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  1. Jono

    INEOS Team GB

    And despite all the talk about sailor safety on the water and for the shore crew on land, I saw a GB sailor biking home last night on a main arterial road without a helmet on and in flagrant breach of NZ traffic regulations. Absolutely shocking....... How can it be??? Why doesn't he get a Landrover too???
  2. Could be a good time for the F1. Light enough not to break anything or anyone. Saw it was still on the hard when I was down the line last week.
  3. I wasn't but now I am. It seemed like such a good idea until I looked at the weather forecast today. How many for you now Wal - 25? I think this will be about 12 for me as I didn't start until 1990 - with Pete on the Ghostbuster and missed a few while overseas.
  4. Jono


    And in the grand tradition of all good rebuilds she is now for sale at a very reasonable price. Wish I had the funds available.
  5. Jono

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Back in the day that wouldn't have been that bad an elapsed time.........
  6. Jono

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Maybe just the bulb is off. The Melges 40s are starting to appear in Auckland. Incoming Commodore of RNZYS has his sailing, past M38 - Menace owner has one along with a couple of others.
  7. Jono

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    OMG - Teaky's back!
  8. And Jannie was Doyle before Quantum. I don't think Robbie bothered with any lawyers fees.
  9. Jono

    Young and Full of Promise

    Having just spent the weekend wet sanding the reaction lacquer on my daughter's Starling, my arms are spent. Wish I could justify a Rupes for a 3 metre sailing dinghy!
  10. Jono

    FARR 727 INFO

    Paging Wal.... He's told a few 727 stories in the past. Interestingly no-one has done the cockpit job on the NZ boats. A few are chopping up the 930s to make them nicer to move around. I got my license in a 120Y. No towbar. Then went to a Viva to tow around the dinghies. We were 3 in our family.
  11. Jono

    what is it?

    I totally get the hull. I need some help with the rig. To the best of my knowledge junk rigs are reaching / downwind only. So that is fine for the Milk run, but then what do you do for the beat to NZ? Electric power and a Max Prop?
  12. Jono

    Modified Young 88

    A carbon rudder is the fastest and easiest mod. The current ones are barn doors. If you wanted a real orphan you could put on a carbon stick c/w MH gear and a baby prod for C0s.
  13. Jono

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Slight thread drift. But if we lose a summer of race programmes, will the Corinthian Division gain a whole lot of ex pros who are now hammer hands or in sales? Auckland has ex-Volvo sailors everywhere and they either still sail for fun or have bought launches. But the Sydney air always seemed a bit more rarefied to me once you went beyond the truely good folk.
  14. Jono

    36.7 or 109?

    I raced the demonstrator 36.7 in NZ. We had it set up with a masthead symmetrical. Upwind the thing was a train. Loved it. Downwind to 15kn true it was fine. Once other other boats could get on the step we were left behind. I thought the cockpit was fine and interior awesome.
  15. Jono

    Where would you retire?

    Other parts of NZ are looking a whole lot better than Auckland right now. 2 weeks of lockdown and looking like another few weeks of restricted gatherings and no sailing allowed. Rest of NZ is allowed racing / cruising and gatherings of up to 100.