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  1. Perkins 4.154 starter question

    Thank you for the link. That does reassure me that geared is OK. Interestingly the geared ones on offer are cheaper than the non geared original.
  2. My Perkins starter motor is poorly with some corrosion on the front of the shaft preventing the engagement of the small gear when the solenoid is engaged. I am hoping to get it put back into action but would like to buy a new one and keep the old one as a spare.When I search for a replacement on the internet I keep finding what I think is a smaller geared starter motor.I had not seen such a thing before. Does anyone have any views on the use of geared motors as starter motors. My current starter looks like this and the new ones on offer look like this.
  3. Managing epoxy cure times

    West system do an extra slow hardener 209 see http://westsysteminternational.com/en/hardeners/west-system-209-extra-slow-hardener Really useful when working in the summer months in the tropics. I only would mix enough for the current work and would discard any left over rather than going the fridge route and I learned to measure by weight using a cheap electronic scale. Learn to use peel ply. It is magic at giving a pro look to inside work. See Youtube vids for guides. eg https://youtu.be/3cTrKlzK0rw Here is one of the jobs where extra slow hardener will useful. 28c here just now, more in the sun. [Martinique]
  4. This was why Henri Amel built ketches. And as he go older he had electric furling gear and winches on his 55 ft cruising boats. Lots of happy older couples circumnavigated in his boats.
  5. Ah I was attempting to apply logic. I am a dumbkoff mouth breathing redneck idiot. I will immediately return to thinking about alien intervention.
  6. One anomaly that strikes me is how clean his bottom is. Mimsy that is, lets not dwell on the alternative. Any boat that has been in the warm waters of the Pacific for months usually has a considerable amount of growth including goose barnacles. There was a pic of the stern of Mimsy shortly after he arrived in Saipan in pretty clear water. No growth was visible, none, nada. When was Mimsy last antifouled? This plus his miraculous escape from the Texas reef and some seriously intricate reef navigation is making me wonder. Is this whole thing an elaborate attention seeking scam? If so boy have we been pranked. We are talking prank of the century.
  7. Is this the straight poop? Was he towed out and cast adrift? If so who by? Does he have sufficient supplies on board for another driftathon?
  8. Is this the straight poop? Was he towed out and cast adrift? If so who by? Does he have sufficient supplies on board for another driftathon?
  9. Update on Dominica

    Both Roseau and Portsmouth are back in action and welcoming yotties. Not everybody has electricity but the fish and veg markets are open in both places. The curfew is gone. A lot of the aid for Dominica has been carried on a 70 year old Clyde built steel tug that is the cruising home of Mike and Julie. They have been shuttling in and out of Dominica with relief supplies. More here Da Buzzard If you choose to visit, Dominica needs many things but generators power tools and kids toys are high on the list. Note for anyone planning to visit and hoping to fill up with sweet water the wooden cruise ship dock at Cabrits was wrecked in the storm. Jugging water from Portsmouth is possible. The new dock by the market 'might' have water but I have conflicting reports on this.
  10. So the skipper is fucked and can expect a pain in the wallet.
  11. Battery size for instruments

    The pack you recommend is 2300mAh 6.0v So you need 8 to ,make a 9.2 ah12 volt pack not 4 But they would work just fine.
  12. Hard vs soft dinghy

    I have an 18 hp Nissan/Tohatsu. Fast is good. Faster is better.
  13. Battery size for instruments

    Having had a full and frank discussion elsewhere on batteries and my anti lithium stance here is a case where a lithium pack would do the job just fine. 4 cells LiFe 10 ah pack weighs 43 oz and can be deep discharged repeatedly. LiFe battery But make sure you understand the charging regime required and the minimum safe voltage.
  14. Especially if the Christmas winds are blowing 25 to 30 knots and 3 meter seas. The charter boats get abandoned in marinas while the charters fly home losing their security deposits and with extra delivery charges to come. Mind you the North end of St Vincent in reinforced trades and 3 meter seas will be officially unpleasant.
  15. Help identifying my Perkins Starter

    Looks like a standard CAV pre engaged starter. I have a 154 and had my starter rebuilt when it failed and it looked worse than yours. All hail Al Bernadine in Guave on Grenada who had the spares and the knowledge 24 hr turnaround. But in the US/Canada I suspect that the rebuild cost will be much greater than a new replacement CAV. Assuming you have a 3 bolt flange I am 99% sure that this is the starter you need LUCAS CAV STARTER $140 + carriage I have no experience with the geared starters on offer but they should work too.