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  1. jesposito

    Are all the fastest sails black now?

    If I don't buy black sails will there be rioting and protesting on LIS
  2. jesposito

    Dick Tillman

    Stop it!
  3. jesposito

    This is the best of Long Island Sound honesty

    My club The Moose Hall {AKA CIYC} has the largest collection of the clueless
  4. jesposito

    This is the best of Long Island Sound honesty

    Yes Mr Clean and the further west you the more CLUELESS they get
  5. jesposito


    Yep It is a straight run right behind the lighthouse after coming under the bridge. Something would tell me to look at a chart before going back there. Just saying
  6. jesposito

    they both suck?

    Must be training for J105 sailing
  7. jesposito

    girls run aground in WA State ....

    No, he's busy campaigning for his landslide victory in Nov
  8. jesposito

    Getting a boat back in the USA from Canada

    Wait until Nov 4, Covid will be gone and boarder will be open
  9. jesposito


    Yes, very true. Oh there are many wing nuts out there besides the 105 wing nuts, they are just a high content No I think the guys at Consolidated have an arrow point to go behind Stepping Stones to get the idiot in the big motor boat on auto pilot to go east behind the light house. That does way more damage that Big Tom Only idiots hit that
  10. jesposito

    This is the best of Long Island Sound honesty

    Yes, NYYC is right there off Larchmont. CLUELESS
  11. jesposito


    Only wing nuts hit it
  12. jesposito


    I told you in the thread about the boat delivery, you were wasting your time getting your boat ready for the Vineyard. You should have taken the paid delivery gig.
  13. jesposito

    Pelosi - Laws are for the little people - Not me!

    Typical of Democrats
  14. The CORRUPTION of PHRF committee's never cease to amaze me
  15. It must have been Trump's fault as well