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  1. jesposito


    I'm with you
  2. jesposito

    Nine foot draft in New England?

    Ira should buy the J160
  3. jesposito

    Thin is in, WOXI scalps Comanche

    Isn't this their 3rd time in question about fol,lowing rules? Uncalled for with boat loaded with pros. The owner gets the bad press.
  4. jesposito

    Are we(racing sailors) a culture of cheaters?

    You are definitely not looking hard enough!
  5. jesposito

    George the First (Bush) passed away

    Wishful thinking
  6. jesposito

    Man sues himself and wins

    This is not a first, Pitman 260 crashed his car sued himself and won
  7. jesposito

    J/29 Cascading Backstay

    This is for real now, need to pay for the new bike I ordered for Denise. She is winning, I don't race I am the coach, training partner and pit crew
  8. jesposito

    Eight Bells

    He was one of a kind.
  9. jesposito

    Eight Bells

    Hank Buchanan of the infamous MS.,MOM and WOW passed away on Thanksgiving Fair Winds my friend, nobody had more fun racing against you and with you than me. Sail on!!
  10. jesposito

    J/29 Cascading Backstay

    Hey they could have had the fastest J29 on the planet, and it comes with the cascading backstay, instead of Big Taz
  11. jesposito

    Charleston Race Week 2019

    I hope you get new foul weather gear by then
  12. jesposito

    any tricks for renewing foulies water proof

    Their is nothing worse than being wet and cold out on the water. And having to deal with the hacks around you
  13. jesposito

    any tricks for renewing foulies water proof

    Buy a new one