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    Atlantic in November

    Is there an enclosure around the helm for cold wind or rain?
  2. Student_Driver

    East Coast of USA: Seasonal Migration schedule ??

    Was looking at Marine Traffic earlier today. Someone I know left NY area on a MY for FL early Saturday. Was surprised to see how many private yachts are already migrating.
  3. Student_Driver

    Marine Speakers

    Regarding speakers, DYI is super effective regarding speakers. If you do minimal reseach u can find DYI kits with very good quality drivers, crossovers etc for such a small fraction of what you pay for in an “audio speaker”. The bulkheads can be baffles and other open spaces could support lower frequency drivers.
  4. Student_Driver

    Marine Speakers

    It’s not about hardware. It’s about content, convenience, integration, experience and status. Apple is not what it was. I was an early adopter. OS1. Not iOS1.
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    Sorry. I meant stuck on shore because I don't have a boat to sail south on. I wish, I was in a position to be inconvenienced.
  6. Student_Driver


    Not sure what's worse. Having plans to head south on the IWC and being delayed/inconvenienced or alternatively, being stuck above 40'N for the winter.
  7. According to the spec sheet on the builder's web site, it's 3.5MM as built. 2.9MM base and 600K in options. The roller shade awning is 44K. Ouch.
  8. Student_Driver


    Wonder how they could get insurance for that delivery? Crazy.
  9. Student_Driver

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Soma, Thanks for sharing with us. Very interesting to read about the engineering and other considerations which go into doing the rebuild. Am guessing that I'd not be the only one interested in hearing more and seeing more illustrations and photos if/when you can share. One question. You mention that 5702 is Vandal which is in the pacific. Then you mention 5508/5702. Should that be 5508/5703? Michael
  10. Really it depends on how serious it is. Is there a 50/50% chance that someone might die or be seriously injured? Is the rig about to fail? In that case, I think you have a moral obligation to say something. Otherwise, it's a judgement call. In most cases, I'd have a private word with the Skipper and resign as crew stating my reasons clearly. In a case where I truly believed that someone might get hurt, I'd speak to one or several crew members explaining factually my concerns. E.G, problems with the keel, a crack in a rig fitting or delamination around a bulkhead etc. Personally, I'd be very surprised if a boat entered into a regatta worth attending would show up with a dangerous boat. Not something I've ever encountered but YMMV. Much more likely a dangerous crew. In that case, you have to wonder how you got so lucky to be on that boat and not another. In a case like that, I'd vote with my feet.
  11. Soma, Am interested in the rebuild but also wanted to give you a forum to expand. Hope it's helpful for you and your venture. Michael

    1. soma


      Thanks! I'd intended to start my own thread but you saved me the effort.

    2. Student_Driver


      Wishing u the best of luck in your venture!


  12. Student_Driver

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Soma, Thanks. This is indeed very interesting and educational.
  13. Seems that the OP has a business idea centered on a better web site and mobile application that will do a better job of 'filtering' opportunities and possibly giving better data about the individual yachts rather than the generic boat model in use. The cost of creating the application, gathering the data, encouraging reviews of specific boats will be higher than expected and the impact/benefit will be smaller than expected.
  14. Student_Driver

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    There's an old Wall Street joke about banks trying to break into the big leagues by cutting prices.... 'we loose money on every trade but we make it up in volume'
  15. Student_Driver

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Proa, Here are the two quotes which seem to be in conflict. 5702=Vandal but the project boat is also referred to as 5702. Methinks that 5508 can't be Vandal which is 'cruising in Tahiti' Gunboat 57” (Gunboat 5701 is “VaiVai” as featured here on the FP back in 2016. Gunboat 5702 is “Vandal” which underwent a thorough refit here at Newport Shipyard and is now cruising in Tahiti) I quit Gunboat to oversee completion of 5508/5702
  16. That is one long survey. I feel like I should be paid to fill it out.
  17. Student_Driver

    Yacht Season Series

    Are you "20 something"... I'm not, otherwise, I'd be there in a flash.
  18. Student_Driver

    Bob Perry to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award

    Well deserved. Congratulations.
  19. Although, Chavez/Maduro have managed to destroy Venz economy and private wealth, corruption has been a part of the political fabric for many decades. I remember being in Caracas in the late 80s when one of the guys in our local office got married. He received a lottery ticket from the President who was a guest and friend. A few days later, that lottery ticket paid out $250K. Of course, the groom, gave the President part of the cash as a thank you. During Chavez, a friend of mine who was a yacht broker in FLA told me that his business had grown considerably as the demand from Venezuelan Army and political supporters of Chavez was off the hook.
  20. Student_Driver

    Captain Licence Course

    Which drugs do you need to use to pass the test?
  21. Student_Driver

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    Soma, What is 'hull wing door performance'? I see that they plan to use a Proton Exchange Membrane electrolyzer to produce hydrogen onboard. Typical efficiencies are around 50% and you'd need to have a separate compressor to make the H2 volume practical. FWIW, am now building high pressure H2 PEMs for a living. Glad to see them on a boat but would love to know more about the engineering and design.
  22. Student_Driver

    video evidence

    Might not be fast but they sure are nice to look at.
  23. Student_Driver

    very disappointed with Annapolis Performance Sailing

    In the words of Tom Waits.... "the large print giveth, and the small print taketh away"
  24. Student_Driver

    Hydrogen fuel cell generator

    Socalrider. Agreed 200% H2 is not going to work. Right now, nothing beats the efficiency of diesel plus solar/wind and batteries on a boat.
  25. Student_Driver

    Hydrogen fuel cell generator

    Interestingly, the company I work for abandoned H2 Fuel Cells for H2 Internal Combustion Gen Sets for our off grid power modules. I was surprised and pleased today to get an email from a potential client interested in a 'catamaran' application. Would never have expected an unsolicited inquiry for a boating application. If you have clean water and a power source like solar, you can create H2 with an electrolyzer. Some can create the H2 under pressure so that a separate compressor device is not needed. Storage of energy at pressure is very effective from a weight perspective.