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  1. Truth and Facts!! Unfortunately the left do not like facts or truth
  2. Figures Left coast Left LibTARD I'm over it. Can't wait for the economy to tank and gas prices to skyrocket, already up 30 cents since Jan 20 Way to go!!
  3. jesposito

    Sailing Instuments - What to display where?

    Don't waste your money on electronics! A Windex and speedo, don't even bother calibrating it, just use as reference. This is what worked for 25 years on Hustler
  4. jesposito

    NYC/WLIS Crew list?

    Tell him to stop down to the Moose Hall on City Is. Speak to Ernie from the Chicken boat. I'm sure he will take him aboard
  5. jesposito

    Bicycle with a sail

    And a striper
  6. jesposito

    How Many Sailors Does it take to Run an AC75?

    When you have to wear helmets sailing and Oxygen tanks, you know the sport is fucked
  7. jesposito

    Best ORCi Class B racer/cruiser

    I remember that collision. Always loved the lines of the Hobie 33
  8. jesposito

    J29 Firesale!

    That be the one, Tell me what better 29 there is in the country with the race record and equipment to boot?? The asking price is 30K doesn't mean that what I will take. It's so some cunt don't offer me 15K I don't need to sell the boat, It sits on my driveway for free, I would like someone to own it and use it, but it's going to be for the right price
  9. jesposito

    J29 Firesale!

    Keeping the plate
  10. jesposito

    START THE LIST- 2021 events that are happening...

    Good, I'll have my wife win the bike race for the Rolex
  11. jesposito

    Best ORCi Class B racer/cruiser

    Something like that
  12. jesposito

    Best ORCi Class B racer/cruiser

    LMAO True to that Old and Zero patience
  13. jesposito

    Best ORCi Class B racer/cruiser

    What boat were you on? Lot's of great times and memories over 25 plus years, wouldn't trade it for anything. Just the last 2 years, I got burnt out doing all the work myself and having to deal with crew personalities.
  14. jesposito

    START THE LIST- 2021 events that are happening...

    Storm Trysail Block Is Race Week ON
  15. jesposito

    J29 Firesale!

    There is only 1 29 on that list that's worth owning.