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  1. pasta514

    What's your favorite multitool and why?

    and the bottle opener doubles as a belt clip too.
  2. pasta514

    What's your favorite multitool and why?

    this ^^ . And leatherman will repair for free if you tell them how you broke it.
  3. pasta514

    Running backstay placement?

    this ^^, but if you really load this thing up watch out for the top of the spar falling to leeward (on a reach) Also watch out for the pole pushing the mast out of column.
  4. pasta514

    I have to share

    no you dont
  5. Yes, although it hasn't moved in so long it may have silted in around her. The sun has faded her significantly too.
  6. Yes, I had a similar experience. Eventually, I asked "are you a human?" and the bot dodged the question beautifully. I was amazed at how realistic the whole encounter was.
  7. pasta514

    Front Page - scotw

    and your handle is zenmaster? irony much?
  8. 1/2" increments will be fine for your purposes unless you intend to race competitively.
  9. pasta514

    jack the dull knife

    This needs a new thread with a lot more pictures.
  10. pasta514

    Keelboat with short or high boom

    Here's one for you:
  11. pasta514


  12. pasta514

    Anyone have backyard chickens?

    Here's a tractor coop for 3 or 4:
  13. pasta514

    Torture Board vs. DA below waterline

    Here's another option: 7" hook pad but not as soft as the others: throw away the polishing pads and get sandpaper.
  14. pasta514

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    This is a problem. I had the pleasure of crewing a doublehanded wylie wabbit in the SSS corinthian sportboat fleet a couple weeks ago and we got in a situation that could have lead to swamping the boat despite the 400 pounds of ballast. The 400 pounds ballast rule does not inherently make a boat more seaworthy. The boats mentioned that are not allowed due to not enough ballast is a copout by NC PHRF.
  15. pasta514

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    OK, I'll bite. You need a fleet of 20+ in order to get a decent turnout on any given race day. If you have only enough interest for 7 boats then why not get everyone together to buy some underutilized used boats of a given type. That way they may have some shred of aftermarket value and may also be able to get new members to join. Sport boats are one design and we don't need more options. If you want to do something radical then join a development class. I don't mean to be harsh, just my 2 cents.