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  1. david r

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    https://www.sail-world.com/photo/192795 it was post 457 that had the drawing of internal rib things that look like they would hold shape on the leeward side of the sail on each tack after the mast rotates.
  2. david r

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    The article linked on post#470 shows extra forms that may be connected to the mast, that are in between the 2 skins and give shape to the front 1/3 of the sail. I wonder why they say this new rig will be half the weight of a wing? Sail mylar is much heavier than wing mylar. There are battens and internal fairing ribs. The top of the rig has extra stuff. If a boom is used it will be beefy, plus the beef needed for a vang system. Double outhauls and downhauls. Possibly 4 tracks mounted to the D mast, 1 for each sail and 2 for the internal fairing pieces. Damn those wings must be heavy to be twice as heavy as all of those items. Or the article is wrong like they are wrong about that Acat picture showing a boom, but saying it's boomless. They could possibly be thinking the large jib will keep them foiling like the gc 32 foilers do, which still use the genoa when the main is reefed. I don't see how they claim a 50 knot potential with the drag of a large jib sail in the mix. It will be curious to see how they crack this nut. Rather than using a giant A cat rig or a giant 18foot skiff rig, they forge ahead into new ground.....a halyard hoist-able wing.
  3. david r

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    i wonder if that piece at the top of the sail is flotation and/or a sealed off area keeping water out of the hollow between the skins, in case of capsize. The double skin sail may perform better when full of air, so i wonder if they will ram air into it.
  4. david r

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    There is also the possibility of doing ram air on example E. Using your speed to fill the sail with air. It makes a nice foil but can fill with water if you tip over.
  5. david r

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    i wonder if there will be any components of this new rig that could be patented? They say there will be special battens, and it looked like there was some sort of control arm at the head in one vid. Also why would a wide monohull with 2 keels be any more tippy than the average leaner sailboat?
  6. I wonder what the difference in RM is between weighted foil out to windward and weighted foil pointed down? They will need them both down before going into a foiling gybe. It will be interesting to see how stable the boat will be while they are swinging a keel-like appendage at speed.
  7. david r


    nasa says we are not able to go to the moon these days. All the old data was lost. The old footage on youtube looks pretty fake, and the nazi scientist in charge back then has a bible quote on his headstone that refers to the firmament.
  8. It occurred to me that they prolly have modeled all sorts of solutions to the problem of transitioning from 2 to 3 foils in the computers. Wouldn't be surprised if they sail as expected on a fair weather day.
  9. david r

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    A production boat of a design that is made correctly should not fail out of the blue. Pilot error or horrible conditions can cause a failure. Older boats tend to twist a little more and not be quite as fast as a fresh boat, but they should hold up fine. In the past the race was 4 days long on used and/ or new hobie 16s. Done non stop in the 70's. Those days are long gone, but Cape Hatteras still has big storms. The stretched out version has legs where you can be done sailing by 2 or 3:00 in the afternoon.
  10. Back to the swinging foils; its hard to imagine swinging your RM arm from an out board position to an under water position at foiling speed. How will the boat stay upright when you take away the RM at speed? They would need to be throwing the helm over at the same time as they swing the foil down, meaning a non foiling maneuver.?? The cats were lowering the second foil and letting the flow attach before doing the turn, plus they had 2 aft foils.
  11. i wonder if there will be a move in gusty, on/ off conditions where they start to foil with both main foils down, then raise the windward foil while they are foiling.
  12. david r

    trickle down

    Thanks for responding. I looks like ac type rules also are trickling into fleet racing if it's now ok to aim at the other boats as long as you don't get caught. I don't see why the blue boat did not just hold his course. He had everything to loose with that dial up. The third boat (pavement) boat was only 37 seconds behind, and if they got passed by the third boat whilst doing a penalty turn, they would not win the series.
  13. david r

    trickle down

    About that super foiler finish of the last heat. Which rules were they sailing under? The blue boat had audio of "nice dial up", while the red one protested them for not holding their course. Could be the refs had money on the blue boat, or they were using rules like the AC where you hunt the other guy.
  14. i wonder if it would be possible for one of these new boats to tip over, have the "sail" fill with water, then the hull fill with water, and then the whole boat sink to the bottom? those foils are weighted are they not? i sailed a double surface sail for a year or so, and it could fill with water, so that is why i ask.
  15. that D mast looks strong, no spreaders needed. maybe they will find some cool solutions for the full sized version.