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  1. It looks like the boom is configured with a track and block for the out haul extending past the boom mid section. And there appear to be light outline of the out haul lines extending from the boom up to the mast. Methinks that the main is furled in the mast.
  2. I was on that boat at the broker last summer. Nice boat.
  3. What's up with Delos? Are they getting an Amel 55? Saw the recent video of the Delos crew at the factory. Seems like a possible copycat of the La Vagabond deal. Would be nice to see the videos on the new boat if true.
  4. I am deeply interested in what could be a radically new approach to ratings. Unfortunately, there's is not a lot of information on the public domain. Privately, I have learned from two Heineken crew that only VPP calculated Polars were used for Heineken. None of the sample type polar adjustments were used for any boats. I'm still waiting to see some white paper or other technical discussion of the rating. Someone mentioned a document along these lines being developed. FWIW I do not have an axe to grind.
  5. I actually have no idea what level of instrumentation would be required. I was making an assumption that TWA and TWS calculations from AWA and AWS might require a level of accuracy and high frequency sampling beyond the capability of less sophisticated arrangements. In truth, I am just speculating from the posts above. Hoping to learn more.
  6. I’ve been thinking about something similar to what this MultiRule sounds like for for some time but had never considered this tactic for handicapping boats based on sampling of the fastest recorded speeds/angles from the boat itself. If this is anything like what it purports to be, congrats to the Multi Owners Association which has finally done it. If I'm following correctly, this new Multi OA rule gives the boat a real-time target speed at different wind angles and wind speeds correcting over time. This system relies on advanced instrumentation which is typically limited to Grand Prix level racers but may ultimately be available more broadly as costs come down. This could be revolutionary and from where I sit as a geek and sailing enthusiast, truly exciting. The strategy here, seem to be leveraging recent advances in onboard computers and navigation instruments and computer numerical control built molds. Given the massive increase in processing power and observational data, the multi owners seem to be asking why not use a whole polar curve instead of single number rating? With multihulls any boat is really 2 different boats, pre hull-fly and post hull-fly. No single number ratings system would ever be able to fairly account for that. I am curious how scoring for a race works using MultiRule Can somebody please PM me an let me know how I can get in touch with the folks working on MultiRule.
  7. If I'm seeing it correctly, the steering pedestal bends about 60° before the wheel pops off and the pedestal snaps back. Huge amount of energy stored in that. Surprised helmsman was not seriously injured.
  8. Took these New Year's Day on Cos Cob Harbor. Riverside YC Frostbiting. These sailors do it year round. Respect!
  9. No way this boat is over 48' Look at the stantion hight and the size of the starboard wheel.
  10. HH45
  11. There is an interesting article today in the Wall Street Journal about Delos and how Brian has turned his videos into a cottage industry and revenue producer. I have to say that I've been trying to evolve my cruising knowledge-heuristic watching as many videos as I can and appreciate the editing, audio and content of their videos.
  12. First item on their news story list (dated October 3) announces that they will be at the show on dock D from the six to 10 October. Great case of left hand not knowing the right hand is doing or had done.
  13. We all know that velocity is a function of the square root of waterline length. Money spent improves that ratio by the cube root of the ratio of dollars to displacement.
  14. For cruisers with the budget to consider the used Perry-JACHTBOUW listed for approximately $1.1 million or £850,000, I wonder if they would also be considering these used listings and how they'd stack up? both have enclosed steering which I would suppose could improve safety through improved cognition under less stressful physical conditions in a storm. Both boats have variable pitch props and appear to be well-equipped for serious expedition work much like the Perry design. With a shallow draft, my guess is that the Koopman's is much more of a motor sailor. By the way, I can't understand for the life me why it has a 6 inch long traveler for the mainsail.
  15. V=LWL^0.5*1.1*({1+$/Displ})^0.3