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  1. Slightly weakened to Cat 3, 120mph, even though pressure down to 938mb
  2. "Australian gold medallist Tom Burton almost disqualified for sailing towards family" http://www.smh.com.au/sport/olympics/rio-2016/olympics-australia/australian-gold-medallist-tom-burton-almost-disqualified-for-sailing-towards-family-20160816-gqu6as.html
  3. AUS was moving astern while to leeward of CRO and essentially backed into CRO, contact at AUS starboard quarter to CRO port beam. Thought that a boat moving astern before the start had no rights. No way for CRO to avoid contact, except by seeing what was coming beforehand and sailing away in time before it was too late. All the same, it was an exciting Laser race and congrats to Tim Burton and AUS in winning gold. Congrats as well to Caleb Paine on a magnificent Finn final win and USA bronze (finally a medal) Missed the Nacra race, hope to see the replay soon, sounded very exciting. ARG Old folks win gold despite a penalty.
  4. http://www.sailing.org/olympics/rio2016/results/notices/protests.php
  5. In the first race 49er finish, looked like DEN rounded the last mark properly and NZL played it safe and rounded BOTH red marks. Think DEN could have kept going and won, as they did round the leeward mark. Not sure why there were two red marks in place. Other courses have had the starting marks removed from the course. The high level of skill and speed in the mens Laser fleet is impressive. While CRO has a good lead, nobody is dominating on the water, with scores all over the map. The usual suspects are having to work very hard to hang in. What is the deal with breaking trap wires on the Nacra USA boat? Are they really wire, or a composite? Hope they can recover. And where can we watch a replay of the EPIC big breeze for the Finns and womens 470 sailed offshore on Friday? Can somebody post a clue or a link? The stills on fb are excellent.
  6. As Rolex has US Customs only allowing one Rolex per passenger to enter the USA. Americans must buy a new Rolex from an authorized Rolex dealer in USA and not import more than one.
  7. You sure that is an FJ? Shape of the stern and transom isn't quite right for an FJ. Sail one last summer at Dartmouth, on Lake Mascoma in NH. Looks more like a Grampian 14. In any case, an FJ with number 1962 would be from around 1965, give or take a few years.
  8. Beg to differ......if it is blowing hard enough, over 25kts, an Etchells will plane. Been there, done that a few times. There is helocopter video footage of a knock-down, drag-out down to the last race Etchells regatta in big breeze long ago where Dennis Conner and Dave Curtis are doing battle on LIS where Dennis heads DDW and Dave heats up and survives a hairy jibe on a wave to just nip Dennis at the bottom mark. Great stuff.
  9. In '87, the one-tonner JAMARELLA was Stark's 2nd boat named RUSH and was nearly top boat in the Admiral's Cup that year. Ralfie sailed on it in England and then came across the pond with her. This is how he came to meet his wife of many years, Stark's then girlfriend Jamie. http://www.farrdesign.com/1983-1989.html Stark's first RUSH was the J-41ex-SMILES pictured in Larry's old thread. A later JAMARELLA was top AC boat in '89 http://www.cruiser-racer.com/comu/vaixell.php?ship_id=0000000055〈=
  10. 4 actually
  11. Probably heavier and possibly higher CG.
  12. Carter 39 built in 2 versions in Greece - flush deck & doghouse. The doghouse rated better IOR and hence won more silver, I believe. Love the tumblehome. Photographed in New York, long ago.
  13. She looks a bit like the Hinckley Pilot. Is she an early build wood Pilot? Definitely looks to be an S&S design.