freakin' mermaid, jumped right out of the water and grabbed the netting. I'm taking her home!
  2. anarchy, the good samaritans

    Under the circumstances, you did everything that could possibly be asked of you, AND you did it right! Great work.... You saved two people's lives, you are being humble, but there is no greater deed than saving a human life, anyone who has been out of sight of land understands the gravity of your actions.
  3. LOL I thought they may use that as a defense, it says as many as possible, they got all but one competing. ;-)
  4. I'm sorry, but your last statement is inaccurate as is evidenced by 100s of years of rule by Muslims of that particular area. When Muslims controlled Palestine, other Muslim Caliphates had no problem with that, they were in fact, allied with them most of the time. Sure there are always differences and skirmishes, but I assure you, the problem that these Muslim countries have with Israel, is the fact it is controlled by Jews. Sure, Sunnis and Shiites have been going at it since the second generation of Islam, but when it comes to Israel, neither of them want the Jews to have it. It really is that simple, next to impossible to resolve and compromise, but that simple.
  5. That is incredibly naive. If you know anything about the current situation in the middle east, and specifically the relationship between Israel and a vast majority of Muslim countries is not only about the religion, it is INTENSELY about the religion. The hottest spot in the conflict, the old city of Jerusalem is ALL ABOUT religion. To try to take that out of the picture is completely ignoring the facts. Comments from Muslim political leaders like "I want all the Jews to come to Israel, so I don't have to chase them around the world to kill them." should tell you something. Clearly you have not visited the middle east in the last 40 years otherwise you would never make such comments.
  6. Somehow, I just don't see the Israeli's exercising their karma on the kids, history has shown these two sides don't play by the same rules. That should be open enough for misinterpretation
  7. US Sailing is taking its sweet ass time, though part of that is just getting everyone on the phone when they are overseas or skiing. And i salute your stand against ISAF on this. Looking forward to buying you a drink next time I see you. Jack Gierhardt promised me a statement from US Sailing "as quickly as we possibly can" yesterday morning. Expecting US Sailing to do anything substantial is laughable. They still have national events hosted at clubs with exclusionary membership practices (no Women, Blacks, or Jews), even though these practices have been pointed out to them formally in the past. The response from US Sailing has always been nothing more than gloss to try to ignore it further. Having a major one design national event at a club whose solution is to just not allow any of the sailors into the clubhouse (because some are women, blacks, or possibly even Jewish), and even after several letters with the President of US Sailing pointing out the issue, simply allowing the same club to host another national event a few years later, is how they operate. I gave up several years ago, and have not paid membership dues to US Sailing or ISAF since. The US has a deplorable record when it comes to sailing/yachting clubs and exclusionary membership practices, and it is nowhere near cleaned up yet, there is a long way to go.