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  1. OK thanks for the steer on replacing the screen 129 $ US plus shipping.15 mins work says the seller. link I will most likely go down this route.
  2. I have a Raymarine ST6002 autopilot. The display on the control head is partially blank. The only effect is part of the 3 in 300 + degrees is missing. It works fine and I can live with display. However does anyone know if the display will get worse rapidly. It is 10+ years old and done some miles. Does anyone fix or replace the LCD display.Mr Google is not much help. Raymarine just want to sell me a complete new system [ of course ]
  3. How much would a new rudder shaft cost? Split the rudder, cut off tangs, weld tangs to new shaft, reassemble rudder. All simple jobs. A proper job compared to gooping the shaft up then hand scraping. Also you could stop worrying about crevice corrosion.
  4. TQA

    Hit by Lighting While Aboard

    Took a masthead hit while at anchor in Beaufort North Carolina. Huge noise which partially deafened me for days. The cabin went blue and fuzzy for a second or two. Masthead tri and VHF aerial disappeared and there were little round metal balls on deck. About 50% of electronics were killed including some unplugged and sitting on a wooden table. My steel boat was turned into a strong magnet which rendered all magnetic compasses useless.
  5. TQA


    Thank you I will go for the Hi Grip type NO SLOTS! Now I wonder if they have them in stock?
  6. TQA


    Not abandoned monitoring daily. Still considering which make of clip to go for. Current favorite is the JCS Hi-Torque clip which gets positive reviews and is available in stainless. However still has the slots. It is also available in my local chandlers.
  7. Off the wall thought. Could you turn it into a conventional stuffing box gland with some gland packing string. Then add a remote greaser. ?
  8. TQA

    Kyocera solar panels 135 watt

    The Prostar MPPT 40A looked like what I need but it gets very poor user reviews with the company seemingly abandoning development and failing to fix the bugs. I think the Tristar 45a with the remote will be better. Gets good use reviews on reliability. In the Eastern Caribbean dealing with warranty is a nightmare with multiple visits to customs if you are sending stuff back for repair.
  9. TQA

    Kyocera solar panels 135 watt

    I am a full time liveaboard and run my fridge overnight so the morning bulk thing should not be a problem. I would like a controller that has a screen that shows the amps going into the battery. It is not clear from their ads which model has this built in and which needs an additional remote device. I don't think I need the facilities the remote device has in terms of fine tuning the charging regime. I have a 675 ah flooded wet cell deep discharge capable battery bank. Can I get a TriStar 45 amp MPPT controller with a screen showing the charge in amps. ? I don't need the fancy ethernet stuff.
  10. TQA


    11 Years ago my boat was the subject of a no expense spared major refit. All hoses and hose clips were replaced. A substantial supply of spare clips formed part of the inventory when I bought her. In the past 5 years 1 to 3 clips have failed each year. Not because they were over tightened or seized they just broke in silence and secretly. This morning I came across another. So all clips and most hoses are getting replaced. Does anyone have a particular make or type of clip that is to be recommended. If you have any hose clips of the type MURRAY made in the USA I would replace them with another make.
  11. TQA

    Kyocera solar panels 135 watt

    Looks like I might be better selling my existing set up of 3 x 135 w Kyocera panels in a frame with a Blue Sky 2000e MPPT controller and replacing them with 2 265 w panels from Innova and a 45 amp controller possibly a TriStar. The key thing is the two 265 w panel footprint is only slightly longer and slightly wider than my existing set up. It will fit nicely onto my existing rear arch with pivot. Any 'gotchas ' I might have missed?
  12. I have 3 Kyocera solar panels and am very happy with them. They are at least 11 years old and still doing the business. I would like to add another Kyocera 135 watt solar panel size is 650mm by 1440 mm I understand that they may not be available anymore. If not what is the best alternative. Ideally something close in dimensions.
  13. TQA

    Outboard making me lose my mind

    Sure sounds like a full or partial blockage in the main jet system to me. Take the carb off and blow through the main jet while it is in the carb but use a high pressure compressed air line. A known issue if you have been running fuel with an ethanol $ is the fuel line from tank to carb degrading. Worth changing just in case.
  14. TQA

    Galley equipment

    When I can find it I buy McCormick disposable pepper grinders because they are adjustable Sure I would like a nice tall matched polished set for posh but McCormick do me just fine. My morning baguette stuffed with bacon and egg needs that sprinkle of coarse ground pepper and it tastes just as good posh grinder or plebeian. BTW if you are desperate it is possible to pry off the top of the McCormick and refill it. My success rate is about 60 %