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  1. Lynch

    Favourite Boat pic?

    A monkey with a bone!
  2. That's a ketch unless the rudder post is part of the keel. A yawl has its mizzen behind the rudder post and vice versa for a ketch Any update on why they abandoned ship. I guess the guys on the vendee would have dismissed conditions as being bracing!
  3. Lynch

    J105 IRC

    Inshore and offshore fully crewed but might do some double handed when crew not all available, Any thoughts on code zero especially for offshore work
  4. Lynch

    J105 IRC

    Think I'll be going with a 105 for next boat Any advice on what works best for IRC - headsail size spinnaker etc
  5. Lynch

    Help with TCF improvement Beneteau 31.7

    Very difficult boat to sail to its rating unless its very windy.
  6. Lynch

    they both suck?

    Looks like 3695 approached on starboard and has broached 3496 on port is about to broach who's overtaking? Loss of control not an excuse when you break a rule so more info needed
  7. Lynch

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    Good luck with new boat Did he not sell you the bottom half of the keel?
  8. Lynch

    CORA Flag

    Hmm Red white and blue with stars Reminds me of the union flag Old Glory Seriously though no women allowed as members in other clubs, are they still in the stone age?
  9. Lynch

    What is it?

    David Thomas 28 Has just reappeared on 1975 vintage and looks beautiful Yours for €9950 (C$12000)
  10. Lynch

    New boat

    Very true. There are none here though afaik. I’ll be racing in IRC only
  11. Lynch

    New boat

    Thinking about a new boat for IRC racing J105 vs First 34.7 vs J97 Advice or abuse welcome
  12. Lynch

    How About Some Spring Lines

    Springs by two breast lines by two at a minimum Bit windy round here , if you tie your lines wrongly you end up with matchwood or its plastic equivalent Also I was once glued to a dock by a 30knot breeze and for some reason decided to go racing, a bow spring and a burst of throttle and we were off! Wish I'd stayed ashore though
  13. Lynch

    Tips For Being Rescued

    Shit If i was rescued in those conditions I'd be so embarrassed I'd hide anywhere I could. Sounds like it was a nice day (night) for a laser to be out sailing! I hope USCG sends him a humungous bill for wasting their time and putting crew at risk.
  14. Lynch

    Robotic Marks

    I looked at these last year and thought it was a brilliant idea until I saw the price. Is probably acceptable for a superyacht regatta but for club racing it's a complete disaster. Our annual budget wouldn't cover two of them and what do you get for the monthly fee?
  15. Lynch

    Boats for Big Chaps

    i'm a bit older than the op (pushing 60) and have back and knee trouble but I can still manage my Laser in most conditions. I also sail a GP14 which is much easier on the body and still pretty good fun. There are dozens of two handers out there and id say it would be well worth your while to investgate them, you might even find a pretty girl to sail with!