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  1. Rawhide

    Why so nose up on foils - IMOCA

    Hope they transition to T's on rudder soon. Supposedly the current situation leads to some pretty ugly motions due to lack of pitch stability.
  2. Rawhide

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    We saw mid 30's briefly while we were rounding Flinders before it started easing away to nothing as the North south westerly came in for a bit. Seas weren't big but were fairly short and sharp, would have been challenging on a fast multi. Glad everyone is OK. flinders_2019_compressed.mp4
  3. My experience has been that it is extremely rare to get a fair result when asking for redress against the actions of a race committee when heard by a committee appointed by that same club. Not impossible, but probably not worth the effort.
  4. I only get about 94% charge capacity in my Li batteries when charged by the Yanmar as compared with a Li specific charger. Still gives me significantly more capacity than the old Lead acid.
  5. Looking to add a better 4G set up. currently just a portable Telstra 4G modem with high gain antenna. Any recommendations? Anyone use Glomex Webboat 4G. only issue I can see is doesn't work at 700Mhz which may be an issue in some places
  6. Rawhide

    Bottom Paint removal?

    I'm regretting not going soda on a similar size yacht, which had a lot greater build up than I thought. still not finished, but too far to turn back now.
  7. Rawhide

    Barge much? (FP)

    Yes anyone who races and claims never to have fucked up is a liar. If this was a one off event, then I would agree, but there appears a pattern of behaviour of wilful disregard for the consequences of his actions. Admitting fault is laudable, but a professional sailor should not get himself into so many dangerous situations, not everything can be cured with cash.
  8. Rawhide

    Barge much? (FP)

    Got a particularly well timed email from Norths this morning head line. "A new normal for Scallywag" It certainly is normal for Scallywag, but not sure its new. Witt has been a dangerous idiot for as long as I can remember.
  9. Yes wonder who bought the write off? Looking at the photos for the auction, I am guessing there is a good set of race sailing sitting in storage in Brisbane somewhere.
  10. Rawhide

    Binocular Anarchy

    I have a nice view up our particular piece of sailing heaven and am thinking of getting a large set of tripod mounted binoculars. I see various brands of 25 x 100 available. Anyone got experience with these and can recommend any brands. looking at viewing distance from 1 to 5+ miles.
  11. Rawhide


    Still waiting. Email i got recently implied shipping had started but dosent actually say so directly.
  12. This thread will never die it will rise like a zombie each year. I expect we will have more fodder come Southport when CYCA revise the AIS requirements. New wording which might actually be enforceable. No doubt we will have to prove operating and being received as a race entry condition.
  13. Rawhide

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Interesting to see the CYCA raising the issue of accommodating foiling mono's in future to races to ensure the race is at the forefront of development. Does make you wonder whether they have ever heard of multihulls?
  14. Rawhide

    Brooks & Shithouse

    I've got the full H5000 performance set up. No real issues. A few areas where I would have expected better functionality, but is there any real alternative?