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  1. laugh or cry?

    The point I was trying to make is that the actions of the boat and crew of Vestas reflect on the sponsor and can have some unintended consequences. Sponsors are looking for ROI when they get into events like this. Right now Vestas' ROI has a body count. They can't be thrilled that on top of all this, one of their employees aka skipper of the boat they're paying for, is just bringing more bad press. Sponsors pay the bills. In 2007 Rabobank walked away from pro cycling thanks to their bad press.
  2. laugh or cry?

    Bad form Vestas. Say what you will about the rules and laws at play here, it's just bad that you even asked for redress. I don't know what Vestas is or what they sell by I'll avoid their goods and services from here on out. I hope you're happy
  3. what was it?

    Mean Ass Cunt Eaters
  4. Douses on a 105

    Having all the possible sets and douses in your "clip" is very important. There are lots of scenarios that can happen especially when you throw leeward gates into the mix. We trim our jib sheets to the cabin top winches but when we're coming into a leeward mark or gate, we use the primaries for the simple reason that this gives us the most options. Our "cheat" that we like to do on Mexicans is pull out the sheet to starboard which is to say wrong side. Another poster mentioned the same thing. The jib acts as your backstop. A Sambuca is the name of a spinnaker set that is a variant of a gybe set. The traditional gybe set involves gybeing at the mark and setting the kite to starboard. Your willingness to sneak the kite out as you approach the windward mark is up to you. In the days when you could put wool stops on a kite, you could basically pull the tack all the way out and hoist all the way to the top and pull on the sheet as you gybe. It's a pretty sexy move. A Sambuca is a gybe set even with the kite set for a bear away. You do not re-rig. As you approach the windward mark, you prefeed the tack as usual but you also start pulling the clew to starboard. At the same time you're pulling the clew to starboard you pull a ton of slack out out of the port spin sheet. At the mark, you leave the jib sheeted to port, you may burp it a little to help bear away but 6" max. The jib will act as your backstop. As the boat gybes, you hoist the kite and sheet it to starboard. Once you're on port gybe and the kite is all the way up and around the front of the forestay, you can furl the jib. Also a very sexy move
  5. what was it?

    Too narrow for a J24. The stern has a good old IOR pinch. The keel looks like a mod once PHRF became the only game in town.
  6. Douses on a 105

    One of the hardest things to do in sailing (let alone regular life) is break bad habits. Sailed with a person who despite having not sailed on a sym boat in 5+ years still like to put both sheets on the cabin top winches and likes to pull the slack out while heading to a windward mark. This despite the starboard winch being needed to tail the halyard with. Good times
  7. Douses on a 105

    When you do a take down, the kite should go down the hatch clew first, foot second, tack third, belly forth and head last. I am not a big fan of take down lines attached to the tack. When you use one, it means the tack goes down the hatch first instead of the clew. You should never ever disconnect any of the lines. I have done foredeck on 105s for over 10 years and my only standing order to the pit/sewer is never disconnect any of the lines. Only bad things can happen. The worst case scenario is a sheet wrapped around the kite. If your sewer crew is not back on the rail within 10 seconds of the head going down the hatch it means they're down there overthinking things. Not good. Another suggestion I would make is pulling some extra starboard/lazy sheet down the hatch. This ensures the lazy sheet is not tight during the next set. If you get to the top mark and the lazy sheet looks tight, just pull some slack out from the windward rail.
  8. "Sailing" v "Yachting"

    I'm not sure why so many of the posts in this thread are concentrating on the boats available for youth sailors. I think the main issue identified in the original article is the there is nothing out there for adult, athletic sailors. The sentence that says "... if you're athletically inclined, you go mountain biking or surfing..." hits the nail on the head. If you're over 25 and you want athletic sailing, US Sailing does nothing for you. The person we should be talking to is Anna Tunnicliffe.
  9. "Sailing" v "Yachting"

    The 6th paragraph is the one that hit home for me. Sit on the rail until 4 and drink for another couple of hours sums up just about every regatta I've ever attended.
  10. That hunting crap has become the de facto response of a port tack boat in the wrong. What you're saying is that a starboard tack boat is no longer allowed to react to lifts or headers or waves or changes in wind speed.
  11. Port-Starboard

    Why the hell should S "give them the cross"? Why can't P just follow the fucking rules? Only shitty sailors don't know port from starboard.
  12. Port-Starboard

    God I hope Wild Oats XI gets thrown out. I don't think anyone would argue how bad that was. WOXI is going will go in history for all the wrong reasons. Most people will say this is no way to win any race let alone a big one like this, who cares. Wild Oats broke one of our most basic rules.
  13. you make the call

    This whole thread is case evidence that our sport is fucked up. P is at fault. S had to alter course. The best sea lawyer wins this one.
  14. This is a great move and the quickest way to get an event like the CC up and running again. When you decide to go with OD production boats, you're able to run the event more frequently and with much less hassle. The CC does not need to be the AC. If you're going to go the OD, production boat route, why not teams of three? IC-37, J/105 and Tartan 10?
  15. Extreme barging

    .... It would seem that a minimum penalty for damaging somebody else's boat is that you sit out until they can race as well. That's what a Corinthian sailor would do anyway along with paying for the damage without question.