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  1. knobblyoldjimbo

    The fine balance of Family and Sailing

    Do they have trailer sailers up your way, here in Oz they do and they are great for kids and adults. I had a Careel 18 which was great for me and the kids. With three of them (22, 20 and 18) we won several Nationals, mainly because the boat we bought was built as a racer.
  2. knobblyoldjimbo

    World Sailing Vote ... Proposal M36

    Up our way (Lake Mac - Southern end) at Mannering Park they have Bics which seem to be great fun for the kids. They've also got a couple of Flying Ants which seem fun too and the kids go out in them in any wind. I think that's what will keep them sailing for longer.
  3. knobblyoldjimbo

    Nacra 5.0 Jib Leech Flutter

    Don't think rig tension will do anything. The platform is so flexy just because it's a cat it won't matter. What will is mainsheet tension because that will bear directly on the jib luff. When going anything but off the wind try to keep the main sheet tight, use the traveller to let it off but that'll work on the luff.
  4. knobblyoldjimbo

    Sailing the enterprise single handed

    If you're single handing an E then get smaller sails or get the current sail reduced - E's are great boats for racing and generally by experienced people but I'd never class them as anything else. Get an old laser for single handed kicks or one of the other UK single handers. I sailed E's and GP14's in my youf - much preferred GP's because in those days the E had a seat only right at the front and right at the back of the centreboard case - very uncomfortable. KO
  5. knobblyoldjimbo

    Splicing a split tailed mainsheet

    What I did with my 18ft TY is to take the end of the 8mm mainsheet and tie it to a circular s/s ring. Then I took two 5mm spectra lines and tied them to the ring, the other ends went to a block on the windward and leeward sides (they were adjustable to a cleat). Clearly the ring won't go through the block but by adjusting the spectra it didn't have to. This achieves the objective of pulling the main using the leverage from the windward side. This allowed me to change from 4:1 blocks to 2:1 which provided a much faster adjustment. You need to have a good vang though (mine was a 32:1 cascade).
  6. knobblyoldjimbo


    Why don't you use hifield levers?
  7. knobblyoldjimbo

    Adam 10m

    I heard, from a Careel 22 owner (another Joe Adams design) that Joe was a little on the short side so the A10 was full height for him!
  8. knobblyoldjimbo

    Garmin Chartplotter networking.

    Not many Dinghy drivers would be using chartplotters, maybe mosey along to the right place for better info.
  9. knobblyoldjimbo

    Fleets for Nationals

    Amazing, I didn't realise the Mirror dinghy was that old. I sailed in their Nationals in Newquay, Cornwall in, must have been the 70's, around 140 boats then. I did the single handed race, was awesome in that tiny boat out on what seemed to be endless ocean. I think I came 15th but the single handed fleet was much smaller.
  10. knobblyoldjimbo

    Fleets for Nationals

    "Sailing in company, racing with purpose" Frank Bethwaite (quoted from memory, hope it's right). The numbers in the A class are testament to that. Most know they've no chance but they still go (in large numbers for a very exy development class).
  11. knobblyoldjimbo

    Fleets for Nationals

    Interesting, I like the Y&Y chart. There is a drop off but not too bad (based on a visual scan). Hopefully the huge youth fleets will translate into better attendance later on (and I'm thinking in twenty years after puberty (girl/boyfriends, study, work, family etc). Here in Oz I sail a 14ft cat, mine must be around 30 years old and, provided I get the one minute handicap benefit I can sail with the brand new foam sandwich boats. Not always the case of course. Our fleet sizes are quite small now. The Paper Tiger has a great attendance possibly because the home build ply is still competitive with the vastly expensive carbon versions.
  12. knobblyoldjimbo

    Fleets for Nationals

    Someone posted on FB that sailing was drifting off so I wondered about fleet sizes. The article on FB had a video of National 12's racing in the 50's. I think it must have been a National Championship because of the video production involved. I've sailed in the 70's in big fleets, GP14 ~120, Fireball ~100, Mirror ~140. What size are the fleets now? Have we seen a massive falloff in numbers. I would guess that there is, partly because of safety requirements (capped fleet size) and partly because of the fragmentation (lots more classes). Anyone?
  13. knobblyoldjimbo

    Best 8mm rope for performance oriented mainsheet

    Must be 5/16 sorry - it's been so long since I used Imperial.
  14. knobblyoldjimbo

    Best 8mm rope for performance oriented mainsheet

    I use this : It's 7/16" so just a smidge under 8mm which means that it runs through my Harken triple block (8mm won't run through it!). It's not exy either.
  15. Get her to try the watch on her right wrist. You start 99.9% on Stbd which means you're looking to the right 99% of the time, so the watch is there without moving the head around too much.