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  1. mtn_matt

    Bucket vs RV Toilet vs Toilet w/holding Tank

    Bummer. Sorry if I sent you on a wild goose chase. So that means there's not a single rigger in 250ish miles of California coast line? (SB - Monterrey) wow! Good to hear there's a pumpout in Avila. I guess they might as well make use of all that leftover piping they have sitting around. I'm quite sure my wife would not go for the bucket scenario. I'd be working on my golf swing instead.
  2. mtn_matt

    Bucket vs RV Toilet vs Toilet w/holding Tank

    There might be a rigger in Morro. Its a stop over point for cruisers going up and down the coast and I think there are some better services as a result. It always surprises me how little support there is once you venture outside the metropolis'.
  3. mtn_matt

    Bucket vs RV Toilet vs Toilet w/holding Tank

    I doubt there is an abundance of pump outs in your area. Where do you sail out of... Port SLO, Morro?
  4. mtn_matt

    Battery Ground Location

    Our Atomic 4 has the battery negative connected at one of the flywheel cover bolts.
  5. mtn_matt

    Shore power installation question

    Hubbell makes a blank bezel matching their shore power inlets that accept a northshore safety ELCI. Its a good alternative that gets the ELCI within that 10' requirement, but it involves drilling another hole in the boat. for marine module cutsheet A.pdf
  6. mtn_matt

    Shore power installation question

    Under the EU Recreational Craft Directive, an RCD has been required for a long time with good success. Since USCG has no regs on AC power installations on recreational boats, there's no law that says an ELCI needs to be installed. ABYC requires one, but they are voluntary standards which are industry adopted with virtually no oversight.
  7. mtn_matt

    Shore power installation question

    Geesh... just when I thought I could provide something useful. oh well. There's a reason Al Bundy is my avatar.
  8. mtn_matt

    Shore power installation question

    Common misconception is that a boat is "grounded" like your house thru the water. Bad things happen when the water is part of the circuit so the ground is there to serve as a fault path if something goes wrong. A boat like that will most likely be set up with the AC ground and the DC negative being tied together at ONE point on the boat (often the engine negative terminal or its bus). If you have a bonding system, your underwater components are tied together (by a green wire just to confuse things) and that all ties together at a bus as well and ultimately tied to the DC grounding bus. That is to keep all the components at the same electrical potential and not cathodically melt. AC neutral and AC ground are NEVER tied together on the boat as you would commonly see in a household panel. Put in a reverse polarity indicator or else you'll need to have double poll breakers on your AC panel. ELCI is required within 10' of the shore power inlet. So far I haven't seen someone building pre-made all inclusive panels like what you're specing out.
  9. mtn_matt

    Warren Miller, RIP

    In the fall as the first flakes started falling, his new movies would play at the Paramount in Denver and/or the Fox Theater in Boulder. It was an awesome way to celebrate opening ski season and attending with the sell out crowd on opening night was like a Rocky Horror Picture Show for skiers. I dunno if they still do that. People here run from snow. RIP Mr. Miller
  10. mtn_matt

    Maker Space/DIY Boat Repairs?

    Sorry to hear about Techshop. Its a cool (albeit recycled) concept. I too wondered how the hell they'd make anything with such high start up and overhead. I think the one in Alexandria was in a high rent district to begin with. Then add in tools, which lets face it, why would you join a club that only has the tools you already own yourself, so the tools need to be the stuff out of reach for most of us. Then there's that little insurance bill. Seems to me that classes would be about the only revenue source that could get them over the hump, but you can saturate a market pretty quickly. I hope they can figure it out.
  11. mtn_matt

    Where do you work on your boat?

    My boss is building one right now for a cat boat restoration and I've been watching with piqued interest. Last time I checked, it was looking like he'd be dried in for less than a grand. Granted, he did have some scraps for misc parts and shrink wrap already, but you'd never get a pre-fab building that size for anywhere close to a grand. Digging around online, I've seen some elaborate builds that last for upwards of ten years. Knowing how long it takes me to get anything done on my own boat, one might actually last the duration.
  12. mtn_matt

    Where do you work on your boat?

    I've been thinking of building one of these. They're temporary, easy to build (or so they appear), can take a snow load and cheaper than most of the alternatives....
  13. mtn_matt

    Mystery Shore Power Outages

    When Calculating AC loads, continuous loads are factored at full value, whereas intermittent loads are reduced based on anticipated duty percentage. So the approach is similar to NEC's, but it starts at the load calc end. Apples + Oranges = Fruit salad.
  14. mtn_matt

    Mystery Shore Power Outages

    Ding Ding. The Smart plugs had thermal breakers which do exactly as you described. Breakers are required to be "manually reset" which a thermal breaker is not. For the last year or two they've been built without that feature because of this, but you likely bought new old stock. A well wired connector will even see a significant temp rise with a couple of space heaters pumping juice through them. They just weren't intended to do that.
  15. mtn_matt

    Batteries losing water at an alarming rate

    Following the link to the charger made my day. The stupidity of the question aside... sarcasm like this had to have come from someone here.