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  1. Rawhide

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    Bit late it was today.
  2. Rawhide

    What boat is this?

    I'm going with ketch. not uncommon for split backstays on main rig to terminate to gunnel near missen mast. Also doesn't look like an extension if so the original transom would be a few feet below the water line.
  3. Rawhide

    AUS TP52 fleet

    Might get a fleet together as long as Beau Gest doesn't show up and scare them all off
  4. No just the solid aero one like TA just had refurbed
  5. Got quite a chuckle out of it actually. But onto something of meaning. are the T style snuffers class legal for a F18?
  6. Seriously overlay you were so butt hurt over having your post downrated you stalked me around SA downrating all my posts? You must have a very small penis. Whatever gets you off, you have mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck.
  7. Good luck TA I think you will nail it. There are a lot of people now looking for a more laid back sailing experience than the cutting edge classes provide.
  8. Rawhide

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    Pumpkin Eater capsized end over end in the Gladstone race one year. I remember seeing it as a kid when it was just launched. we were doing about 1knt in probably 4knts of breeze in my dads Headley Nickol when PE appeared all gleaming white under a huge mast head reacher with the windward hull just touching the water doing at least twice wind speed. Needless to say it left a lasting impression. I got to sail on it a bit at botany bay when Lock Percy owned it, still impressive when wound up, but the weight of the bridge deck and age of the sails destroyed its light air performance.
  9. At least you wont have as much trouble with assholes trying to barge on the start line
  10. Rawhide

    Snowflakes and sailing

    Yeah, but bad days in sailing make for much better stories than a good day in the office.
  11. Rawhide

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    You certainly are reading a lot more into my post than is either stated or implied. And I don't agree with your opinion that C foilers are no more stable than they used to be. the measure is not whether there used to be times of stable foiling, but the ease of doing so and extent of loss of control, there has been a substantial improvement in this area. Mostly but not entirely due to advances in winglets and the ability to easily alter rake while sailing. Also you might not go back this far, but trapping down wind started to became common around 08/09. I first saw Ashby do it in a nationals at Belmont where in some races he was a lap ahead of everyone. most near the front of the fleet at least followed pretty quickly, but with varying success. This was well before C boards came along. As to whether the rule is open to abuse, I frankly don't care as long as the class stays strong which I don't see as a problem.
  12. Rawhide

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    None of that has any relevance to my comment on the irony that we are seeing new c board boats which now foil well/better/more stable which exist only because of the advent of a non foiling division or discipline. I guess appreciation of irony is as uncommon as comprehension
  13. Rawhide

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    That looks like a long winded way of agreeing with me that with the advances over the last few years, C boards now foil much better than they used to.
  14. Rawhide

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    I'm not knocking it. Just somewhat amused. The concept worked very well at the nationals, will be interesting to see how the worlds turn out.
  15. Rawhide

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Yes, but do you appreciate the irony that creating a non foiling discipline has resulted in new C board boats being built which take advantage of the latest foiling advances and are now capable of stable foiling in some conditions. It seams very unlikely this would have occurred otherwise. Just like deja vu all over again