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  1. 1. Stick the GPS on the stbd bow. 2. Keep your head out of the boat. That's how the experts do it. Stop staring at instruments.
  2. Like he says it works. 30 degrees will do but it's not scientific, I don't think it matters that its 30 at one point and 60 at another just so long as one side wins. The effect on steering etc is not noticeable.
  3. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/tintinara/camper-trailers/hardfloor-off-road-camper-trailer/1147886527
  4. April May June July August Sept Oct Nov, that's more than "couple of months to go"
  5. What about using beach cat tramp netting. Don't know how much it is but it'll let the water through. Also you could double the downhaul line like the Aus VS skiffs do. I used some ag pipe for a mouth once, worked ok ish.
  6. Yeah, but that's not 10:1 given that there are only two blocks in line with the point of pull as it were. The 'outliers' will require a lot of effort to pull in, in spite of all the spare line it'll take.
  7. UK Sailmakers used to have a free rules quiz which was quite good, now they charge for it which is a shame.
  8. Those bloody coconuts, two years ago we were affected by one of the cyclones. Most of our ten acres was under water and hundreds of coconuts from an old plantation over the road were everywhere. Trouble was they 'hid' under the grass so when I got on the ride-on mower I kept hitting the bloody things, coconut milk all over the place!
  9. Where a swing keel trailer sailer has been sitting on a mooring for any length of time check the interior of the keel case. I saw pics of one that had sat on a mooring on Sydney Harbour for a long time. The barnacles and crustaceans in there made me wonder how they'd got the keel up. Full keel boats are ok on moorings but not swingers.
  10. So, what was this. A serious racer in it's day, a cruiser, or something that doesn't belong on the water (which is why it's parked in this paddock).
  11. RaceQs might be a really neat app but it's incredibly difficult to get working. Particularly if you use a 'modern' browser such as Chrome 64bit that doesn't support the plug ins that are used. I don't see myself as stupid but I've had several attempts, all fruitless. The first one had a 35ft yacht parked on the grass at the lake I was sailing my 14ft cat on! (yes I know how to fix that but only with an F18 cat). We are talking dinghy's here too so everyone would need at least an Android 2 phone with a GPS to record races, a waterproof container and somewhere to put it.
  12. So why not get into a conversation? Clear communication is everything in any situation, it clarifies issues and lets people know what's going on. Something like "do you have a stbd boat approaching you", "you need to wait until I tack", "hang on just a few more yards" etc Or "fuck off, don't tack in my water" KO
  13. alt-truth !!
  14. This is such a common problem in all fleets, you get a gaggle of boats in reaching angles of the start boat. Once the time comes they all congregate around the boat. Really the only sensible thing to do is what most of the starting articles talk about and change your risk profile, it's not imperative that you start by the boat, if you start further down the line, sure your options are reduced, eg you won't be able to tack away at will but then neither will most of the boat end starters. One, of many boats are likely to get a good start at the boat end, many boats down the line will get a good start so it's a case of percentages. I did have success at one regatta by waiting just a few seconds after the gun when a gap always appeared at the boat. This was quite successful and I had starts that were as good a percentage as they were if I'd started further down the line. Oddly that doesn't happen all the time.
  15. With most classes everyone tends to adopt the methods, techniques and equipment of the fastest sailor - it sort of becomes a baseline - if they can do well then I have to start there and then there's no reason why I can't do well too. When a super high modulus 30mm mast comes out and it shows that it works, then the fleet is likely to go that way - as long as the leaders have gone there first. The 10mm difference between your 50mm and 40mm would be quite a lot of windage so it's logical to go to the lowest thickness possible.