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  1. jocal505

    The debate over assault weapons

    This AW matter is all about Tom, we find. And about the dogballs. Let's see if that thing floats, off Fat Point.
  2. jocal505

    The debate over assault weapons

    yes, we have no dogballs / we have no dogballs today
  3. jocal505

    The debate over assault weapons

    @Polytelum TomHave you smelled the air in the past week? The gun types tore up the Capitol. My good man, lawlessness is in bad favor this week. Are you ready for some common sense to be applied to the gun problem? I am ready for that...and I hope you somehow manage to up your game. I predict that you will be squirming, and bullshitting away, and failing, in public.
  4. I’ve been fearing the pardons for a week. It’s been a wild ride.
  5. jocal505

    Obama Era Right Wing Threat

    Pretty amusing. I should give the former a call. We are riding the express, headed straight for such shit.
  6. jocal505

    Obama Era Right Wing Threat

    The Southern Poverty Law Center tracked, and noted, the sheer numbers of right-wing blow-ups. Full text, I posted the incidents, twice: 128 violent infractions...since McVeigh. Mostly bombs and guns, in a random pattern. (The SPLC did not isolate any military staffing.)
  7. In the silence of the past few days, as Donald dropped out of sight, I have been dreading impending pardons. All this abuse is hard to process, especially after Russia-gate, secret tax returns, sexual shenanigans, stoking the racial divide, and Emoluments Row. I find myself in a wicked profile... hoping that misery follows DJT, and his brand, and his clan. This misery would take the forms of legal justice, and public humiliation, based on the facts which will emerge. FWIW, I predicted that DJT would not survive his term in office. I got it pretty close. The next few days are gonna be wild, I guess.
  8. Sullivan is a bad-faith actor using protests to manipulate the press, to inject JohnSullivan. Word. He is despised by BLM, because violence followed him, when he arrived, immediately... after their seven peaceful protests. Neither side can claim him. Sullivan's own words, on camera, at the thrust of the tip of the spear of force, show his contributions to the riot. He looks out- of-sorts after being arrested; and says he only wanted to film the action, as an amateur, wannabe videographer. This is not a composed antifa operative.
  9. jocal505

    More of saying the quiet part out loud

    Confirmation bias, on the telly, that's all. Jeffie, you could try harder, with many. Stephanie Rule displays a set angle, every night; she has a very predictable bucket list. A Biden administration figure complimented that angle, on air. (This is not unlike Mulvaney making nice with Hannity, after Hannity strokes Team Trump...) This is good work for @bpm57. He is getting more astute, and his expression has actually developed a bit. He even started a thread and drew the observations of heavy hitters. This guy has pretty good RWNJ company here, and could choose to hang out in worse places.
  10. jocal505

    News is starting to dribble out

    It’s just hard to believe this crap, especially over this guy. On the up side, all the acceptance of violent political rhetoric is getting a referendum. There will be a high ratio of gun guys found to be chanting the “heave-ho” bits of the storming of the capital. The spearhead of the mob, the walking-talkie types, will be made up of gun guys. Cuz bad info, and certain propaganda, and crummy civics and crummy values. Cuz a foul and ignorant village. Gun pressure, as a tool in politics, is just cheap force, unsupported by the intentions of the 2nd. Gun philosophy applied to politicians is not democratic. Duh. Just sayin’. @Burning Man
  11. jocal505

    The Ground is Shifting Rapidly Under Trump's Feet.

    Right. The Koch factions sued each other in 1998. Basically, one oligarch accused the other of being a spawning ground for the Tea Party, and nothing more. One side demanded autonomy... for Libertarians. Brother Versus Brother; Koch Family's Long Legal Feud Is Headed for a Jury - The New York Times (
  12. jocal505

    The Ground is Shifting Rapidly Under Trump's Feet.

    How superficial. Let's unpack both of them. Justin had no racial policy or plan for equity in the USA. How about the other guy?.
  13. Plus the individual needs to be granted a carry permit. Then the gun faces restrictions in certain (expanded) areas of the city. It cannot be carried into the inner chambers of either branch of Congress. DC fought long and hard against "must issue," but lost that struggle, with the Wrenn decision.
  14. The president of the Seattle Police Officer's Guild, Mike Solan, is is big trouble. Eight out of nine council members want him to resign. The mayor wants him to retract a certain media post, and for him to apologize, or for him to resign. Mr. Solan re-tweeted a post suggesting a known BLM agitator was spotted leading the D.C. riot. (We have been under a federal consent decree for ages, and our city council has withdrawn its support for the termination of the decree.) Mounting Calls For Seattle Police Union President To Resign (
  15. jocal505

    If not now, then when? 25th Amendment

    Okay, but the mob word is not the drift here. Gunplay and force is. Even this week, Jeffie was extolling gun possession, to create fear (and awareness) in politicians. @Burning Man Politicians, driven by gun threats. Hello?