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  1. secretweapon

    Manhasset Fall Series

    ...and is forever a member of the Hall of Shame when what he wants desperately is a trip to Cooperstown.
  2. secretweapon

    Manhasset Fall Series

    This would not be participation enhancing and that is one of the many reasons why weight limits should be dropped for club handicap racing.
  3. secretweapon

    Manhasset Fall Series

    I think what's actually being said is that Hustler is wrong for cheating AND Smokin J is wrong for taking their sweet time with the trophy.Remember, as a self policing sport, the onus is on each of us to know if we broke a rule and correct ourselves -- not wait for someone to protest us (then do nothing). I don't think there's any question Hustler would've won by a mile whether they sailed overweight or not. What none of us understand is why they didn't just say "yeah OK fine we will RET and here's the pickle dish back"...especially given that they've won so many it doesn't really make sense that they're clinging so hard to this particular one. This boat, by its own claims, skips regattas now to "give someone else a chance to win" -- so given their large collection of legitimately won silver, what makes this the hill worth [their reputation] dying on? Perhaps they recognize that they have been sailing overweight for years, have not been straightforward about it (some facts suggest disingenuous), and risk having all their wins for years stripped and/or seeing a rule 69 proceeding. Given that potential outcome, a combination of bluster/silence may seem like the best strategy but No. 6 is probably right -- this issue is not going to go away by itself. As far as "on both weekends, knowing that a protest was a possibility, the crew of hustler showed up to be weighed," that's really peculiar revisionist history.
  4. secretweapon

    Who is snaggletooth

    When Snaggy goes out on the town, he looks like this......................