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  1. pbd

    Trail Cameras Again

    Do your chickens have any feathers left on them? With all the predators slinking around their coop, apparently 24/7 I imagine they would have all sorts of nerve related malady's
  2. pbd

    Floriduh Man

    Darwin strikes again moment.
  3. pbd

    What's the worst word you can call someone

  4. An iPhone can make you want to kill Steve Jobs
  5. pbd

    NFL 2019

    That guy was thug going all the way back to his ASU days, prolly longer. Good riddance.
  6. pbd


    If there is any justice it would consist of having to service all the unserviceable components they designed during their time on earth.
  7. They probably cope the same way all of us do, they put Randumb on ignore.
  8. pbd

    rant: driving fuckery

    What is the attraction to this dumb fuckery? Is it just to make a shit ton of noise and smoke? I don't get it. Do they measure the length of the skid mark to determine the "winner"?
  9. pbd

    College Football 2019

  10. pbd

    Random PicThread

    Prolly for protection against the folks he’s protecting.
  11. Oh my, proper use of the sarcasm font. Well done
  12. These are the fuckers that need to get locked away in pound me in the ass prison.
  13. pbd

    Random PicThread

    Ah yes, Wendy and Lemmy. Those were the days
  14. pbd

    College Football 2019

    I kept wishing for some type of double loss. Hate both of these teams
  15. pbd

    One Hit Wonders

    I would argue that this one hit wonder has more covers and non-english versions than any other one hit wonder. At one point my son had a Luftballons playlist than ran 20-30 unique versions