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  1. tempestus307

    rs aero

    Thanks so much!! That is much better! Looking forward to new version! US307
  2. tempestus307

    Sunglasses Keeper

    I found some keepers with a string and some things that fit over the end of the frames. There is an adjuster to set the loop size. I put one of those floatey things for your keys on that. So far so good. Thanks for the replies!!
  3. tempestus307

    Sunglasses Keeper

    That Murphy dude follows me around! I think he/she likes to hang around boats, especially sailboats!
  4. tempestus307

    Sunglasses Keeper

    Hi DTA, Wish I had gone to Wurstfest to meet you. I use this case to carry my phone and boat registration. I've had it about 5 years and it works great. I usually keep my glasses on, for very far vision(where the hell is that bouy?) and very near vision (ring dings and checking the phone for messages). http://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/pelican-1060-micro-case#repChildCatid=13052
  5. tempestus307

    Sunglasses Keeper

    Oh yeah, my friend from Shreveport said Wurstfest was the best fest! I gotta do that one next year!
  6. tempestus307

    Sunglasses Keeper

    Wow! Thanks guys! Some great ideas! Didn't need keepers today wind 0-1 kt. Almost got a good nap in while sailing. Thanks again!
  7. tempestus307

    Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    You could try SailX. www.sailx.com It is a sailing game with emphasis on the rules. They have a protest room and tutorials and lots of stuff on tactics and starting etc. It has helped my "in real life" sailing tremendously.
  8. tempestus307

    The Megabyte thread

    I'm over 60 years old and have shot knees also. I've been sailing a Megabyte for 2 years, and I love it. If you can move around the boat at a reasonably quick rate, aided by some anticipation of the need for the same, you will do fine. I chose the Megabyte after sailing a Sunfish, and it made my knees hurt, because one sits low on a sunfish which puts your knees very bent, which makes them hurt. On the Megabyte my knees are at a natural angle, and the only thing that makes them hurt is kneeling downwind, but you might be able to squat or sit on the side. My 240# self is too much "moveable ballast", so I must get in the center. The boat is quick and responsive. The Zim folks are helpful, and there is a good bit of info on the class site. It takes a little bit of time to rig, but the mast is light enough so that I can do it all myself in 20-30 minutes. It's a great boat for Portsmouth racing, as it has a favorable handicap imho. I have the MKI rig and haven't had too much feeling of being overpowered, but I don't go out in winds much over 18 kts, but as I learn that probably will change. PM me if you have any more questions.