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  1. jocal505

    A Shooting in Chicago, Will Anyone Notice?

    And they are the special experts on what. Patrioism? Violence? Bullying? Citizenship? What? Tell me what is so damn special about people who accept gun violence bullshit, raw force, and the raw greed behind it. Conquest itself is good? Or is it something else?
  2. jocal505

    A Shooting in Chicago, Will Anyone Notice?

    You and me, on skis. Pick the hill big guy.
  3. jocal505

    A Shooting in Chicago, Will Anyone Notice?

    Hmm, I see chest thumping and empty, mean, spouting, with male pattern dominance over Wofsey as well. But the blanket research ban denying stopped around here. Where are the underwear girls with gunz, NTTAWWT? Where is boothy? Where are the claims that gun control doesn't work? Where are all the smug guys asking for empirical evidence? They STFU, eh? My delusions did it I guess. The rampant bullshit factor got monitored by currentl and sourced info. Just a reminder, Bent, Sailing Anarchy was once about debunking. I had a go with the gun guys here, all of them, and I enjoyed it, quite a bit. And I want to thank Scot, big time, for the opportunity. THE GUN GUYS ARE OFF THE CHARTS WITH THE BULLSHIT, eh? For my part, I've often also enjoyed your observations and your writing. In general, if you boys think warrior types are inherently superior, then we disagree. See ya around.
  4. I developed the poster bit to clobber upon DoRag. He became a buddy, too.
  5. jocal505

    A Shooting in Chicago, Will Anyone Notice?

    I am so swell. Please dont vote me off this island.
  6. jocal505

    A Shooting in Chicago, Will Anyone Notice?

    Things have changed. You handed yourself well right in the middle of it, IMO. This is my presentation. 96% of 300 gun-related cases since Heller have allowed restrictions, according to the LCPGV. Generally, Heller's many restrictive terms were not glossed over...after Sandy Hook in 2012 Highland Park was upheld The NY SAFE act was upheld In 2017, Kolbe held the line on AW's, using Heller terminolgy, as most casses do IMO Flash and Sean made these moderate discussions appropriate by mid-2014 IMO little I said registered, what with Boothy's white noise, up until mid-2015 Pooplius's wild version of history got fact-checked by the Gun Confiscation Boogaloo in 2017 Now, cock suckers don't casually suggests the blacks should eliminate the black race in X or Y location, any mo. Sorry about the personal attack distractions. I am a wimp, a liar, and a racist, I hear. But I paid my dues on the streets (to gain the very same virtu that is attainable by military service), and it is to be respected, by some. I'm here to rumble about the Chicago-type situation, specifically. Now I get to examine your link, thx for the superbly managed arguments.
  7. Go Dred Scott. Go Dana too. Go colostomy bags. Then go big on Chicago and "confrontations," independently. I love this place.
  8. jocal505

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    You insult us with this tinny and false voice. The CDC has enough funding to collect data, and not much more. When proper federal funding is applied, we will both know. EARTH TO DOGBALLS the damn gun homicide numbers just went up 31% ?
  9. jocal505

    A Shooting in Chicago, Will Anyone Notice?

    louisiana shit stirrer ^^^ who deeply honors the second, yet counts the costs
  10. jocal505

    A Shooting in Chicago, Will Anyone Notice?

    You've got your points, but no thanks. The field of disinformation here is a target-rich environment. And I once was a decent sailor, so there's that. Look, @Shootist Jeff just dangles leading questions a lot. Basically, prisons will not stop violence, and enforcing existing laws is an undeveloped, poor baseline to correct this situation. Jeff is in neutral, too.
  11. jocal505

    Gary Johnson

    Sloop Jon B is thoughtful, IMO. I go out of my way to read what he has to say. Phony phony phony. You have suffered at the hands of my casual reading, for years. The stuff I quote contains expert, pertinent sources. The research stuff appeared on PA and was discussed and rejected before the stuff hit the courts, and was accepted. The history stuff appeared in McD first and was rejected, before it was accepted on PA, without antithesis. The BOOKMOBILE RODEO offer is open. I'll not read the Sanford Levinson of your choice (or any reading of your choice), then present a book report. You can read the sermons of MLK, and provide a book report. Are we on? BTW, I doubt you read the 35 pages of Schwoerer you claimed to have read, you would have crowed about it. You would have cherrypicked it, too. (Scalia did in Heller, three times IIRC.)
  12. jocal505

    Justin "I'm a pantywaist" Trudeau wants to take your gun.

    Five year old propaganda. An anomaly, as well. This is why you are un-trustworthy re: Kelo. Carry on, I am here for the dumpster fire.
  13. jocal505

    Justin "I'm a pantywaist" Trudeau wants to take your gun.

    You dodged it. Your grandkid figure gets a picture questionaire, at school. Circle the following objects if they are household items. She circles an AW, a real one.
  14. jocal505

    Kelo v. City of New London,

    Your posts are LOADED with, cluttered with, offensive triggers (gungrabby, TeamD, fucking squirrel assault weapon yechhh!) And you trashed your own creds, so there's that. You demonize peer review. You avoid a vast body of research, on at least two subjects.. You lie about the basics of women's safety, while campaigning for the tool of femicide. You won't let racial discussion get beyond the spamming of the basics of Dred Scott. You lie about the existence of gun confiscation in Colonial times, no retraction, so you thereby trash historical fact. You besmirch MLK, repeatedly, putting him on the level of a mere gun permit denial. You tried to drag his church through the mud, mate. You hold the character of a person who can't weigh in on a Libertarian flagship, The Standard Model of the Second Amendment. You stink bad, my good man. And you want me to explore Kelo with you.
  15. jocal505

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    The good discussion had just begun, and then you slimed on me. Why lead any discussion with some wild, offensive assumption about the beliefs of another? You have some interesting defense mechanisms, including dogballs, mis-characterization, and racebaiter poo slinging. And you are impressed with yourself.