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    Caribbean cruising as long as I can
  1. Rimas is alive

    We have a long established 230 page thread chronicling every misstep made by our hero Rimas. You start another one. Why?
  2. The drifter grifter has been carefully coached and knows what to put in a 'distress' to get the rescue bods to scramble to his aid. Did someone buy him a new shirt? The grifter wins out again.
  3. Before we ask how did he find Guam I think we need to know how he escaped the reefs in Fiji. Wind was ESE and he can't even beam reach. I think we can assume he lied about the tiller. Was he able to make it round the Undu Peninsula? Alien intervention Nah Trained dolphins just maybe.
  4. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Go the Rimas! Mimsy lives.
  5. The endless unfuckingbeliveable story continues. I gave him a tiny chance of avoiding Texas reef or the big island. 5 % maybe. Fiji to Guam 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 %
  6. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Gotta be a Gunboat Mind you used start at 7 figures. That should get line honors in any cruising class
  7. Inland Waterway Bridge Clearance

    The bridge with the 56 ft clearance is at mile marker 1087. It is called the Julia Tuttle bridge and is Miami. It gained fame and notoriety a few years back when a group of registered sex offenders camped under it.
  8. Old lady sets off on solo nonstop RTW

    This is on her blog I spoke with Jeanne tonight and she is sore and in pain although limbs and nerves are all intact She took a fall from the top of a ladder while coming down off her boat in the boatyard She is currently in hospital while she begins to recover from her injuries. She will provide more details as soon as she is up to it. Please keep her in your thoughts.
  9. Maria

    Mike and Julie are special people. I mean who would choose a 1950 riveted steam tug as their home. Well they did and enroute to british Columbia they got waylaid in Grenada where the living is easy. They stepped up to the plate though and offered the Flying Buzzard as a way of getting relief supplies from Grenada to Dominica. Here is their story.
  10. Old lady sets off on solo nonstop RTW

    Bad news on the Jeanne front. She has fallen from a ladder while working on her boat. The report I read says 8 broken ribs and a problem with a neck vertebra The neck issue may have her in a collar for months.
  11. Two cat 5 hurricanes making land fall in the same year is beyond bad considering there have only been 33 since 1851.
  12. Are you sure about this. I know it is OK with old style dumb chargers but anything modern with battery voltage detection and charge rate regulation will be in a right tizzy with another charger raising the voltage.
  13. The plan is to treat St Vincent and the Grenadines with Grenada as one state as far as cruising in a sailboat goes. Once you have checked in to EITHER St Vincent and the Grenadines OR Grenada you would be free to sail anywhere within these two states. I strongly suspect that the customs and immigration formalities will still be done by real people and the French model of computers in bars by the waterside will not be followed. Chris Doyle who authors the excellent cruising guides for the area has been lobbying the relevant officials in the islands and it got close to happening but politics got in the way and stalled it. As a full time retired liveaboard cruiser it does not bother me to spend a day on the check out check in process but I sympathise with the charter who has only has a few days to enjoy this area.
  14. There are moves afoot in high places to do away with the need for customs and immigration thing between St Vincent [ and Grenadines ] and Grenada.
  15. I think you have NO IDEA of the extent of the devastation. Sure go cruise the VI just make sure you are pretty much totally self sufficient on water diesel and gasoline and can manage without marinas. Yes it will be quieter in the popular anchorages MUCH QUIETER>