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  1. What about free standing rigs?

    That is a very tough design mandate YMT. Everybody to his own I guess. Three freestanding masts versus two - lots of pluses and minuses - wonder where the costs will shake out. Anecdotally, I pulled into Tod Inlet one night about 5 years ago. When I awoke the next morning, I was anchored next to a boat out of home port of Nanaimo that had three free standing masts. It looked pretty good - only one I've ever seen.
  2. What about free standing rigs?

    Thanks for the update YMT. Look forward to seeing the design.
  3. Thanks for posting Bob. Nonstop circumnavigations are most interesting.
  4. What about free standing rigs?

    Getting paid is good. The T40 concept is great, especially with the hull designed to suit the rig and technology improvements in manufacturing methods allowing shorter product runs. Could such a boat built in shorter product runs, be competitive with 40' offerings in the broader cruising markets? More expensive stick, less expensive rigging, etc. I know there can't be a definitive answer to that question but orders of magnitude directionally would help?
  5. What about free standing rigs?

    YMT, have there been any new developments on the T40 design since your blog of August last year?
  6. Schooner W. N. Ragland dismasted?

    Any new news on Ragland?
  7. What about free standing rigs?

    Van de Stadt shows some seperation between the sail and the mast in the section below (might be just schematic), and shape to the back of the mast section that is probably designed to reduce the seperation bubble on the sail. The hydraulic maintains the angle between the (faired) mast and the suction side of the sail which has most of the lift. Has anyone seen any performance figures for this design ..... or is there a good reason why this wouldn't be better than current practices on larger boats with unstayed masts?
  8. What's on your mind?

  9. What about free standing rigs?

    Many thanks for the Maxsurf link DDW - I did not know that existed. Armed with some analytic tools, it's time to play amateur NA Looking at the pictures of the rig modifications on Anomaly, your earlier comment re boom in the water is very clear - a beautiful boat.....
  10. What about free standing rigs?

    DDW, as I am trying to learn on the fly so I can keep up with the discussion, would you have a URL for MSURF? Also,is it correct that the narrow beam of the Spirit 46, reduces the potential maximum righting moment because of the lower displacement and the shorter moment arm (GZ) - a limitng factor in comparing righting moments for S'agapo and Anomoly maybe? Considering the standalone mast design itself, it is basically a cantilever of reducing stiffness along its length (height). Stepped at the keel with the top of the house as lateral support, moving that support higher up the mast should facilitate a lighter mast which would lower the G and improve the righting moment, for the same M ?
  11. What about free standing rigs?

    No meaning to digress, attached is an interesting commentary by Dashew on Bergstrom and Route 66 from 1994 - 18 years ago!! http://www.yachtroute66.com/D.html
  12. What about free standing rigs?

    Agreed, the tripod is not attractive and would make moving around the deck difficult ...... but the prize of a fast, light and simple rig is appealing - always a compromise in design. The owners of Route 66 (that also had a Bergstrom tripod) have commented that 200 miles "was a really bad day" - not all rig-related to be sure. YTM, as someone that has designed boats with freestanding rigs what do you think of SemiSalt's idea of incorporating the house top into the "tripod" for a freestanding rig?
  13. What about free standing rigs?

    So, what would you get if you crossed a free standing rig with a B&R rig? From what research I can find, the B&R tripod moved the maximum bending moment further up the mast, distributed the load at the deck level and facilitated a lighter and narrower mast. As the weight and diameter seems to be a major impediment to the freestanding rig, would a tripod like B&R compensate sufficiently for the extra weight of the freestanding rig? Furthermore, would the B&R rigging setup facilitate control of upper part of the mast?
  14. What about free standing rigs?

    A thing of beauty. What boat is that?
  15. What about free standing rigs?

    Not sure exactly, but probably looked like this ....... BTW, I was anchored in Todd Inlet last summer next to a boat (~50'LOA) with home port of Nanaimo, that had three free-standing masts with wishbones - visually quite appealing.