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  1. Jimmy Buffet does have a 7X, he used to have a 900. I've been in recurrent training with one of his pilots.  He flies himself but it takes 2.

  2. Student_Driver

    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    Falcon 8X Think Jimmy Buffet has the 7X. He sails that deck salon surfsri 50
  3. Student_Driver

    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    Either of these birds would do nicely... Suppose these should be considered Forward Cockpit.
  4. Student_Driver

    so who's heading to the caribbean this winter?

    Looking good Billie Ray
  5. Student_Driver

    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    Look like a Falcon 900. Recent vintage. That and the 7X are great rides.
  6. Student_Driver

    Yankees are cunts

    anyone who uses the c-word is a douche.
  7. Student_Driver

    Expedition To The Ege...

    Never been there, but your observation would appear to pass the sniff test.
  8. Student_Driver

    Expedition To The Ege...

    Like when they talk about the cold and layers of clothing keeping their body odors under control. Nice.
  9. Student_Driver

    Daysail this weekend,-Noroton CT

    I could use two to join me and one or two landlubbers on Indigo (a 52’ aluminum sloop.). Just a daysail. Broad reach for a bit unless it’s too wet or cold.
  10. How did the Alerion sink due to a broach?
  11. Student_Driver

    Aluminium Centerboard 46-52ft blue water go anywhere

    It’s funny. I spent a decade dreaming of an exploration style sailboat with a pilot house or hard dodger (like amel) but ended up with a traditional styles 52’ aluminum cutter with a centerboard and an open aft cockpit. While I feel envious of the deck salon Nav stations (few have steering), I must admit that I like having a pretty boat. When I look at my boat, my eyes get happy. That does not happen when I look at a more practical design like the Garcia or others in the thread. The thing is that her center of gravity is very low. She has a 40% ballast ratio; she has adequate overhangs and she rides like a dream. We had 12’+ quartering seas on a short interval on a recent trip to Maine (east /outside of Cape Cod) and she was super solid and comfortable. I now believe that ride quality and center of gravity are super important and I’m not sure these explorers necessarily have a more comfortable motion at sea than my ship. Perhaps I may be wrong. YMMV.
  12. Student_Driver

    Used boat with rod rigging

    Navtec. Too funny.
  13. Student_Driver

    Used boat with rod rigging

    I need to have my nobeltec rod rigging inspected or replaced. Who would you in the CT/NY/RI/MA area?
  14. Student_Driver

    Everyone is buying boats...

    Looks American, probably Burger.
  15. Student_Driver

    Super yacht super times

    NZK posted on the My Song Fell off a Containership thread on Aug 8th. Thanks