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  1. david r

    Delay or award Prada Cup

    pretty good chance that all the racing is over in NZ. it appears that ppl are afraid to go out and help run the race. just sayin, hopefully im wrong
  2. david r

    Prada Cup

    It's possible that Prada boat was made 10% faster before they took on AM the last time, just like they said. They seemed to pull away downwind in the last couple heats. Also the mainsails might be faster on Prada.
  3. david r

    Polynesians an education

  4. david r

    head like a hole

    i wonder if they will take the guy who left the backstay on, off the boat in future heats?
  5. david r

    Team NYYC

    electronics on a wet boat...most of the AC foiling heats and other foiling heats with coms, that i have watched had at least one boat having problems with an electrical component... sometimes it's intermittent, sometimes it ends the heat for them, sometimes they loose because of it, but still finish. it seems to be part of the game many times. Ineos didn't seem to know where the boundaries were in the previous heat for example. p,s, great job getting that boat back to port with that size of hole in it.
  6. david r

    Main sheeted to windward

    I saw them pull the traveler up to windward right after they lifted the foil after a tack. almost like pumping after a tack on a board. I wondered if maybe they could also pump a little more sometimes in the lighter puffs. the cats also pulled the wing past center a lot, so it must be good for some things.
  7. david r

    white men.

    They used claim catamarans started in bora bora. Now i dont see a reference to that in a search. Searching is difficult these days because of all the info and advertisements using similar terms. This site claims that brits first saw them in india. https://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Catamaran this one, Polynesia. https://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Catamaran+History The first voyaging canoes with twin hulls were Polynesian and they could make ground to windward. during the same time period, old square riggers from europe could not go above a beam reach very well. the went downwind with the trades and waited for the wind to shift the other way to get home, or at least that is what teachers said in school. It is possible that the voyaging canoes were invented long before square riggers. ps. the ndl says you need to be white to be racist...that seems racist to me XD
  8. david r

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    the last one on the list
  9. david r

    Will we see a dry race?

    What about complete wet laps? They are saying the race will be during a light air part of the year. If wind is steady enough it looks like they can do everything a moth can do as far as staying airborne.
  10. david r

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    It makes sense that the flow from the windward side meeting the leeward side aft of the leech would be less drag than if they, the air flows, met right at the leech. (gap between leechs vs. no gap) i wonder if full wing mast/sail as on the cats should be made with a fat squared off trailing edge as well? or maybe they were?
  11. david r

    Classic AC Skullduggery

    there probably wont be any problems with electrical systems, hardware, software, or firmware in a salty wet environment:)
  12. david r

    Team NYYC

    A big mast like that with uppers and lowers that rotates is a bit of a puzzle. I wonder when they will show how that works, if ever. The twist controls must be interesting too. Maybe they had a problem in one of those areas...
  13. david r

    Team NYYC

    Leeway. Anyone mention that? Even if a sailboat could regularly point up to 30 degrees, which i seriously doubt, they maybe won't tack on 60 degrees because of leeway. That means they would go past the 60 degree layline before tacking. Leeway will affect VMG, as does the bearing off to pick up speed to then gain height. My apologies if that is too obvious.
  14. david r

    Team NYYC

    lol, 30 degrees to the wind as a regular upwind sailing angle. where did you get that phd of sailing? maybe from your smack dealer. They seem to point pretty high at times, but 30 degrees would be too high for a sailboat on a regular basis. Some of the video looks like they are lower than 45 degrees.
  15. david r

    Team NYYC

    Some of the most coveted info would be pointing angle/downwind angle when powered up. Having access to that on a public forum at this juncture would not make much sense, considering the teams probably only know their own data so far. Maybe fast and low downwind will win the race.