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  1. Charters anchoring for the first time was a major source of worry/disbelief/entertainment in places like Bequia. Charters may have serious sailing chops but little or no anchoring experience. Don't spoil our fun by making sure they are .competent. This has been on here before but is always worth another look at the blue bikini.I have seen stuff approaching this but nothing to equal it.
  2. These are the clearest I have seen. Ivan Bellaroba shared ABS Television/Radio's post to the group: Grenada Cruisers Information.
  3. I am down in Grenada. We have had some gusty westerly winds but nothing to worry about apart from a large [circa ] 100 ft sloop at anchor in Clarks Court Bay that has swung round and his rudder is resting on a reef at low tide lifting the stern a foot or so. I have just talked to friends in Martinique where they experienced much stronger westerly winds but in the large landlocked anchorage of Marin which has hundreds of boats at anchor or on moorings only a few boats went walkabout during the storm. However one pinballed it's way down the bows of boats anchored stern to in a big marina. An interesting insurance claim Most boats headed for hurricane holes but this one in the pic below was left with sails bent on cockpit canvas up and in the exposed anchorage of St Anne. Still I know that beach and it is sand so it may refloat with little damage. The three in the south side of the Fort de France bay are not so lucky and I watched briefly on the Trois Islet web cam as they were smashed up on the beach by the big swells. Nothing much has come out of Dominica except that almost every house has lost it's roof including the prime minister's..
  4. Now a cat 3 and forecast to be a cat 4 soon with a track a little more to the South. Dominica is seeing the eye pass over just now. Dominica is going to need a lot of help. It is likely that the roads will be impossible for weeks due to river bridges being swept away.
  5. Weather guru Cris Parker has issued a warning that this storm due to hit on Monday might intensify very rapidly and hit as a Cat 3 or 4
  6. INCOMING There is a strong possibility of a tropical storm or maybe a hurricane hitting somewhere between Martinique and Barbuda on Monday. Islands as far South as Grenada are likely to experience unusual WESTERLY winds of 20 knots and there exists the possibility of damaging swells.
  7. Go ahead and build it if you enjoy the building process and can cope financially with losing 75% plus of your investment when you come to sell it. If you want to sail buy a boat today and go sailing.
  8. moody

    Cult manufacturer in the UK very active owners association with a big archive of info. https://moodyowners.org/
  9. Total tosh this guy has never been on a planing sailboat. daddle just in case you ever DO find youself on a planing sailboat the place to be is as far back as possible to keep the bow UP.
  10. In my area of the Eastern Caribbean about half of the yards require all sails to be removed before hauling. Few yards require the mast to be removed though. However that may change as a close examination of the post Irma pics coming out of St Marten show boats stored mast up are usually on their side often with broken masts. But there is a yard where the masts are out and most boats are still upright.
  11. When you look at the pictures of wrecked boats a surprising number still have their roller furling headsail bent on. [from Wikipedia]Every list of things to do to ready a boat for a hurricane or high winds includes and item to remove the roller furling headsail. So does leaving your headsail up when a hurricane is forecast constitute a breach of duty of care?What would you do if you saw a boat adjacent to yours with the headsail still bent on.
  12. Little bit scary this on the other hand is a lot scary
  13. If you were on the gulf coast somewhere like Padre Island and you have 2 days warning of Harvey would it have been sensible or even possible to run to safety in a 5 - 6 knot boat. Several people I know left the BVI USVI St Marten and ANtigua 2 days before Irma hit, as far as I know all are safe. Almost everybody who decided to stay in the BVI USVI St Marten has lost their boat.
  15. Who knows how fast that center console might have been going when it hit. It could even have been airborne. There were eyewitness accounts of low flying catamarans. How else do you explain this.