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  1. kiwichas

    Caption Contest

    Dick of the Week??
  2. kiwichas

    Modeling Drag from (Displacement) Polars?

    I understand completely In 24.9 knots of wind I can do 381.18 knots upwind
  3. kiwichas


    Nice boat, had it long??
  4. kiwichas

    you're not helping!

    Gybing, one, two, three Go!!!
  5. kiwichas

    Hello Stress Engineers

    ADD= Attention Deficit Disorder
  6. Absolutely; within a mixed fleet you'll identify the boats close to you in performance and try to improve(thrash) each time, and still have a ton of fun.
  7. One design racing is the best way to develop skills, handicap systems are for the wealthy who can't sail, or are overly obsessed with "winning" Just rememember that all participants are winners(except for those who live in/for protest rooms... PS best way to sail upwind is to do it in only one tack, you lose too much time in tacking.....and it tires out the crew and wrecks the sails
  8. kiwichas

    caption contest

    This sucks Beavis
  9. kiwichas

    Oyster Yachts gone bust

    "loosing" or losing their jobs?? Surely....