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  1. That's easy. In Federalist 28, Hamilton said the proposed power was to be placed in the representatives of the people. He didn't mention the rabble directly.
  2. Was she drinking and shooting, with Noel from Australia? How about a wide angle shot> how many guns are aimed at her? Did she get to ride on the golf cart of death?
  3. This ^^^ is poor, Jeff. Not up to acceptable standards. You have avoided both Steam's central (and considerately presented) points, and my question about any authority needed before tyrants are hunted. WTF?
  4. Maintaining that all .22's are assault weapons from December to August is nutty. Eight references about elk antlers on AW's is nutty. "If you don't support shall issue, you have aligned yourself with racist policy" is nutty. "If you don't support arming women in common situations, you are pro rapist" is nutty. Nine pages of Tom Ray posts mentioning self defense is nutty too, if he doesn't know the subject.
  5. Sustained fire is common to your elk. Billy's 14 is legal, but it will burn your forward hand under sustained fire, with a propensity for the barrel to sky. Be careful out there. I bet a retrofit forward grip is available. Any outrage should be related to your congressman, Jeffie. For the "majority of people" you make another unsourced, imaginary Jeffie claim. Do you mean the 1% of the population that owns three AW's each? Shall we not consider the majority of circuit courts? "Cosmetic features" cannot transform the butt ugly results of battlefield-ready weapons. This alleged dumbass predicted the trend of the abuse of AW's in early 2012, because they're the best tool for such mayhem. Since then, four federal appeals courts have restricted them, but none has welcomed them, due to AW mayhem. In March, one circuit declared AW's unconstitutional, and noted AW mayhem directed at police during deliberations. Who's the dumbass, bro?
  6. Mayweather has made some great decisions, consistently. He must know something about the sweet science, since he accepted this, and after his prime. Like Gouv, I see two sports being contrasted here.
  7. Miller, my ass. You need to correct a series of mis-statements you made this week. I hope they weren't intentional. You denied the progression of, and existence of, Blackstone's Five Auxiliary rights three times. And you have been repeatedly mis-stating the militia exclusion proposed in the Miller case. Mr. Miller was not considered by the Miller Court because he was part of The People, but because he was within the narrow range of fighting ability. This is significant, because the Miller standards introduce age specificity (territory the courts themselves have avoided when claiming gun rights; THINK, Tom). We have LAYERS of subterfuge with Tom's bit. It is Bannonesque. You see, Pooplius and the Libertarians hate Miller and the Militia Act of 1792, and needed to discount them. So they tailored their approach with hyperbole in the Parker case. Parker levered Ashcroft's hijacking of Emerson, which had levered Miller's assumed militia rights. We have mission creep here,and ALL are based of goofy, very imaginary, history. The Parker case was to make Miller's limited rights go away. Miller is an anachronism, a rather diabolical TR distraction. It worked against Tom in the past, and will get worse for Tom several ways. As this plays out, the collective militia rights which Miller represents may be sorely missed. Individual militia rights, eh? They were eroded by the Kolbe Decision, which empowered states to refuse AW's, based on fucking Miller. (If AW's are neither common nor lawful, we won't be having them at home for militia emergencies, will we?)
  8. Plus we have the Zapata factor
  9. I dare him to shoot someone on fifth avenue. I dare him to grab one crotch.
  10. I dunno about this approach Jeffie.
  11. Thanks, very mature. You must be a grown-up. We have our differences within society, and it's wonderful and creative that we get to express them by assembly, to air them out publicly so to speak. When force is introduced, including clubs, that's a different matter IMO. Even if a municipality has enough APC's, beanbags, and and AW's to "manage" armed protesters, any force is in poor taste in a representative democracy. It crosses a line, and degenerates the public dialogue, IMO.
  12. Should the protesters leave their guns at home, or not?
  13. The Shootist can't keep up. The Shootist has a flagship case name Heller which is clearly based on wild and bogus history. Last month, The Shootist seemed ignorant of the geopolitics of the founding fathers. I get to school The Shootist around here.
  14. Preaching this stuff while armed to the teeth is a different matter. Princess Jeffie to aisle six. This is good timing fir you ti sort out armed intolerance with the ACLU. They are yuge on the first amendment.
  15. +2 Gouv.