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  1. George Washington once urged the respective colonies to take the guns from Tory sympathizers. Over issues of political loyalty. All colonies cooperated. About fifteen years later he took the firearms of Shays' Rebellion actors. He did the same a few years later during the Whiskey rebellion, using new powers granted by the Militia act of 1792.. Did George compensate the malcontents, these uncooperatives, in these gun confiscation scenarios? Whether he did or didn't, the detail is a sideshow, and introduces confusion.
  2. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    Simpleton much? That depends on the particular .22, on the particular individual, and on the particular state where it is owned. Also on the timeframe, as these laws are evolving to follow developing occurrences. (Stay with us, , Florida genius boy, an eighteen shot .22 which was legal in New Mexico in 1976 may not have been legal in NJ in 1991. For another example, such a gun could be legal in WA in 2017, but illegal in NJ in 2017. )
  3. What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Your question is more daily nonsense from Tom Ray. I have come to expect that. Carry on mate.
  4. Next up! Al Franken

    Yes, you did the race-baiter bit, on me (a grizzled, veteran street worker from Jimi's hood) again. It gives you a rush. You have left a trail of race-baiting in our community for some reason. That is what it is = a reflection on the real Tom Ray. I'm happy when the gay dudess dance about NTTAWWT, because they are free sorts of elk, sexually and otherwise. I only asked why you dance about like a giddy gay dude while spouting gun nonsense. Where is your answer?
  5. What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    It's not a fact, at all. The World Health Org defines violence as damage to oneself or others. A gun suicide is gun violence, period...except among Larry Pratt's elk. Gun suicides are included (by doctors, medical health professionals, social scientists, and researchers) because they form up the worst of gun violence. Half our successful suicides (a whopping figure around 22,000/yr) happened under the influence of a gun in the home. THE BIGGEST, most important reducer of suicide in the USA would be the absence of a gun in the home, according to fifty studies. REALITY CHECK ON JEFFIE; To say that gun suicides are not gun violence is a falsehood. A wishful fantasy, a lie.
  6. Ignore much? You are ignoring the broad strokes of CATO's Heller brief. You must ignore your flagship individual rights scholarship. Let's delve into the gun confiscation employed by George Washington (three times, for both insurrection and disloyalty). Let's review, and not ignore, the details of the English Law which Blackstone laid out. (Only landed Protestants got guns, and even then, only subject to law). Pick the thread where you won't ignore our actual FF history.
  7. I see your content has not evolved or improved, Tom. Weak, repetitious, giddy, and foolish is good enough for you. What it is.
  8. Baby steps. And the Fourth Circuit's dictation of intermediate scrutiny will be applied in all jurisdictions, based on this ruling. "Popular rifles..." ??? The fourth circuit laid out, is so many words, that the ONE PERCENT OF THE POPULATION with battle guns shall not terrorize the other 99%. . And that more than 30% of officer fatalities are at the hands of AW's. And that the average AW owner owns three of the damn things. Four of eleven circuit courts have rejected AW toleration. No court has welcomed them yet.
  9. I'm not a dictator. And discussion of the situation leads to "we don't care about pesky details, just support us without question or examination." So I'm Uncooperative. So you're part of the problem. You stand at the station; Di Fi is waving to you from a moving train.
  10. Ah, Kolbe. You got your ass handed to you by Kolbe, in March. After Pooplius claimed that all the militia nonsense justified battle guns in a special way, AW's were excluded from constitutional protection. You seem out of touch, mate. Kolbe upheld Maryland's Firearms Safety Act of 2013.
  11. The gun never was a freedom. You are confused. And about the "right" to any gun? One could argue that a man in maximum security has a right to vote. But he has no right to an AW there: it never was a right similar to voting
  12. NOT ENOUGH. You either plan and rationalize armed DGU, or not. In your vision of the USA you, meaning A guy in the Chesapeake, rely on personal violence to sort out confrontations, per Heller. What a huge part of the problem, and it's unique to the USA. Armed, violent self defense is NOT presently or historically covered by the courts outside the home.
  13. Have a cite, Jeff? You show a pattern of sweeping, unsupported statements. The USA's stats show violence rates comparable to the other leading nations. We don't have 19.5x more fistfights in grade schools, just 19.5X more gun death outcomes.
  14. I agree, a change needs to emerge. But something key, central, and inherent is missing in your overview.. We need to address violence and violent reactions and the rationality and ineffectiveness of violence. Why was this left out of your vision of a healthier future? Because you have accepted violence, lethal violence, as a means of "self defense". This is a particularly American notion.