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  1. Rawhide

    General fucking recall

    You can never be too safe
  2. Rawhide

    Are boat shoes cool?

    Dunlop volleys say I am too cool for boat shoes
  3. Rawhide

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Raced it in a HCW a few years ago in a M32, took time out of it every down wind, faster upwind as you might imagine. They did a Super 40 regatta with us a few months ago, cant recall seeing it on the course from the ker 40
  4. Rawhide

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Slower than a Melges 32 downwind, was a bargain last time it was sold
  5. Rawhide

    CYCA bluewater series

    Great conditions for a race, 18 to 21 knt NNE almost all the way to the island. Westerly hit us about 2 miles short of Flinders, one gust of 36knots when the front came through made for a bit of excitement, Ichi ban went past us going back two sail reaching with the front third of the boat out of the water looking the goods.
  6. Rawhide

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    So does the race go through a gate at Keppel and continue on, or straight to hammo? Does this mean that Showtime is the perpetual holder of the most prestigious trophy in Qld yachting 3rd PHS Div 1?
  7. You should never stop at one.
  8. Rawhide

    Hervey Bay A Class Worlds

    Fixerated it for you, no age discrimination here
  9. Rawhide

    holy christ!

    Should we take the kite down? Nah it'll tell us when its ready.
  10. Rawhide


    I bet it was a quite boat on that long tack back inshore to Div 2
  11. Rawhide

    Keel fell off, accident report

    Not at all uncommon for joints to be designed for the bolts to be only in tension. Look up friction joints. Similarly I can see nothing wrong with that keel design as long as it was fully welded with full penetration butt welds. Personally though having seen a lot of marine fabrication, I would not trust any welding from a boat yard.
  12. Rawhide

    canister gas stoves - how do people deal with safety ?

    Special regs in Aus require bottles to be under (I think) 230grams and spare bottles to be stored outside. big risk is letting the gas go out and then re lighting. Under anything but a drifter when the gas is unlikely to blow out, I am guessing that most race boats would be well ventilated enough that the gas would dissipate fairly quickly.
  13. If you bought a Mumm 36 and had a Ker fin package you could call it a MummFarrKer
  14. Rawhide


    Lets hope GFS wins out
  15. Rawhide

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    Bit late it was today.