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  1. With Paul LePage as our chief executive, we here in Maine have been getting accustomed to the concept of a Trump presidency for years. I feel prepared. You might want to fasten your seat belts and prepare to be entertained. The above notwithstanding, I came across the transcript of a Trump interview from 1998 and politically, he appeared somewhat moderate at the time -- fiscal conservative, social liberal. I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of that but am not counting on it.
  2. And here is another one (without the music): "Parable of Immortality" by Henry Van Dyke I am standing upon the seashore. A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength, and I stand and watch until at last she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come down to mingle with each other. Then someone at my side says, " There she goes! " Gone where? Gone from my sight . . . that is all. She is just as large in mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side and just as able to bear her load of living freight to the place of destination. Her diminished size is in me, not in her. And just at the moment when someone at my side says, " There she goes! " there are other eyes watching her coming . . . and other voices ready to take up the glad shout . . . " Here she comes! "
  3. I haven't posted here in a long time -- too caught up in work and life and stuff. But this awful news brought me back. Jon and I go back to the mid-90s and the Cruising World forum and more recently we both hung out here. We only met in person a few times, most recently in September while he was up for a delivery. I'll treasure that evening forever. I still remember how Jon had my back in those volleys with tillerman/dan taylor/doublereef. But beyond those stupid petty shit storms, one thing was for certain: Jon was the real deal, He lived life on his own terms and packed a tremendous amount of adventure into his too short time on this earth. He was always willing to share his wisdom and experience with others, and did so in his own humble way. He touched many lives and inspired many people, even those who never got to meet him in person. I'm still trying to process all of this; I can't imagine what those who were really close to him are going through right now. My thoughts are with them.
  4. bowtostern is spot on here. To that end, the GMORA Board of Directors sends out a survey to its membership each year, asking for ideas on how to improve the sport, the circuit, the regattas, everything. Now GMORA does not run regattas -- yacht clubs/race organizers run regattas. GMORA's primary purpose is season scoring and promotion. We pass along the input we receive on the survey to member clubs and race organizers. So here is your chance. The survey typically goes out via e-mail to all members of record during the off season. I know it has been discussed at recent board meerings, so it will probably go out in the next couple of months. Members who receive their survey should take the time to respond with some thoughtful input on what can be done to make things more fun and get more people to come out and play with us. Don't just check off an answer; please fill in the comments section with some constructive input. If you are not a GMORA member, but want to help figure out a solution, then become one. For those without a boat/PHRF cert, an individual membership is $10. That is less than what you'd spend on a couple rum drinks at your favorite Old Port establishment.
  5. I also submitted a nomination this year, and I believe my nominee's name has been offered up in the past (and not by me, so I'm not the only one who considers this person to be deserving). I can also think of several other people within our ranks that fit the criteria that bowtostern listed. Points East has generally done a great job covering our sport in the magazine, and choosing past YOY winners via its committee of prior winners. I too was surprised by the announcement. But it's not my call.
  6. Glad you all got some breeze. The chilluns and I watched the boat parade from the Prom and it looked grim. G Well I can say for certain that we were questioning our sanity at 8:30 a.m. dinghying out to the boat in the rain. It stopped raining (yay!) and then got reeeaaalllly calm. Like NJ said, Spuds the RC chairman called it perfectly, sending the big go-fast boats off as soon as it filled in. Our class was next-to-last to start, and by then the wind was perfect. I must say this was one of the more memorable MS Regattas for us in terms of the racing itself. Jay H's Pearson 10-meter spanked us a bit on the way to the windward mark, but on the run, we had three boats -- two Pearsons and a Cal -- right side by each the rest of the way. The rounding of the RG south of Clapboard was... interesting.
  7. Hear, hear...Go the Marc!! +100 Go the Marc!!! Our sport needs more people like Marc.
  8. We're planning to go, but sounds like it is gonna be lonely in cruising class.
  9. It's about time!
  10. All, Say RYC had not run a pursuit format with Sat and Sunday's wind. Just the usual multiple rolling starts, 5 min sequence for the various divisions etc, same old regular. Same courses mind you, -it's a destination race after all- what part about the 'parade' might have been any different? So you have 5-6 boats in your division starting at the same time, (recall the 3 J105's started together), what would have been different? Still need to get to Castine, still on the same course, would there not be 4-5 parading groups with, maybe, the fast boats who started only 20-25 mins behind the slowboats passing them earlier and getting to Eaton's first? This seems to be about course more than format? Or am I off the mark here? You all know the area, what other courses could RYC set for their regatta that would still move the fleet between Rockland, (city of light and good karma) and Castine, (a little town that keeps its secrets)? This is kind of how I think of it as well. It's a point-to-point; regardless of start format, there are only so many ways you can tweak the course to get the fleet from point A to point B. I also like to think that conditions like what we saw this weekend still give us challenges and fun factor. It's a great exercise in sail trim, and (for me anyway) it was a rather fun romp. Keep in mind this comment comes from a boat that got beat on waterline with just seconds before we reached the finish on Saturday. Had there been more twists and turns, we might have gotten them. OTOH, I probably would have ended up with twice the bruises I have now. BTW, Harraseeket, despite being a pursuit, often has its own tactical challenges, including picking the best side of the course to account for wind/currents, navigating around islands/ledges, finding the best wind on either side of Whaleboat, avoiding holes. Maybe those are different tactics than Kitty has in mind, but for some of us, it adds to the fun.
  11. ZZZZING!!! OUCH! Pursuits can be a bit of a crap shoot sometimes... specifically if there is lighter air at the start (bad for the early starters) or if the breeze dies out too soon (bad for the later starters and shortening course is not always an option). But the wind was, um, not a problem this weekend. For anyone who has not seen them, there are some great photos on the GMORA FB page.
  12. Two different regions. Hospice is East, Camden is Central. While some travel between regions is encouraged, it is not mandatory and options are generally a good thing.
  13. My neighbors' dogs described in the link below had a history of aggression not even referenced in this article. I never got that close to them, so I can't say what breed they really were, but they looked more like a larger pit bull mix than the generic "bulldog" that you see here (which makes me think of the shorter, stockier American or French Bulldog). And they barked incessantly. In this particular case, it was clearly the owners, not the dogs, that were at fault here. I know of a few pit bull/mixes that are perfectly fine around people. But in this case, the dogs needed to go. Our neighborhood has suddenly gotten a lot quieter. Bad dogs, bad dogs
  14. That is exactly what happened in Maine not too long ago: Reading the above, would you make the same statement about Labs? The story above illustrates that it is the owner, not the breed of dog, that is the problem.
  15. I wonder if history will be on their side on July 14? Surely you know the drill, NOOB!