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  1. windseekeryachts

    REO 770 starts production

    Yep. The reports from Andrew indicate Reo is fast and stable and fun ride... and a winner too...
  2. windseekeryachts

    REO 770 starts production

    Reo 7.2- Prototype and Reo7.7 Hull1 got 2nd and 3rd respecively in Australian Sportboat Nationals hosted by Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto. the results are here photocredit: Sportsailingphotography
  3. We had hull1 rated for IRC in Istanbul Turkey for IRC and raced a few races. It was with pin head main. we had 1,0721 in 2012. It was rated as is. I would imagine it is now a little better because of age credit (with pin head main). It was just a little slower than F30 at that time. The boat is very powerful down the breeze. In a geographic course in correct conditions you can win. W/L it depends really in the fleet you are racing against. Lining up with bigger 35 foooter boats with big masts, you are loosing at start and can not cover later. Yes it is fun. 8-10 knots the boat becomes lively. next year we will have hull12 rated for IRC and hope to do a few races with squaretop main.
  4. you can not sail with keel up.. But you can motor slowly to deeper water and lower the keel. If you have further questions please DM. thanks
  5. Season Recap from the results I know of... In USA 2604 Rattle N rum Captured Charleston Raceweek 2019 ORC C 3 times in a row now. 2610 Smoke Show won 64th Gearbuster 2605 Feisty Rodent had success in local regattas with numerous podium finishes In Europe 2601 Sailfish won numerous races and had podium finishes in Oslo Norway In Asia 2611 Havoc won Hebe Haven Yacht Club Double handed race on top of numerous podium finishes in Hong Kong. Dear owners, please DM if you have other results and pictures... Congratulations to all teams racing and winning in 3 continets 2020 looks to be an interesting year for Donovan26s especially in USA, with ORC/IRC World Championship to be sailed in Rhode Island Sound and Narragansett and and in Turkey with ORC Sportbeat Europeans planned in Istanbul...
  6. windseekeryachts

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Jim is busy, working on various projects in California and does not have much time to work on the boat or sail it. I heard It is nearly finished but needs some one to work on... Last I heard it is also still for sale as is... interested parties can contact Jim via his web page.
  7. windseekeryachts

    REO 770 starts production

    Reo770 hull1 Going on a road trip to AirlieRaceWeek
  8. windseekeryachts

    REO 770 starts production

    Boats arrived in Sydney and getting ready for fitout. Please contact Andrew @ further info on timeline for launch.
  9. windseekeryachts

    REO 770 starts production

    Keel foil is carbon. It is laid up in female mold. Bulb is pinned to foil with 2X M15 ss rods.
  10. 2609 X-Hall Pass, now Smoke Show going to Connecticut 2605 is moving to Milwaukee.
  11. windseekeryachts

    REO 770 starts production

    +1. I know Scot very well as well. Was waiting to have a boat on the water as we did with the Wraceboats GP26.
  12. 2609 and 2605 found new homes. We are wishing the best to new owners...