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  1. Wow, looks great to me!
  2. Hi Star Heart, Interesting to hear what you say, before we started to make new frame members I was in close contact with the designer how helped us with the design of the new interior and tons of other issues. I asked him how to make the best frame and suggested some other ideas. Gabriel suggested that we use the wood as a "carrier" and let the epoxy and C/F do the work on top of the wood part of this frame. When he explained and put it in a theoretical/parctical prespective it made sence to me at least. OK. Good luck with it then. You did your homework as best you knew how.
  3. I don't think the way you've installed the carbon fiber is going to do you much good. Using something to bridge those frame members may add more strength than those C/F strips. It's great you have your father and Maria to help you out!
  4. Yeah, holy cr*p. That is a nice place to work on a boat in a cold climate. Bet it's heated. Worth the drive if the other choice is working outside in the cold. Working out in the cold isn't even an option in Swedish winter. I just got back from 3 weeks there (near Stockholm) and saw -20C (-4F), though it got up to about 0C when I left. Of course, tons of snow all around as well. They pull their boats every fall because the ice will destroy them otherwise. That's a really cool looking boat. Good luck with the project! It looks cold molded, is that correct?
  5. Yes, of course. I realized that later after I posted. Beware, wood boat porn: http://www.skota.be/photo/100ySK/
  6. Check out the Cayanne 41, same hull shape, similar rig, tiller boat, but long sloping reverse transom... the 41 rates 87 on Lk Mi. TYhere are a couple on Lk Mi, some on the other side of the state, and I understand there are some out east, on and in Canada... Friend of mine has one in Toronto and there are two in Oakville. Pretty boats. The Swede 55 is based on the Square Meter rule yachts from Scandinavia. Here is a 22 square meter (I think the smallest class) under sail:
  7. These are really beautiful boats. Thanks for the photos. I wonder about how the really fast sport boats are so ugly and the beautiful boats are usually slower. Is there a boat that is both beautiful and fast? This reminds me of automobiles, where the really fast race cars are generally very ugly and the classic curvy sports cars are relatively slow. Maybe there's more to sailing than just speed?