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  1. I've sailed on Squealer, have known the guys who did the mods for over 40 years, raced on Mumm 36s and raced against Corum in (that) Keppel race last year. Leaving aside location and price, the choice depends on the following; Breeze - Squealer will easier to push harder in a breeze and is slower in the light Helm - Squealer is more forgiving to a momentary lapse. Crew - Squealer is more forgiving- gear changes, placement around boat. Course - Corum upwind, Squealer 2 sailing and broad reaching, Corum downwind - especially in the light.
  2. Always a great website to browse. KZ5 is there with all the other 12m yachts. Look for 1986 12m. Now called Laura. USD 570k
  3. Jono

    Adam 10m

    All Supergroove needs to update on IRC is to move the mast back 300mm. The Spreaders are so swept back you could just about leave the chain plates where they are. The bigger jibs will make a difference, and with the extra J your kite penalties will reduce. Then put on a light weight carbon boom that is 500mm shorter, and add a powerhead main. Next take 150kg off the bulb and put it in the bilge by the centre case. The smaller bulb will more than pay for itself in less drag. Next shorten the prod and match the pole to whatever % over J seems to be the new default. Lastly put pretty squabs in the interior. As it is fully faired and has windows you should have a good case for a review of the hull factor - especially given age date. Too easy! PS Hi Phil & Mel. Long time no speak.
  4. Wouldn't you just take Corum north for Hammo? Just as easy to truck from Airlie as Brisbane.
  5. I'll bite. Per Clean. "Interestingly, it's been much tougher than last time to get mainstream US media to report on the VOR this time around, and VOR isn't quite sure why. " I see this race as a sponsor billboard parade. I've previously posted that I wasn't really up for Auckland and enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. But when it is OD, the teams are partially / mostly funded by Volvo related entities, and the in ports are a diversion, I'll enjoy popping in and out but haven't really invested. And because my kids don't buy into the boat titles, they go "oh ok" when I give them an update. BUT - they have no idea about IMOCA either.
  6. Jono

    275N Deckvest

    I too hate the weight and the bulk of the 275N. The 60gm cylinder is a killer, and a low profile PFD is easier to move around the boat and therefore faster and IMO safer on a race boat. I totally agree that you can get in the raft with a 275. Raft entry is 90% technique, and 10% having someone pull you in on the bounce (% may vary) And yep. I've I've sold thousands of inflatable PFDs, wear them racing, and tried them in the water. I don't know DarkHorse, ignored his little poke, but mostly agree with his point about the 275N.
  7. Jono

    275N Deckvest

    Apart from the question as to why you need 275N? Not having met I don't know your physique or sailing plans, but 99% of sailors I've met only need a 150-170N. I only ever recommended 275N to Police. Ports, Industrial type users.
  8. We raced against a 31 Toecutter in the 2002 Hobart. It was going gangbusters and then our group got caught in a caught in a calm in Storm Bay for a day so none of us featured. I had just been sailing on a Mini and owned a coastal 8m so was used to that size and had a look on board at the time. There wasn't much to it back then. Maybe the fitout occurred later - ie just launched for the 02 Hobart and finished in 03.
  9. Jono

    how fast is it?

    I too was wondering about how fast some of the F40 owners would be burnt off once the G2 boats came along. I used to race against Mark R (42 South) as a kid and saw his boat was for sale a while back and hoped it would result in a new one. Maybe not? That said Morty does an amazing job with any project he's associated with, and Ran is one of the best in the world so it is a high standard to play to
  10. Jono

    what is it?

    Looks like an updated Jollyboat. Designed by Spencer of Ragtime / Infidel fame. And Cox's Bay in Auckland has a heap of boats of various shapes and sizes to ponder over. Most of them are probably Gary's. In the middle of it is a Mulletie - the original NZ harbour racer.
  11. Jono

    Old One Ton

    Went for a sail in my old Farr 1104 One Tonner in Auckland last weekend. A 20 miler Leeward windward with a few islands to go around. Just a beautiful boat and so nice to sail. We did good too. She has a single swept spreader rig - no runners. Revolution - 2nd in the One Ton Cup Revisited a few years ago.
  12. Jono

    Transpac 2019

    And then the boats should keep coming down for the 75th Sydney-Hobart. Tick two classics off in 6 months.
  13. I'm pretty sure Kick has a more updated keel than Gale Force. AFAIK it went original jandal, Wellington mod then Auckland Mk3. In other news Kaimai Flyer is now sold.
  14. Jono

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    After all the grief given to Volvo race management, I'd like to doff my cap to the shore spectacle that came with the tour. Auckland has done this many times before, and I was expecting that with less boats, no Kiwi entries, and the passing of the guard of many of the older Kiwis that it might have been a bit ho hum. But no. Blair and Peter have become superstars in their own right and play the media game so well. The Pro Am was being talked about by lots of people. The Cat racing across the harbour in Saturday looked truly spectacular, and the breeze finally arrived for the leg start. I also especially thank the Volvo Academy programme. We had 32 sailors, and nearly as many parents and helpers spend a day getting a tour of the Boats and teams racing Optimists brought in for the race. Yes - again it has been done before, but for those experiencing it for the first time, it was a wonderful experience. The Round the World Race is still alive and well in Auckland!
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