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  1. It’s ugly, expensive, poorly designed and constructed, slow, and has no livable interior. There are many better trimarans on the market. Thanks; no.
  2. LMI

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Jailbreak. Wish you better than luck than they had!
  3. LMI

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    What a stupid little piece of shit you are. Mr. Warburton is one of the rare few individuals who posts and provides a fair and balanced perspective from the EU and you attack him. Congratulations; you are the weakest link.
  4. LMI

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Last time according to you, Wess was Bill Crane and then he was Tillerman. Now in 181 you think Gouvernail is Wess, and by 188 you seem to think Gouvernail is Sosoomii. So is Sosoomi now Bill Crane or Wess or both? Your stupidity on who is who is only surpassed by your ability to accuse volunteers of taking bribes. I don't think you are paranoid as much as I think you have the emotional maturity, intelligence and utility of a cockroach. I went to the ILCA site and voted no as you. Twenty nine times. Today alone. That last part is not true.
  5. An imaginary friend is not a source you pathetic forever lying piece of shit.
  6. I remember you from the last thread as someone dumber than shit and worse yet willing to lie repeatedly. I never thought anyone would stoop so low and be so stupid to admit voting in a class ballot when they were not even a member of the class but yet there you were admitting to it and even proud of the fact. And now when I think you cant get any lower, you make some baseless claim about a gentleman who was a class volunteer taking bribes; your acquisition made worse yet since that volunteer has since passed and so is not even around to defend himself. You should be ashamed but based on your past behavior you will not be. You should be sued for libel and slander but I fear an insanity defense would get you off. You must live under a rock you piece of low life scum.
  7. LMI

    Chucktown Fuckery

    Its very nice to see the competitors themselves argue for what they think is right and wrong in terms of rules application. Sailing needs more of this.
  8. Don't know what you mean and don't care. People like you destroy the sport. Go read the Chucktown Fuckery posts to learn what it is to support the sport from sailors who have a life.
  9. Not worth a response but for the lesson in libel and slander and worth saving the thread for that. No wonder the sport of sailing is dying when brain dead trolls with no life and sock puppets with no balls endlessly attack good people. Why would someone who teaches sailing have a sock dedicated to destroying the same sport they make their living at?
  10. So you have never owned or sailed a multihull, never designed or built one, never crossed an ocean but yet you are going to tell us right and wrong re Newick. Your multihull experience equate to having just purchased some dilapidated 7 knot literal shitbox. You are as arrogant as you are stupid. Good grief first you have your nose up Perry’s ass, then some alleged stalker’s, and now this. Get a life and come back when you have actually done something worthwhile. You vs Newick. Comical but for you actually believing the drivel you post.
  11. Not the typical SA thread. Nice!
  12. Wrong. Depending on where located, nature of the problem, and how uncovered, the seller may be liable for not disclosing what they knew to be material facts. The buyers remedies increase as the nature of the problem is more severe and the extent of resulting damages to the buyer.
  13. LMI

    Hunter 28.5?

    Buy it if the price is fair. Decent beginning boat.
  14. Hat into the ring? That turkey could not be elected dog catcher.
  15. No. Is that what is keeping your needle dick bug fucking insect self from having an intelligent thought?