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  1. Airwick

    Corsair Trimaran

    Stonking sounds about right... You have to try hard to get the bow out all the way to the daggerboard in flat water on these boats!
  2. Airwick

    North-up or Course-up, which is better?

    I think my GPS switches automatically from course up when zoomed in and North up when zoomed out, which makes perfect sense as you get the "overview" with things looking like the paper chart and the details match where they are when you look around on the "local" area
  3. Agree with what most have said, although there are a different contexts in which this is asked. This often comes up when discussion cruising monos vs cats. And people compare cats to equivalent size monos and that's where the huge differences come in. A 40ft cat is a lot more "boat" than a 40ft mono... On top of duplicated systems, larger areas and higher loads, there may also be limits on where to haul out and higher costs associated with it. Tris are better than cats for this as there is a lot less duplications of systems and on a trailerable it solve the issues of haulouts etc... You still have more area to deal with and they also tend to be generally more "high tech" for weight reduction and performance. Maintenance should be fairly comparable to a similarly priced racing mono (that would also be high tech with expensive gear). The stress/structural issues should not be much of a factor on a well designed and built boat (but can definitely come into play on "mass produced" condomarans that are heavy, flexible and potentially overloaded). On light weight/high performance types there is less room for error (in both design and construction) but it wouldn't be too different than on a ligthweight racing mono.
  4. I haven't been wearing it mostly because I am a bit fat for it these days and don't have room for layers under it... I have also found it's a lot more work to get in and out off so hard to justify on a day sail in reasonable weather. It definitely has its place and it's great on long wet races. It's an Ocean Rodeo one although it's from before they made specific ones for sailing so it was intended for wind/kite surfing. It's fairly tight fitting so it's good at not restricting movements and it also has the "standby" mode where you can take the top off and tie the arms around you waist when it's hot, which does help. The trick is wearing the right amount of stuff on under it, I really hate being too hot (about as much as being too cold) and it's quite an ordeal when you have to adjust what you are wearing (compared to regular foulies). When you get the temperature right, it's really quite comfortable. I would definitely wear one on overnight races on a wet boat (or in rainy conditions).
  5. There's definitely a lot of personal preferences for this. For me, I always figured if I go over the side while unconscious, that's probably the end anyway... Not sure what the relative odds are but I'd rather not end by drowning while trapped under a net! With that in mind I definitely would not recommend foam PFDs on a multi (and would rather use purpose designed clothing to stay warm). I also find auto-inflating problematic so my choice is a manual inflate PFD that lets you swim around in the water until you decide you need the flotation. You should be significantly less likely to end up over the side than on a mono as I have found the nets do a pretty good job catching dropped winch handles/ falling crew members, and there is a lot less healing and no broaching. However it's pretty easy to setup jacklines so that it is impossible to fall over while clipped in: running along the cabin side to somewhere around the forward beam/mast step area, the key is making sure they end far enough forward so that you can't be swept past the aft beam in case you plow through a wave. You'd probably want another point a bit further aft in the cockpit and another hard point near the bow (that you would ideally use with the shorter tether) and you should be covered.
  6. Compromise and get a cat (or a couple for comedic value)... They are much easier to manage on boats (doesn't help that our dog is rather large)!
  7. Airwick

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Wasn't that Steve Job's custom designed boat? The stack of upside down Ipads forming the layers of the roof rings a bell (I wonder if the ceiling is actually a big screen on each one!) I'm also guessing you can't change the oil and just replace the entire boat instead (because the engine can't come out either unless you chop the boat in half and)...
  8. Airwick

    Personal Pics Thread?

    That was a few years ago...
  9. Airwick

    ARC / ARC+ 2019 - Multihulls

    TS5 seems to be going well, 12.5kt average over 11 days is pretty damn good. It doesn't look like a white knuckle ride either:
  10. Airwick

    Coolboats to admire

    Guys! Someone actually built Bob's cartoon boat:
  11. Airwick

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Less than 20 miles difference, the battle for 2nd is still on especially since the wind is dropping and potentially getting flaky in the next few hours...
  12. Airwick

    ARC / ARC+ 2019 - Multihulls

    In terms of comfort, a cat is going to be much better under sail in most cruising conditions regardless of size... Especially on a downwind sail in the trade winds like this where the rolling /corckscrewing would get old pretty quickly!
  13. Airwick

    Scary Neel 45 Build Issues

    To be fair, an F27 will sail circles around pretty much any "liveaboard" under 60' regardless of design (with a few exceptions for things like Gunboats or very light real sporty things that wouldn't have a comparable payload) so that hardly seems like a fair criticism of the Neel. What you picked is on a completely different spectrum in the performance/comfort area (not a criticism)! I haven't seen one "in the flesh" but I was looking at the specs and the 47 is much "bigger" than the 45, significantly heavier with a much wider main hull so I would expect it to be slower than the 45. BUT, it should also have significantly more payload so in an actual liveaboard scenario it might be a lot closer than the specs suggests... There are a couple of videos that seem to be showing Neels doing pretty much 100% of wind speed in light air, which is pretty honourable for what it is. I'd be curious to see one of these sailing next something like an Outremer 45. I agree ARC results don't mean a whole as most boats aren't really racing so anyone who's willing to push hard should do well and end up in front of theoretically faster boats. Most things I have read seem to praise the performance overall, I believe the mix of ease of saling, performance, accommodations and comfort at sea is better than most cats. I also wouldn't under estimate the value of the ease of access to systems and maintenance for a liveabaord boat (should be much easier than most cats)... But obviously the un-conventional layout has to work for you...
  14. Airwick

    Scary Neel 45 Build Issues

    I was hoping for some useful info from these guys. In the end they don't say a whole lot but there are a few good shots of them sailing. I am personally intrigued as well and the concept looks like it would work well for a couple with only occasional guests. Sure the guest cabins aren't as nice as most cats (although if you have 2 groups of guests the privacy would be better for them). As the owner having your bed being right next to the nav station and like this sounds pretty nice. It definitely seems to sail better than a similar speced cat in light air but doesn't seem to have a lot of top end speed. This might actually be just what you want for long term cruising as you are probably not that interested in really high speeds but being able to sail (and still get somewhere) in less than 10kt of wind is nice. The motion at sea should also be better than pretty much any cat (with the centralized weight and low rocker in the amas). The part that I am most puzzled by is the deep fixed "fin" that results in 6' draft, put a center/daggerboard and it looks like it could be a great long term cruiser for a couple.
  15. Airwick

    Single Handed roll call?

    I do enjoy the occasional fun race or just going out single handed...