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  1. knobblyoldjimbo

    Gel coat chips to glass - repair on a curved edge

    If you make up some brown packing tape so the sticky side is up you can run the semi cured stuff so it's really smooth, then when it's dry take the tape off and you have really smooth finish.
  2. knobblyoldjimbo

    "High Performace" Stitch and Glue Kits?

    Mirror dinghy! Best fun I've ever had was at their nationals in Newquay Cornwall some decades ago. 140 boats, a veritable swarm.
  3. knobblyoldjimbo

    Merlin Rocket Walk Around

    Can't remember I'm afraid, I don't think we ever talked about boat names, we just sailed. The skipper drove a VW fastback.
  4. knobblyoldjimbo

    Merlin Rocket Walk Around

    When I were a lad, must have been to n the late 60s Merlin's where very popular at draycote water. The national champions built a boat every year, I understood that they made a living out of it. The guy crewed for had a boat that had an inverse curve underneath. They banned it after but his wasn't illegal due to grandfathering. Great fun. Great memories.
  5. knobblyoldjimbo

    "So I went online and ordered a wetsuit..."

    Seven minute scientific exercise plan. Watch it and do it. Fit yourself into the suit!
  6. knobblyoldjimbo

    Buying a Moth

    +1 on that, I sailed a maricat against Darren Bundock at a regatta once, only saw him at the starts.
  7. knobblyoldjimbo

    Android app to track and record boat speed

    To do it properly you probably need to use a Garmin device where you can see video with speed shown on the screen. But that requires buying stuff. For my tracks I use a Sony Tipo in a bag. I don't think a phone is going to be of use on deck as the light isn't good enough.
  8. knobblyoldjimbo

    Android app to track and record boat speed

    I've used opengpstracker. You can edit settings to increase the track points. Also have an app on windows 10 that edits the track file so I can remove the 'ends' , ie getting to the start and getting from the finish. With raceqs I could never get it to work, maybe it was the early days but ended up not bothering. They are all going to use GPS objects which will use up battery more, consider getting a backpack power source to strap to the phone. Turn off the display while in use.
  9. knobblyoldjimbo

    Fixing my beachcat rudders

    I raced two Sundays ago. Was all good rudders did their job. It's a maricat so no centreboards, the rudders act as foils so a lot of pressure in the heavy winds that weekend. Live the saw in the slot Duncan.
  10. knobblyoldjimbo

    Fixing my beachcat rudders

    Oh, and I'd be wary of wrapping it because the class standard stocks wouldn't allow a thicker blade in.
  11. knobblyoldjimbo

    Fixing my beachcat rudders

    Yes I should have looked. The damage was caused by exceptional wind that I would not normally race in and that seems to have caused the cracking. I'm pretty shure I can get second hand replacements if I need. I always have worked on function over form so if this takes me to the end of the season I'm happy.
  12. knobblyoldjimbo

    Don't Anchor Here

    I heard a radio show about the first cable laid from England to South Australia. They imported the galvanised poles from Germany because the white ants quickly destroyed any wooden poles. Also they were quite low, off the ground and low enough so a linesman on a camel could reach!
  13. knobblyoldjimbo

    Fixing my beachcat rudders

    So far so good. I found some epoxy resin, I must have chucked the micro balloons. Wet out some triax mat that I had. Used the angle grinder and a cutting disk, filled in the gaps with the mat and then clamped them in tight. I put packing tape (mylar) on the face of the blocks so I should be able to split them off. Now I hope I've mixed the resin properly and that it cures properly.
  14. knobblyoldjimbo

    Fixing my beachcat rudders

    I have two of these both in the same condition. They are off my 4.3 m cat which I race (don't do too badly). The last time out it was up to 20 something knots so it's not really surprising. The hole on the leading edge is for the downhaul which is pulled down via a 2:1 line which cleats onto CL257 auto release cleats. So, how do I fix. I'm thinking a flapwheel on my grinder to get rid of the cloudy Araldite then a cutting wheel to cut into the central join. I'm then thinking I use epoxy and some triax mat that I have then clamp it all together. Sound reasonable? TIA koj
  15. knobblyoldjimbo

    tying light air dyneema sheets to a clew...

    Buntline hitch. Apparently it retains a lot of the strength of the line. I used it on a 5mm spectra halyard on my 18ft TY, I had to cut it off at the end of the season because it had bonded to itself!