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  1. jocal505

    The debate over assault weapons

    How dare you mention that. The four words are right there, plain as day. "Hearth and home" is not there; that bit was imposed by Scalia, per the wisdom (and era) of Larry Pratt. (The wheels are coming off the era, cuz AW's.) The idea of the militia is either antiquated (to the urbane), or deranged (to the rednecks) these days. Your militias are all over the telly, lookin' like idiots. When will you play the NFAC card, bro? The plot thickens. At the level of anthropology, Bull Gator is calling it correctly. IMO. But at the level of the day-to-day, we must be patient, and oh-so careful, with the Jeffies and the Boothies and the Dogballs. This may turn around, right? Remember, if humans with gunz suddenly begin behaving in the USA, zero guns will be confiscated, in the USA. ^^^. Painful. I owe it to my better self to put your sorry condition on ignore. But I can't help myself, I look at the train wrecks, when I can. WHERE IS THE SAF AT THIS CRITICAL MOMENT?
  2. jocal505

    The debate over assault weapons

    I'll explain it to you. You have a flagship gun rights case, named Heller. The Heller decision was driven by Scalia, in the Supreme Court (he walked the Libertarian lead counsel through it, like a poodle on a leash). Scalia said common use at the time was good, but, Kolbe (at the en banc level of the circuit court) established that the 1% ownership factor of AW's is not common use. NOTE: The 1% ownership figure came from the 2013 figures of an NSSF court brief, submitted within Kolbe. Kolbe noted that even if we have common use here, popularity does not drive constitutionality. Kolbe made this "no AW" ruling based on the fact that Scalia had flatly stated that battle guns did not fall under his common use concept. My dear DeadEye, the circuit court stood on your flagship Supreme Court ruling. Word. And it tossed out the "strict scrutiny for gunz" used by the partial 4th. Forever. Now we're all good here...and here are Scalia's missing words (the heart of the matter), for you and the hardheads, in a C&P. “The Second Amendment does not protect those weapons not typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes,” he (Scalia) wrote in Heller. Specifically, the Heller opinion cited “the historical tradition of prohibiting the carrying of ‘dangerous and unusual weapons,’” such as “weapons that are most useful in military service—M–16 rifles and the like.”
  3. jocal505

    The debate over assault weapons

    The circuit court opinion was only definitive and robust cuz it quoted Scalia, as I said. Justice Scalia drew the line at battle guns,...and Kolbe blipped off of Heller. Tell the truth, buster. I have debunked your ass, at will.
  4. Yep, Tom has used the NAACP frequently, as a form of redneck deodorant. Sorry. My brain habits are not doing the job the software used to do. Not yet.
  5. jocal505

    So who the hell leant on Murkowski?

    We're gonna get a (cross-eyed) Supreme Court Barbie today, from the GOP. I am depressed, big time. At the very minimum, they could give her a boob job.
  6. jocal505

    The Tom Ray Thread

    Guess what, Tom Ray did a fly-by, with moar unprompted racebaiting: Direct advocacy of voting for Biden was included in my assessment. And yes, opposing Trump because of his statements and actions w/respect to race is political as well. Not sure what you think it means, but I have called out the most racist statement I have seen on this forum. You seem to have never noticed or let it pass, so here it is again: That you don't seem to have a problem with this kind of forum content says an awful lot about you, CLEAN.
  7. jocal505

    The debate over assault weapons

    LMFAO. Justice Antonin Scalia? What do I win? His words are at the heart of the failure of Kolbe vs. Hogan, Jr. Get back to me with your version.
  8. jocal505

    Kelo v. City of New London,

    i've got this alan avoid libertarian pinheads when you need a lawbrief cuz the the overview of The Federalist Society
  9. White noise. ^^^ You're the one who claims I owned a battlefield gun. Scalia made it pretty clear that Heller rejects battle guns, as such, for public consumption.
  10. To be a liar today is a choice, Tom Ray. I am quite moderate. And I am more informed on the gun issue than you, because I read what I want.. I will alter the third part as a non-gunowner, proudly, the moment I find out how to do it. You thread-bumped my post from elsewhere. Here is the problem. Tom.: you are wearing out your welcome. We are approaching the four-year anniversary of the dogballs problem, the ordinary .22 hysteria. Zzzzzzz. We may need a new thread, to collect, and feature, the dogballs phenomena stupidity. Yo, STFU unless you like this thread title: (COMING SOON) POLITICAL ANARCHY CELEBRATES FOUR YEARS OF DOGBALLS.
  11. jocal505

    The debate over assault weapons

    You got it half right. The other half is quite fluffy.
  12. jocal505

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    This libertarian press gets the facts right...on certain selected narratives. They don't present the whole picture. is a good-morning bubble, basically, like Fox News. .As of today, is rated as "biased" and "selective", by your own source.
  13. jocal505

    The debate over assault weapons

    Well, it's pretty simple. According to several court rulings the Heller case nixed AW's. And these court cases rely upon the words of Antonin Scalia, ruling out "M-16;s and the like." Hmmm. You kinda need to reverse Heller and Kolbe, Tom. You began the dogballs bullshit on Dec, 9, 2016. This was the year before Kolbe removed any constitutional protection for AW's, in 2017. Your behavior deteriorated after Kolbe. Kolbe lead directly to (ahem) four years of the dogballs brightline. You took yourself out, in 2016...cuz you are impressed with yourself.
  14. jocal505

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Well, you are Kelo Tom, so I bet you can figger out many anomalies. It would take a dumbass, not a Kelo whiz type, to (repeatedly) deny the scientific evidence on suicide. I understand your confusion, since scientific input is seldom to be found on