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  1. First time boat builder is almost superfluous, few are stupid enough to do it twice.
  2. If it is going to be other than some half assed partial foiling shitter, I would expect much like a very large moth, with cyclists powering gyroscopes for stability.
  3. Your shitting us right? Comparing a moth to my new A I am not at all convinced that multis are a better foiling platform than monos.
  4. So the word is a bit rough and lots of capsizes. But not el stevie
  5. Board posn is what i am interested in and how much difference it makes. Stevie says new boat at 400mm. Am i correct in thinking his old boat was at 500mm?
  6. If you're going to do it, do it properly. None of this half assed 4 knt craigslist shit.
  7. It has to be. the boat must conform to the rules at all times when racing, the compliance check is an extra formality thrown in by the NOR. All anyone has to do is protest him and prove on balance of probabilities that the boards were outside the required dimension while racing. Since he has said this is what happens, that should not be too hard.
  8. Yeah who could possible think that putting appendages either side of a main hull would work?
  9. For the many who never made it that far. Off North end of Frazer.
  10. Multihull division confirmed for P2C. Cat 3 race and great destination, if not the best there is. Would be a real pity not to get a strong multi fleet at a strong multi club.
  11. Not sure who's worse
  12. So does that make her an ex trophy wife, or a trophy ex wife.
  13. Yes should have added NTTAWWT
  14. Does Michael Peterson constitute moveable ballast? Make sure you strap him in tight.
  15. Nice looking boat, pity the crew are all reprobates.