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  1. The yawl appears to have the main wrapped around the boom. Were there boom furlers that far back?
  2. Speaking about NYYC (Hijack) is anyone going to be in Newport this week for the J Class World Championship? I'm headed up Thursday night or early Friday. Was fortunate to score a ride on a luxury powerboat. Looking to take some photos. Where's the best place for drinks or social event with other sailors after racing?
  3. Was talking to a former TP52 owner last month whose been out of racing for almost a decade. This class is bringing him back to racing. Much less cost and time suck for the owners but still a high level of competition.
  4. Very cool. Thanks for the photos. I sent them to my friend with the new boat. Probably he'll rig something similar. Thanks again.
  5. Do you have a photo?
  6. Interesting about the folding keel/centerboard. Somehow the keel bulb tucks into the hull. Wondering how that works. Does the bulb have a pivot? Also really investing that the mast telescopes.
  7. Saw the boats coming in and wanted to grab a few photos. Hope someone here is on one of the boats.
  8. Saw this on my way to Newport last week. All kinds of wrong yet fascinating. MITSEAAH at 17KTS MITSEAAH 2
  9. I was on a 2017 54 foot sailboat over the weekend with lazy jacks and a generic "stacked pack" type mainsail cover. Bizarrely, the zipper is set such that you have to climb out to the end of the boom to zip it. Not only is the boom too high to reach from the cockpit, the large Bimini makes it impossible to reach. I don't understand why the zipper does not begin near the mast where one can climb up on folding steps. It would be relatively easy then to rig a long line to the zipper which one could pull from the deck along the length of the boom from the mast to the outhaul. From what I can see the only way to make this work is to crawl along the boom to the outhaul and zip while crawling backwards along the boom. in any kind of sea state the dangers are obvious and significant. Is there some logical reason why one would set it up in this way?
  10. I've been ignoring this thread for years. Recently I gave up and decide to figure out why this is been going on for so long. Now I'm like a crack addict. I keep checking every few minutes to see if there has been any news. I hate myself for opening the thread.
  11. Have recently moved to Riverside CT very near the RYC. Am not working and have lots of time for delivies, practice and other support. Am in a great house on the harbor and can do drinks after racing on the harbor. Have a floating dock. Best, Student.