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  1. RATM

    how it went down

    This is why offshore races have so many safety requirements. This could have been a lot worse
  2. RATM

    Is The Thrill Gone?

    If you're so sick and tired of driving in the snow.... keeps driving your car and let global warming improve your property value. I watched my parents try and snowbird. It was a disaster. My parents had money but no brains. They followed their drinking buddies to Naples. While down there for their second winter, the pipes froze and burst in their house up north. My dad gets a gigantic water bill and can't think why this is happening. He calls nobody to go check his house until he gets the second gigantic bill. The entire house is now infested with black mold and will never retain it's original value. When they sold their house in Naples, they took a bath. Now they're in a place in coastal NC that's basically a shack
  3. RATM

    Sizing lines and blocks

    Remember that you want the sheets and the halyards to be the weakest link in these systems. If a sheet has a higher breaking strength than the turning block, you're in trouble. It's also important that you're loading the turning block properly. If you're not, all bets (and warranties) are off. The most common example of this that I can think of are spin sheet turning blocks at the stern. The bungee cords used to keep these thing from slapping the deck an hull are often too short and/or too tight and cause the sheet to be way out of alignment
  4. First night race with the guy who would skipper me to a ton of blue flags, pickle dishes and assorted other hardware. Wind picks up to 30+ yet the boat stays steady and on course. We close in on the finish line and we have to douse the kite, round an island and beat up to the finish. All of this goes great. We finish in the money. As we're putting the boat away, I notice my buddy wearing the thickest glasses I had ever seen. He tells me that when that squall cranked up, his contacts were blown out of his eyes.
  5. RATM

    StFYC 1970's -80's

    Is the name of the boat Zaida or Ziada? My guess is "BN" list or at least the HNIC list. If you have to ask what a BN is, you're too young to know who those guys are anyway.
  6. RATM

    J105 Symmetrical Kite

    If you need to sail long DDW on a J/105, I would suggest taking the main down and sailing with just the kite. You can raise the tack 8 feet off the end of the pole.
  7. RATM

    stuff your boat in a truck

    Shipping companies love standard sized items and nothing is more standard than the 40' container. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intermodal_container What kind of quotes did you get for shipping that boat on a trailer and in a vertical position
  8. RATM

    Salona 44. Sail inventory.

    + 1.0 x 10^6 The latest in top down furling of free flying spinnakers will allow you to furl up a kite without having to call all of your off-watch crew up. You may also want to look at having a bobstay installed on you bowsprit. Remember that some roller furling setups are designed to have the sail either all the way furled or all the way un-furled. I don't think you can furl a kite part of the way.
  9. RATM

    code flag "Y"

    Wearing PFDs on sailboat shares some similarities with wearing a helmet while riding a bike or motorcycle. If I choose not to wear a PFD or helmet, it does not make your sailing or riding experience any safer. If I choose not to indulge in a pre race drink or mid ride smoke, I am making your sailing and riding experience safer
  10. RATM

    J105 Symmetrical Kite

    How big is the kite on a Moore 24? If you have a new J/105 yet you yearn for the days of end-for-end pole gybes, you just set your money on fire
  11. RATM

    Caption Contest

    "I'd rather have another boil sliced off my ass then listen to another fucking minute of this"
  12. RATM

    Barge much? (FP)

    The big boat was wrong, we all know this. One could argue that this whole thing could have been prevented by having that big boat have it's own start 5 minutes later or 5 minutes before.
  13. RATM

    Foredeck Factor

    I'm 52 and I have been doing bow on a succession of J/105s for a while now. I'm the only one forward of the mast. You need to adjust your formula to account for this. How many flunkies did you have at your disposal on that 80' The smaller the boat, the smaller the crew, the larger physical demands on each crew member
  14. RATM

    J Class Weight limits

    On the J/70, since only two crew are allowed to hike, the human ballast component is minimized.
  15. RATM

    Dip Pole Gybing Whisker Pole