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  1. Satan Himself

    Craigslist Finds

    The boat Is not a Sidewinder. It is a Whip same builder incredibly Fast Hull with incredibly stupid rigging and sails.
  2. Satan Himself

    How Do You Fly Your Flag?

    @VWAP Your application for admission to hell has been registered
  3. Satan Himself

    NRA Kills 24 Year Old Vet With PTSD

    Hi !! Nice to see you are free fir a few minutes in between lobotomy and shock treatments
  4. Satan Himself

    Know any Fact Checkers who adhere to this code?

    I own Malarkey
  5. Satan Himself

    Just what *is* our (USA) foreign policy?

    Your POTUS and his cronies serve me loyally
  6. Satan Himself

    The American Theocracy

    America is mine!!!!
  7. Satan Himself

    Shithole cities.

    Oh please keep blaming and pointing fingers. You make my job sooo easy .
  8. Satan Himself

    Just another Art Festival shooting

    Oh how I love Thoughts and Prayers!!!
  9. Satan Himself

    HOMERUN - Beyond anyone's expectations.

    We have a special section for these guys. I simply love the way they scream
  10. Satan Himself

    Donald Trump is A Despicable Son Of A Bitch

    Quit insulting slime and shit
  11. Satan Himself

    A lot of depressed Looney Lefties around PA today.

    Even the worst of the world’s Incompetent leaders has had a good moment or two. Has he done anything yet to sufficiently counteract his generally piss poor performance?? Fuck no !! He hit a stand up triple in the ninth inning of a 25 -0 loss completing a three game game seeep where he averaged three fielding errors per inning and struck out swinging in every other at bat.
  12. Satan Himself

    Has any part of the dossier proven true?

    He he he
  13. Satan Himself

    Malarkey or Plop??

    Whoever it is Probably wants a room at my place
  14. Satan Himself

    March for life is just more left wing Hate Machine.

    Other socks can play his game!!