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  1. pickles

    HARKEN Chain

  2. pickles

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Negative biggest truck that can get in to club is beer truck and that only just makes it down the ramp in to the yard level no way to get a low loader in to the club let alone out with a boat on it
  3. pickles

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    The issues are that there is not enough reach to get from the baths car park to the yard. And you can't get a Crain in to the yard with out lifting it in. As there is no access and most of the aria is not capable of supporting the weight of the Crain let alone a 15 ton boat at 100+ meters of reach. It can be done no one is denying that it's just how much it costs to get 6 boats back in the water. In a yard that's loosing money and runs at a loss to benefit and offer a service to about 60% of the boat owing membership.
  4. pickles

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Shame you can't get a big enough Crain in to the yard to move the bigger boats let alone getting them out. When I looked at it about 2 months ago it was 2 big Crains 2 days. Half a day to lift a Crain in to the yard then pull rigs out then move boats to lower car park on cradles then other Crain in baths car park to lift boats over the members car park then on to a truck then off to Syc and rigs back in then lift the Crain out. All up its big Coin that my membership/ contractor fees are paying for. 2 riggers 2 days 2 boat builders 2 days 2 100 ton Crains 2 days + drivers and 2 riggers 2 trucks 2 days + escorts Mariner manager + club experts Traffic management Permits to close car parks Travel lift fees Owners Owners reps Some one to move boats back to RBYC That's with out finding any issues in the rigs boats or weather issues! And that's not taking the insurance issues in to account
  5. pickles

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    The Play pen is wide enough that's for sure! Great boat, looking forward to a down wind race to the top of tassie that's for sure!
  6. pickles


    I Do like the Rum(can) holders in the deck! In fact i think it should be part of the class rules!
  7. pickles


    Wobble, give us a call, or come and see me next time your working, a mate and i are looking at getting 2 kits router cut and a deal on ply.
  8. pickles


    Great to see more I550s coming to the bay. I know of about 6 plan sets that are now in melbouren but as to home many end up building who knows. Timber Would it be posible to tell us how many are actually in Melbourne? Im just north of Frankston so if you need any help sing out!
  9. pickles

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    So who's doing what race at the end of the year??
  10. pickles

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    whats with there new proder??
  11. pickles

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Sorry wasnt very clear wasnt talking about the tp52. Was talking about the new farr 53 thats coming. I take it "Dirty Sanchez" is the gold boat?
  12. pickles

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    this lot will have no problem sorting the new boat out and should be a lot quicker than the gold boat
  13. pickles

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    so the tp52 is in the water(with out the rig) any one know when the first race will be??
  14. pickles

    newbie bowman tips

    Back to spin peels, how do you do a gybe peel?