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  1. hi, i have a couple comments too. Last time it was OR that had the more slippery boat. Everyone sat down low and it looked like getting in and out of their stations would take too long. OR caught all the way up on 1 beat, just from splitting off. The course is somewhat unpredictable. The split might pay off just by chance, like when France beat BAR. It looks like NZ is better than OR in the light stuff, but it's pretty close and all sorts of weirdness can still happen in the Bermuda. NZ looked way better in the light stuff in SF, but they only had one light race which got thrown out. Its funny now they let them drift if the wind goes away acting like the race could still count. it is looking like the NZ boards may have an advantage...they appear to be similar to Acat boards with the flat faceted sections.... Anything can happen, but it looks promising for NZ. its a big moth (sort of) and PB is quite skilled at the foiling.
  2. Since i had to log in to get the torrent; thank you Rudder! currently downloading at 3mb/sec. never seen such a fast torrent.
  3. the marstrom tornados were done with autoclave glass, epoxy and honeycomb, also the early stilletos.
  4. i wonder if they will set a course that can be finished with-in the tv specified time limit if there are semi foiling conditions.
  5. i remember 18 squares were pretty popular in Florida in the early 80s. Most of them were nacras which fell into the heavier division. The wild turkey was built by the guy that made many of the lighter weight division boats. I was at the Monterey multihulll classic where the wild turkey picture was taken. We even won the overall trophy on portsmouth. Watching her go to windward was really cool. Anyway i dont think the wing masted boat killed the class. Every one without a tilt trailer had to break the boats apart to trailer which can take the fun of racing out for some ppl. The 2 weight divisions was a good idea i thought. Kind of a mystery to me where the class went. Maybe nacra just stopped building them?
  6. With all that flexibility that the organization was showing when Prada left; its too bad 4 point foiling wasn't allowed. They seem to waste a lot of energy fussing with the 3 point system. A real shit fight to do a foiling tack with only 3 in the water also.
  7. 310 lbs is approaching the weight of a 20' tornado which is a class from the 60's. Today's A cats are lighter still. The nacra site says the 17 is a carbon fiber epoxy boat, but i read on this forum that they are poorly constructed and rather heavy. It was not possible for me to find out where the nacras are built, but i was once chastised for speculating that Asia is their construction land. Where do these nacra cats get manufactured? The whole idea that children need their own special boat is questionable in my mind. Few families have that kind of money. My path was crewing with a large skipper that needed a light crew>sailing a H14 with crew to make weight>sailing a 14 with weights>etc. As a young teenager i was mixing it up at the front with the adults. Youths can totally kick butt against adults who have to go to work and have all sorts of responsibilities. I had a friend that a couple years younger than me kicking butt in the tornados at the time. Seems like the youth are kept away from the adult racing to protect the adults from getting beaten by children.
  8. What's MR stand for? Is there a way to watch the races? I saw that mark rounding during the minute free preview that i was allowed and it looked a little bullyish to me. In my early Tornado days if you hit a mark or fouled someone, you were out of the race. Then in Hobie 14s(maybe after 16s were invented) they figured out to re round the mark or do a 720 if you foul another boat. I think they invented the 360 rule for sailing. A 720 on a H14 takes some time, but it was better than getting kicked out of the race. Now it seems like they can almost incorporate a quick 360 into the tactics down the course. Bullies prevail.
  9. i have some old 17 parts from one with a jib. There is a front crossbar so i assume the bows will break off is you shorten the front bridle w/o using a crossbar. There is a furling drum on the bridle too. These parts are a bit spendy from Hobie cat. The hobie 16 jib is fully battened, so non furling. The fully battened jib, or a soft jib should be fine in the winds that you mentioned. i wonder if the fiberglass mast tip will handle a genoa. thats what a big guy in 10 mph wind might like. go all m20/m32 on that lake.
  10. hey, you are making progress. That boat looks to be in good shape for it's age. Looks like the original jib and a newer main. They write the date on the sail after they measure it for a race. The hyfield lever for the jib halyard and the wheel on the boom are both a real blast from the past. At some point you may want to upgrade some of the components. flying the hull in light winds by sitting on the leeward side is fun till you capsize. Your mast will fill right up with water and you will have a real mess on your hands. Wait for a breeze. she will lift a hull gracefully and you can balance on 1 hull across the lake once you get dialed in. ps i bought some used T sails off the beach cats site. They were the classic style like you have. There is a guy on a lake in cali that collected many old Ts and he parted most of them out.
  11. Hi , i grew up sailing those old Ts. Even met Reg and Rodney March in the 70s. That boat still has the original Seahorse sails and was made by sailcraft of england in the late 60s or early 70s. It may even have the original thumbscrew to hold the downhaul which i see you did not tighten very well. I think that is the original bridle length up front. The mast rotator arm is there. Some one took the jib bridle that went across the tramp off, which will hurts your pointing ability. They had a separate system to pull the jib outboard called a barber hauler for going downwind, but the jib should be sheeted more inboard for the beat. That boat was not designed for double trap or spi. In fact it was a real achievement to make a boat that light in 1968. They held up well in the big breeze but only single trapped; so light double trap work maybe ok but i wouldn't shorten the bridle w/o adding a bow crossbar.
  12. very impressive display. there is always the old standard of qualifying for the worlds and only allowing 50-60 boats. Avoid all sorts of problems and just hold heats for all 50-60.
  13. It was a very good day of fleet racing. Lots of changing places. The replay on Canal is quite good. Total up the costs of helicopters, camera cats, a control room with professionals doing live editing, the tools of the trade like cameras, mikes, etc., it's a large number. I wonder if the plan to race these boats year round is meant to be for profit some day, and they are investing in future spectator profits? The fleet racing is more interesting than 2 boats racing with one getting the lead and keeping it the whole race. There are only a few races in the world to watch where a viewer can get an idea of how the race progresses through it's entirety. Mostly brief recaps out there. Even when they keep the camera on a leader that has broken away from the fleet, we miss the actual battle going on in the fleet. The live feed video mixer guy has a lot on his plate. My other criticism is that the football grid lines are just too much. They negatively impact the image and are of no real use to anyone, imo. Speculating on who is leading by a bit in the middle of a leg is of little use (fun but not especially relevant since you see what happens when they cross). How the boats come out of the mark rounding has more meaning to me. Watching for myself while some French people talk in the background is more enjoyable than knowing what is being said by the commentators, imo.
  14. So the light wind heat that was abandoned comes down to bad math. They knew the distance and speed and didn't bother to find out, using math, that finishing with in the time limit would be a crap shoot. You have 2 teams spending serious coin to launch their boats and compete for the cup basically wasting time because no one did the math ahead of time, or they shaved it way too close. The AR design team did bad math and created a sub strength platform which set a whole chain of events into motion. mistakes were made and other mistakes may be made next time, but hopefully not the same mistakes.
  15. yup that cancelled race was almost on par with the situation when the boat sank that was designed by IM. Anyway, it would be hilarious if they went to 4 foils and could do foiling tacks reliably. Then everyone has to spend all kinds of money to redo their foils, and relearn the new foil systems.