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  1. Front Page: Is Idiocy a Crime?

    The RNLI has dozens of similar boats all around the coasts of Ireland and the UK. Seems the second rescue was just bad luck due to engine problems
  2. Black Pearl

    Looks cool but seriously you spend maybe $50m on a boat and then you put dacron sails on it
  3. Any info on this boat?

    Looks like a one ton job
  4. Good, Cheapish Dacron Sails?

    Like the man said good, cheap and sails are three words that you cannot use in one sentence, although it seems I might just have disproved that statement!
  5. FP Anarchy kicked out of race

    Where's the beef (aka the Ed)
  6. strict class

    I sail on a OD which used to have a strict one sailmaker policy Problems The quality and performance of the sails varied from one year to the next, and even from one sail to the next Better sails were available at a lower price elsewhere Eventually the class opened up to a restricted number of sailmakers The materials are restricted so we haven't seen an arms race or chequebook sailing Mind you $250 000 would keep most of the class in sails for quite a few years to come!
  7. Pole back! From the FP...

    Man is that thing going to roll downwind
  8. IRC Rating Impacts

    400 kg is about 10 points so your change isn't surprising You probably don't have time to alter the boat, get remeasured and have new cert in time for race just be glad you have an extra 43 seconds approx per hour to play with
  9. Age to start sailing

    I started at 40 Got myself a Laser and went swimming! best thing I ever did Nearly 20 years later I still sail the Laser occasionally and my family and friends are crew on our racer
  10. It's easy Did they fly a blue flag before the start If yes, then hoisting a kite means dsq no question about it
  11. Another rules question

    Redress give for next race only, the last one in the event
  12. Another rules question

    Racing at a big event this weekend Very heavy winds with true wind gusts of more than 38 knots and steady winds of 28 - 30 knots Tacked for finish line with no apparent traffic issues but quickly realised that I would not clear a starboard boat in another fleet I probably dithered for a second too long before tacking again and of course he bore off and clipped my stern. Minimal damage to my boat but I retired after finishing as I could see that there was damage to his bow. Attended the request for redress as a witness and he was successful I found out after the event closed that he was OCS in that race. My question is did I have to retire as he was not racing? Just curious as I have no intention of revisiting incident
  13. R cuff tear a bad injury I have had both sides - fell out of a Laser and went for one more rep in the gym. I actually heard the second one rip. Both were partial and recovered without surgery I regularly anaesthetise patients for cuff surgery and the results are excellent - if you have a surgeon who does lots of them, mine often does 8 or 9 a week. Two things to bear in mind though - when you are offered an interscalene block for post op pain take it, if the anaesthetist doesn't offer or can't do these blocks go elsewhere Secondly rehab is a bitch but with proper treatment you should be back to full function in 6 to 9 months
  14. Hypothetical Friday - Dream Boat

    Spirit 50foot+ J 80 or similar for fun
  15. IRC Revalidations 2017--Increases?

    Rating office always claims that there is no subjective element in formula! I read years ago that the overall average always comes out at 1.000 An influx of boats at high or low levels may then cause boats in the middle to go up or down slightly My rating 8 years ago was 0.925, now it's 0.912. My friends identical boat is 0.907. We cant figure out why there is such a difference