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  1. First and foremost, Mr. Dylann Roof was about poorly developed racial insight. He reinforced his shaky, but willful misunderstanding quite willfully, using a Glock tool. You tricky bastard, you offer double cherry picking here. You present the wonderfulI pro-KKK and pro-MacDonald stances of ALEC, and incidentally of the ACLU, to suggest Dylann would reject you. You present my statement summarizing the actual black gun bloodbath to suggest that Dylann would love my bit. Neither position is very honest. Neither considers the whole cloth of Tom, Dylann, or Joe. Let's continue, let's track us a rat bastard through the Florida swamp gas... The whole cloth of Tom Ray is about Don't Tread on Me, and Dylann flew that very flag. Picking up a gun to enforce one's personal values and politics is your bit, Tom, not mine, and Dylann emulated that. Intentionally not understanding the black situation is your bit and Dylann's bit, not mine. Yo, I went to the inner cities (unarmed) to see for myself what was up, and I found fine folks there, all over the place. Some carried several bullet holes and were truckin' on with obvious internal fortitude. Sorry. Your forum activity makes you a worm compared to them. Your move, mate. Will you offer us poorly developed racial insight?
  2. These homicide activity totals need an intelligent look. You have quoted me quoting them, below. Let's discuss this. If you post another flip denunciation of white gun ownership conclusions, that becomes more flat, rubber-stamp race-baiting, not intelligent TR discourse. Some combination of factors has amplified the negative outcomes of gun activity among blacks, eh? Gunplay is not mature, whether the shooters are green or purple. I don't have the answer here, of course. (I just resent any flat baseline of race-baiting directed at myself or others in our cool community. Can you do better, Tom?) Your intentions may be noble in a naughty, uninformed, unicornish way...but adding guns to the mix shown above (^^^) is a poor idea in the real world. I look forward to the response of a fine family patriarch. Your grand-kids and Dylann Roof will examine, and may follow, your thought process.
  3. You've toned it down somewhat, thanks. We both support an entire country which sports "racist effects." The idea is to reach equality somehow, regardless. I spoke against Bloomberg's stop and frisk, but your broad brush painted me whatever way you chose anyway. Ergo, you generate race-baiting in our community and can't discuss a solution here. You quoted my specific criticism of Bloomie's frisking in this quote, below, then you bashed me for not speaking out. You have no honor, you just bash about, like a wounded noisy predator...
  4. Our Peruta case was last "re-scheduled" on April 20. Every week it gets re-distributed. If the justices are concocting some absolutist interpretation, it will be out of character with the pattern of the higher and lower courts. The issue is to balance outdoor gun "rights" with the right of the public to be safe from open carry and concealed carry outdoors. Concealed carry has been forbidden by the same Old English laws which were touted by Scalia in Heller. Tom and Jeff haven't addressed this new CC legal territory so far.
  5. Jeffie you have been much-pulverized by claiming that criminals are the problem. Stranger Danger accounts for 20% or less of the mayhem. This was exactly three years ago. At that time you bailed on intelligent discussion, you flicked to wanting my rifle taken away.
  6. The straw man here is that I oppose "government racial discrimination," or that it even exists. Am I within the bounds of honesty to pick a six-day race-baiter hiatus for Tom Ray after the Charleston shootings? Can I honestly suggest that Dylann would have liked your blogging? Your Libertarian bit is perfect for his elk, innit? After two months of unprompted race-baiting on two threads, why did you give it up for the six days after Dylann? Then, why did you continue this offensive bit? Do you presently feel that Bloomberg supporters are racists?
  7. Statistics matter, Buster. Since one set of citizens, those ravaged by gun mayhem, dominates the self defense uses of citizens. Not even close. I can debate and source that within the USA. I welcome all challengers. This source is the GVA, a daily, cited tally of 200 media sources. The reported damage is shooting up. Tom Diaz determind incidents are only reported 1:5 and 1:8 in different two-week, intensified reviews of media reports.
  8. Tom, we had to take it here from elsewhere. From Sol's Charleston thread. Something made that place special and unforgettable. We're not gonna get a room, mate? Geez, you called me a liar and I corrected my position to my best understanding, right away as usual. Let's not get locked in bitter disagreement here, I am flexible and moderate in nature. To review, your position while seeking correction (my cite ever-available of course), you say you didn't let up on race-baiting after Dylan, that I lied saying around ten or eleven days were free of race-baiting. We took a look your clever clue was to look-see at TR posts after Post 631. Brilliant. We corrected the facts to six days free of race-baiting, but we need your response and confirmation of this figure. I'm not much of a liar; so I grovel now for your opinion on this. Which is race-baiting? Which isn"t? You transfered my request for Mosteller conversation from Sol's thread, out of respect for the Charleston victims. Nice touch, but that transfer is not race-baiting, unless you recognize that Mosteller was radioactive because of Dylann. If TR even touches Mosteller to transfer it, is that race-baiting? Introducing Mosteller was cheeky, PROBABLY would qualify as race-baiting,. Combining it with the Black Panthers? Deep doo doo, grounds for shame. Adding Judge Taney in the same post? This is mindless or worse, it's race-baiting on PA. Dylann Roof, Rush Limbaugh, and NGS would be validated by these antics. Please get back to us on your definition of race-baiting, and on when it's appropriate, and when it's not. Your definition will drive whether I'm a liar or not, so let's proceed.
  9. After years of tawdry race-baiting, visible to your progeny, you frame this question dishonestly for the second time. YOU ARE NOT OPPOSING "GOVERNMENT RACIAL DISCRIMINATION" as you propose "shall issue" by using MLK. Actually, you are promoting personal discrimination when you fail to discuss Rev. Mosteller and MLK's Church after maligning them. You are promoting personal discrimination when you make cheap, shameful claims using MLK as a code word. This condition must be swamp gas residue built up in your cellular makeup or something. You are thick, mate. No personal growth here, on PA, which is a sea of fine minds and rare life experiences. Two years ago on this very thread you got called out for a flat racial dimension in Posts 45, 78, and here... If I don't support shall issue, I am supporting racist policy. If I admire Bloomberg, I am admiring a racist. If I don't want Ms. Mason to pack two guns while being romanced, by proclamation of innuendo, I support a "rapist ", who didn't rape her. Yer a piece of work, Pooplius.
  10. Hello, Tom? Are you out there? Or out with a whimper? Your grandchildren will find a few years of race-baiting on the Tom Ray thread. A quant feature of your presence on Political Anarchy.
  11. Hurt feelings or somesuch? You are not repeat not seeking that ( better racial understanding) very hard. The question of degree applies. You lay out logical reasons to act out with guns, you diss badges right and left, and you show void ho for a viable racial grasp. Others like Dylann amplify this combo, it becomes action. You played TR semantic games about Dylann's action. You sucked the oxygen from the thread. This is uncalled for you cheap little man, but whatever.
  12. You posted the same thing yesterday. ZZzzzz. Well, what I saw from the soup kitchens was a courageous and valuable view of society,. You demean yourself, buddy.
  13. I certainly don't want any hurt feelings or needless shame here. So here's the way I see it. Post 632 was not race-baiting, IMO. It was an avoidance of Mosteller on two threads. Post 638, on June 23, repeats the tired, childish MLK and Bloomberg bits, here we employ race-baiting IMO. IMO to say the race-baiting had a six-day reprieve is not a lie. I can live with that statement at this point. Let me know your insights, Tom.
  14. No bite-ee on your talking point. The discussion is years in the making: the trashing of Mosteller and the definition of race-baiting mate. Not guns. This is the lead-up to Dylann Roof, eh? The profound Judge Taney content was repeated in Post 602, June 11, days before the shooting.
  15. Okay, I stand corrected. Thanks for showing us childish race-baiting, using Bloomberg and MLK, right after the stupidity of Dylann and his Glock. You had used the same content on your Bloomberg thread AND your racebaiter thread in May, the month before Dylann and his Glock. So...your links show pages of extended race-baiting. You were being a dick. Man-to-man, I had to ask you to knock it off 28 days before Dylann. You were being cheeky and shallow with Judge Taney June 11, the week before Dylann. You need to advance your dialogue about race relations around here mate. I am here to dissect any "lies." And you have been lured into a discussion of the nature of race-baiting. You have a track record mate. The point is that you wouldn't discuss Mosteller the day after Dylann. And that you won't now. You name-dropped Mosteller for your own purposes, not his. You made noises that MLK's church had gone to guns. You besmirched MLK's noble mission for purposes of lowbrow entertainment. After Charleston, you had to contain your race-baiting, eh?