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  1. Jack you don't own this place even though you act like you do. Don't blow a valve... again
  2. If you want more photos jack I've got an album with video as well
  3. Don't go off half cocked jack. If you think for a second that your words can hurt you're wrong. It's pretty typical of someone who has a lot to lose to hide in these places. Like u. I'd be happy to tell the bumblebee v story as it's a cracker but you didn't ask you just tried in vain to stir shit again. I'm not sure why you're referring to some lp bloke but you come across as a teacher maybe an old ham radio guy that does hf and vhf radio exams. If you don't you should because it suits you. In any case you'll be uncovered at some stage. Just give us an idea of your onwater history jack. Which years do u claim as your many hobarts? Try to get some credibility sock puppet
  4. Correct. But it's 12 hobart races. 2 bluewater pointscore wins in the last 10 years 1 of which was a clean sweep of all 3 divisions. A division win in there as well. And you? I have real world experience and i won't hide from any shit slinging jack. A. The navigator didn't need any help but his communicating in English was not brilliant B. Nah i didn't sleep in the bilge C. It's well know that i was the delivery skipper of bumblebee v that ran aground at broken head. Anything else jack? Jack I've wasted more time winding up bigger dickheads than you so be my guest and carry on. Must suck having all your intelligence, knowledge and skills trapped behind a sock puppet. Remember jacky this is anarchy and if you go around as you do casting asparagus at people one day it's going to come back and get you. Be sure of that jack.
  5. Nah i rather like keeping you busy. Jack you are wasted here under that false alias you could have risen to number 1 poster by now if you were not hiding behind a puppet. I know your busy trying to achieve number 1 on a number of forums which is great it keeps you active. Can't wait for the book. I'll lead you into teacher mode again. There are 3 boats Boat 1 "sparrows fart" Boat 2 " richos red rocket" Boat 3 " buffalo girls" All 3 are 50nm east of the tassie coast and within 2nm of each other and none have sat data connections. It's 2300. How does "buffalo girls" navigator ensure their AIS is compliant with the AIS rules? Also maybe some or most of the race yachts don't have the technical knowledge to trouble shoot electronics issues. I guess in your recommendation you'll advise that all yachts must carry a dedicated technician to check and maintain the yachts electronics?
  6. Oh jack but you love it. Oh but you are. And you do. Lol jacky you've got nothing else to do.
  7. I know you like to be the teacher that asks all the questions jack. It's a shame you can't answer simple ones. You've got to stop throwing the duster every time you get asked a question. Which part of the declaration was used for declaring the AIS was working jack? Don't forget that in your book of submissions
  8. Serious question jack... What specifications are you using for the ais / vhf cable to the topmast? Don't forget to include the new spec in your submission book. I'm really looking forward to your submission hopefully it will enlighten everyone to the compliance issues of having AIS mandatory and the sub committee will move to have AIS mandatory to be carried but only recommended to be on at all times. Please do a really good job on that submission
  9. Correct. But you assume they knew it wasn't working or turned it off. Don't forget life jackets after 25knts true wind as well. Day or night. WO wasn't the only suspect AIS but it's the only one jacks got a fat for. Must be the tall poppy syndrome that the little jack poppy wants to cut down. Now i understand why you don't use your real name jack. That wouldn't do..... no not at all. Quick question jacky, which part of the declaration did i use to confirm compliance with the AIS rule? Don't forget that in your book of submissions.
  10. This whole storm in a tea cup must just eat away at you jacky. 41 pages and you still crap on and on. I mean you were not even in the race, probably never done the race yet you as the aspiring number 1 poster boy here have your gbanger all twisted up over it. Sad really
  11. Because the race is over and they know that jacky. You're the one who can't move on
  12. Nah don't think so. Yours is the only one being fucked with. No balls.
  13. Race committies protest was dismissed by the international jury. How many times do u need to hear it. If blackjack had protested you'd have a hearing with facts found. They didn't nor did any other 100. Wonder why? It's not worth it.
  14. Jack you can stop anytime u like as nothing u do or say will make any difference. You're just stirring shit. If you had any balls you'd outright call them cheats but you don't you just hide in your sailing office behind your sock puppet. No balls.
  15. You people are bloody hilarious. Can't you get it through your thick heads it's over. The results are untouchable and no matter how much you kick and scream it's not going to change anything
  16. Just got the latest offshore mag from the cyca. Great article on wild oats win. 10th time fastest boat to hobart. Does mention the protest and how it was dismissed by the international jury. I guess the IJ's decision isn't good enough for this place.
  17. No jack i must be a sailing instructor right. Cause we all know they know everything :-).
  18. The ability to do it should be taken away. It's not racing, there's no skill in it and these days there's to many people relying on AIS to cheat out a result. Delay the tracker for an hour and don't make ais compulsory and we'll have a race on our hands again and not this stupidity of being able to see your competitors every move, sog and cog in virtually real time.
  19. Lol this year or 2 years ago? I'm don't care who does it. It's wrong
  20. And that's the best the combined knowledge of SA has. It's such a sham being able to track your competitors in real time taking away and need for sailing your own race. Just copy the boats who are going well and wait till you get the chance to buffalo them. Must make winning as rewarding as winning in the protest room.
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