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  1. Sidestay tension, why does it matter?

    Shrouds stretch and the boat has some give also. The pretension should be enough that the leeward shrouds are not slack. As a first principle you want the mast 1) in column sideways and 2) as close to in line with the keel as possible. For any angle of heel measured between mast and waterthe amount that the mast falls off to leeward is loss of keel moment arm and loss of righting moment. Or to put it another way, if heeling a lot was fast then we wouldn't hike out, right? So why would you give away the inherent righting moment of the fixed ballast? Same holds true for canoe body boats with fin keels and a bilge area that is flexible. Floor beams in the bilge hold the keel slightly farther to weather. An integrated system that ties together the chainplates, mast step and keel is best.
  2. Burgee Identification

    Isn't that Trump's YC?
  3. Older well known IOR Boats

    I like cold molded boats, but the laminate angles on that is an indication that the builder intended to paint the topsides. It was a lot less labor to do this rather than cut and fit each piece to the same angle.
  4. Restoring F/C yacht

    this ^^
  5. Building a boat

    The first phase of any big project like building a boat or a house or really anything is the rough construction. It's labor intensive but not too costly and if it takes longer than planned that's not a huge problem, but after that, the builder realizes that they've just finished the lowest risk and cheapest part of the build. Finish work requires more skill that the builder may or may not have, systems need to be installed, but the systems themselves are expensive, and once you move out of your backyard you have to start paying for moorage 24/7/365. Start with a budget for what you want to end with, then line by line realistically move the things that you can truly do yourself into a separate column. Then look at what's left that has to be paid for. Can you afford it? If so how long will it take?
  6. Building a rudder - NACA foil questions

    +1 for flyingfoam. I've also used them for a rudder a few years ago. Here are a couple guys cutting a blank in 1983 which was used on a 30 footer:
  7. cool or horrifying?

    A downhaul on the spin pole might help?
  8. cool or horrifying?

    Looks like fun. How often do you get to go out in conditions like that?
  9. Craigslist buyers

    Best way to sell on craigslist is to pick your minimum price, then just say yes to anyone that replies no matter how low they offer. 90% are no-show. Those that do show will end up paying what you want if it's a good deal.
  10. Sailboat Trailer Manufacturers?

    well, since you asked and others might be interested I'm going to drop this here, located SF Bay area, California. The builder can accommodate whatever you need, including ramp launch if desired. http://110class.com/2017/04/11/new-trailers/
  11. Yes. 34 years old in this photo:
  12. oops

    carrying on as well
  13. Lighters for line cutting

    Butane soldering iron with hot knife attachment: http://www.portasol.com/product-r1.asp?P_ID=327
  14. Sporer 30

    Port side windows aren't taped over. Last time I sailed fiddler was 1988, first time was 1984. Great to see her again and beautifully maintained.
  15. Two in the Pink - Front Page 110

    The use of the hoist at IYC is dependent on the tide. We can only launch when the tide is +3 or higher for a 110. That restricts which weekends we can sail. I don't know the answer to your second question.