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    Foils fail.

    Here is my $0.02.... These boats will never consistantly foil if at all. The team that realizes this first will win the AC.
  2. RATM

    Is the J/24 worth it?

    +100.... there is nothing like OD racing to forge your skills
  3. RATM

    More FP stuff - Olympic Offshore?

    Have you ever been on a Finn or a Laser? I will say that sailing high performance keelboats like a VOR or TP52 is very athletic but it's NOTHING compared to a Laser.
  4. RATM

    Need some suggestions

    Going from a C&C 33 to a J/120 would be a big jump unless the owner and crew have been on bigger asymmetrical boats. A J/109 or J/105 is a smaller jump
  5. RATM

    No more "Members Only" at my Club.

    I have no problem with your cigar bar example. The cigar bar is not trying to pretend to be anything other than a cigar bar.
  6. RATM

    Dobroth MORC 30

    Looking at the pictures.... what the hell are those turning blocks on those pedestals for? I would guess for cross sheeting the jib sheets
  7. RATM

    No more "Members Only" at my Club.

    There are plenty of "Members Only" clubs all up and down Duval Street. When any club is adamant about their "Members Onlyness", that club gives negative shits about the activity they're supposedly associated with. Example: That "Members Only" tennis club that has 1 tennis court but a fully stocked bar.
  8. RATM

    RIP - Stuart Walker

    I wonder how many offers to helm an American 12 metre Dr. Walker turned down. No matter how many races guys like Dennis Conner or Bus Mosbacher won, I wonder if they ever beat Dr. Walker in a Soling.
  9. RATM

    plenty of fish

    This feels like the same thing that happened when the Mumm 36 came out quickly followed by the Mumm 30
  10. RATM

    drop the drops

    There was a protest but I'm not sure under what rule(s). The morning of the last day, the skipper went to the notice board and saw that the RC had amended their SIs saying that there would be no discards. He locates the PRO and says you can't do that, the event has started. The PRO was not too thrilled at being told how to do his job. Flash forward and racing has finished, the committee boat has docked and has fired their 1 hour gun. One hour after this, the final scores are posted and, you guessed it, the RC scored the event with no discards. When the skipper pipes up about this, he's informed that he missed his chance to file a protest, the hour has expired. Things devolved very quickly at this point.
  11. RATM

    drop the drops

    Many moons ago, 2003ish, I was at a weekend regatta whose SIs stated format was two races on Saturday and one on Sunday. Saturday's second race turns into a drifter. Iron Genoas start firing up. Nothing surprising there. Back at the dock, one of the skippers that dropped out stated that that race would be his throw out. At the time, the rules stated that the minimum number of discards for a three race series was one. The SIs did not specify a change to that rule. When the RC tried to adjust this with a notice, the same skipper said you can not make a change like that once an event starts. The drama does not end there. The popular theory was that the RC did not abandon race two because a home boat had already crossed the line. The skippers wanting their discards were from out of town. The end game was that the RC of a kind of prestigious Local club looked pretty bad.
  12. RATM

    drop the drops

    It's amazing how hardcore some club racers can get. If you're sailing in an event that you did not have to qualify for, you're sailing "for the fun of it". Lighten up Francis or should I say Scot.
  13. RATM

    drop the drops

    If you're this competitive that it means this much to you, here are my recommendations: Pick a boat that is truly competitive such as an Olympic boat, an AC boat or some sort of crazy offshore racing boat. Get yourself in shape (physically and financially) to sail one of the above boats Go race those boats in those regattas. If the above 3 step process is not for you then take up running.
  14. Look on YouTube for any Tp52 videos from around 2010 and before. They were all doing asyms from poles before they decided to go with fixed bowsprits.
  15. RATM

    Are "T" keels a nightmare?

    I remember reading an article from the 1992 America's Cup in San Diego. The kelp out there was bad and all those AC boats had T keels. Bill Koch told his designers to figure out a kelp cutter because with out a good solution, we may as well throw out all the high tech development we put into the foil design.
  16. I was in the same situation. The initial PHRF-LE (1999ish) asymmetrical rule was that the asymmetrical kite had to fit inside the symmetrical kite that your boat was rated for. You could not average your luff and leech lengths. The asymmetrical would always be undersized. This rule was dumb and was fixed (I think). The easiest part in this whole scenario is purchasing the kite. If your boat is not setup for having 5 lines connected to your kite, you'll never use it anyway. That's right sports fans. If you want to fly an asymmetrical kite off of a pole and gybe it, you will need 2 sheets, 2 guys and 1 tack line
  17. The biggest "losers" in sailing are the ones that get hung up on the small things when they still can't do the big things properly. Too many examples to list out.
  18. RATM

    Keel WTF...

    I think NZL-38 was raced a few more times to finish out the LV Round robins. I can totally believe the mind game bit though.
  19. RATM

    Dynema/Spectra climbing runners as strops

    I really like the shock cord setup on the spin sheet blocks. I race on a 105 and I have been trying to talk my owners into that for years. When you are using shock cord that causes that block to stand up, you throw out the benefits of those low friction ball bearings and end up chafing the shit out of those side plates.
  20. RATM

    Keel WTF...

    It's funny that the bowsprit on NZL-20 was protested but now that configuration, complete with dolphin striker, is totally legal. All the TP52s are set up like this.
  21. RATM

    Full Main + HW Jib?

    What you want is a legit heavy weather racing jib. This jib will be around 85% of your fore-triangle and will not be full hoist. There will be some sort of strop attached to the head of the jib that will allow you to use your jib halyard the same way you would you're 106%. This jib will also sheet to the same lead position as your 106% jib. These jibs will lower the centre of effort of the entire sail plan and shift it back a little. You'll also reduce the back winding on the main. Do not confuse this jib with a storm jib. If you're going offshore, rules may stipulate that you have an actual storm jib on board.
  22. RATM

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    They are cool. Whenever I see one, I look at the year and event named on the hat and get jealous. That's what marketing people call a success. I do remember the urban legend about selling Key West versions on eBay. I'm sure there have been some sold. I wonder what the price record is and if the seller had to sign a non disclosure.
  23. RATM

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    Mount Gay hats are a right of passage like getting that first concert t-shirt.
  24. I don't think this story is helping answer the original poster's question. So let me try and answer the how and the when to tell an owner. When: As soon as possible BEFORE the boat leaves the dock. How: Very politely, and very professionally. Remember that when you tell an owner something like this you're basically accusing them of being broke and/or stupid. Having this type of a discussion is similar to that scene in Goodfellas when Jimmy and Paulie go to see Henry at his sugar shack and tell him he has to go back to his wife. No owner wants to be told their boat is an unsafe POS. They probably already know it's an unsafe POS but are in denial. The discussion is also a bit like an intervention. At this point, the owner will either agree or disagree. If they tell you to fuck off, you need to tell everyone on that boat about the problem and be very specific about the nature of the problem and why you consider the boat unsafe. You then need to encourage them to step off the boat. If you think the problem is that bad and you let others go out, you're just as bad. Remember that you started this and now you need to finish this. Last but not least, when you bring a problem to someone, try and bring a solution as well. You should end this type of discussion with something like "once you know how to fix the problem, let me know and I'll help with the yard work"
  25. Any boat that loses two masts in one year is just bad news.