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  1. jocal505

    The debate over assault weapons

    Put this in the butthurt files, to honor me Tom. Or even to humor me. You must like dead kids.
  2. jocal505

    Where's all the 2A people now?

    Hmmm, the un-cooperatives make sure the nation building fails
  3. jocal505

    The debate over assault weapons

    Ghoul alert. ^^^ The "aggregate" is the problem. The Second Amendment needs to function, overall, in a positive way in our society. The gun wanking is a glaring negative, in many ways.
  4. Well, thanks for the unrelated info, which fails to cover gun violence. See what I mean? Where are the UCR gun stats for Florida, from the FBI, as reported in 48 other states?
  5. Oh look, random Australian thinks a satire website is real. Not a satire. For five years, Florida and Alabama have failed to participate in the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting system. How about you provide a link, just like you require from everyone else. Hopefully to a chart at the FBI website, not ON THE ROAD TO IGNORANCE Here ya go. Thanks (to DeadEye Dick) for asking for the link... for only Florida and Alabama, as of fucking 2015 AD... gun murders (blank: unreported) murder rate per 100K (blank, unknown ffs) gun murder rate per 100K (blank, unknown)
  6. jocal505

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    You are lying, as usual. The problem is not extremely rare. There have been at least 87 mass shootings in June, shattering a single-month record set in May, when there were 60. — Gun Violence Archive
  7. whoops BTW, I find that I reflect on your take on things, quite a bit. Not too bad.
  8. Ah, the ghost database is employed. The ghose database spans the threads, and the years. Here, we can discern how the ghost database has both range, and longevity. Open grudges are stored on the ghost database, over the years, in the butthurt files... (but neither exists). Is Florida burning, still?
  9. Clueless. ^^^ Out of touch, too. In this cycle, with open unrest the way it is, if I am in your company, I would rather change the subject to race relations.
  10. jocal505

    The USS Dumb Fuck

    (Above) “Hey mom, look! I’m a racist!” Welcome to THE RACEBAITER TIME MACHINE five years of interesting behavior by our host, Tom "dogballs" Ray 2019 Six Mlk'S/yr. Five Taney's/yr. Fourteen Dreds/yr. Twenty six "Immature and volatiles" per year Sixty six NAACP'S/yr (Tom's red ink spew is unknown; quotes do not search) @Cacoethesic Tom
  11. jocal505

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    Read SAILING ANARCHY. The consistent words and positions of Blackstone, which you seek, are in our forums. These words guided George Washington and his cohorts. The words you seek ping out the terms of the Statute of Northamption, aka, any open weapon in public spaces in a misdemeanor; any hidden weapon is a felony. schedule any conflicts in your own living room, okay to invite your buddies Blackstone was against outdoor violence, in general. He represented the alternative: civil laws. They supplant violence for us, in civilized settings. And sorry, my friend, but this is what happens when gun violence is justified:
  12. jocal505

    On This Season of Riots

    When you and Boothy wanted the gangsta shootouts to neutralize the race problem, was that "metaphorical"?
  13. jocal505

    Tulsa Coronapalooza a Bust

    Stay tuned. Flynn reports to jail in nine days.