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  1. kristian

    Practice Races This Week

    Wish I'd stuck to it, the racing was... not great. Merry Christmas y'all!
  2. kristian

    Christmas Regatta

    Love the big power that's moving, but in reverse and with the snakewake
  3. kristian

    Practice Races This Week

    I think instead of seeing replays of a race with one broken boat, we should livestream everyones homestead projects. I'll fix the dock, you trim the hedge etc.
  4. kristian

    J120 clutches

    The best solution for this is to use the Spinlock XX clutch on anything you want to stay put. No other clutch comes close. Best results are with a higher grip cover (soemthing that has cordura, technora, kevlar or soemt other sticky fiber) and a bulk to bring the line up to 12mm. Boat builders put XTS clutches on everything for cost. For example the J/111 was specced with XX clutches, but J put XTS on there instead. Now it seems like msot boats have added an XX for the main and primary jib. Constrictors are far kinder to the line than the XTS, but not much more grip than if you have the right internals (ie, 10mm halyard with their 0610 cam) If you can, swing a single XX to see the difference. Then quit drinking for a while as you're going to need to save your bucks to do the rest.
  5. kristian

    Splicing: 4 meter endless loop

    Ditto on the Excel control. If the length is critical make sure you prestretch the loop as the line has a lot of set to it. Honestly you can also just use regular old Poly double braid like Sta Set and get a nice even splice, although the grip won't be as high as the Technora blended line like Excel Control (which is the same thing as Furler 50 just smaller diam) I have made a single braid endless loop be constant diameter by inserting a polypro core into it but it was a pointless endeavour that took a ton of my time and a lot of someone elses money just so they could have the line they liked but it was dumb don't do it.
  6. Lotta people that sell furlers are trying to talk you into a sock... Boats over 40' you really need a flatter sail and/or an engineered cable. The sock is simple, cheap and more reliable. Even if you get a furler to work well with a deeper sail on a big boat, you are going to spend a TON of time setting it up right, practicing and you'll still get the random cockup and find yourself untangling your spinnaker for your cable in a park wondering what you did wrong in life.
  7. kristian

    Chicago Area III

    Knowing the owner, he'll probably have that framed! Good guy with first bigger boat. Learning about what goes where when (bag/hounds/not ever)