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  1. Rawhide

    Airmar leeway measuring log/depth sensor

    These are now available, anyone got any intel on actual performance? Pricey, worth the cost?
  2. Rawhide

    Near Capsize

    I take it you don't race.
  3. Rawhide

    Engin oil expiration date

    Just my luck, I bought some million year old oil and it expires next year.
  4. Rawhide

    Older fast Aus multies

    Looks like would make a good day sailor if you cut all that crap off.
  5. Rawhide

    how fast is it?

    I am guessing there is more to Ran's performance than just the cut away deck, no doubt a number of minor evolutionary changes all of which add up. The F40+ boats have evolved very quickly to essentially mini TP's. This is all good if they can find enough players with deep pockets to keep buying boats as the existing fleet gets made uncompetitive. Should produce a nice supply of relatively cheap superseded 40's for non F40+ racing if they can keep it going.
  6. Rawhide

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    Nothing wrong with a good protest. It's part of close racing.
  7. Rawhide

    laugh or cry?

    Well this has certainly kept me entertained while my wife watches MAFS
  8. Rawhide

    Pit Bulls Behaving Badly.... Again

    It's all fun and games until your the one getting eaten
  9. Rawhide

    Survey Time - Where to Haul Near/In Sydney

    RPAYC is the cheapest I know of and surprisingly helpful. We get a lot of boats down from the Harbour, which is a good indication. But very busy, might have to book ahead.
  10. Rawhide


    So is there anything preventing a non "competitor" building a boat or three and then trial against a competitor and transfer their IP?
  11. Rawhide

    Super foiled configuration

    At least with rudders at the back they will stay in the water until it just doesn't matter anymore.
  12. Well there goes my theory that keels only ever seem to fall of in the middle of the night.
  13. Do they have a built in esky and cup holders?
  14. Rawhide

    Foiling injuries

    Excepting the Super foiler which just look plain dangerous, I think the highest risk event for foiling is drowning from entanglement same as for non foilers. But increased because the capsizes happen so damn quick you can't control where you end up or anything else.
  15. Yes portable, needs to be able to be taken to fabrication shops and test welds in situ. Plenty to choice from anywhere there is fabrication. normally costs a few hundred a shot. Looks like a negative, cracks show up clearly. Ultra sonic is also an option particularly for larger areas, but more reliant on the skill of the operator.