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  1. A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Having sailed against the short rig quite a bit, I would say it is slower in most conditions on a foiler. Only benefit I can see is lower COD and COG result in less pitching moment. Would not work at all on a classic as far as I can see.
  2. Tragic, but the numbers are way too small to form any reliable conclusion based on the statistics. Would be interested to see whether they have incident logs which record so called near misses (near injury/death incidents) so that risks can be minimised.
  3. Trimaran Foiling Systems

    I'll consider it near complete when I see them do something other than reach. Eventually they have to be able tack and gybe.
  4. Rushour on its roof.

    So how did it go over, frontways or sideways?
  5. Thoughts on mast rotation controls

    Boomless deck sweeper, then the rotation will be self setting in most conditions. Do you know a good sailmaker?
  6. Renewable Energy-powered ocean racer

    Now if the boat was woven out of hemp! But I guess that might cause a few problems at customs
  7. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Now your onto something.
  8. A-Class North American Championship by San Diego Yacht Club

    Struggling with control issues due to rudder flex is what I hear. But with NSW states if a few weeks all should be revealed.
  9. A-Class North American Championship by San Diego Yacht Club

    So any comments on gear, performance etc?
  10. 8 monos entered for Coffs and 17 for Southport. Fucking ridiculous these two clubs couldn't sort this out so as not to split the fleet. And only 1 multi going to Coffs, pretty poor from a club with a respectable multi fleet.
  11. Seeing as rules designed to prevent full foiling have a history of failing, we could end up with option 3 in any event.
  12. Recommendations for first time boat build.

    First time boat builder is almost superfluous, few are stupid enough to do it twice.
  13. If it is going to be other than some half assed partial foiling shitter, I would expect much like a very large moth, with cyclists powering gyroscopes for stability.
  14. Beneteau foiling mono?

    Your shitting us right? Comparing a moth to my new A I am not at all convinced that multis are a better foiling platform than monos.
  15. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    So the word is a bit rough and lots of capsizes. But not el stevie