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  1. Gun Permit Reciprocity

    Good for you. Have a soft drink with an Afghan. See if times have changed for him or her. Guns from the U.S., and typical gun mentality, took their peace away.
  2. Floundering has never had it so well. The next few chapters will get interesting.
  3. Gun Permit Reciprocity

    So now you are an expert about the history of Afghanistan, and their gun culture? Joe, take a break from your obsession regarding gun control, your life will be better for it....... Care to deny my assessment? Have you smoked any pot on the Afghan sidewalks with the locals lately? The supply of AW guns was one factor which cruelly retarded Afghanistan.
  4. No. Of course. Because you present two entirely different issues here. They call him Simple Jeff.
  5. WTF is up with this obsession with skin color??

    Thanks, MJ. Jeff needs a clue, some introspection, someday.
  6. Net Neutrality - gone.....

    I don't know this area, at all. But FWIW be forewarned that Tom has power- spammed a lie about United States vs MIller for years. He had a chance to correct himself this week, and he just denied his lie. He clearly doubled down on that lie, in broad daylight, on Political Anarchy.
  7. What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    No. Looking at gunownership density is only one approach with a consistent outcome. There' are other comparisons possible. One is to compare the gun mayhem in areas with loose gun regulations with areas which have tight gun regulations.
  8. What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Thanks for asking, bpm57.
  9. What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    There's nothing there, Tom. It's useless monologue, based on TR falsehoods. Frankly, you need to be more considerate of our time.
  10. The Tom Ray Thread

    ...you have become a PIA. You enter silly stuff, just not worth reading now. What happened to you?
  11. What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Advocacy is a broad term. A code word, rather general. Be specific, my good man. You can't be rejecting it all with a just the wave of your nose in the air. SUGGESTION BOX FOR A GUY LIKE GUY You need to trash Donohue. He sat in the 2004 NAS conference which Tom quotes. They voted John Lott off the Island 18-1. Then, twice in the ensueingnine years, Donohue applied Lott's epidemiological formulae to our new RTC states. They showed the NAS that serious increases in violent crime had occured, around 8%. He is different elk than David Hemenway and his trainee, Daniel Webster, of Harvard, who represent a separate body of work. They are different elk than Seigal, whose work in 2013 covered all fifty states over thirty years, and concluded that, geograpically speaking, high gun density affected public safety. There are many other random elk whose studies are consistent with the above. You need to trash then one-by-one, or demonstrate, with credible sources, crooked science among them.
  12. What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    IANAL. (Just an SAF debunker.) I dunno. Conspiracy against the public safety. Shielding gun sales to dealers who are uniquely shielded from disclosing illegal transfers. Stuff now masked by the PLCA...
  13. What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Your problem is that I have now ACED the context of colonial behavior, with cites. I can employ and add the missing context of the cites of YOUR scholars. You boys have a problem, based on scholarship presented within MacDonald.
  14. What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    This comes from general and specific statements of ATF Agents. Read SAILING ANARCHY. Plain as day in the quotes within the thread O'bama's Mexican Gurunning. The DOJ and ATF felt paralyzed in AZ, mate, according to them, by inadequate laws. What has happened to enforcement down there is just not not decent. Ahem. Same bitches, except from other agents, on the Iron Pipeline, right up your Eastern Seaboard. My experience with your bit is that you deny the status, and prevent the means of gathering data, while dragging your feet. You want effective laws, which takes research, which you have not spoken for. IIRC, you think peer-reviewed research is jaded, and universally unacceptable, without naming one single skewed scientist.
  15. The Tom Ray Thread

    Welcome to the gun forums, Kirwan. You seem to be my elk. Except that your head is neither bloody nor unbowed. Yet.