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  1. Which three Asymmetrics?

    When you start getting into REALLY tight reaching with things like a Code 0, there are some additional rigging enhancements you'll need to consider: Bobstay 2:1 tack line Low stretch halyard Low stretch sheets twings Furling
  2. J-105 cruising down the ICW

    Looks like a J/29 to me. I hope nobody hit that mast sticking halfway into the left lane. I see no remnants of any tie down straps holding the boat to the trailer.
  3. caption contest

    Miss November 1973
  4. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    Classic. I worked as a lifeguard through high school and college. Only time anything was ever fucked with was at a Country Club
  5. J 121

    You have to admit that the J/111 set up is much simpler. The 111 has a break in the hand rail to allow for the hardware to move around.
  6. J 121

    Trust me, that setup has "cracked Plexiglas" written all over it. The last photo shows the inboard inhauler line OVER the vang line. You used the phrase "proper cabin". Maybe there are some boats where these things just don't belong. My problem with these things is that for the average sailor, they're just noise. Your inhauler angle means shit when you sail on a knock for 3 minutes
  7. J 121

    Those inhaulers are so clearly an after thought. That hardware is going to bang around and chip the hell out of everything. The real give away that they're an after the fact add on is the jib sheet rubbing the grap handle.
  8. blooper time!

    ... I could care less what happens to my rating. Best post ever.
  9. blooper time!

  10. blooper time!

    Sea lawyers.... gotta love um. That rule would have to have some cute wording. Something like "no free flying jibs"
  11. phrf handicap J105

    Just remember.... this sword has a double edge.... I hope your PHRF lead mines have all their lead.
  12. phrf handicap J105

    Wow.... you're an even bigger tool than I originally thought
  13. phrf handicap J105

    Dude..... don't shit the bed for the rest of the 105s that are trying to get their PHRF rating to be fair. That sail you describe would never measure in (by your own admission) so don't try passing it off as a class jib. Go ahead and put in a carbon fibre mast while you're at it. Take out the corrector weights too. Sorry that you spent the $$$$... maybe you can make some gear bags out of it.
  14. j120 bobstay solution

    Why do you need a Code 0 on a J/120? ISn't that boat rated to carry an overlapping headsail?
  15. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    I agree 100% that they are pain boxes. I'm a bowman who has done about a dozen events on a J/24. After each event, my arms would be numb from that crazy arm pit hiking they do. Part of the problem with that class is the difference between the blade and the genoa size. Being on a boat with a crew that insists on carrying the #1 into the upper teens is no fun. As boats have evolved, there are two aspects that I do not miss at all about "the old days": 1. overlapping head sails 2. repacking kites going upwind and not launching out of a hatch. I remember reading that a fleet in "El Carib" did away with the lifelines and the over lapping headsails. If the J/24 adopted the J/70 style hiking strap and limit to 2 crew hiking, I'd love it
  16. FP Anarchy kicked out of race

    + 1.0 x 10^6
  17. Pole back! From the FP...

    The Mumm/Farr 30 will go down in history as the last great boat designed for symmetrical kites with a traditional pole. The BeneSlow 36s sucked ass. Going fast downwind on a sym boat with a pole requires helm, main trim, spin trim, guy trim and pit working in complete harmony.
  18. strict class

    Didn't the J/44 class adopt one design sails that rotated through the fleet? I know I'm jumping in the way back machine on this one.
  19. J70, cheating and pros

    Moonduster postulates that the root cause here is the manufacturer. In the case of a J/70, how many builders are out there? Don't these things come off the factory floor conforming to the class rules? If not, why not?
  20. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    Are you really going to watch a bunch of hack bang their way around a race course?
  21. Seems like some of their larger boats could use them. Has there ever been one that came off the drawing board with one? Has there ever been one installed in later life?
  22. We have a few months until April Fool's Day
  23. post race/regatta surveys

    When it comes to surveys regarding customer satisfaction, you need to include non-customers in your survey. In this case, survey as many boat owners as you can and ask them why they didn't come in the first place. A good survey tool like Survey Monkey will allow you to have question branches. Your first question would be "Did you attend this years event?". This would allow two branches based on yes or no.
  24. I think the root of most of the yelling matches is a misunderstanding of the rules. I know this seems contrary "being nice" but you should encourage your members to follow through with all protests and have actual arbitration and actual hearings.
  25. What do you need a speedo for.... You're One Design