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  1. NZ Coastal Classic 2017

    Will be interesting to hear whether it was experience or boat that was the reason. Simon will be happy (and Jimmy won something this year!). Charleston having another blinder - they do every year. This is a modified F28 for those watching. Those guys are awesome!
  2. The West Coast of USA is no longer the last bastion of large Multis sailing for fun. While Sean Langman came and played in NZ for one Coastal, The Beau Geste team has arrived in town with the new boat. I understand it was a Phaedo? And Spithill is on the Orma (ex Vodafone Sailing). Plus there are a heap of other multis for the 120 mile dash up the coast
  3. Yes - the 60 was all locked up / closed up when I was at the Auckland Show Sunday am. Time restrictions prevented a return visit. Looks great!
  4. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    I saw Rags 90 on my way to Cockatoo Island on Monday. Definitely in laid up mode. Clean but forlorn. I'd forgotten how small it looks vs the aircraft carriers.Also lots of work going on around CYCA docks yesterday on several of the racier boats. Terra Firma is rebadged as About Time Hollywood / Doll looks very tired. Is she being brought out for the big race after the 38 sojourn?
  5. Dibley K250 Carbon

    Related topic. Supergroove is for sale in the UK. The current owner gave it a huge birthday. With the ongoing changes to IRC, it should be quite competitive. Over 20 years old but still current. I must find out what he is doing next.
  6. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I'm assuming it is Faze who has had this built. Give the man his due, he has kept many a boatbuilder and sailmaker going when he goes off on another tangent. If anyone tracked his boats it would have most people's bucket list yachts on it.
  7. Melbourne Osaka 2018

    Somewhere I've posted that an obsolete Class 40 with a faired up transom and extra non-class sails would be a great affordable Coastal and M2O boat. Funnily enough it might have been in Cruising Anarchy.
  8. Why buy Squealer when you can buy High Anxiety? Same hull and half the price landed in Melbourne. In related (expensive boat) gossip I hear General Lee has been sold to NZ.
  9. Brisbane to Keppel

    Finally got back to a computer to log on. It's a tough one in the light. I was on one of 4 First 40s in the race - 2 finished, but not us (Dry White). Good breeze at the start. We had a good run to Tangalooma, with an A3 (in NZ it would be an A5). treating us well. Then we got rolled staying low, but Mayfair, Dream Time and us played it smart for ages, although we all got sucked up from behind as we gybed out the fairway. Going backwards at dusk wasn't ideal but we had breeze overnight. the 4 Firsts gybed across each other in the middle of the night but Mondo (Sydney 38) somehow managed to get deep on us out wide. Mayfair showed the benefit of $ spent to stretch out and the Beachball steadily went through us with the old school IMS shape. The second day was light kite up to Indian Head with a good Code ) breeze as we started across the Spit. And then it all went sour. The boats in front managed to lay around the top, and the next bunch - us, Javelin, Georgia Express, Diamonds drew squiggles on the tracker as we got a puff, lost it, tacked and went nowhere, and repeat. We had a steady stream of boats pull out and then crunched the numbers to work out when we could make flights. Then motor sailed for 30 hours to the finish to arrive in time for the steak sandwiches. Packed the boat for it's delivery north, and went to the Div 1 prizegiving. Had a great long lunch, saw the fun and games previously reported, and braved the hour long trip to the airport back. 3 days up - 1 hour back on the tin canary. Best whale watching trip I've ever done. We had them under the boat with the hull reverberating like a bass speaker, and then had 3 juveniles playing with us for around 20 minutes before we quietly eased away from them. Too close to the rudder for my liking but very cool. Shaggy - I'd brought some pineapple lumps over for you but it was too breezy pre start and then you never made it.
  10. Brisbane to Keppel

    Starting to sound like Beneteau weather.
  11. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Weren't the Kiwi and Oz boats sailed there and sold?
  12. Brisbane to Keppel

    I'm coming over to sail on the First 40 Dry White. Only get in the night before so will see you at the finish. First time up the Coast in a very long time. Is there an entry / rating list anywhere?
  13. Hi All. Can anyone advise whether Outsider still has her canting keel? I see she competed in the Round the Island race last month. If she converted to fixed, does anyone have some background on when and why? Cheers Jono
  14. Fair price for a J92?

    If in Oz - Young 88.Great cockpit. Good performance, boogie downwind in a breeze. You could add a furler to be like a J Boat, but the #3 for cruising, and a #1 for light air and racing works well.