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  1. Good to hear that Bullfrog is afloat and ready for the next stage of her life, best of luck Bottman.
  2. Enormous improvement in the forecast.
  3. The indications are 15kn SE dropping to zero with a southerly moving through but too late to be of use, with S current offshore.
  4. Safe to allow $100K AUD landed with all taxes etc paid.
  5. most definitely the wrong RW http://solo-tasman.co.nz/entries/
  6. Granted, but we are not talking about racing boats we are talking about short handed cruising boats on autopilot with the crew having dinner.
  7. Not true, more like a poor choice for sheet winches. Self tailers require a minimum number of wraps to protect the tailing mechanism. That number may not be consistent with a clean release, particularly in an emergency. It's all very well to have self tailers and cam cleats but I bet that every now and then sheets are left in the self tailer. Without self tailers that risk is removed.
  8. It's a silly and pointless argument. OMR is yes "O" for offshore and based on the Texel Rule which caters principally for open deck catamarans. To an island. In Holland. So is there a sustainable argument that a committee be formed to analyse the characteristics, known and unknown, of every known and unknown location in Australia? Any argument against OMR should be based on evidence. Yachts competing at Wangi had to comply with the relevant minimum safety standards. Owners are responsible for boats that are carrying equipment in excess to those standards.
  9. This is how they recommend selftailers IMO way too many wraps for a fast release but they need to protect the self tailing mechanism.
  10. The problem with self tailers for sheet winches is that every now and then the sheet gets left in the tailer and then it becomes the norm. No self tailer means always cleating the sheet. You can single hand winch and tail; its not like its a race.
  11. Having self tailing sheet winches is a recipe for disaster, IMHO.
  12. In the latest Australia Sailing is this clip, optimising for IRC "how to go about it and what to think about when considering underwater features, rigs and sail" https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bgZ3UO8VSMg&feature=youtu.be
  13. Back in the good old days a Quiet Little Drink would dissipate any unresolved angst.
  14. For comparison, IRC acceptable sources for weighing. http://www.ircrating.org/technical-a-certification/measurement/14-technical/measurement/34-acceptable-sources-of-data What am I missing here?
  15. Have people read the advice on OMR on the MYCQ website? Like this? http://mycq.org.au/documents/omr/PreparingYourBoatForMeasuring.pdf