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  1. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Only if you are full of shit
  2. Icebreaker in Annapolis

    Those lower units should be in great shape come springtime
  3. Fresh from Italy...

    Darwin trying to thin out the herd
  4. Attn All J/Boat Sailors

    Happy New Year to you! It's not a roomer.
  5. Attn All J/Boat Sailors

    You are a much smarter man than me. I figured something good was good was going to come out of it at some point. Stupid me!
  6. Attn All J/Boat Sailors

    No it's not. But Mtn biking doesn't take up as much time only a hour to hour and a half, verses 3-4 hours on the road bike. Leaves me more time to read the nonsense on this site
  7. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Maybe Sailman Maybe Sailman can pontificate on the above.
  8. Attn All J/Boat Sailors

    7 minutes and 8 seconds of my life I will never get back Thanks
  9. Some asshole coward to be exact
  10. Key West things to do?

    Can't go wrong any of the strip clubs Take her, the strippers love it
  11. 8 Bells - Chris Wentz

    Very sad to hear. He was one of the good ones. A straight shooter with integrity. Sail on Chris!
  12. Production MORC boats

    In ECSA it would be 171
  13. YRALIS PHRF Committee Purge

    If you have a handicap permit, is it illegal?
  14. YRALIS PHRF Committee Purge

    No, my sleeping
  15. YRALIS PHRF Committee Purge

    Oh, and there are people out there cheating and then bullshitting their local PHRF comm, but in their minds it's legit.
  16. YRALIS PHRF Committee Purge

    I too busy trying to get a ride on one of the VOR boats across the southern ocean, to reply to this thread.
  17. 5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    And your point is?
  18. 5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    You need to become a citizen before I drop a dime on you to ICE and Trump deports your limey ass.
  19. 5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    Good thing the Mrs. has a good job
  20. 5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials and No Clue
  21. J-105 cruising down the ICW

    At least the mast was tied down well
  22. J-105 cruising down the ICW

    They are one in the same anyway
  23. UK City Island Loft

    ScowLover has hit the nail on the head. The service is still impeccable regardless.
  24. Keel Blocks Winter Storage

    You are lucky you have a trailer, or you would be asking the same stupid question.