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  1. Fwd/Aft Moving Pedestal

    Have always wanted a boat with a covered or enclosed steering station in order to stay warm and dry in a storm or winter conditions. While there are a few boats out there with enclosed pilot houses, there are many more with hard/permanent dodgers or cockpit enclosures with the steering pedestal mounted behind the enclosure. Obviously, you get a lot of wind protection when sailing above a reach but no protection from rain or breaking waves. I was intrigued by this design which I saw on YW for this Glacer 54 where the steering pedestal moves forward and aft on a track. In fair conditions, you can steer with wind and sun with the option to move the steering pedestal forward under the enclosure when conditions warrant. Whilst this seems a clever solution, it seems to run the risk of additional complexity and risk of failure in the steering system. Having been a follower of ARC logs and other cruising reports, rig, steering and motor failures seem to be amongst the biggest issues for blue water cruisers. Obviously, one needs to balance the idea of being comfortable against the risk of mechanical failure. Am wondering whether anyone has seen a system like this and have any color on the performance/reliability? I have no axe to grind. Just curious. Glacer 54 on Yachtworld
  2. Sailors Powerboat

    I've heard more than one sailor comment that Nordhavn's are only power boats which appeal. WRT to GW, a friend has a 30' and I noticed parts of the plywood stringers in the hull not fully/properly covered in fiberglass. Not for me. Le Grand Blue (See Level's post) is kind of ridiculous in an irresistible way. When the tender to ur boat is a 70' Dubois designed aluminum sailing yacht, with it's own tender..... It was the subject of some adverse news in NY when it was moored off of the Statue of Liberty for several weeks. For me, the best power boat is a motor sailor.... enclosed pilot house and a SA/D around 18, DWL around 280 and enough fuel for over 1.5K NM under power...
  3. AwlGrip DIY

    I co-own a Soverel 26 which my partner and I painted last summer. Our result was not nearly as nice. It's much harder than it would appear. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
  4. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    From their Patron page... We are dedicated to exploring and capturing the amazing beauty of the people and resources of this planet we all live on! Delos 2.0 will go bigger and better than ever imagined! We intend to start an expeditionary project aimed at exploration, conservation, and good ole' fashioned healthy livin' and adventure. This could be a ridiculous 100 ft. mono-hull or insane Trimaran kitted out to explore the far corners of the earth. And of course we'll capture it all on video, from start to finish! Help us to conserve and share this small blue bubble we all call home with as many people as we can!
  5. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Any color on this? Where did you see/read/hear this? Another Amel?
  6. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1994/Jongert-2200M-3049094/Ibiza/Spain#.WlI3qitOnDs
  7. Jongert. Aluminum. 22M Draft 3.8M.
  8. Toro del Mar. = Bull of tbe Sea. That’s a bull head and horns on the stern. Jongert which is listed for sale. Draft is just under a million feet.
  9. C&C 27MkV

    Mine was an ‘86. C&C 27’ with an outboard engine. Sailed well.
  10. C&C 27MkV

    I had one about 15 years ago. Great little boat. Hated the outboard engine.
  11. The most amazing thing Trump has done

    One of my favorite Trump stories which relates to boats took place about 15/20 years ago. He told the WSJ that he'd sold his yacht (Trump Princess, formerly Nabila) to bank of America when it had been foreclosed/repossessed because he could not make the payments.
  12. Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    Presidents 42-44 either admit or are alleged to have used recreational drugs including weed. It's a shame that none of them made an effort to prevent the senseless incarceration of otherwise lawful citizens for MJ possession. This president faces a majority of Americans who now favor the decriminalization and/or legalization of MJ as well as a rapidly growing business which employs over 100K and contributes substantially to State budgets. If he allows Sessions to unchain the dogs of DOJ, the backlash should be huge. Unfortunately, it's really in the hands of Congress enjoys the benefit of the pharma/tobacco/booze lobby's substantial budgets. Until there is an organized effort by individuals, canna companies and others, it will devolve further before real reform can begin. Such a shame and such an incredible price to pay for political inertia and self interested behavior by politicians. The good news is that the age demographics are very skewed. The naysayers are predominately over 50 years old. Millennials are more like 75/80% in favor of legalization. Eventually, everyone who's old enough to have been influenced by Reefer Madness memes will be gone like morning dew in the mid day sun.

    50 Miles out was over six hours ago. Check the time stamp.
  14. Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    Clean, While recreation use is not allowed, many think that Israel is a global leader in cannabis research, particularly medicinal science. As you probably know, an Israeli Dr was the first to identify the active ingredient (THC) about 50 years ago. For some time, I was involved in a cannabis focused investment fund. During that time, one of my colleagues travelled to Israel to meet with some scientists and cannaprenuers. They may not be as advanced in developing recreational and commercial law, but they are strong on the science aspect, IMHO. Did a quick google on Israel Cannabis and came up with several interesting links. Here's one below. https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/features/how-booming-israeli-weed-industry-is-changing-american-pot-w499117 With Session's recent moves, the outlook is grim for US Cannabis business owners. Think we'll see some very sensational arrests and then a backlash which -hopefully- will force Congress to act and reform these regressive and oppressive prohibitions on a drug which is much safer than booze and possibly efficacious in treating a gamut of medical issues.
  15. Sail Area - how much is TOO BIG to handle for one person?

    Apparently, the owner of SY Sassy (see thread) thinks that 2,500 sq ft is about right...His main is 133sq meters on lazy jacks. He's just started a solo non-stop circumnavigation in a 78 foot refurbished IOR era maxi.