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  1. 2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    No, he's dead, like Mini Me
  2. 2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    I ALWAYS get my message across
  3. NOAA Ship Rainier crashes in Lake

    Well the idiots can't forecast weather, I guess they can't navigate either
  4. 2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    I know my delivery sucks, most of the time
  5. 2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    And gone when the slow boats get in
  6. 2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    Yeah, just like local town kids sports, where they don't keep score. So when these kids get to high school where they do keep score the kids get depressed and turn to drugs when their teams suck. How about not charging for a mooring to keep the boat at host club's regatta. Between the 4 weekends of spring and fall, with entry fee and mooring fees for the 2 events, food and drinks on the boat, you are looking at $1000. That doesn't include a round of drinks each day at the club after racing and a dinner each weekend. The average PHRF boat does not see the fun it it all and more. Plus Bill is right, to many conflicting, overlapping events
  7. espo is a dick

    After last nights EBYRA Board Meeting, the 3 YC decide to appoint a new commodore after 3 years. I want to congratulate Todd Aven on his new position. It's a Thankless job and you will never make everyone happy. I here to to lend a hand if need be. Espo
  8. Coming back from a serious disaster...

    By the way, looking forward to seeing The Savage floating again! Best of luck to you!
  9. Coming back from a serious disaster...

    Well that's to be determined on whether it's worth enough. Probably not going to the pub opening, nobody their I want to see. Except for you You can buy me a beer another time if you feel ok.
  10. Coming back from a serious disaster...

    No Worries Alan, I will STFU, but one last piece of and information, insure the boat this go around Call Total Dollar insurance 516-833-1566 they special in marine boat insurance. Ask for Arthur Buhr
  11. Team NYYC

    First off, who care how the guy made his money or anyone else for that matter. Cheer for your countries best chance to get the cup back who give a fuck about politics? Buy the way how's your retirement acct doing over the last 17 months or so?
  12. ORC inclining test method

    You could have done the ORC incline test a few years ago when your boat was lying up against the City Is Bridge
  13. 2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    You might be right I think with the cold March and the snow, not many have thought about sailing. Either that or more sailors have bought bikes and are going to Battenkill on April 28
  14. Gelcoat repair guy needed

    Give Dave Zedlovich a call a local guy 914-274-7498
  15. almost a boat yard disaster

    Next time call me, I can be up their in an hour and park Hustler right next to the burning boat
  16. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    You probably weren't paying attention to that part of the meeting or perhaps you exited early
  17. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    I noticed today in the NOR's for AYC spring series, that they have elected to form their Technical Committee, with Mark Ploch as chairman. I wonder if they realize, that their Tech Comm can be overruled by YRA's Tech Comm. So if your discrepancy is with an AYC boat or Doyle Sails customer and it gets swept under the rug, you can take it to the YRA Tech Comm for review. Why would they bother doing that? Do they realize that if either party is dissatisfied with the local club’s decision they have the option of escalating the matter to the YRA Technical committee? According to the presentation at the YRA meeting, if the YRA technical committee comes to a different decision, they would require the local club to rescore the race. If the club refuses, the race would no longer be a YRA trophy qualifier. I would think it would be easier all around, and less corrupt, to just use the YRA Technical committee.
  18. Insurance-Double Handed race coverage

    Call Total Dollar ask for Arthur or Andrew, they will hold you b y the hand and take care of all your needs 516-833-1566
  19. Wrecked racer spotted adrift. Who can ID this?

  20. NYYC Manhattan campus

    If you do ever make arrangements to get in, bring a can of Raid
  21. Black Widow

    It could have been solvent trap. It is not like Balto, you have to spray 1 coat walk away for 3-4 hours before second coat. Total waste of time, and I don't think it's as good as Balto My J29 has been dry sailed for the last 12 years with Balto, the bottom has not been sprayed in 13+ years, all I do is a spay touch up, burnish and done
  22. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    I've sharpened up my guillotine. The cement boots have been polished. Roller furler credits on boats that are designed that way, NOW That's Ridiculous!