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  1. LMI

    Cruising Quarantine Issues RE Covid-19

    Please. The US has less than half the deaths that Europe does and that is with highly inflated counting. Why? Because we stopped you nutters and your Chinese friends from coming in. The only smart ones are the Swedes. Someone too stupid to understand what is really happening will now post something stupid in reply. Just wait a few months when you are still going through it wave after drawn out wave and your country and economy is in tatters. Better learn to speak Swedish.
  2. Its really not. There are extended periods where no builder was inspected and the simple fact is there isn't now and never was a lack of uniformity in the boats beyond what the ILCA should not have but did allow. But even that doesn't matter. For the masses the boat, gear or builder never mattered. Its about a first row start, finding and hitting the puffs and shifts and boat handling. Put the best person in your fleet in the oldest boat with the old school rigging and a baggy old sail and she will still beat everyone else. The mess we are in is because ILCA and WS want the Olympics and its revenue, other new revenue source, new gear and rigs, and new regions more than they wanted or valued what they had.
  3. What an idiot. LP was inspected more often than PSA or PSJ. Of all the issue the Laser class faces, inspections and differences in boats are the least of our problems.
  4. Bring this back. The changes have only benefited the builders and those chasing the elite sailors and power. The new controls are between 3 and 10 X the price of the boat as originally designed and have done nothing to improve the racing or sailing. But the boat is far more expensive. The class and World Sailing gets rich, the builders get rich and sailors get fleeced. Bring back the original Laser. Launch the Torch Mr. Kirby. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
  5. You abandoned the Laser class for an Aero long ago so I don't even know why you are here other than to diminish what Mr. Kirby and Bruce built and to prop up your own uber-expensive failed little Aero dinghy experiment. Piss off. Since you gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, lack basic reading and comprehension skills let me clarify and make it simple. ILCA has failed. PSA has failed. LP has failed. World Sailing has failed. They have all failed the masses. They have all corrupted the vision the Laser class was built on. They are all solely interested in the elite segment of the sport and control over it. What I propose is diametrically opposed to them and that and a return to the original vision for the boat and class. What I ask is that Mr. Kirby relaunch the Laser, not as it is, but as it was. A return to the original vang, cunninghan, outhaul and spars. A return to the original SMOD concept. One builder. The same simple, affordable, rugged SMOD boat and class the Laser used to be but is no more. Just rebranded as the Torch. If aimed at the masses and done this way it would be everything the Laser used to be and nothing that ILCA, PSA, LP, and WS have turned it into. And not one of those organizations could do a thing about it. All would be powerless to stop it. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Viva la Torch!
  6. An Open Letter to Mr. Bruce Kirby Dear Mr. Kirby, You and Mr. Ian Bruce , RIP, designed, developed and launched a boat and class in the Laser, that changed the world of sailing. You were instrumental in introducing hundreds of thousands of people, young and old, experienced and newbs, to sailing and racing. The Laser and the class were unlike anything before it. The boat was simple, accessible, affordable, and rugged. The class was built on the concept of SMOD racing and focused on growth from the masses. Here was the ideal boat and class for the club sailor, the college sailor, and with the addition of radial rig, for the young and old. Sadly, the boat and class that remains now is a dark shadow of its former self. Power hungry and greedy, the builders, the class itself, and World Sailing has corrupted your and Mr. Bruce’s vision. Simple is now complex, accessible is now exclusive, affordable is now absurdly expensive, and rugged is now replaced with broken components that must be constantly replaced at considerable and significant added expense. The class that used to be Laser doesn’t even call it the Laser anymore, they call it the ILCA whatever that is. The boat and class is nothing like the joy that you designed. A spar alone now costs what your complete boat used to. As for the class; it has been corrupted beyond recognition. SMOD has been replaced with some abomination called FRAND in order to chase the elite sailors of the world while ignoring the masses this great boat and class were built on. The former lead builder, LP, recently fired, now proposes to rescue the class from PSA, ILCA and World Sailing with the launch of a competing class to ILCA called TLC. Alphabet soup I know and an inevitable split between the elite and the mass of the class you and Mr. Bruce launched, but LP are no less greedy or power hungry than those they opposed. No one serves the sailors anymore. Not the class ILCA and not the builders PSA or LP. And not World Sailing. They are all too busy chasing the elite, their money, and control. It is indeed a dark time for those who love and care about affordable, accessible, SMOD racing in single handed dinghies and you may ask or wonder if there is any hope and future for your and Mr. Bruce’s original vision. There is. Light the Torch and burn away the pretenders. I implore you to launch the Torch. Target and price the boat and class for the masses. Bring back SMOD. Bring back simple and affordable. Do away with composite spars and the upgraded vang and cunningham that add nothing and simply break boats and rigs. Do away with new rigs and grey sails. Do away with the greedy, and control seeking people corrupting your vision. Do away with PSA, ILCA and LP. Bring back the Laser and class that you launched. I realize that you can't call it the Laser and would have to call it the Torch, but as I would, many sailors would be honored to buy, sail and race in a Torch class aligned with your original vision. The elite are the few; we are the many. In closing, I hope you bring back the boat and class so many of us grew up with and miss. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Viva la Torch!
  7. Fact is it’s been for sale forever and nobody has bought it. Fact is even at half even a quarter the price I would not buy it. Fact is you will never take it to the Caribbean winter racing circuit because you would be crushed. Fact is it’s a horrible boat for cruising with its minimal fit out and accommodations in a cave like monohull design, minimal protection on deck, expensive maintenance requirements, and safety compromises. You tell everyone else what is wrong with their boats and what is so great about yours but yet the market has spoken loudly and clearly that your’s is the one with issues. Fact.
  8. I have anchored many places far and wide but this well worn photo is of a back bay anchorage close to home. It was, is, and always will be my favorite.
  9. It is a shame and one that is of a much larger scale than you allude to. You helped point out that there is roughly a $5000 difference between a Laser with all the upgrades and fees and one without any of them. Instead of sending money to WS, ILCA and all the others that promote and protect the elite end of the sport, put all that money into local clubs and community out-reach and we could change the sport. We don't need a WS, an ILCA, or NAs or even RAs. What we need are local clubs. If you love the sport, invest your time and send your money there.
  10. Wise words especially about not being able to vang past block to block. With that change you actually don't need any of the expensive gear on the boat and the price would be about 2000 USD more affordable and more consistent with the original vision.
  11. Grass roots sailing is not membership and membership is not grass roots sailing. That has been well established. It is also obvious that the problems with top sections breaking frequently only became a thing after the new control lines enabled sailing the boat in a way it hadn't been sailed previously. These problems are self made and need not be. You abandoned the bedrock concepts that both the boat and the class were built on.
  12. No its not been good for the class. Its not the lazy fat ass old coach who is buying the upper its the kid. And its unconscionably expensive relative to original vision of the class. First you have upgraded vangs and cunninghams which significantly increases the stress on the sail and mast. And then you upgrade sails. All combined this stresses the mast beyond the original design. Next comes increased mast step failures and new rigs. Stop screwing with the Laser. Stop catering to World Sailing, Olympic sailors and builders who are all just in this for $s. This class was supposed to be about an affordable easily rigged fun to sail SMOD dinghy for the masses and its been and continues to be corrupted beyond recognition.
  13. All this talk about carbon uppers. What is wrong with you people. Laser does not stand for Lets Ass-rape Sailors at Every Register The Laser was born as an affordable OD boat and a SMOD class for the masses. The boat won a contest for under $1000 OD dinghies. Now you pay almost that much for just a carbon top section and talk about boats costing an order of magnitude more. How is this good for juniors. How is this good for sailors. How is this good for anyone except for builders who want more control and more $s. The original top section worked well for decades at a fraction of the costs of the carbon upper. You people have thrown away the basic premise of the boat and class are killing what used to be the best OD dinghy in world. You can't even call it a Laser anymore. What is an ILCA except for a more expensive copycat boat and class that sold out the original concepts of both Kirby and Bruce.
  14. I am not excited or willing to buy Chinese.
  15. Really. What are you smoking? Not in China they ain't.