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  1. jesposito

    anybody board the Jenneau 3300 at the Annapolis Show?

    They had a stellar start
  2. jesposito

    Manhasset Fall Series

    If you come sail, I will consider it
  3. jesposito

    Burial Boat - X-332 or Elan 333?

    X-332 is a great boat, it's a wolf in sheep's clothing. There are 2 on LIS that I know of 1 of them I sailed on, one is owned by a guy with a clew and does real well and one is owned by someone CLUELESS and does not do well. A matter of fact most of his competitors are thankful he comes out, so they don't have to worry about getting last.
  4. jesposito

    Bad skippers, slow boats...

    You fall into this category
  5. jesposito

    Bad skippers, slow boats...

    This is what Western LIS is made up of
  6. jesposito


    He can probably get a room at the Memory Motel. I guess he should have bought some charts off Ebay
  7. jesposito

    NYC Beer-can racing

    You're the Bitch hiding behind the alias.
  8. jesposito

    NYC Beer-can racing

    Go fuck you mother
  9. jesposito

    NYC Beer-can racing

    You should try it sometimes, living on your own planet, but there are way to many HACKS like yourself and it's way to crowded, but at least you have people to talk too. Winning isn't everything but losing SUCKS. But you are accustom to losing, so you can not relate to me. Only winners can.
  10. jesposito

    NYC Beer-can racing

    No, just winning and depressing the competition
  11. jesposito

    NYC Beer-can racing

    Don't race anymore, nothing else to win. It gets boring beating up on the same hacks
  12. jesposito

    NYC Beer-can racing

    Wow, that's original
  13. jesposito

    NYC Beer-can racing

    You must have had to much to drink or you were at The Annapolis YC fall series
  14. jesposito

    NYC Beer-can racing

    I see how you have traveled with your boat, have you left the little Raritan pond or are you still getting beat by Jimmy Mac and Tommy S??
  15. jesposito

    NYC Beer-can racing