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  1. Thanks, though it's just awlgrip federal yellow (too young for nostalgia for the 70s). The tiller was pretty satisfying, I made the basic shape out of foam scrap bonded together, the trick was to make sure it didn't top out when turned to full lock under the traveller while still having some gap above the deck. It turned out a little closer than I would have liked, workable but if I lean on it it can flex down enough to rub. Once the shape was right I put down a couple layers of 45/45 carbon, a bunch of strips of uni on top of that, and then sandwiched with a few more 45/45. Let cure, trim, and repeat on the other side. You can't see it in that photo but there is a little tube for the autopilot to go on the other side, with the fixed part going on the little stub next to the solar panel.
  2. The plan built boats have the lower sail numbers locked up. I wonder how many plans were purchased? #135 plans were purchased in 2010 and launched Labor Day weekend 2014:
  3. From the f-boat yahoo group list: "I have also had concerns over the years that some carbon masts were not much lighter than the aluminum equivalent, mainly due to the masts being so expensive to make. Thus manufacturers tend to put in extra carbon, just to guard against warranty claims, but this extra carbon made them more expensive again. This is something I want to avoid with the F-22 carbon mast, so my own mast will likely continue to be lighter than the production mast, just so we can find the lower limit and any weak areas. " Since inquiring minds want to know, are you designing to some loading (gathered experimentally? Has anyone ever taken sail loading data in situ?), or matching strength equivalent to aluminum masts already in service? What design margin is being carried and what knockdown on final allowable stresses are you using to allow for fatigue resistance? Is the analysis all based on beam theory or is some analysis code being used (Abaqus, Nastran, Ansys)? How much additional margin will be added between build iterations after failures? If the standard approach to carbon spars is to add excessive conservatism with extra laminate it seems like there would have to be a pretty well thought out optimization in the design to aim for a light as possible mast and I am curious to know your approach. Andy Miller, F22 #135 with Ballenger spar just delivered
  4. What is changed to make the production boats faster than the plan built in an apples to apples comparison (ie same cabin configuration, no extra add ons on the plan built, foam core for both, boomless main, carbon options in the same places for both, etc etc)? IIRC there was some note in the plans about gelcoat being slightly more heavy than paint and fairing with the expectation that that could give the plan built a slight weight advantage if the forms were set up fair enough though it seems like that can't be too big a difference either way.
  5. Can you give the details of what happened with the batteries?
  6. That one is kind'a cool - it's deliberately strange and playful. I doubt it was ever intended to be taken seriously, unlike so many boats on this thread. It needs a new thread "Weirdboats" It's really a piece of performance art, created for our amusement. It's been in the water exactly twice, and never sailed. He's still plugging away at building it, making it ever more elaborate and wonderfully weird. It's only performance art if it actually performs, otherwise, it's a 3-D caricature. P.s. kudos to crazy I really like how he bothered to design (or maybe after the fact) it all up in SolidWorks, and then to show it off he picks a view that could only be had in real life if you were a few feet underwater looking up at it.
  7. Unfortunately you need to start paying a lot of attention to your lenses when you start wanting straight lines in real life to remain straight lines in photos, it's a common issue in architecture photography (the "falling backwards" effect if you stand at the base of a tall building and look up, for example), where they start using shift-tilt lenses: http://www.adorama.com/alc/files/41a7523241c64fb4f1f5f0aaf29dcb6b.jpg Also, I wonder if we might be seeing the "popping" of the seam as a result of dirt and crud getting into the weave of the glass from the tow, accentuating it compared to the relatively clean paint on the plywood above and below?
  8. Wow, tls, you fail Wood Engineering Technology. You need to back up and study a little more. Different specs of plywood are rated for different structural loadings and different stress directions as well as for moisture and rot resistance. The fact that they used CDX by itself does indeed tell everything an experienced wood guy needs to know about how likely this 65' foot catamaran will break up in a seaway or a tow. You are arguing from a place of extreme ignorance, my good sir. I think tls was getting at how if you use more of a crappier material the end strength can be equal to less of a stronger material. Kinda like how multiples of grade 2 bolts get used a lot more than NAS-spec A286 bolts, even though the latter is way better. Whether the FH has enough CDX to meet everyone's required factors of safety is uncertain, to say the least.
  9. Actually, if the coastlines did tear out the windlass or otherwise break it, filling out this form might be worth a shot. I think the place I heard about it had a guy who worked processing them and said it as usually a rubber stamp approval unless it looked really sketchy. http://www.bia.gov/cs/groups/xnifc/documents/text/idc-017268.pdf
  10. I actually refer Teakern arm for freshwater swimming, the oysters at the head of roscoe bay make getting out in flip flops to go swimming a real pain.
  11. Under the theory that the most boring answer is usually correct, maybe the harbormaster called the cops just to get him out of his office after the discussion over the marina keycard, and the cops ran his name against outstanding warrants as a matter of course and the bench warrants popped up?
  12. It's not clear to me if the arrest charges listed are outstanding bench warrants and the actual event that brought the PD to him is yet to be listed as a charge or if it was just because of the bench warrants.
  13. http://www.co.marin.ca.us/depts/SO/bklog/XMLProj/BookResults.asp Name LANE, JAMES JOAN Orig Booking Date 8/12/2013 2:00:00 PM Address SAN RAFAEL CA Latest Charge Date 8/12/2013 2:06:00 PM Sex M Arrest Date 8/12/2013 1:30:00 PM Date of Birth 6/22/1961 Arrest Agency San Rafael PD Occupation RETIRED Arrest Location 110 LOCH LOMAND DR Height 5' 10" Hair Color BRO Weight 175 Eye Color BRO Jail Id P00207030 Charges Bail Charge Authority 14601.1(A) VC Drive with suspended license M $11,000.00 Foreign Warrant/Hold 14601.1(A) VC Drive with suspended license M $11,000.00 Foreign Warrant/Hold 24601 VC License plate lamp on veh I Foreign Warrant/Hold 24601 VC License plate lamp on veh I Foreign Warrant/Hold 40508(A) VC Failure to appear M Foreign Warrant/Hold 40508(A) VC Failure to appear M Foreign Warrant/Hold
  14. Oh, San Rafael. Score one for my reading comprehension...