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    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

    RattleNRum, Wraceboats Donovan26, 2nd fastest boat on the course after a Farr400 3 sail reaching doing 16knots, on their way to victory in PhrfA2
  2. The Donovan 26 One Design is an evolution of the successful GP26 built by Wraceboats. The design demonstrated exceptional speed and control at regattas in the U.S., Europe and Asia, regularly finishing ahead of the competition and gaining praise from the crews who sailed aboard. Details to follow... Spinsheet 12-18 V4.pdf
  3. Hi Crashtestdummy, Still 8 boats on east coast and unfortunately no new builds. stagg has a used boat on the market due to owner relocating. Please see for FatKid. Also pls contact them for info and pricing for a Donovan26OD. RattleNRum is doing 16 knots, 3 sail reaching on their way to victory @64th NASS race to Oxford.
  4. Correction to above, RattleNRum had the 2nd fastest run on the course after Farr400 Jeroboam. As I Previously looked at 1st and 2nd places on corrected time and did not realise the 2hr 59min15sec finish time which corrected to 3rd.
  5. Which boat is F400. I will check. nevertheless pretty impressive result for a 26footer.
  6. Massive congratulations to Team RattleNRum and skipper Mike Beasley winning 64th NASS Race to Oxford in 20 boat PHRFA2 Division. They also broke the top speed record for the boat with 20.8knots. the results are here Rattle N Rum ran the 29.3 mile course in 3hrs 13mins 36secs. Fastest finish for a monohull.
  7. thany you PeterRoss, ''beauty is in the eye of the beholder''
  8. Congratulations to Team Rattle N Rum, finishing the Annapolis Yacht Club's Wednesday Eve Racing Series3 in 3RD Place in PHRF1 the results are here.
  9. Congratulations to Team Rattle N Rum, winning Annapolis Yacht Club's Wednesday Eve Racing Series2 with straight bullets Their worst result on course was second across the line. the results are here .
  10. I did not hear such a thing ... We are following ISAF guideline for the class rules with an aim to establish the boat as a internationally recognized class like F40, F30. (Both of these boats gained this recognition under the management of principally same people form Stagg Yachts)
  11. Thnx. Previously the understanding was I was understating. Conclusion is... no bad effect on existing boats...
  12. Ok, mast maker just replied the gooseneck kit will be available for the retrofitting. I will pay the price for the gooseneck kits. Boat owner will pay for the workmanship... We prefer this to be done @ Beasley Marine. Longer bowsprit 760 USD before shipment. New sails depends on material, brand but I am pretty sure it will be sub 15,000USD for Main, Jib and 2 asymetrics as a starter package (no 3DL/I but laminate sails). So retrofitting to D26 will start from Bowsprit + 2 asymetrics = roughly 9000USD and may go up to Bowsprit+ gooseneck+ main+jib+2 asymetrics= roughly 16,000USD existing boats will be grandfathered so the owners may choose to upgrade when they want after class is established.
  13. In light of recent decision, only new bowsprit (apart from sails) is necessary for D26 upgrade. New Bowsprit 760 USD before shipment Still waiting final confirmation from mast maker for the gooseneck kit.
  14. Thank you Trimfast for paying close attention... My bad...Initially there was some discussion of longer mast, then the decision was made to lower the gooseneck to achieve same Main sail area increase. We are looking into lowering the gooseneck on existing boat masts, that involves some surgery. We did not receive the final answer from Mast Maker yet on this procedure or will it be possible... BUT... keeping the boom same is fresh news as of yesterday. Stagg will update their page... So the retrofitting is Cheaper than what is written above and originally thought. Existing boats with the exception of one inboard engine boat will be grandfathered and can race as is... One design for sure... Stagg have a letter of intent for the Donovan 26 One Design racing. We are having some enquiries, no boat ordered yet. Rules and Specs will be finalized before first boat is ordered... Stagg is marketing. For detailed infromation, please contact them directly.
  15. Hey give me a call I will tell. Sukru has my number. I am nor Joking either. I will include your order with others... PS: as a private client for 1 set of course you can not get that price from the mast maker.
  16. Chashtestdummy, actual numbers... Carbon Mast, Boom and Sprit they are producers prices. No need for new running rigging. Standing rod rigging is included. I do not have the prices for sails. Also more likely an new boom will not be necessary as recent debrief after CRW shoved there is less to be gained. Keeping the cost for retrofitting even more reasonable. If you have any further and detailed questions pls DM. thx
  17. Well, I may be biased but I do not agree. Firstly boats can race as is. Secondly , The retrofit equipment package is less than 15,000USD add another 15,000 For the sails total 30,000USD Second hand boats asking is about 60,000USD with trailer, electronics and sails I do not think that existing boats value is halved. As optional retfotitting to OD is still less than a new boat. If and when the OD fleet is established, Existing boats will benefit too.... But As I have said I may be biased.
  18. Boom, Mast and sprit all slightly longer for a more powered up boat.
  19. 8 boats sailing in the Usa east coast. 7 can comply with OD specs. They will be grandfathered and can race as is. There will be retrofitting option to full OD complience.
  20. One design sailing in USA in particular, with hope of global fleets. Please see Stagg yachts web for pricing info.
  21. Ok, yes OneDesign config will have backstay deflectors, it is not detailed in the render.
  22. Hi barefootChildren CRW18 results are below. FYI Sprint6 has an inboard diesel engine and is much heavier than Donovan26OD, or a regular GP26. Xtreme26 was nearly 3 minutes behind 2604 on the race course on their best score, 3rd race. I do not see much similarity. Some other may see... ORC C Charleston Race week 2018 1. USA 2604 Rattle n Rum GP 26 Mike Beasley 1 1 1 1 1 4 2 [4] 7.0 2. USA 9 UltraViolet Antrim 27 Dave Prucnal 2 4 2 2 2 2 3 [4] 13.0 3. USA 184 Fearless melges 32 John Lucas/Durlach 3 5 5 5 3 1 7 [7] 22.0 4. USA 105 Cougar Melges 30 Ned Goss 6 6 3 3 4 6 6 [6] 28.0 5. USA 293 Eagle's Eye Fareast 28R Matt Wake 5 2 4 4 8 7 9 [9] 30.0 6. USA 97925 Fully Involved B25 Steve Vincent 4 10 7 7 9 5 1 [10] 33.0 7. USA 356 Monkey Business Fareast 28R Jonathan Pollak 7 3 8 6 7 9.5 5 [9.5] 36.0 8. USA 46453 Chip's All In B32 Chip Merlin 9 8 10 9 6 3 4 [10] 39.0 9. USA 2608 Sprint 6 GP 26 G John Stevens 8 7 6 8 10 9.5 10 [10] 48.5 10. USA 174 Guillotine Melges 32 Guy Mossman 10 9 11 12 5 8 8 [12] 51.0 11. USA 60848 Reload X-Treme 26 Oleg Popov 11 11 9 10 12 11 12 [12] 64.0 12. USA 25 Patriot Farr 30 US Patriot Sailing / Steve Young 12 12 12 11 11 12 11 [12] 69.0
  23. No backstay deflector.New generation and One Design boats are equipped with running backstays to accomodate Square top mains.
  24. Congratulations to Team Lucy for their 2nd place in Southern Yacht Clubs's Masters Ragatta, May 12 2018. The results are @…/applet_regatta_results.php… meanwhile new logo and sailplan rendering is ready and we have first Donovan26OD in production... photo credit: Blaine Gahagan