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  1. Student_Driver

    very disappointed with Annapolis Performance Sailing

    In the words of Tom Waits.... "the large print giveth, and the small print taketh away"
  2. Student_Driver

    Hydrogen fuel cell generator

    Socalrider. Agreed 200% H2 is not going to work. Right now, nothing beats the efficiency of diesel plus solar/wind and batteries on a boat.
  3. Student_Driver

    Hydrogen fuel cell generator

    Interestingly, the company I work for abandoned H2 Fuel Cells for H2 Internal Combustion Gen Sets for our off grid power modules. I was surprised and pleased today to get an email from a potential client interested in a 'catamaran' application. Would never have expected an unsolicited inquiry for a boating application. If you have clean water and a power source like solar, you can create H2 with an electrolyzer. Some can create the H2 under pressure so that a separate compressor device is not needed. Storage of energy at pressure is very effective from a weight perspective.
  4. Student_Driver

    New Hinckley 53

    Was speaking recently to a skipper who is considering this boat. He'd never heard of the Surfari so I went back to compare the specs. Can't believe that the H53 carries only 100 Gal of fuel. That's nuts. Then again 30K lbs for a 53 foot boat is very light.
  5. Student_Driver

    COASTAL QUEEN - Ultimate Racing Program Tender

    Tempus fugit an no combak atus.
  6. Student_Driver

    COASTAL QUEEN - Ultimate Racing Program Tender

    I was on the Coastal Queen over four decades ago at Ocean Reef Club. Boy does that make me feel old.
  7. Student_Driver

    Hanuman for sale

    Do these boats cross the Atlantic on their own bottoms?
  8. Student_Driver

    End of a dream

    The jury returned a large award today for which we are grateful. Unfortunately, the defense will seek to appeal the verdict. Justice may be inevitable but it is not swift.
  9. Student_Driver

    End of a dream

    Thank you for the kind offer. Marion can’t get on a boat. Balance, vision and fear/panic issues. Congratulations on the new Ensign.
  10. Student_Driver

    End of a dream

    After nearly seven years, the legal ordeal is nearly over. Has been hell. Yesterday was one of the toughest days. Cried like a baby during my son’s testimony.
  11. Student_Driver

    End of a dream
  12. Student_Driver

    End of a dream
  13. Student_Driver

    what is it?

    Owner wants $695,000. Bargain.
  14. Student_Driver

    EDLU 2017

    I’m listenening to what you are not saying.
  15. Student_Driver

    EDLU 2017

    Who is racing ELDU next weekend?