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  1. Tetonsail


    Much easier right now to to find a new wife than it is to find a good J/80.
  2. Tetonsail


    Good luck with your search. I tried to find a nice used one last year and came up empty. I ended up buying a new French boat and I have been very pleased. I understand that several more J/80’s are to be shipped to the us this year.
  3. Tetonsail

    What to know - Catalina 22

    I would definitely move the mainsheet to a Barney Post in front of the tiller.
  4. Tetonsail

    J70 ticks the boxs BUT

    The J/70 is not a good handicap boat upwind (I tried). Your J/70 and your small jib will have a lower PHRF number that boats with a longer waterline and a genoa. Not a recipe for success in light to moderate breeze. The boat is very fast downwind though. We normally race on a triangular distance course at our club. If we have 2 spinnaker legs we do great but if we have 2 upwind legs we struggle.
  5. Tetonsail

    J80 Aft Bulkhead Rot

    Curious if it was a US or French built boat?
  6. Tetonsail

    J 70 PHRF

    We do primarily point to point racing in a handicap fleet with our J/70 and find it to be slow upwind due to the small class jib. We are giving time to boats with genoas and longer waterlines and I think the boat struggles to be competitive in light air conditions. The boat is always fast downwind or if the breeze picks up. You can carry the spinnaker upwind in light air like a Code 0 which helps tremendously. Had much better luck with our J/80 with a genoa and will likely go back to it next year. We also purchased a Code 0 but didn't find it to be particularly fast or useful. We also tried a Mylar PHRF jib that was supposed to be cut a little fuller and have a little more sail area in the roach but it was not as fast as the class jib.
  7. Tetonsail

    Waterline J/105

    What is the price of a new Waterline J/105?
  8. Tetonsail

    Catalina 27 Tuning Guide

    Thanks, Lex- exactly what I’m looking for.
  9. Tetonsail

    Catalina 27 Tuning Guide

    I am trying to help a newbie friend tune the rig on his Catalina 27 - anybody have a tuning guide? Thanks in advance.
  10. Tetonsail

    Ripoff Alert! Vsport

    What happened? I have always great luck with this company.
  11. Tetonsail

    Trophy Vendors - Any Recommendations?

    I have had great results with regattaoutfitters.com.
  12. Tetonsail

    Foam deck

    Check out Seadek it has to be better than Raptor Deck . I have Raptor Deck on my boat now and it only lasted about 2 1/2 years even with a cockpit cover.
  13. Tetonsail

    J80 gennaker bowsprit

    There seems to be a lot of interest in J/80 replacement parts lately. Hopefully, someone else will step up after the demise of US Watercraft. Have you inquired at the European manufacturer yet?
  14. Tetonsail

    J/70 - resource for rigging and general setup?

    Thanks for the information. How much of the keel is in the water? Do you put bottom paint on the part in the water? Does any of the rudder stay in the water? Thanks for your help.
  15. Tetonsail

    J/70 - resource for rigging and general setup?

    Hey Peculiar, Where did you get that boat lift? Have been looking for something similar with no luck. Looks like you are even able to keep the rudder on the boat. Thanks!