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  1. jocal505

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    It's more like five or six who inbred over Malcolm, um, Libertarians all. I named their names, and I sourced their words. Then I added context, most from the work of Lois Schwoerer, or her modern partner on steroids, Patrick J. Charles. It was a blast, mate. It was like fitting a noose over the neck of the SAF. I was pretty specific when I busted your scholars, and I feel like doing it all over again, only better. The healthier writers for you would be the fiery (but balanced) Volokh, or the thoughtful Levenson, who even has credentials outside of redneck circles. This group is suspicious, however. All write fear-based argumemts, and five write race-based arguments. More than half have been paid by CATO, and are featured on CATO's website.
  2. jocal505

    Mitch McConnell being a cunt on gun control

    Oh, you want to minimize this one. I read the article, and cringed through the entire video. The shots, on both sides, were sustained, and nearly countless. wtf? The article was not particularly fresh, or final. So I kinda asked around, amazed that no one else was hurt. Fortunately, and amazingly, there was no other human damage, that we know of. Then bpm57 fell apart, because Joe asked about the aftermath of what was a major gun battle, with ONE hatecrime nobody and his AK47. Why does a monster gun battle in Miami, with one guy, get a pass from someone as sharp as DeadEye Dick? Read my lips. It's not like there's nothing to see here.
  3. jocal505

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Okay, cite any of them first, then the Hemenway dirt. See, you are as dumb as a rock. That is the very wrong tack to take. Nice backwinded jib on the weather leg dude.
  4. jocal505

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Show me Tom Palmer's gun permit. It has a date on it. The date will reveal that Wrenn succeeded in getting it for Tom, where the Palmer case failed. I expect a few more chapters, mate. I count four or five so far in this district. Wrenn succeeded in inflicting "shall issue" on DC, in spite of what DC wanted. (DC had succeeded in three major gun restriction successes before the failure of Wrenn. Palmer backfired when Peruta II went down. As hard as CATO was grinding on DC, for about nine years, Heller II and Heller III upheld long and short gun registration, against CATO's reasoning, exacting fingerprinting and a three-year shelf life.) This is not counting the wonderful Heller I, a boon to, and a vibrant support for, modern gun restriction.
  5. jocal505

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Here's the deal. Hemenway was a leader in the field thirty years ago. He's one of the few originals who were active around 1996 when Rosenthal was ejected from the CDC. That's EXACTLY when what would become the federal research ban was set in motion. Hemenway is their grandaddy, and he used the word "overwhelming." The cite is a beaut. Until he's discredited, by yourself, it's Dr. Hemenway's POV on gun suicide danger, against that of DeadEye Dick.
  6. jocal505

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    This criticism is fair enough. Let's sort this, until I smell the dogballs. STRONG VS. WEAK GUN LAWS Let's go for quality of laws, and strive for as few as possible. We are merely sorting gun violence here. Note: This work was NOT peer reviewed, just interesting and thorough. Gun violence was broken down, and indexed by symptom. But I think the conclusion just came out the same, that the better the laws are, the more publc safety they found. Weak gun laws produced bad outcomes.
  7. jocal505

    14th Most Dangerous Man In The World

    That moral connection, that breakdown of values, ^^^, is fascinating. The two biggest gun nuts in our shop both play fast and loose with the facts. The :SAF: first dedicated itself to fake news, by publishing disinformation for a few years about global warming, before it shifted to fake news about the bill of rights. Tom is defending the sketchy sexual behavior of a sketchy guy. And the thread drift is about action sports: the known sexual behavior of the NRA types. Allow me,
  8. jocal505

    Building A Bridge

    You are up against it with such a bridge. The support bases on each side alone (for whatever) are a serious technical problem. Here's your short answer. Buy a 5ft wide tidal dock ramp, just pay big bucks for it. Then set it on pressure treated buttresses, maybe set them on a crushed rock base. --We have a community-built bridge over a salmon stream next door, made of huge steel I beams. Nobody painted the underside, and the steel is flaking, not unlike de-laminating fiberglass layers. The steel is rotted, as we speak --We have 35ft riparian buffer zones next to the waterways in the PNW. Aerial photos show the new, illegal structures, and owners are legally pursued. One result is that the salmon smelt is plentiful here, and the big fish measure around 32".
  9. jocal505

    Hillary being a cunt on gun control

    I looked at it. 100 pages of single-spaced, outlawed gun models, and 25 pages of text. DiFi is being very specific. It seems she is attempting to represent your interests, with integrity, but that you are insatiable for details. Only one side of this major controversy is losing sleep.
  10. jocal505

    Hillary being a cunt on gun control

    This should work out swell if you don't mind neutralizing yourself, and if your database doesn't crash.
  11. jocal505

    Justin "I'm a pantywaist" Trudeau wants to take your gun.

    Fresh air, vs. dogballs.
  12. jocal505

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Cite. The cite was in the post you linked, plain as day. My dear bpm, if you know this subject (gun violence research), then you know that this is da man. (You need to get dirt on him and bring it back; after others have failed, yo.)
  13. jocal505

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    let's play THE DEADEYE DICK CHALLENGE: PICK ONE --If Tom Palmer was granted a gun permit, to protect his gay lifestyle, as requested, then Tom Palmer won the Palmer case. --If DC denied the same gun permit, DC won the Palmer case.
  14. jocal505

    Mitch McConnell being a cunt on gun control

    Um, it was quite a shootout, to suppress one AK47. No collateral injuries, eh? That's nice, Dude. To combat your misery, I'm going to re-phrase my question, in a practical world. How many bullet holes were left in property after this hate crime chaser incident, in FL? Who pays for their repair? And why does a monster gun battle, with one guy, get a pass from DeadEye Dick?
  15. jocal505

    Mitch McConnell being a cunt on gun control

    Badlat made a choice wrt his own affairs. And you have fluttered over his done deal, sputtering, from Feb. 14th to Sept 22, 2018.