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  1. pasta514


  2. pasta514

    Anyone have backyard chickens?

    Here's a tractor coop for 3 or 4:
  3. pasta514

    Torture Board vs. DA below waterline

    Here's another option: 7" hook pad but not as soft as the others: throw away the polishing pads and get sandpaper.
  4. pasta514

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    This is a problem. I had the pleasure of crewing a doublehanded wylie wabbit in the SSS corinthian sportboat fleet a couple weeks ago and we got in a situation that could have lead to swamping the boat despite the 400 pounds of ballast. The 400 pounds ballast rule does not inherently make a boat more seaworthy. The boats mentioned that are not allowed due to not enough ballast is a copout by NC PHRF.
  5. pasta514

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    OK, I'll bite. You need a fleet of 20+ in order to get a decent turnout on any given race day. If you have only enough interest for 7 boats then why not get everyone together to buy some underutilized used boats of a given type. That way they may have some shred of aftermarket value and may also be able to get new members to join. Sport boats are one design and we don't need more options. If you want to do something radical then join a development class. I don't mean to be harsh, just my 2 cents.
  6. pasta514

    Stupid Airports

    I was packing a couple pounds of Vermont cheese in my carryon. The guy running the scanner says cheese has the same density as C4.
  7. Gougeon WEST Epoxy is the gold standard, but as far as I know, does not have a UV inhibitor option. I've used other formulations that claim to be UV inhibited and have been wanting to try out a new brand. Entropy Resin Since I was running low on the other brand and needed to buy more I tried to order online, but could not get my order placed. Finally, I called them and the toll-free number was disconnected... uh-oh. As a last attempt, I dialed up the only remaining number on the web page and got a live person who said "Entropy Resin, a Gougeon Company" So I placed my order and drove to the Hayward factory to pick it up. ... Yep, now Gougeon will have a new resin offering that's UV inhibited and has some bio-content in it. Can't wait to try it tomorrow. If Gougeon bought them, it must be good.
  8. Sassy is not THAT old. Rod rigging was commonplace for at least a decade before she was launched.
  9. WCB's keel goes along with his boat, they just happen to be disconnected at the moment.
  10. Here we go again... can someone define what a sportboat is before claiming 'first' or in this case 'mother'? What, now a sportboat has to have a cabin? What about the Viper, or VXOne? Do us a favor newbie and read the forum before posting out of your ass.
  11. pasta514

    Only in California...

    No free bags at my home depot. And it's not about the $, it's trying to keep the plastic out of the ocean.
  12. pasta514

    Boats not the sailing kind

    If boats were still built of wood then we would still have plenty of boatbuilders. After a while the state of boat design has kind of plateaued, so why buy a new boat when there are plenty of decent used ones?
  13. pasta514

    Sailing blogs and vlogs worth following

    Webb Chiles adventures