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  1. Sigma 33 if you can find one in the USA TIcks all of your boxes and sails beautifully - especially upwind
  2. Lynch

    rules of expenses for boat owner and crew

    Man how can you do it so cheap?
  3. Lynch

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    Great video, great result great outfits No lifejackets!! One mob and you're in serious shit
  4. Lynch

    The Spirit of Sailing - Elvstrom

    Ben Ainslie is the only one whose achievements approach Elvstrom in any way Not sure he commanded the respect of all his competitors or photographers though!
  5. Lynch

    Yacht Season Series

  6. Lynch

    Someone has been naughty!

    I quote from the IJ decision - 'I. Does not have jurisdiction over Mr. Iker Martinez because he was not entered in the event' So he just turned up to an event and slipped in the back gate to see how he got on? This is deliberate cheating to gain an advantage. The facts found by the jury are damning and an appeal cannot change these facts. In any case at events with an IJ there is usually no appeal possible. This is a perfect example of a rule 69 violation - not just the alterations but the apparent attempt to bluff or bully his way out of it. World sailing must at least consider the referral from the IJ I know what I would do! And for the Ed's information we are not all at it!
  7. Lynch

    Help the Ed find the new "Anarchy"

    MAC 26 they're everywhere according to the fp so no probs with finding a fleet
  8. Lynch

    the greatest

    J105 First production boat with a retractable sprit Changed racing by at least as much as any other design Maybe foils and DSS will be as big
  9. Lynch

    Yeah he did it

    I'm bright enough to spot the difference between editorial and advertising!
  10. Lynch

    Yeah he did it

    I wonder how much advertising they bought before your paean on the front page. I don't think you're good enough to be paid to use their sails.
  11. Lynch

    Yeah he did it

    Yeah he took the money from North's I guess!
  12. Lynch

    A big project!

    Just remember Leo that perfect is the enemy of good enough>
  13. Lynch

    caption contest

    Where's the beer kept?
  14. Lynch

    How does IRC treat leech length?

    Your IRC cert is not valid if you are using this sail. Norths should have sent the new measurements to the rating office and they will issue a new cert ( after you pay the fee) Luff length is used in the calculation of HSA (HSA =0.625XHLU(4HLP+6HHU +3HTU +2HTW +0.09) LP = Luff perpendicular HHU = half width etc You will see quite a climb in your rating as headsail area is highly rated!
  15. Lynch

    A brief history of instruments/electronics.

    Amazing stuff Any chance they could make them water and salt proof for more than a year or two?