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  1. What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Okay. Your point is recognized as intelligent. (BTW, the CAP org wants the ATF rolled into the FBI>) So just for you, this source doesn't have that "progressive" NTTAWWT problem, and concludes the same thing. This case is quoted in the higher courts. It passed peer review.
  2. Look Mister, YOU brought it up. It was your weakness, too. I documented seventeen alarmed PhD's within MacDonald, many from Harvard, Oxford, Cornell, and Columbia. You are new at this: you were faulting two others (Patrick Charles and Lois Schwoerer) who have no PhD's...but who are quoted by the others, for good reason. It's great reading, by the way. Factual.
  3. As in how the AR15 was an early competitor of the M-16?
  4. It's Jeffie, the tampon whisperer. The prolific race thread guy.
  5. Gun Permit Reciprocity

    Tom, you are not in the duopoly", but you can lie up a st0orm. Is Pelosi your new boogeyman? How coudl her "lies" possibly replace the 12 month uproar over grannie's .22?
  6. Gun Permit Reciprocity

    Hi Jeff. You seem excitable. Geting too bloated for panties? The Iranian Revolution happened in that timeframe, too. A sea change happened. Then USA punished Russia for supplying arms to North Vietnam, by supplying arms to Afghans. The chill factor was no more, Jeffie. And your "moar guns beforehand bla bla" theory is nice, but it's conjecture. Reality, however, was moar AW guns, and from the USA, in their homes, streets, and lives, after 1979. Anti helicopter weapons too. With Taliban actors... In the sixties it wasn't like that.
  7. Leading right to the Trump crime family.
  8. Go into this for us. Because the background here is a combat guy with a bronze star and purple heart.
  9. Gun Permit Reciprocity

    Good for you. Have a soft drink with an Afghan. See if times have changed for him or her. Guns from the U.S., and typical gun mentality, took their peace away.
  10. Floundering has never had it so well. The next few chapters will get interesting.
  11. Gun Permit Reciprocity

    So now you are an expert about the history of Afghanistan, and their gun culture? Joe, take a break from your obsession regarding gun control, your life will be better for it....... Care to deny my assessment? Have you smoked any pot on the Afghan sidewalks with the locals lately? The supply of AW guns was one factor which cruelly retarded Afghanistan.
  12. No. Of course. Because you present two entirely different issues here. They call him Simple Jeff.
  13. WTF is up with this obsession with skin color??

    Thanks, MJ. Jeff needs a clue, some introspection, someday.
  14. Net Neutrality - gone.....

    I don't know this area, at all. But FWIW be forewarned that Tom has power- spammed a lie about United States vs MIller for years. He had a chance to correct himself this week, and he just denied his lie. He clearly doubled down on that lie, in broad daylight, on Political Anarchy.
  15. What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    No. Looking at gunownership density is only one approach with a consistent outcome. There' are other comparisons possible. One is to compare the gun mayhem in areas with loose gun regulations with areas which have tight gun regulations.