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  1. knobblyoldjimbo

    Help to improve cruising catamaran to windward

    On my maricat (per my avatar) to really get it to go high you've got to ease it off for speed, suddenly you find you're standing higher and still going faster.
  2. knobblyoldjimbo

    Hervey Bay A Class Worlds

    And then once you've done the measurements the wind changes!
  3. knobblyoldjimbo

    Help to improve cruising catamaran to windward

    That sounds like you're pinching - the worst thing to do on a cat. Let it all out and go fast so the speed works on the surfaces then you'll find you're pointing higher.
  4. knobblyoldjimbo

    Fireball build part deux.

    Hang on - if you use 2:1 (or anything else) you're just making it easier to pull up (not withstanding you'll have more line at the foot of the main to store). The load on the headboard is going to be the same isn't it. On the FB I sailed the halyard was wire and had a loop that you hauled out of the mast and hooked over a plate that had a series of hooks (it was about a foot long and was rivetted to the mast). I'd guess you could do this with modern lines.
  5. knobblyoldjimbo

    RS CAT 14 Sail Camping

    Couple of guys in our trailer yacht cohort went up the coast from Brisbane (Oz) some time ago. They used disposable coveralls which apparently were effective. They were not amused by the nickname "condom man" but doesn't really matter if you can prevent being bitten.
  6. knobblyoldjimbo

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    1. There is or used to be a vid on the International Contender site of a World's start, taken from the pin. Hundred or more boats and one cheeky bugger on port flat out on the wire, fully committed. Perfect port start. 2. I sailed Rockets at Draycott in the Midlands occasionally. One guy had one of the few legal (grandfathered) boats that had a tunnel hull. Was a great experience. Some of the boats where like well built furniture.
  7. knobblyoldjimbo

    Rust with Loctite

    Ss is only stainless if it's in air. No air means corrosion. If seawater wicks in it'll be worse.
  8. knobblyoldjimbo

    Baggy Sails

    Haha, yes that same TY had a mylar Genoa, first time out one of my kids spent most of the time sailing up front sticking gaffer tape on it. It was delaminating so bad.
  9. knobblyoldjimbo

    Baggy Sails

    And now only $300!
  10. knobblyoldjimbo

    Racing Rules of Sailing, poster

    I noted that (on the main page though) like me you saw a red boat and a green boat, however, as JimC pointed out the boat that goes from green to red actually is the same boat, the colour change is just to signify the keep clear boat.
  11. knobblyoldjimbo

    Crazy weight reductions stories

    I had an 18ft trailer sailer (Katrina, Careel 18). We had done well in the nationals in previous years, anyway keen to keep up the record I did some weight reduction. First the outboard (min 5hp per the class rules) took off the Evenrude 5hp two stroke twin (27kgs) and bought an old Tohatsu 5hp single (it had a hole in the cylinder head cover which let out water in the form of steam so I bogged it with that metal epoxy stuff that comes in a cylinder shape that you cut off then nead to mix - worked fine). The Toey was about 20kgs so that was 7kg difference. Next I replaced the rudder which was 12kgs with one that came out at 6kg. It had an alum plate box which bent in the first race! Net effect NOTHING. No difference at all. I know that some classes are different and in ours people were replacing things like centreboards for the minimum weight 67kgs (from either 110 or 200 for the cast iron version). That didn't make much difference either.
  12. Ah I see, it was the colour swap that caught me. Thanks
  13. I challenge that image. At the last mark where red and green are going for the finish line. Green is clear ahead of Red. Red comes up to windward of Green Green then luffs Red and Red tells him to hold his proper course. I understand that Green can take red to the other side of the world if he wants, he doesn't need to bear off to proper course as there was no overlap to modify the windward/leeward issue. What am I missing?
  14. knobblyoldjimbo

    Baggy Sails

    First thing to do is check the bolt rope. In most sails after a short period it tends to shrink. Release the stitches at the bottom and see 8f that makes a difference. I had an 18ft trailer sailer and did this. Gave me a couple of extra years of racing.
  15. knobblyoldjimbo

    My Apologies, and a Question re CAT TRAX

    Getting longer axle will mean you have to have a heavy duty tube therefore it'll be much heavier