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    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    They are cool. Whenever I see one, I look at the year and event named on the hat and get jealous. That's what marketing people call a success. I do remember the urban legend about selling Key West versions on eBay. I'm sure there have been some sold. I wonder what the price record is and if the seller had to sign a non disclosure.
  2. RATM

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    Mount Gay hats are a right of passage like getting that first concert t-shirt.
  3. I don't think this story is helping answer the original poster's question. So let me try and answer the how and the when to tell an owner. When: As soon as possible BEFORE the boat leaves the dock. How: Very politely, and very professionally. Remember that when you tell an owner something like this you're basically accusing them of being broke and/or stupid. Having this type of a discussion is similar to that scene in Goodfellas when Jimmy and Paulie go to see Henry at his sugar shack and tell him he has to go back to his wife. No owner wants to be told their boat is an unsafe POS. They probably already know it's an unsafe POS but are in denial. The discussion is also a bit like an intervention. At this point, the owner will either agree or disagree. If they tell you to fuck off, you need to tell everyone on that boat about the problem and be very specific about the nature of the problem and why you consider the boat unsafe. You then need to encourage them to step off the boat. If you think the problem is that bad and you let others go out, you're just as bad. Remember that you started this and now you need to finish this. Last but not least, when you bring a problem to someone, try and bring a solution as well. You should end this type of discussion with something like "once you know how to fix the problem, let me know and I'll help with the yard work"
  4. Any boat that loses two masts in one year is just bad news.
  5. My favorite part is item 3.... with supporting facts... That's the best argument of all. I would love to know the facts around the new mast. Was it a direct replacement of the old one or a new "go fast" mast that was "optimized". Did the riggers you consulted with have any involvement with the new mast? My guess is no. In fact they probably were probably out bid. You made the right choice and it should be emphasized that it was your choice. You did the right thing by dressing down the less experienced crew. If you truly believe the boat is unsafe, you need to encourage everyone on that crew to step off. In point 4, I only think you're liable if you're being paid and under a contract
  6. RATM

    J 105 Halyard

    I think there would be some value in having your main halyard and jib halyard exiting the mast from different sides so that if you wanted to keep them on the winch drums going upwind, you could. I know that most J/105s use the cabin tops for sheeting the jib but... I like having the spin halyard rigged on the "windward" side for hoisting.
  7. RATM

    J 105 Halyard

    The J/105 that I race on has a mast designed for 4 halyards, Main, spin, and two jibs. We only carry one jib halyard. The spin and jib halyards exit on the forward side of the mast and are stacked vertically with the spin halyard above the hounds. If you lead the halyards to the proper halyard exits, they should never even rub together let alone cross. We have our main and jib halyards exiting the port side and the spin halyard exiting to starboard.
  8. RATM

    J 105 Halyard

    The magnet trick is awesome and really is the way to go. I have used this trick before.
  9. RATM

    Front Page - scotw

    Pretty normal swimsuit if by swim you mean layout and work on your tan. normal dingy sailing gear..... I don't think so
  10. RATM

    Front Page - scotw

    She made a choice to put on an outfit that would draw attention to her ass. Mission Accomplished.
  11. RATM

    Front Page - scotw

    Just remember it was her choice to put on that teeny, weeny, anal floss bikini bottom to go sail boat racing in.
  12. RATM

    holy christ!

    Lake Garda..... Land of the Misral.
  13. RATM

    holy christ!

    Lots of stories like this from all over the Great Lakes. Anybody who says the Great Lakes have no real sailing should try it sometime.
  14. It's amazing what people think they're entitled to when they have made a mistake.
  15. RATM

    Protesting other fleets

    You should have protested because at least one of you would have learned something. You would have answered your own question "Can I protest boats in other fleets?" The answer is yes The port tacker would have learned the they should have given way
  16. RATM

    How do you define Good Crew?

    Minimum Requirement # 1 to be an owner: Puts the safety of his/her crew above everything else. Can keep their cool when things go from race mode to survival mode. Minimum Requirement # 2 to be an owner: maintains their boat to ensure seaworthiness. A vessel that Starbuck would have no problem taking out. Good Owner: takes the time to fill their boat with good crew. Great owner: All of the above + commits the time and money to the boats performance. Race ready hull, race ready sails. Plans out entire seasons and will think about destination events
  17. RATM

    How do you define Good Crew?

    Good Crew = Any person that understands that they're not perfect and that every race is an opportunity to learn something new. Great Crew= Good Crew + a person who is on time for everything and does not bolt until the boat is put away.
  18. RATM

    Beneteau 10R

    Here is the message I would give to anyone getting ready for a distance race.. Look at the way the boat is rigged and decide what options you have for sail changes (kites and jibs) Carry extra sheets (spin and jib) Carry gear for outboard jib leads Make sure you have your storm sails and understand how to rig them (NOR and SI may require them) Make sure you can double reef the main (NOR and SIs may require this) Make sure the shitter works or be prepared hang your ass over the side. The Great Lakes have regulations regarding pump out. These may be different depending on which lake and which country you're in.
  19. RATM

    These guys are higher then Rick James

    Everything is relative. The cost of re-vamping a 12 is < The cost of a full on TP52 campaign.
  20. RATM

    Rules Question: Time limit for protests, but not race finish..

    You have to love this sea lawyer crap. If you can't file a protest within 3 hours of your finishing time, you're the one with the problem.
  21. RATM

    List of crew positions for a 40' race boat

    The crew position list will build itself by breaking down each maneuver and listing the minimum number of crew to perform said maneuver. I am not talking about minimum to do a booze cruise, I am talking minimum to be competitive on the race course. Once you know the minimum, you start adding helpers until you reach the max number allowed by your class and / or rating authority. It will be weight or body count. This method works regardless of the boat. If you are the crew boss, start building a depth chart.
  22. RATM

    FP First Blood

    Jesus Christ....it looks like the race is over....
  23. RATM

    J 121

    Looks like the pig tail on the clew of the flying jib. The lazy sheet goes forward around the forestay. I have to admit this is a pretty cool setup. It looks like they sheet the flying jib between the D1 and the V1 shrouds? An earlier post mentioned that the flying jib measures in as a jib so I'm assuming that they could run it up the forestay. Nice to have options when heading offshore.
  24. RATM

    NYYC One Design

    I agree with this statement 100%. There are so many of these types of clubs (sailing, golf or otherwise) all over the place.
  25. RATM

    laugh or cry?

    The point I was trying to make is that the actions of the boat and crew of Vestas reflect on the sponsor and can have some unintended consequences. Sponsors are looking for ROI when they get into events like this. Right now Vestas' ROI has a body count. They can't be thrilled that on top of all this, one of their employees aka skipper of the boat they're paying for, is just bringing more bad press. Sponsors pay the bills. In 2007 Rabobank walked away from pro cycling thanks to their bad press.