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  1. Ru$$ian $pending

    Tomspin is fun to debunk. Volokh was just busted ^^^, he was working five Twitter feeds for Libertarian causes. Tom's other link is also from the Libertarian site reason.com, from which Tom indoctrinates himself (and us) every morning.
  2. Quam bonum, et jucumdum, quod fratres habitare in unum.
  3. Maryland jr 2nd amendment fans acting out

    Ish, what was your reasoning wrt the ignore function here? I'm considering the same.
  4. While I notice too much of this, overall there are far too many basic violations in play worth being upset about. The uproar is merited. WRT the question in the thread title, no, not at all. I expected failure before four years. BUt I expected adults to rein Trump in better than this, and now he is rejecting the adults. I saw Trumps flaws pretty well, but under-estimated their depth, support, and effectiveness. All of it will work against Trump in the long run, and for American ideals IMO.
  5. Maryland jr 2nd amendment fans acting out

    In child rearing, this is called "the terrible two's." You don't mind boxing yourself in like this? We are watching Trump do the same with the Stormy lies. The truth, Tom? Really? You present confusion, for dishonest propaganda. Fake News, lots of. You now sound like Steve Bannon looks Tom. Your prescience about The Patriot Act and the drug war, even with our thanks, may not translate to the gun topic. I say this based on your pervasive, willful ignorance of gun violence outcomes. Here we have a culture, a narcicissm factory spinning for fifteen months.
  6. Why did Trump pay $130,000 to silence a woman?

    I love Avenatti, he's as good a bully as you're going to find. But whether I am ancient or not, I want to ski with this guy. "Let's not get over the tips of our skiis?" Ahem, 3X? Poor advice, since one's steering is found there. Poor advice, since intermediate skiers are oriented 10 to 15% too far back. Poor advice, since the human skeleton squats backwards naturally, but forwards not at all. Poor advice: in a game of balance, the bum in the back weighs far more than the kneecaps and the fists in the front. Elite skiers work (and lever) forward pressure on the top fronts of their boots. Forward orientation is gold in racing and in advanced rec skiing. This pacifist has noticed that some bullies are better than others, depending. Trump has met his match.
  7. I think their metric is how many immigrants they can imprison on nearby islands in squalid conditions while castigating the US for our tough immigration policies. FFS, bigly. A great question was asked, but the questioner was thugged upon? Here we see again, the human behavior of the OP.
  8. If you bully away on the next guy, your guns will be okay. You sound kinda stressed out Jefffie.
  9. irresponsible gun owners?

    Sounds like Tom Ray is projecting. Sounds like Tom is high centered, spinning his wheels in the air at high rpm, going nowhere loudly. Thanks for bringing that up. You sound very fruit loops at this point Tom. Under this definition of "ban," federal funding for gun violence has been "banned" for 22 years. You need to retract your denials of this fact. I support the assertion. Tou drag .22 guns into conversations where they don't belong. (Many people are saying it FWIW.) An yes, but you know your wife's .22 DOES have a detachable magazine. You need to apply the fine TR discernment sklils here, as they are used elsewhere. Yes, Steamer. Mind rot, supported daily from reason.com. I feel like trolling into reality the voice of a tapeworm, with schadenfreude bigly, except for the degradation factor in a very real, very vibrant community.
  10. Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    Good job, your carbine barrel is pointed at your guest, you're an idiot.
  11. Florida Gun Ban Proposed

  12. Maryland jr 2nd amendment fans acting out

    Tom gets that. But he's going to annoy us, indefinitely, as a punishment... for not caring. @Zapata should do something. What is interesting is that Tom is good with it.
  13. Maryland jr 2nd amendment fans acting out

    No, this one is different, based on intensity, range, and longevity. We are completing fifteen months of this .22 stuff. I don't think Tom is aging well. I wish the Marylanders all the non-violent best.
  14. Now, About Cambridge Analytica....

    Rainbow Bernie's elk will be around to piss on your grave, and on the southern gun culture.
  15. Next up - Mueller?

    Pick a few from Trump's shopping list.