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  1. david r

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    The superfoilers would occasionally sail with both main foils in the water to stabilize their foil-borne racing.
  2. david r

    Corona Virus

    Tourism got shut down because ppl are afraid of catching some sort of weird cold. They better shut down going in the water for fear of drowning. Drowning numbers are high....
  3. david r

    Team NYYC

    plus we have Emiratis funding multiple teams from this ....algorithm? that cant write anything like the real hunter thompson .If thats a real person his brain must be breaking down from the isolation. a bot that uses fuzzy logic and mis spellings would be fairly advanced i guess, though.
  4. How the hell can someone pick one guy as the worst president ever? Have you checked history? Woodrow Wilson signed off on the federal reserve act, then took usa into ww1 after running on the platform of keeping usa out of the war. FDR might be another candidate for worst...
  5. david r

    Boats and foils comparison

    quote from a scientist.... Therefore, assuming the entire mass of the earth is located at its center, we can calculate the force of earth's gravity at the equator and at the poles. Using Newton's law of gravity, we find that the force of earth's gravity on your body at the equator is 9.798 m/s2 times the mass of your body, whereas at the poles it is 9.863 m/s2 times the mass of your body. Has anyone ever actually dealt with this at a race where you have to weigh in? If earth is an oblate spheroid, why is the blue marble image always shown as a perfect circle? How did the LEM lift off from the moon and link up with the orbiting craft above, when it left it's engine on the moon?
  6. david r

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Somtimes it looked like england had a speed advantage.
  7. david r

    SailGP 2020

    the 18footers camera cat/ drone guys do an awesome job. it just for fun for them. they will cruise behind a team and check their rig and comment, the races cover a much larger section of the harbor, the camera cat crew also have great info too. the glitzy hollywood style sail gp presentation is not as fun as the reals guy out on the bay just following the race for fun. the super foiler presentation and racing on sydney harbor was really cool too. they had wind and a big course through the traffic. i liked watching the race in france, last year i think, with the french commentators. i dont speak french so it was just a nice background noise, since i dont really listen to commenting. it more fun to watch and have my own thoughts about what i am seeing.
  8. david r

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Bearing off to below a beam reach to get on the foils upwind, might make for some strange upwind legs...
  9. david r

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Probably already covered, but when the mast rotates the outhauls would most likely switch too. Independent outhauls make sense. Would be nice to see a detail of the spreader attachment to see how the mast rotates inside of them. i still wonder how that works.
  10. david r

    Family Freindly Beach Cat

    Check for G cat 5.7. front tramp, boomless. buoyancy for a small family is no problem.
  11. david r

    ACWS - Portsmouth

    Imagine this race in england... 4 boats "competing" in 3-6 heats. All 4 teams needing to hide any innovations, and hiding their boats speed, pointing ability, and downwind abilities. What kind of tactics would they use? Put old components on the boat that wont be used in the cup? always start early or late? Always tack or jibe away from the other boat? always foil slower than the boat is capable of? pray for sub-foilng conditions? break something on the boat that keeps the boat from racing? There would need to be special trainings on how to go slower than normal while looking like you are actually racing... i do see the PR benefits, and think seeing 4 of these beasts together sailing would be interesting though. maybe a little wasteful, but interesting.
  12. david r

    ACWS - Portsmouth

    i wonder why NZ would set up a situation where they have to send their equipment all the way to europe before the actual cup races? There is a good chance that the competition will benefit more than they will. Time and money will be used in a way that could hurt their chances of winning. sorry if this question has already been asked.
  13. david r

    iFLY15 - bullshit marketing?

    maybe it depends on the wing and/or the boat length. groupama C wing kicked ass upwind. there was an winged18 square in the 80's that kicked ass upwind that i raced against. he was slow downwind, but that was probably technique. It was a scaled down C cat wing. He had to keep it in an enclosed trailer at night.
  14. david r

    iFLY15 - bullshit marketing?

    a wing doesn't perform well upwind? Is that just for foiling? It certainly isn't true for floating cats.
  15. david r

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    There was ACWS in SFO where jimmy guys capsized and righted with help. They finished but i cant remember if they won the heat. also i disagree with the italian guy that wants flat seas for everyone. i can think of 2 heats that we flipped in and still won that heat. 1 on an 18 ft cat, 1 on a16 foot cat. Both times we had a comfortable lead.