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    Sailing and drinking
  1. never fuckin' mind

    They are supposedly very intelligent, though I've never seen any evidence of it yet.
  2. I can't understand the folks on here who are amazed by the fact what Reemus tells us doesn't match reality. His cries of broken masts, rudders, sails lack of food, water, fishing gear are only just code words for "give me a tow". It happens over and over and over again and there are always a number of folks here that say something to the effect of "He can't be ________________ (at a location, still alive, not beached, etc, etc) , his __________ (fill in disaster) is missing , broken or depleted. You guys seem bright, have you always had the good fortune to be around folks that always tell the truth?
  3. Morgan Freeman DTS hoax

  4. College Football 2017

    So how's that working out for ya?
  5. You must be from California
  6. New old sailer

    Chicken, plus a mahi, plus a life ring, plus buttery taters, plus maraschino cherries, plus a shitload of bungees, plus, plus plus.... Don't forget the tracker.
  7. never fuckin' mind

    Don't tell me how to lie about my drinking. I've been lying about my drinking all my life.
  8. NFL 2017

    He played his college ball against us, and maybe it's a matter of perspective, but his "smashmouth football" looked pretty excessive from where I was sitting. I wasn't wishing for a house fire but I felt all the unnecessary roughness and targeting penalties were justified.
  9. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

    I believe this was stolen from another thread on this site. It's kinda become my motto.
  10. College Football 2017

    SC did drop in the polls after the Western Michigan game. They worked their way back after kicking Stanford's ass. Based on the Trees being handled by San Jose St last week, that win over Stanford might not mean as much as folks thought it did.
  11. College Football 2017

    And let's not forget his morals and lack of character.
  12. Gun Recommendation

    PB If you are seriously considering the scatter gun route. Look at a .410. Small, light kick but it has enough umph to protect you and yours. Also puts smaller holes in the wall. Remington makes a good one as part of their 870 line.
  13. No one should do Willy T's without a lot of folks to party with. You want that place to be raging.
  14. A few years back we flew into USVI and ferried over to Tortola to pick up the boat at Moorings. It was all pretty easy peasy for logistics and customs. I would strongly recommend the arrival sleep aboard option. The person who did all the brain damage work of setting up the trip had nothing but good things to say about the folks she dealt with at Moorings. This was without a doubt one of the best trips wifey and I have ever done.
  15. That is what the John Does are for. Most complaints will name defendants and then have 10+ John Does who might be named later. In this case they specifically named the deep pocket.