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  1. jocal505

    Number of School Shootings Decreased

    Excuse the error. The software once worked properly.
  2. jocal505

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    You are not an honest person, Tom. Your overall presentation says a lot about you. Interaction with you becomes futile, or worse. Your second amendment claims are based on history which you bugger up, without vetted sources, for modern purposes. You are a tool for Larry Pratt and CATO, and an observer of boats, not a vibrant guy learning from experience and conversation. Your posts show that race-baiting has been a acceptable tool for you, sporadically, since 2015. Interesting. But in 2018 and 2019 it has became a regular feature. I'm not sure how this benefits you: maybe you just don't have it in you to do better.
  3. jocal505

    Number of School Shootings Decreased

    Cite these examples. This problem is far from imaginary.
  4. jocal505

    Number of School Shootings Decreased

    There is no "mis-labeling" on the part of GVA. They define how they count mass shootings, openly. You are on the wrong page, and so is Jeffie. Stupid shit.
  5. jocal505

    Next up - McCabe?

    You don't mind a drive-by attack here, one which appears quite out of context with McCabe's career and accomplishments. Hmmm, McCabe was a Russian spy-buster, and seems to have been a fine man. (At one point he even went after Hillary, and found little.) No pension for McCabe? I can't support such a... witch hunt, but YMMV.
  6. jocal505

    Screw the NRA, Trump and Marco Rubio

    Mass murders, by any count, are not funny, at all, in the USA. Neither is race-baiting. Your values are sick.
  7. jocal505

    Screw the NRA, Trump and Marco Rubio

    You have an odd relationship with the truth. And thanks, here we examine the great work of MADD. It hit like a whirlwind, and was based on morbidity, basically. They fought a liquor lobby, and they fought regressive die-hards, like Jeffie. And they won. MADD changed our consciousness, by communicating the danger of certain common (but dangerous) behavior. They organized consequences, to bear upon drinking citizens. The same change in consciousness is now happening with Americans and their guns. The consequences bit is gonna hurt when it arrives. I'd like to see ammo taxes offset the huge medical costs. Within weeks, certain senators will reject a background check bill. There will be public ramifications until this morbidity gets sorted out.
  8. jocal505

    Bezos vs Pecker

    False equivalence, which works for now. Your outcome matters. Fundamentals matter. What could go wrong with money being equated to speech? AOC framed this well, wearing a bright jacket. Your MO is showing: your elk need to hide your stench behind the aroma of the NAACP, and Stevens....for purposes they would abhor.
  9. jocal505

    Is this a racist comment?

    Here's a follow-uo, cb. If MLK is repeatedly presented as a good reason for "must issue," is that good enough for you? Because it isn't good enough for me. In fairness, we need Pooplius in on this. @Contumacious Tom
  10. jocal505

    Is this a racist comment?

    Tom repeated the thought (which is merely a cheap, unsupported accusation), without development. Would you let your child maintain that talking point in such a discussion? For how long? Is such a discussion good enough for you?
  11. jocal505

    Is this a racist comment?

    This is what I stepped into, in March of 2015, specifically on behalf of MLK What is up with this? We need to move far beyond it. RACEBAITER OF THE YEAR, 2015, Libertaria Rocks March 24, 2015 (Tom Ray to random)...are you ever going to answer my question about AussieApartheid? March 24, 2015 (Tom Ray to random) Have you looked into solving AussieApartheid yet? Looks to me like your government is doing the same thing you denounce in ours. April 27, 2015 (Tom Ray to random) ...Have you fixed AussieApartheid yet? Seems like you have a lot of time for America's problems, so I assume you've fixed your own. How did you do it? May 8, 2015 (Tom Ray to random) ...what actions have you taken so far to eliminate AussieApartheid? Or are you all complaints about other countries, no action in your own? May 24, 2015 (Tom Ray to random) ...What have you done so far to stop AussieApartheid, random? July 3, 2015 (Tom Ray to random) ...He already solved that nasty AussieApartheid so he's moved on to fixing our country. How'd you do it, random?
  12. jocal505

    Is this a racist comment?

    Do you support this pattern, @chinabald? As a mstter of fact, I came to your town, Detroit, twice, in '74 and '75 IIRC, still curious why racial strife reached the level of multiples riots, in American cities. I reached out to a shell-shocked community, we bought the house across the street from C.L. Franklin. Painted it a soft yellow, in enamel. I re-glazed the classic double hung windows, and got the street gang kids to help me re-build the carriage house. Great summer. So yes, let's continue this, @chinabald I see no benefit in race-baiting, and would prefer to not have to discuss it, and would prefer to not encounter it in my community. This is a Pocahantas tactic, and is similarly childish, racist, tasteless, and IMO, horrible. You are gaming the race problem, to no benefit whatsoever. We find that Tom has a history of race-baiting @random, repeatedly and pointlessly, back in 2015. We find him trashing MLK's church before and after Dylann Roof, in the same timeframe. Tom shifted his race-baitng habit from random, to Joe. For the record, I ignored Tom's spamming of my words for the most part, during 2016 and 2017. When it spiked in 2018, it caught my attention. You guys are shitty at sorting this. And the creepy behavior has extended into 2019. Tom has a certain track record on PA: we are approaching five years of this stupid shit..Race-baiting sucks, cb. And the race-baiter support group has many concerns about me, It's interesting to watch. Carry on.
  13. jocal505

    Justin "I'm a pantywaist" Trudeau wants to take your gun.

    No thanks, and here are the reasons. I'm watching Tom's deterioration. He needs a factchecker on guns. I want exposure to the best of Libertaria. I can fill my life with better things than Tom, with other wonder, while observing him.
  14. jocal505

    Five mass shootings in five days

    Your examples show, quite well, some human behavior, in typical slices of American life, when guns are around. Then things go south, predictably. This typically tragic human behavior includes, and features, suicides . Thus typical behaiour includes Chicago. This typical behavior included high schools. It is''t working with the guns around.
  15. jocal505

    Is this a racist comment?

    The Tom Ray thread is your legacy. It would be fun to document your 2018 race-baiting there. Why the race-baiter spike in 2018? Are you getting worse?