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  1. Student_Driver

    J/80 North Americans - Sept 19th to Sept 22

    Did the 80 NA's in 2006 on Lake W on USA 352. Was the craziest sailing I've ever seen. Massive random shifts in wind velocity and direction.
  2. Student_Driver

    Please help the Bahamas

    The owner of a well know new england based sailing program has been doing relief flights to the Bahamas from FL on his jet. People have been donating and supporting his efforts. Great to see sailors with means helping people without.
  3. Student_Driver

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    This is something I think about a lot. I spend more time on yacht porn than any other discretionary activity. Probably spend about 10 hours a week and have been doing so for almost a decade. The dopamine hits I get from looking at boats is the most fun I've had since my wife was attacked/injured in 2011. If I win the lottery (or receive my civil case judgement), these'd be my top choices: Jongert 20M Nordia 65 Kanter 59 I'd like to go to Alaska and Patagonia and stay warm and dry on watch.... Would like to have large fuel capacity, controllable pitch prop, load carrying ability (toys, fuel, food, etc.) Would want to live aboard 3-6 months a year. So space would be key for comfort. Don't mind heavy. In fact, I'd like it to be heavy in the hope that my wife who needs a cane to walk would be able to join me in port or on calm days... Would plan on motor sailing when there isn't a force 6 or greater to move the lead-mine.
  4. Student_Driver

    Round the world visiting South America and Japan charter

    Second Cisco’s question. What boat are u planning to use.
  5. Student_Driver

    NYYC Invitational IC37

    About 100 years ago some NYYC members with homes in Havana started the Havana YC. The colors on the burgee are the obverse of the NYYC colors for that reason.
  6. Student_Driver

    Gunboat 68

    Does anyone know the offering price of the 48. Not that I am a buyer. Just curious like the cat.
  7. Student_Driver

    Feasibility to refit a big, old boat?

    Twist and wrinkle- What if you had the ability to take 18 months to oversee the project yourself and put the boat in the best location for low cost skilled workers (e.g. NC, Turkey, Asia, Gulf Coast, Argentina?)... it it feels like the costs of a refit are roughly balanced between labor and parts? if I had the ability and capital to do a restoration, that’d be my plan. I’d get consulting from an experienced yard/architect or naval engineer while reducing costs. Benefit would be knowing the installation of every significant piece of equipment before going to sea. A new HR-54 is probably over $2MM. For that amount one could probably buy a very nice used aluminum steel or glass boat and do a fabulous restoration. Probably half that amount if you buy a decent used boat for 400k or less. Boats built over 75 years ago are a special category where the ownership costs may exceed the purchase price annual and are held for beauty rather than utility. OP’s boat is somewhere in between. For the purpose of the hypothetical will exclude these extreme examples Three exemplars: Dubbel 60 Incomplete Jongert 20 DS Swan 61
  8. Student_Driver

    Mike Bruno: Fair Winds and Following Seas

    Sorry to hear about Mike's passing. Last time I saw him at AYC he looked healthy and well.
  9. Student_Driver

    Water Taxi Woods Hole -Oak Bluff MVY

    Sorry have poor data and don’t know how to rotate photo
  10. Student_Driver

    Water Taxi Woods Hole -Oak Bluff MVY

    $450 for 9nm. Not happening. It’s pretty here though.
  11. Was supposed to have been anchoring in Menemsha but last minute change to Tarpaulin on Naushon Island. Had plans this evening on the Vineyard. Does anyone know a water taxi or similar who I could call. It’s about 9NM.
  12. Student_Driver

    Gunboat 68

  13. Student_Driver

    Gunboat 68

  14. Student_Driver

    Gunboat 68

  15. Student_Driver

    Gunboat 68

    Two Gunboats. Fault Tolerant and Flow