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  1. Which way the wind blows

    There's a particular spot on Pittwater (NSW Oz) where, in a NE breeze the wind goes round and around - while boats on the Eastern Shore sail on past likewise the Western Shore! Where were we?
  2. Competing at 150 kg

    I know this is not a good comparison but in my Maricat 4.3 in higher winds to tack (the only way to tack) is to pull the boom right over so the boat pivots around the mast until you're on a broad reach on the other tack. Then pull the main in (yes, lots of pulling) and off we go, then round up.
  3. Closed Gate on race course

    No, not in RRS, usually in the SI's.
  4. Closed Gate on race course

    Those are a real pain for sailing. You get a short work to windward at the start and another little work at the end and then have to avoid the start / finish line at the end. Thankfully our club has replaced this with the start boat using the leeward mark as the pin and another mark laid off to leeward of the start boat stern as the finish. They call it here a Hollywood Finish but I don't know if that is the proper name. It mean you have the full course to sail in and you don't get trapped on one tack or another going upwind.
  5. RS Cat 14 Question

    I sail a Maricat which is a 14ft beach cat from around the '70s. It has a banana shaped hull which, when you get the cat moving and the rudders flowing will stay in a straight line, however when you let go the rudders it'll pretty much instantly turn into the wind. One thing we do between races is to pull the main and traveller right in and let go of the tiller. The boat sails a little, rounds up, goes backwards, sails a little - rinse, repeat. You stay pretty much in the same position. I'd say try it. Work on the rudder blade setting so that you have bit of weather helm most of the time and then just let go - see what happens. I've never seen any of the 14ft cats fall over on their own.
  6. Square heads

    Wasn't that the Park Lane boom as used on J boats in the olden days?
  7. Does your dinghy have a name?

    My Maricat is called Daisy because the fat cow is a dog to tack.
  8. Bob Perry, this thing is cute as all get out.

    You turn the wheel and the boat turns ! (sorry!!)
  9. Sailing & Racing in/near Manchester UK

    Hang on a minute - the guy's going to MANCHESTER - NOT Scotland, NOT Hayling Island. C'mon already!
  10. How Does My New Boat Not Have a Boom?

    What!! SA + polite sorry doesn't compute!
  11. Old fireball proctor mast trapeze issue.

    Take the top of the mast off - push the wires up and out. To replace swage the top loops then (with the fishing line you put on the end of each wire) pull the blank end until the loop is by the tube. Fix tube, then attend to the lower ends.
  12. How Does My New Boat Not Have a Boom?

    For A's and presumably F18's the apparent wind is unlikely to get further than about 45degrees from the front. In this case no boom is find provided the sail is set up for it. On the Maricat I sail, the sail is too wide to countenance boomless, but now you mention it I might just try it!
  13. How Does My New Boat Not Have a Boom?

    Lots of beach cats don't have booms, like ^ said the traveller goes much further than dingies so you have more control over shape and leech. If the boat is modern (ie light and fast) then most of the time you'll be apparent wind sailing with the wind coming from the forward beam which means the traveller rarely needs to go down very far. If you look on the RS site there doesn't seem to be any pics of it sailing dead downwind. This is a feature that our 14ft cats have - they sail faster ddw than tacking downwind. Depends on the boat though - at 125kgs I imagine the same will happen to your RS. We us a bungy chord to pull the boom forward. You don't need a vang on beach cats either - I used on for a while and only occasionally (ie ddw) was it of any use. I stopped using it when it prevented me from bringing the boat up after a capsize.
  14. Craigslist Finds

    Probably only just finished curing!
  15. Seized s/s bolts

    I fixed the transom at the weekend. I did try to unscrew the s/s screws but gave up early. I ground the heads off then hit them hard. Eventually the alum moulding that they were screwed into gave way. I got all the crap out then put in ply backing with triax mat on both sides. Fix now looks ok. Sailing this weekend so we'll see how it all goes. KO