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  1. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Wow!! Major great idea!! i do not sew footballs and I do not sell uniforms, pads, or any other Football related equipment. i have never played in an NFL game. I do not currently own or have access to any stadium. I might start selling Footballs and equipment. I will provide that equipment to sports stores after about six months for prepaid orders I am setting up the National Football Organization. There will be a touch football game in Central Park in New York City next summer. Everybidy go to my website and sign up!!!
  2. Tax “Reform”

    He he he. Doing my work!!!
  3. Obama compares Trump to Hitler YCMTSU

    Hitler did a lot of work for me. The Dotard, so far, has been my best servant in many many years.
  4. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Soooo confusing .... a sailing association set up just for me
  5. Quoting The Posts Of Others

    Sorry JBSF!!' The post was a straight line softball slowly pitched down the middle of the strike zone. A pre-emptibe strike is justified
  6. There I was minding my own business when.....
  7. Titanic Sailed Too Soon

    According to a study just completed by engineers and meteorologists from MIT the Titanic could have safely made its crossing this year. The size and number of icebergs sufficient to sink the Titanic has not just dwindled everywhere but according to MIT engineers, none of the icebergs along Titanic's fatal route has been large enough to sink the Titanic since 1998. MIT students are currently raising funds to construct a new Titanic and actually make the trip to prove their point. "We are embarrassed by the fact there are still citizens of the USA who are unaware of the massive changes mankind is making to our climate, and we feel it is our duty to educate as many of the remaining ignorant souls as possible." said Lewis Keeting, the 2015 class valedictorian and current grad student. "Our plan is to invite as many alumni as possible to make the maiden voyage, and perhaps leave any actual climate change deniers to try getting back in the old fashioned lifeboats. As insane as it seems, we have found a few past MIT students who believe the malarkey foisted upon us by those who sell carbon based fuels. Those with trillions to lose obviously deny climate change is being driven by a huge contribution from mankind, but, to the best of our knowledge, not one of those deniers is actually an MIT graduate." #Titanic II #MIT proves global warming. #no more icebergs
  8. FDA Chief Chosen

    The Onion has spoken
  9. FDA Chief Chosen

    "I am confident his winning attitude and personal knowledge of drug use makes him perfect for the job!" Said The POTUS Elect at 3 am. "We need someone who will eagerly remove all those pesky regulations" he sniffled, "on drugs like this very best cocaine. Charlie was my first choice as running mate but when I went to his beachfront house to ask him, Ashton Kutcher answered the door."
  10. Laser Top Section Recall

    According to sailor spokesman Jan van der Phil there is significant reason for a factory recall / exchange for all previously built Laser sailboat mast top sections. The builder and ILCA have determined the old aluminum sections bend too easily and are therefore inadequate for their intended use. Owners of any Laser mast top section previously supplied by LP may bring those sections somewhere and complain vigorously. Details of this recall will be described in future press releases from LP or whoever takes over as the official Laser Builder in North America when the current owners of the Laser Trademark decide to sell or abandon their claim to those rights.
  11. Who is your favorite absurdities vendor?

    None!! I wear sandals over bare feet
  12. PA Tournament of Assholes - Round 2 - Benghazi Region

    Governail was an imposter who posted in the summer of 2006. Unlike the beloved swell fellow Gouvernail, Governail was an ass. It is unfair that Gouvernail has collected votes from at least 30 voters who most certainly mistook the scumbucket landt eating Governail for the wonderful friendly considerate Gouvernail. The election should be immediately called with Raz'r recognized as the assholier of the two.
  13. PA Tournament of Assholes - Round 2 - Benghazi Region

    My sock detector has gone off while reading the ballot. Raz'r is running against Governail and not Gouvernail
  14. Over in the cesspool we know as Political Anarchy, JBSF has created a March Madness style 64 contestant bracket to determine by vote and crown a Biggest Asshole Of All SA. It is twenty minutes of amusement just to read the polls. As of right now, voting is in the second round. There are nine active threads . One has JBSF amusing report on first round voting followed by complaints. The other eight each have polls for two contestants and other silly stuff. The incredibly clever and master of assholiness Raz'r needs votes to stomp out Gouvernail's unworthy quantity over quality campaign. (You have to be a total asshole to campaign for yourself in an asshole contest) Go vote!! Vote for Raz'r Vote with your socks!! Polls for this round close sometime Monday .