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  1. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    holding their large
  2. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    dog's marlinspike while also
  3. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Lot's of great suggestions and boats. Love the Perry and Dashshew boats mentioned above. This discussion nicely summarizes the findings that I came to when researching (a now abandoned) idea of a circumnavigation. Personally, I'd go with a very heavy boat which I could motor for >1K miles and also put everything including my ski boots and tuxedo onboard. I'd load it up with friends and acquaintances for crossings. That's like choosing snow boarding vs skiing. A personal choice. Surprised that no one has mentioned the Shipman 63. Light displacement and set up for cruising. When looking at cruising forums, it's usually one of the monohulls most often cited by Cat cruisers who are considering moving back to single hulled vessels. Never been on one but they are reputed to be fast and comfortable.
  4. Dead woman on a yacht abandoned in Sulu

    Recently watched the SV Delos interview of Fatty Goodlander in which he describes the conditions of captivity for Ms Merz. Given what she endured in Somalia, it's no wonder that she chose to raise a gun. IMHO, it seems that she wanted to fight and die rather than succumb to the same pain. According to FG, when in captivity, Juergen K asked that they be bombed into oblivion if they could not be rescued. They told the authorities (in German) that they would rather die alongside their captors if the alternative was more time in captivity.

    Here is a quick question. How much of the annual production of C02 comes from humans versus the ocean, biomass decay and other natural processes? If you don't know the answer, you might find it interesting.
  6. End of a dream

    Having grown up in the Caribbean and having spent a great deal of my life on boats it is been a lifelong dream to circumnavigate on a sailboat. Some of you know of me and the tragic attack on my wife nearly 6 years ago at a shopping center in New York. Over these last few years, my wife, my family and I have suffered enormously and face much more disappointment in our future. Whilst my wife suffering is incomparable to my own disappointments, I have sadly come to the conclusion that my dream of circumnavigating is over. My wife's injuries are incompatible with sailing or boating in general. For some time, I harbored the hope that I would be able to sail for a month or two at a time and come home to take care of my wife. I now realize that hope was both naïve and callous. The combined impact of her physical and cognitive issues resulting from the attack make it necessary for her to have someone available to help her on a constant basis. Whether it's a threat of her choking while trying to drink from a glass or falling over on a sidewalk or getting lost on her own, she needs me and I can't leave home for an extended period. Although my dream is dead, I continue to live vicariously through blogs and videos of those who can and are sailing the blue. I continue to read books and act as if it could be possible but in my heart of hearts I know that it will not be possible. My focus now is trying to keep my family together and focusing on making changes in our local and global community which I write about in the linked thread from political anarchy. For those of you who offered me advice and answered my numerous questions, thank you for your support.
  7. Get up off your knees and stand for something

    Mike W, Dacapo, Thank you for asking. My wife is in constant pain, walks with a cane, has double vision and numerous physical issues. I left her alone for a few hours this winter and she nearly choked trying to drink without a straw. In the last year, we have buried both of her parents and sold the house that they lived in for 40 years. I'm unable to work because I'm spending most my time taking care of her, her kids, my sister-in-law who is also severely brain injured and dealing with other matters. We were forced to move from our home in November and maybe moving again this November because of financial pressures. Our lives have been destroyed and we are doing what we can to stay sane.
  8. Get up off your knees and stand for something

    About my wife. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/02/nyregion/woman-hit-by-shopping-cart-in-harlem-is-still-in-icu.html
  9. For most kneeling is an act associated with prayer. Now in the news, kneeling is associated with protest. Similarly both instances represent passive requests for intercession by others to change some situation or outcome. Whether one is appealing to God, government or other agents to make change there is an implied shift in responsibility from oneself to others to make change. Whilst there may be many things which befall us in life which are beyond our control there is much more that we can and should actively strive to change. Whether it is unfair laws and policies, repression, fraud, violence, racism or any other form of injustice, there is often something that we can and should do to make change. If we each stand up against one form of injustice that is most relevant to ourselves our lives and our families and societies, we can each move a few grains of sand which collectively become mountains that we can move if we all pitch in. Anyone who reads newspapers daily will confront endless stories of cheating, fraud, violence or other forms of injustice which can and should motivate us to stand up and strive for change. For many of us, the breadth and scope of problems in the world seem too great to impact. Threats of war, ongoing genocide, famine, disease, secular and ecclesiastical corruption are macro issues which seem immutable. On the other hand, there are over 250 million Americans who could spend 1 to 10 hours a month trying to make a change in some small part of their world. Globally, there are billions of adults who could do the same. For the last 25 years my wife had been volunteering over 20 hours a week to combat issues related to inner-city poverty. We believe that children are our future and any contribution that we can make to their education, health and well-being are investments that will pay off massively. Nearly 6 years ago, my wife was grievously injured when few teenagers aimed and dropped a shopping cart onto her head from four stories up. She now has a severe traumatic brain injury and other associated physical and cognitive debilities. Given this, she is now my dependent and reliant on ongoing medical and other care. We are currently in the fifth level of hell fighting mendacious motions from the corporate defendants who done everything possible (including filing motions based on mischaracterizations of facts) in order to avoid court date. I have chosen to make one of my life's missions to drive reform in the civil litigation process. As it stands, whoever has the ability to spend money on lawyers can avoid prosecution of civil cases for ten years or more which itself is an injustice. I plan to write a book about the civil litigation process which will highlight numerous instances of bad behavior by corporate and other defendants (including our own) which may help to bring pressure to bear. I plan also to continue my wife’s work with inner city youth and other needy groups. Whether it’s spending time with inner city youth, volunteering in homes for the aged or fighting corruption in government spending, we each should find a cause which we can support. I’d ask the professional athletes who take a knee, what are they standing up for or against. How are they making time or sharing resources to make a difference. There is no better time than today to ask yourself, 'how can I make a difference?'
  10. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I've seen Elvis several times..... The GB60 Elvis.
  11. American YC Fall Series and Leukemia Cup

    The Auction items include a week at Ocean Reef. Think that might need to come with a caveat. IIRC Key Largo got hit hard.
  12. Irma

    Friend of mine just got back from a relief mission to St Barts. Says there was a confirmed recorded max wind speed of 363K/PH. Another recording of just over 400KPH not confirmed.
  13. Irma

    Saw that Soma is on site helping and donated a large sum for recovery. Article in a Boston newspaper. Is there any help, beyond donations, that one can offer remotely? Operations and logistics coordiantion or other help.
  14. Irma

    The big black boat was Sierra Romeo. Heard from a friend who spoke to the owner today. No idea why they did not bug out. Recently repainted. http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:284116/mmsi:248129000/imo:8738744/vessel:SIERRA_ROMEO
  15. Irma

    https://www.facebook.com/pg/caribbeanbuzzhelicopters/videos/?ref=page_internal Unbelievable videos. BEYC demolished.