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  1. TQA

    Free labor - Caribbean

    There is a whole shit load of post hurricane work still to be done in Dominica. Anchor of Portsmouth and contact anyone that has a PAYS sign on their pirogue. As for beach clean up work well the Eastern Caribbean is suffering from the worst year for sargassum seaweed in living memory. In places there are drifts 30 ft wide and 4 ft deep. Loaders and trucks are needed not volunteers with rakes. But the west facing beaches generally escape the sargassum and beach clean up is always appreciated.
  2. TQA

    Putting Boat on the Hard suggestions

    If you intend to sand the bottom buy one of these and a h/d broom handle. It is usually described as a drywall sanding head and it makes sanding the bottom MUCH easier as you can work standing up and use both arms,
  3. TQA

    Putting Boat on the Hard suggestions

    If you are in mud dauber wasp country get some fine wire mesh and block up all the holes in your hull ESPECIALLY the cockpit drains which need to be done top and bottom.
  4. TQA

    Varnish peeling off in patches.

    If you find it is epoxy be aware that inhaling epoxy dust is bad news and sensitivity to epoxy dust can increase with repeated exposure. Ask me how I know this. Cough splutter sneeze succumbs to intense nausea.
  5. TQA

    Varnish peeling off in patches.

    Yup that old varnish has gotta go. Plus 1 on the heatgun. Epithanes exterior varnish is a good long term investment.
  6. TQA

    Interesting new DIY Catamaran build

    Hotrod is one up on this POS. The Flying Hawaiian floated on it's lines.
  7. TQA

    Marina Laundry

    Errr That is what Miranda does. And Daffodil And Sparkle And Cobra etc etc. Miranda is laundry Daffodil does diesel, water, ice bread and laundry plus fish and lobster by arrangement. Call them on the VHF and they come to your boat. The living is easy.
  8. TQA

    Marina Laundry

    I have no idea as I don't do laundry. My Miranda does the laundry. All I know is it smells good.
  9. TQA

    Marina Laundry

    Sheets pillow cases towels and underwear is 80% + of my laundry. Having fresh sheets that smell of conditioner is one of the great pleasures in my life nowadays.
  10. TQA

    Brand spanking new

    See here for how to polish a FG hull
  11. TQA

    Marina Laundry

    Laundry problem? What laundry problem? Call on ch 68 Miranda's Laundry Mirandra's Laundry this is [ insert boat name]. 5 mins later a smiling local arrives alongside and collects dirty laundry. 5 pm same day laundry is returned washed dried and folded. It is tough out here in the Eastern Carib
  12. He used a chassis from a travel trailer which he placed under the bridge deck between the two hulls. He used a jack to lift the FH slightly and packed the wooden blocks between the trailer and the FH. During the process he had to weld on some reinforcement to the trailer as it was bending. I think the tow vehicle was a forklift but no forks were seen in any pics. As fine a piece of jackleg redneck engineering I have seen. Hotrod 'git her done'.
  13. Some things you probably know already but are worth reiterating. The mix ratio by weight is often different to the ratio by volume. Some epoxies seem to be fussy about getting the ratio crack on. Mix the resin with the hardener THEN add the filling agent. If you are tempted to mix large batches DON'T DO IT It will set rapidly heat up and catch fire. You can extend the working time AKA pot life by standing the pot in ice water. If you are working in temps above 70 f and need extra time on large products see if you can get extra slow hardener. I use West System and find their 209 hardener to be a boon where I am. I don't trust the West pumps for occasional use, they are great if in continuous use. I use a cheap electronic scale and disposable cups when I need the occasional mix. The silica filler is a real bitch to sand, microballoons sands easily. Finally wear gloves don't get it on your skin and this includes sanding residue. Try and work upwind of any sanding and mixing operations, I use a fan. I am one of a group of people who have become sensitized to epoxy over the years. I have to avoid any large exposure to epoxy dusty. My reaction is nausea and skin irritation but some people will require hospitalization.
  14. For years this thread was top or near the top of the Anarchy page. When ever I thought it couldn't get crazier -------- it did. I miss my morning dose of Hotrod, the finest redneck that ever built and launched a boat.
  15. TQA

    Cruising Instruments

    Basic Garmin GPS 72 plus paper charts ang a simple depth sounder does it for me. Plus a pair of polaroids for reef nav.