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  1. Voile de St Barth - Multihulls

    Many iterations to the TS42.
  2. Banque Pop capsize

    Yea because nobody has ever singlehanded these tris RTW or anything. Go back to your stupid proas, Idiot.
  3. Shame you don't have the balls to put your name on that post. TeamVMG huh? More like team slander.
  4. Ian Farrier

    So sad. One heck of a designer.
  5. My gosh that is either a really slow boat or really interesting routing. As of this date and after talking about how you could take on and beat Gunboats when you get across, you are getting crushed by virtually every multihull including a TS 42 and some Outremers, and even some monohulls. Ouchie, broken, or in cruising mode (so why race)?
  6. Gitana 17 on Foils

    Doug is not married or full time employed is he? And I would not say I am exceptional Doug, if I only have 1/7th of 471. That is only 67. That is not exceptional at all. But I did just add one. Let me check my calendar and see if I can get you over 1000. So this system is not relevant to your standing in the sailing and foiling world but you think your bathtub toy boats are to Gitana? And we all have to listen to you spout your self-promotional BS endlessly 11,253 times and counting. So much to work with!
  7. Ah, you hurt the feelings of a cold water/hazmat diver, surfer, and sailor. Draw your own conclusions assuming you are capable of reading and comprehension. https://media.defense.gov/2017/Mar/29/2001723580/-1/-1/0/CIM_10470_10G.PDF But I am wiling to be corrected. I put up, now its your and your ilk's turn. Show me a professional maritime or rescue organization that recommends or requires its professional members to wear a wetsuit under a drysuit for cold weather rescue or other similar operations as opposed to providing and specifying wicking materials and fleece as it the case above. Either way, wear whatever you like. Darwin's rules decides the winner. But you guys perhaps illustrate why women live longer than men.
  8. Please expand the occasion and events such that your drysuit failed to such an extent you filled it with water and became hypothermic while sailing back to the club because you wore good thermal insulating gear and fleece under your drysuit rather than a wetsuit which would have miraculously kept you safe, warm and dry. Pray tell.
  9. It is an old school divers approach long abandoned by most, back from when diving drysuits frequently leaked like sieves. I cold water and hazmat dive, surf and frostbite. I am familiar with drysuits for boat crews and divers, and wetsuits. Used as described under a drysuit, wetsuits are non-wicking and poorly insulating. I would recommend a breathable drysuit over layers of wicking and insulating winter thermal gear, and fleece. I only use my wetsuit for surfing or recreational diving. Over the years I have had a number of rips or other minor leaks in both my diving and boating drysuits. It is not nearly the problem that you claim it is. Not even enough to make one sail in or abort a dive and usually not even noticed until changing back into civvies.
  10. Appeal decision help

    You should remove the young man's name and other identifying information from your posts. It is inappropriate.
  11. My newest project

    Whisper ain't that fat. Just stupid.
  12. First, I am not a dude and second I would bet I have done more frostbiting than you.
  13. My newest project

    A lot like your posts you giant bag of hot air.