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  1. pbd

    College Football 2018

    You're an idiot and so are your Florida Man friends.
  2. pbd

    Moovie Review Threade

    Loved the cameo by da woody where he fights the racoon.
  3. pbd

    Is Ellon Muske attenssion hoarre?

    Not so much as an attention whore as a guy who is going to be doing outsized things and damn sure wants the world to know about it. The egomaniac comments are spot on, but equally applicable to the Gates, Jobs, Branson, and Ellisions of the world.
  4. pbd

    Jury Duty

    I was a phone in juror in Orange County. Friday afternoon (the last day of my service) the recording says report by 1:00pm, are you fucking kidding me, what judge is paneling jurors on a Friday afternoon. Long story short it was this case https://www.biography.com/people/charles-ng-11735781 They were asking for people who could serve for 60-90 days. NFW Jose.
  5. pbd

    College Football 2018

    WTF?? Football causes Lou Gehrig's? Who knew my mother in law was that athletic.
  6. pbd

    List of crew positions for a 40' race boat

    Yep Yep Yep Gotta keep the rig up and make the driver look good, not a place for a newb.
  7. pbd

    Is football dying?

    And here on the left coast. My first experience with lacrosse was in college, where it was a club sport. As I was headed across campus on a weekend I happened by the intramural field where I saw these 2 guys chasing this other guy who was wearing a different colored shirt and the 2 guys were beating on the other dude with these sticks they were carrying. It looked interesting, so I stuck around to watch the end of the game and became a casual fan. I will say that of the 1/2 dozen or so matches I watched that year, there wasn't a single one that didn't have one of the participants either carried or gurneyed off the field. It is a high impact sport.
  8. Well that might mean putting glasses on everyday and that's just too much effort for Reamus.
  9. pbd

    Lease or Buy

    If you like a new car and can drive within the mileage limits then lease. If not you might want to buy. Last vehicle I leased was when I was doing a lot of towing. I figured after 5 years of pulling the boat up and down hills, it would be a good idea to let someone else deal with the power train.
  10. pbd

    Solar update

    FML Thank god I'm probably not ever buying a new home in this shit hole state
  11. pbd

    God I Am Beginning to Hate LA News

    if you are just becoming fed up you haven't been paying attention. Whatever you do, don't read the Times. I do and it is the most lopsided biased "reporting" you will ever find. But the comics aren't bad.
  12. pbd

    Gibson files for bankruptcy

    FIFY I'm usually not the grammar police, but it is Nazareth.
  13. pbd

    Random PicThread

  14. pbd

    NFL Draft tonight

    Yes, by Seattle, last year