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  1. windseekeryachts

    REO 770 starts production

    Hull1 demolded with sole and internals laminated in... First 2 hulls going to Sydney. Now taking orders for early 2019 delivery.
  2. Hi Crashtestdummy, As you might know I was joking when I wrote I sold my 26, I brought my boat, Demo/Company Boat 2604 to USA to be sold. She is in good hands and winning almost everything as RattleNRum, skippered by Mike Beasley. The clients love the boat... I think the main reason for lack of interest is the success of J70, capturing a very large share of the market at that size.
  3. Sail4Beer, yes having J80 as the first in class was bad. Which also was bad was the rating J80 had not just for us for the whole fleet. we only saw the J80 at the start. If you looked at finish times you would understand. Crew on Rattle N Rum on KWRW16 was not perfect either. Anyways, Wraceboats GP26, or Donovan26 has proved itself against bigger Fareast28 in other races as well including Charleston2017 and 2018.
  4. windseekeryachts

    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

    Ok, 5th fastest. I did not look at the multihulls. Congrats to you as well. cheers
  5. windseekeryachts

    REO 770 starts production

    REO 7.2 prototype, REO Speedwagon mashes it in 20 to 25 Knots! Smallest boat in Super 30 fleet at 23.6 feet Speedwagon was fastest around the course in Sydney Amateur Sailing Club's Super30 W/L races Of all the boats on the course only Toy Box 2, a 43.6 foot X yacht was 1:10 faster in the second race. The results are here Congratulations! Well done Team REO Speedwagon!
  6. windseekeryachts

    REO 770 starts production

    We started production of Reo770. the boat is development of Andrew York's REO Speedwagon. While REO Speedwagon proved itself against bigger boats in various regattas over the last 3 years, REO770 will have one design rules as well. more info is here.
  7. windseekeryachts

    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

    RattleNRum, Wraceboats Donovan26, 2nd fastest boat on the course after a Farr400 3 sail reaching doing 16knots, on their way to victory in PhrfA2
  8. Hi Crashtestdummy, Still 8 boats on east coast and unfortunately no new builds. stagg has a used boat on the market due to owner relocating. Please see for FatKid. Also pls contact them for info and pricing for a Donovan26OD. RattleNRum is doing 16 knots, 3 sail reaching on their way to victory @64th NASS race to Oxford.
  9. Correction to above, RattleNRum had the 2nd fastest run on the course after Farr400 Jeroboam. As I Previously looked at 1st and 2nd places on corrected time and did not realise the 2hr 59min15sec finish time which corrected to 3rd.
  10. Which boat is F400. I will check. nevertheless pretty impressive result for a 26footer.
  11. Massive congratulations to Team RattleNRum and skipper Mike Beasley winning 64th NASS Race to Oxford in 20 boat PHRFA2 Division. They also broke the top speed record for the boat with 20.8knots. the results are here Rattle N Rum ran the 29.3 mile course in 3hrs 13mins 36secs. Fastest finish for a monohull.
  12. thany you PeterRoss, ''beauty is in the eye of the beholder''