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  1. Definitely not a mark room ruling. Mark room only allows you to sail to the mark and to round the mark and TNZ didn't sail anywhere near the mark. I think the first frame of the screen shots shows the crunch of it. You can see in TNZ, wake that they had just changed course and were sailing deeper (2 computer superimposed dots back). Prior to that turn, AR were probably clear across, but after the turn they were not. Importantly TNZ didn't keep turning... ie they changed course but were no longer changing course, so they had no obligation under 16 to give AR room to keep clear and AR could have gybed away to keep clear under port/starboard. TNZ did a dial down and AR didn't respond. Now if the turn TNZ commenced two dots back had continued, then I think AR could have said TNZ were changing course to prevent them keeping clear, but as it was there were two manoeuvres: a dial down, little straight line; then two dots later a crash gybe to avoid a collision. Tough call, but I think it was right.
  2. I sailed in a 2 boat Clipper trip from Greenland to Iceland with Sir Robin (and Alex Thomson). One of the other crew wrote a poem about Sir Robin call "Knox Nutter": My name is Knox Knutter, My ship Ariel is a clipper cutter A well build ship is she, for I have tested her quiet a few times you see Icebergs, there are many And anchor, well they're ten a penny Well I'm off on a new adventure, To keep happy those with a debenture So off to Greenland we did trek, Only to be nearly wrecked Inuit guides the crew did request, But BLOODY HELL - I KNOW WHAT'S BEST! I told Antiope to follow me, But I've lost her now we're at sea So I'm heading West, Right there over that crest So follow me if you dare, For complete nutters are rare. ---- Sir Robin loved it! I've met him a couple of times since and no - he doesn't remember my name
  3. 8kn under jury rig! Nah he must have had an inflatable spare mast!
  4. Nope, not even a stub 30% deployed! So I got that wrong! I guess he must have had time to put the inflatable one away! Well done ALC and AT! I'm going to miss this when it is finally over, but there are still boat racing for a while!
  5. WAKE UP VG DUDES!!! Don't sleep through this and PLEASE don't give us a 7 hour black out in the final day of racing? I guess it is in the SIs so they probably can't switch on hourly updates on a whim.... but for next time going to hourly updates <100nm is a joke. Try <1000nm!
  6. They are just a little North West of the Brittany weather buoy and sailflo shows the observations laid over the forecasts, which indicates all the models are matching obs: http://www.sailflow.com/map#46.204,-1.973,6,1,28197,1 So we can continue to stare at the +2 by +2 projections on forss and try to pretend it is reality. Edit: still a bit early to look, but the obs for the Brittany coast are all less than the models and more northerly: http://www.sailflow.com/map#46.219,-1.885,6,1,115610,1
  7. Just saying again that it sucks to be in the eastern hemisphere so we get the 7 hour blackout when everybody is tucked up in bed dreaming of being solo ocean racers! Next edition (and volvo) can they please have constant updates, but inject a 4 hour delay. That would give it a real time feel and actually be fairer as competitors would never know the exact current position of each other unless in AIS range.
  8. There are two corners that could be cut. The first one was the long arc around the high pressure system, with the thought being that HB could foil in less wind, so could have taken the inside of the curve and sailed less distance. That didn't happen as the high moved north as predicted and they are now turning through it's southern flank rather than sailing over the top of it. HB has been following BP track and is now even a touch west of it. The next corner to cut is the tack onto port. Tack too early and you have a very low angle to get to the finish. HB is not going to take this option because even if he had a full foil on port tack, the boat is not optimized for upwind. Tack later and you get almost a broad reach to the finish. Interestingly enough, being on the outside (west turning into north) will allow you to have a better angle on starboard for a bit longer and thus delay your tack. So perhaps that's why HB has gone for the outside now? But that has a big cost in extra miles (about 25nm from the current predictions on the forss tracker), so unlikely to be a winning move unless it results in an awesome reach along the Brittany coast.
  9. And then from the Jury Q&A: 21.6 not keeping watch is a band 1 penalty, 0-6 hours. HB has been out of VHF range of anything since Cape Horn! If it is not working because of a mast head issue, then he probably has no idea. Would it be too cruel of him to ask ALC for a radio check in about 24 hours?
  10. Advantage ALC IMHO. Not knowing where your nearest competitor is heading makes it tough for the leader to cover. 7 hours without knowing if AT is going to cut the corner and sail below the high or continue around above is hard on the leader. Real-time course updates makes it much easier and way less stressful. This is the point of the race I bet AT wishes he had a stealth mode. I can't see any way through to the south of the high in any model, so I don't think there is even a bees dick of a chance of a big split in the boats. He'd need to go on the wind for 12+h at least and then the angle on the other tack sucks for the next 12+h, only then for the wind to be on the nose all the way into the Bay of Bisque. But strange HB has not turned up on AIS yet. Perhaps he has been able to get more east so that he is out of range of the land station on the island? Perhaps whatever has stuffed his mast head instruments has also damaged his VHF? Perhaps the tin foil used in his self constructed spare foil is interfering with it?
  11. The GFS, CMC and WW3 weather models all pretty much agree with each other for the next 48 hr, which is bad news for HB. AT really needed the high pressure to stay where it is for 48hr so he would have a big corner to cut and minimal time on port. Alternately it could move a little north and he could then tack early and sail around the bottom of it. But the H going to smear itself to the north, but with strong easterlies in the bay of Bisque so no southern route will be possible for 96h at least. So there is now less of a corner to cut followed by significant time on port. HB should be able to gain a bit in the next 24h by taking a more easterly course but maintaining similar or higher boat speed, but that will only get him within 50nm , then there is no obvious way through. Although there is still another light wind transition and he's done well on the last 2 or 3 of those, so that could be worth another 30nm ish. Best scenario I can see for HB is +/- 20nm to ALC with 200nm remaining... on port... but cracked off rather than fully up hill... in 20ish TWS. Going to be awesome! Also I think we are going to see some heli shots of HB with his starboard foil stub fully deployed to get some lift and damn the drag!
  12. Old school I guess... [edit: what do I have to do to show the video and not only the link to it?] Wow! Did you see how ALC wasted a whole 2 minutes drinking!!! I've very disappointed in him as he should have used that time running the weather routing software yet another time over the same 4 hour old grib file, or maybe he could have been rewriting the code of the AP, or reworking the heater into an EM drive, or polishing his spare foil etc. No wonder he has AT up his date if he takes such a relax casual approach to this serious racing shit! He doesn't deserve to win because he's not making it look hard enough!
  13. I'm looking for good passing opportunity for HB, and there is nothing much other than a possibility in about 48 hours to sail a bit closer to the center of the high pressure. It looks like they have 2 days of <15kn, which should allow HB to close a bit (judging by recent history), but then BP will stretch out a bit as he will get to the new pressure sooner. Then they both have to go around the west of the high pressure, which is a long way around but there is plenty of 20kn+ and a nice angle to speed them on their way. So BP will be able to foil her way around no probs. However, if it is still true (given wear and tear on boats/sails etc.) that HB can get on the foils at about 2kn less pressure than BP, then HB might be able to go a lot closer to the middle of the high pressure and save a bit of distance. This is not being shown in the forss predictions at the moment, as it has HB constantly to the west of BP and sailing further. This may be because the polars used do not reflect the difference between when the boats are on the foils (forss??). Unfortunately for HB the predictions have the high pressure breaking up a bit by the time they get to the top of it, so it may not be such a clear cut case of HB sailing around the inside. Also there is not a huge gain in this, so he needs to get and stay close as they transition out of the current light patch. Finally he's still west of BP, so he's got some work to do in the next 48h to get to the inside lane and that might stop him getting close enough to make it work. cheers
  14. Ah the old Can't-lose-from-here feeling! I could teach ALC a thing or two about losing from near invincible positions!
  15. +1...... All ALC has to do is stay between AT and the finish line, which he has been doing pretty well..... As much as I would like AT to win. Well in a 2 dimensional euclidean space the concept of "between" is rather easy to work out. But I'm not so sure that "between" is such an easy concept in the north Atlantic when your measurement metric is an IMOCA 60 polar against a erratic unusual weather forecast! If ALC did just do the simple "between" routing, then he is giving AT the helm of his boat and there are wind holes that he could be steered into. ALC has expressed frustration with the weather as it is just not a nice uniform gradient breeze, but a complex pattern where not only is the way north difficult but there are many wind holes to avoid. If HB starts trying to get some lateral separation, it could be a very difficult call for BP, as covering may take him closer to some of those holes. HB may even through in a few dummies! So while ALC will have an eye on HB and look for opportunities to cover, the smart move I think is to focus mostly on what he thinks the fastest way home is. If given a 50:50 choice between two routes, then he can pick the one that covers more. The frustration will come if there is a 75:25 choice with the 75 not covering! But unless HB starts showing a bit more performance in these conditions, he wont be worried about covering.